Slave of the Victor- Bl, Fantasy Chapter 20


SLAVE OF THE VICTOR – BL, FANTASY CHAPTER 20 (I don't own the image/Art credit to the owner the artist)
SLAVE OF THE VICTOR – BL, FANTASY CHAPTER 20 (I don’t own the image/Art credit to the owner the artist)


The sand stretches over the horizon and the wall was surrounded by soldiers guarded the drawbridge. The second in command looked out and cried, “There are thousands of men, they’re moving forward.”

“Can you see the leader?” asks Prince Renius the General

Tian the second in command wiping the sweat from his face when he sees the Mar approached them he looks for a little longer “Yes, he is wearing the pitch black armour.”

Those in front are covering their heads with shields. Those behinds are bending their bows. They are going to shoot.

A horn sounded, giving the signal for the attack. From the walls came the beating of drums.

Hundreds of arrows hit the walls. Hundreds of arrows fells upon the attackers.

The Mar attacking the wall. They have made a hole in it. They’re going through.

They are setting up ladders to climbing up the wall.

The Pyn are throwing oil, fire, huge stones, and tree trunks down on the heads of their enemies who tried to climb the ladders many men of Mar have fallen but others are taking their places. The fighting has stopped. They’re getting ready for the next attack.

It was a sunny and balmy morning The Mar began their second attack; they attack the wall and struck the gate with their heavy weapons. The battle was still raging. The air was filled with dark smokes, shouts, cries and groans. The ground was pooling and slippery with blood, the gate seemed likely to fall. But they still keep on throwing stones, boiling oil and shooting down at their enemies. The Mar see the danger and temporarily retreated back to saved their injure soldiers and plan to attack again within the next few days


Renius looks at Nux who was standing alone away from others and see his gaze at the far distance towards the enemy campsite where their tents are built “don’t be scared, I will capture him alive for you.”

Nux calmly replied, “It’s easier said than done.”

“Prince of Mar may be strong, but he’s not invincible” Renius patted his hand, eyes following his

Nux sighed “General is still underestimating Prince of Mar even at this time. His army of ten thousand men and horses has certainly created chaos around here so it wouldn’t be unusual that his soldiers have died….’

Prince Renius the General still shook his head “I will challenge him into a duel, and I am confident that I can bring his head for you… and for me to be able to save more lives, if they succeed to destroy this wall… we’re outnumbered by them”

Nux was worrying about how to deal with Prince of Mar and seeing Renius, he quickly added, “General! I need him alive for me take his soul and life but your safety comes first I don’t mind you kill him if it’s hard for you to protect yourself I am satisfied being with you and eats your maids and servants instead.”

Prince Renius doesn’t like when Nux looks at him this way “Just wait you will see him crawling on his four knees, I will prove to you that he is not invisible as they claim it”

Two days later words had been sending to the Prince of Mar to accept the Challenge of Prince Renius General of Kyl into a life and death duel and no other people to involve the winner gets the Pra Border and the loser have to retreat.

The Prince of Mar’s normally expressionless face carried a faint wisp of red, a hint of smile playing on the corner of his beautiful mouth as he drank, seemingly satisfied with the message he turned and look at the attendant with a subtle smile “Tell your Prince the General to prepare well and not to forget to say his goodbyes to his dear ones as the day we meet is the day he will die!”


The weather was relatively good, the sun was hidden behind the clouds and it wasn’t as hot as the last two days; They see a young man riding high on a stallion, covered in pitch black armour, extraordinary momentum and handsome looking that made others not daring to glance at intently. They see the Prince of Mar approach them, Prince Renius the Chief General of the Kyl his face has an aggressive appearance and challenge the Prince of Mar to come forward and have a duel with him if he dare, the tall figure with the eyebrows shaped like mountain, attitude seemed splendid and elegant, “I am the God of War, I Prince Ynn the Prince of Mar I have never lost in a fight”

The General Renius rushed down from the walls and threw open the gate he found himself face to face with the Prince of Mar. Prince Ynn said nothing but fixed his more beautiful than the starry night sky eyes on him, emitting his dangerous aura which chilled the very soul. A fierce fight began. The general Renius fought bravely until a fierce blow from the Prince of Mar’s sword struck him to the ground in the duel Prince Renius was injured by this God of War, he falls down from his horse, the Prince of Mar gives him a chance to stand and not yet kill him, he still wants to fight him, Prince Renius can’t believe this man has so inhuman strength and speed like lightning  no matter how strong and powerful blow he hits him, this God of War didn’t blink, and he easily dodges him, Prince Renius regret challenging him in a duel if he knows this man strength he will go ahead with the battle instead

Nux was worried when he sees this, he can’t believe his eyes that  Prince Renius opponent was much stronger and powerful than Prince Renius, he wants to save him from this Prince of Mar before he kills him, he shot Prince Ynn while he was still fighting with Prince Renius, when the unexpected arrow flew near him his ear  sensing was too strong he blocked the speeding arrow with his sword, and looks at the person who tries to shot him behinds his back, Prince Renius was heavily blooded and weak he looks at the beautiful person who tries to help him, and he feels deep regret that he can’t keep his promise to Nux to kill this God of War, he regrets making this choice he never knows this person was extremely had speeded and powerful strikes.

