Around 9:00 pm on 22nd April 2020, A hidden camera which the human has set up in the wild that record something sad and miserable happens in the lion’s den as the Lion and the cub have walked away from the lioness and left some of his cubs as they were too young to follow […]

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My dear brother

I never used to think that my call on saturday 26th June 2021(11:46 am) will never get a response.  I Have no idea that you are no longer with us my sweet dear brother. Our cousin too can’t believe you are leaving us after you had a fun chat with her on Friday 12:02 pm […]

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Seed in your Soul

He looks in the river and the person’s that’s reflected gives him an advise “Why don’t you run away?” “I am old! Where can I run? What can I do? ” The old man ask the person in the river The youth in the river “Sshhh! You are not old Hein, it’s just that your […]

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Dear readers and friends

Through writing of stories I have improve a lot with my English comparing before, and I am very grateful to my readers and friends for encouraging me to write more even though my English was so bad, to continue to practice with my English I would like to ask my dear readers who like to […]

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The Old Dog|سگ پیر

Once upon a time, A king had an old dog, and loved him very much. The king always talked to his dog. One of the days the king decided that he needs his dog to talk back. The king announced: “If anyone could teach my dog how to talk, I will award him one thousand […]

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The Profanity Sword

Sanlang look at that beautiful invincible Sword with his third eye in the hand of a dark foggy manA touch of it will make the poison spread like lightning and their is no antidote of its deathly poison The saying said that “No matter what you see you better ignore them or the invisible Sword […]

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Demonic Wind

The school bell rings and all the students come out of their classroom to take their break, Dian was always in the classroom trying to finish her homework while all her friends are heading for the canteen. Suddenly, she had a disturbing feeling when she heard a howling wind, she stood up, staring out the […]

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My heart beats like crazy as I walk towards the big stage, I convince myself I am ready I have diligently practised and I believe I can do it. Seeing the audience and the three judges facing me I have to admit I get cold feet  I don’t wait for them to ask me anything […]

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Black River 2

Black River Chapter 1 was purely written by me and this Chapter 2 the story was contributed and mostly written by my awesome friend Ana. Chapter 2 “Do you really want to live?” Ask the river nymph? “Yes” “I can give your life back for you” she said “Why do you want to live again? […]

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