Slave of the Victor- Bl, Fantasy Chapter 19

I don't own the image/Arts credit to the artist the owner
I don’t own the image/Arts credit to the artist the owner


The general thinks it’s not safe to bring him along, but Nux will not talk and look at him until he agrees he assured him he will be careful not let people know his identity and wouldn’t let the general in awkward position between him and his royal members especially the relationship between him and the emperor, he will be Sa Ke in front of others.

A Duke while talking with the chief commander his jaws drop in astonishment seeing a stunning lady walking with the General Renius he can’t help and ask “who was that beautiful lady, I have never seen a pretty lady like her in my life” the other guy looks at the direction where the duke look and nodded his head “probably his wife… I heard from my daughter Prince Renius wife was beautiful and dumb from birth!” the duke blinked in confusion and looked ahead at the other “His wife? I never heard or know he got married?” Prince Renius greet the Duke, and he sees the way the duke eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets the way he gazes at Sa/Nux’s who was standing beside him.

“Who is this beautiful woman you bring here?”

Prince Renius, respectfully replied “Sa… my wife” he extends his hand to pulls her closer to him and put his hand on her waist

Duke looked at her carefully “I want to get to know you”

Sa shyly smiles at the duke, he wants to spend time with her, but they announce the emperor arrival, and they all went to their position according to their ranks to greet the emperor.

The emperor looks at her, and he doesn’t know why he feels like he knows this woman he asks her have they met before she shakes her head like a rattle-drum, “No.” and lowering her head in respect. The emperor sighing, he thinks, this strange, but he doesn’t ask any further but focuses his attention to his ministers.

After they return to their place, Prince Renius comes toward Nux with his sour and anxious expression “I don’t like the idea of you coming to North Pra border with me this battle was risky the enemy was led by the Prince of Mar, they called him God of War, and … I… I can’t stand when people look at you, I’m jealous and afraid at the same time they will know and recognize you” Nux looks at him and said ” if you don’t like them then they’re welcome to be my dinner”, Prince Renius quickly tells him he doesn’t mean it that way.

Nux’s brows had knitted together in deep frown “I will wait for the Prince of Mar.”
In the bedchamber a beautiful magical colourful tiny lights were flying in their rooms, he can’t keep his eyes away to see the godly beauty appearance of his lover, his long silky hair changes colour into deep blood-red, his eyes become more beautiful and his white skin becomes smoother to the touch, he was happy to see the real identity of Nux the one he loves the most, Nux looks at him and tells him while he is still in his true form, “You are the first human race to see the real me”. Prince Renius secure him in his tight embrace and in his gentle and loving way “thank you, my love… I promise I will love only you and never married to other”

A bright moon hangs in the night sky scattered with stars

Prince Renius embracing him firmly “I hope you will never forget me” Nux dint reply

Nux pulls few strands of his red blood colour hair and turns it into a string of a crystal red pearl and tie it on Prince neck “you’re going to a battlefield I’m giving you my Spiritual energy which I cultivated for 5oo years, it will protect and save you, if you die it will revive you again, but it can be used only once it will disappear once its activated and save you”. Prince Renius sense his intention and ask “a token of love”, he excited to receive it.
Early in the morning Nux watched carefully at the sleeping peacefully face he softly struggles to free himself, carefully not wake Renius up, and he transforms back to his every day looks his hair turns silky black again.


In the North Pra Border

Everyone didn’t understand why the general bringing his stunningly beautiful wife to this kind of place where the fierce battles going on, the soldiers all agree she has the most beautiful face but doesn’t have a woman charms she is too flat, they all thought the Prince falls in love with her pretty face and heart.
On the third day in the Pra Border, they were all surprised to see her wears a male soldier uniform they all thought lady Sa Ke feels uncomfortable to be a woman in a place like this which is surrounded by men, she wants to disguise as a man.


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12 thoughts on “Slave of the Victor- Bl, Fantasy Chapter 19

  1. Good story I read it in one go from the first Chapter to 19
    One of the things I love about Renius is his love for Nux and here is where we see Nux too love and care for him he is given him something special

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      1. If you still have problem its easier to search it from google “Slave of the victor Bl Fantasy” don’t forget to Add “BL fantasy” so that it will show just type the chapter you want to read… and sorry for my broken English


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