Prince of Mar continues to block each and every arrow the outstanding good-looking person shot him, while he was distracted Prince Renius gets strength and continue to fight this Prince of Mar. The Prince of Mar laugh and said “I thought you are an outstanding person, but today I realized you are nothing, you are not qualified to challenge me into a duel, just surrender I might spare you, and if not then I will kill you and claim everything here, I will burn down this place”

Prince Renius take off  his helmet his hatred cause his face to be contorted, and signed ” I will never surrender, I will fight against you till my very last breath” after a few exchanges of fight Prince Renius felts again on the ground, The sharp sounds of sword leaving the sheath raised the hair on  the  Renius’s men arms. When a large blade had swung straight down their Prince Renius head his men were all afraid, and we’re not sure this time he will survive when they see the sword was targeted his neck, but to everyone one surprise they all see the sword pass through and his head was still intact nothing happens he was still alive but in extreme pain, Prince of Mar can’t believe it, why this person head still intact with his body, even Prince Renius was surprised too, that he was still alive after that blow, he suddenly feels his body strange he was supposed to die but didn’t he looked at Nux, and he remembers Nux’s Crystal blood pearl charms he had given him he realizes the Crystal blood pearl disappear, the spell has been activated and the pain on his neck was unbearable he avoids the Prince of Mar, blow, everyone, shocked how can he be still alive after that, Prince of Mar didn’t understand what’s happened just (now) than he asks “Who are you? Why didn’t you die?”

While the Prince of Mar was confusing, his strong sense of ears heard the sound of the speeding arrows targeted him, he tries to dodge the arrows that rain down on him but it’s too late this time, one of the arrows protruded from Prince Ynn’s shoulder, the bloodied tip tearing apart his armour. He was gravely injured, he looks up at the person who shot him many times, and said to him ” Coward come here and fight like a real man, you’re Prince  used the help of dark forces to protect him, your Prince is not worthy to be called Saviour and to be praise he is using the dark force to help him,  this clearly shows all the great reputation and his victory was through the help of the dark forces he’s not worthy to be respected by the innocent people, he probably sacrifices many innocent life to the dark force to help and protect him from death”

Nux’s heart was hurt like being twisted by a knife tear were dripping non-stop seeing Renius lost conscious out of pain, he was angry and continue to shot him but his arrows missed and  slice in the mid-air by the Prince Ynn sword and his whip

The Prince of Mar can’t see the person face clearly as he was standing up, and he was down he was too far away from him, the Prince of Mar try to look at the face of the person who shot him holding his injured shoulder,  he looks at the tail of the arrow and feels strange and confused thinking to himself “why must be this arrow to hit me?” he angry break and pull the arrow out from his shoulder, he still holds the bloody arrow in his hand, this time his men were surrounding him to protect him, Prince of Mar looks up at him and said “you  shameless being… my men obey my command when your Prince challenges a duel with me I told them not to help me even when they see me in danger, we’re righteous… not cowards like you, we are a man of our words unlike you”

Nux comes down alone and walk on the uneven ground to face Prince of Mar making a snorting sound from his nostril, he straightened up his chest and angry to the point he couldn’t speak, when he comes close to the Prince of Mar, Nux couldn’t help but gasped upon the sight of this extraordinary beautiful Prince his porcelain  face more beautiful than any celestial being he ever saw all of his thought and felt dissipated from his heart changing to one of bewilderment stunned and bewitchment  but Prince Ynn whole body emitted a chilling, murderous aura, causing him to feel as if he had frozen. His eyes shown with such ominous and cold darkness, piercing through as if they could kill him directly upon gazed at them. Pursuing his perfect lips to form a straight line, his entire face inflamed by anger, this God-like face from head to toe letting out nothing but deadly intentions filling the entire body of Nux with freezing to the bone, he seemly was ready to take away Nux’s life if he dared to breathe too loudly.

“Who are you?” Prince Ynn asking with a rigid tone, forcing himself to stand straight and try not to listen to the pain from his shoulder

“I’d injured you… free him and kill me in his place” Nux drew the sword out from its scabbard tightened his grip on the blade

After listening to Nux his face changed into a hint of cold smile lost his temper and got angry, his patience was already pushed to the limit he kicks Prince Renius to the wall to his men and comes to kill Nux instead,  Tian the second in command  order few generals and commanders to help and carrying prince Renius, to safety.


See you soon for the fighting scene between the two Godly handsome looking guys to be continued with a lengthy chapter (✿◠‿◠)

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  1. interesting chapter… Prince of Mar will be my favourite Character of the whole book since Nux was gasping over his looks. It’s so good to read about Prince Ynn and Nux meeting … and it’s painful at the same time for him his shoulder got injured. Everything Renius and Nux do is despicable I had sympathy to poor servants who die they must be overjoyed seeing their cold master butts black and blue.

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  2. Stupid Renius should’ve been listen to Nux, but you gotta be jealous when you see Nux gaze at your opponent tent & your ego can’t let your pride go your opponent Prince Ynn was much more scary that’s why Nux was worry you’re not at the same level as him. Thanks a bunch for this beautiful long chapter I enjoy reading it

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  3. *fidget fidget* is it weeken yet? Tq for the chapter 🤗☺ and the the war the drama begin… what will happen to Nux and Prince of Mar Ynn??? Who will win and be a slave?? I too head over heal to both of this Godly beautiful men I hope they both won’t die but lets fate bring them together 😅😅😅 my wishful thinking please God of fantasy world fully my wish I am praying with my honest following you… Next chapter? * Hides behind my fluffy pillow*
    Thanks for chapter!!! 😉

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  4. Hahaha Nux you must scared now facing the God of War Prince Ynn the Prince of Mar… hihihi… I’m loving this Chaos! wondering how many maids and servants Renius kills for the sake of his lover and well done Nux for saving Renius Head I always see you evil I nearly forgets you have a kind side of you when it comes to the one you love
    Thanks for the chapter!

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  5. I don’t care if you’re a bad or a good guy just ur’re good looks I am content to be with you… I still wants more of him I am forgetting Renius I dont like him from the beginning 😂😂 I am lying…. Author you’re giving me heartattack and blinded my eyes with too much looking guys… my poor body can’t handle it.
    Thank you for the surprise amazing chapter love you to the moon

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