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Capt. Shoushimi Chapter 3


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Captain Shoushimi Chapter 3

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Zhuyon watch while the Capt. Shoushimi drink his wine which Zhoyon gives him “You! Why didn’t you expose my true identity, that I am a soul eater and not human? When will you going to kill me?” Capt. Shoushimi takes the priestess’s hand and holds it, “I am the only one who knows about you, and I think I am the only being who is still alive after seeing your face” Zhoyon watch Capt. Shoushimi caress her hands “Shoushimi! You helping me hide my identity from the others that I am dangerous being for the human, did you have feelings for me?”  Capt. Shoushimi pulls her into his embrace and he remove the mask“ Zhoyon I have fallen for you since the first night I see you in my dreams” Zhoyon was surprised “ then why are you so cruel to me the first time we met, I remember how cruelly you treated me, you pull me by my hair” Capt. Shoushimi take Zhoyon’s hair and comb it for her “ I am jealous that you let that prisoner stay with you, you let Xingche in your room” Priestess Zhoyon stands  up and said “ he is not the only one I let in my room, as long as people agree to give me  their hairs I bring them in”  Capt. Shoushimi “ I will give you mine if you tell me, why are you collecting it”

Priestess Zhoyon ask “Have you ever heard a sleeping deity name Yotieng that uses to lives in the Jingdom?” The captain told her that he had never heard of that deity as he did not live in the ‘Lumthahding the spirit realm’ and he asks what about it, the priestess tells him she worship Yotieng and pray for power that is the reason she is collecting it to offer it to the Yotieng. She tells him that it’s hard for her to survive in Bam in the Spirit realm as she was not strong enough to fight against another Soul eater, fairy and other types of being that why she comes to live in the human realm to survive.  She gets closer to the Capt.Shoushimi and lay her head on his chest “Capt.Shoushimi since you now know who you are you, you are above me and I am below, I can’t feed on you, but you can kill me” Capt.Shoushimi holding Zhoyon’s  arms ” Zhoyon! I will protect you if you become mine, I will give you anything within my power”  Zhoyon smile and kiss the capt.Shoushimi “Give me your hair” the capt.Shoushimi cut his hair and handed it to her, Zhoyon changes back to the Soul Eater looks and take it from him. Capt.Shoushimi can’t stop staring at her  ” I give you what you desire, now you have to give me what I desire” Zhoyon know what he wants and she kisses him, she heard some people approaching her room “Shoushimi, I got visitors, I can’t be seen in my true self, I don’t belong in this world” Capt. Shoushimi doesn’t want to let her go but hold her tight and continue to kiss her. “Zhoyon you are mine! I will send them away”. Zhuyon stops Capt. Shoushimi and said “if you want me, don’t chase my visitors’ I feed on them”

Princess Ceux and Xingche were surprised to find Capt. Shoushimi coming out from the priestess room and when they enter the Priestess room and finds her. Princess Ceux feels angry to see the most handsome man with this priestess. The Princess ask the priestess what is Capt.Shoushimi doing here. What he needs, the priestess tells them that the Captain to come to give an offering.

His soldiers find Capt.Shoushimi looks different after he comes from the priestess and he keeps on touching his lips and looks at his hands, They all see his skins glowing and his usual long hair has become shorter, they all want to know did he sacrifice his hair for something he wants in return, they all want to know what did he want that he is willing to cut his long beautiful hair, where their power is. They look at him and they found it strange that he didn’t look sad that he lost his long beautiful hair but he looks happier that he keeps smiling. Zilong his youngest soldier comes and ask him what happens to his hair and the Captain just ignore him, Soldiers were more surprise now to hear him say calling Zhoyon name many times with a sweet tone, and not in a hateful way they all know how he hates this Priestess. They don’t know what did this Priestess say or do to their captain that he goes beyond to cut his long hair. The soldiers look at him and see him as if he has a lover they all say he looks different and become more handsome as if he is not a mortal but a truly a celestial being.

The Princess met Capt.Shoushimi and saw him tied up his shoulder-length hair in a ponytail, he had cut off his long hair that reaches to his feet and his good looks haven’t diminished but he’s glowing and become more mature. The princess comes to him and said to him that she will ask her father to choose him as her husband.  He said to her that she has to find someone else. She too went to the priestess and tell her to cast a spell on the Capt. Shoushimi to fall for her, she will give anything the priestess needed.

After many months Capt. Shoushimi comes back to visit the priestess Zhoyon. The priestess was waiting for him, and ask him “Why don’t he come visiting her sooner?” Shoushimi did not reply and wrapped his arms around the woman’s waist while leaning in to kiss her, the Captain’s hair was still damp, so he must have just taken a bath, He ducked down and began kissing Zhoyon.

Zhuyon did not show any displeasure on her face and even planted a kiss on the man’s cheek “I’m going to bathe.”

“All right,” Shoushimi replied quickly but trailed her into the bathroom. As Zhoyon was sitting in the tub, flipping her wet hair back as she shot the other man a look she explained that the Princess Ceux wanted her to help her to make him falls in love with her.

Capt.Shoushimi loved watching her flip her hair, the sight was too hot for him to handle. He shot out the room and closed the door behind him to cool down.

After bathing, Zhoyon walked out she stopped at the wardrobe and looks at him with a naughty expression “Come here, I have something for you.”  With a finger beckoned to the man and hugged the man around the waist. “I get uneasy if I don’t get to see you.”

Zhuyon snaked her arm around the Shoushimi neck, and he wraps his arms around the priestess’s waist, she coaxing in his ear. “Just marry her, would you do it for me, she had promised me, she will build me Yotieng temple in every part of the country and she will provide what I demand.

Capt. Shoushimi kissed a blood-filled earlobe and whispered secretively, “I do wish you as my wife, though. That way I could make you mine and keep you in my arms for the rest of my life.”

The speaker’s face was the same poker face, and his voice was calm as usual, but somehow his words lingered and sneaked in through the tiny, winding crevices of the listener’s heart she stayed quiet with her face still crimson.

Shoushimi leaned in until his lips brushed the other priestess’s lips. His face was probably hot enough to fry egg now. ” Come here,” he said while patting his own thighs.

Zhuyon was sitting in his lap, looking shyer as it was their first time together. The Priestess did not know what to do or where to put her hands and Capt. Shoushimi found this so cute he just wanted to bully her.

Capt. Shoushimi’s breathing hitched, He had noticed that his self-restraint had been on the declining day by day ever since meeting the priestess before him.

“Tell me something I want to hear.”

“Like what?”

“How about…”Capt. Shoushimi pulled the woman’s head close and kissed her lips. “Tell me you don’t want me to marry anyone else but you.”

They were sweet words of affection but her eyes started stinging. The confession “I love you” threatened to leave her lips again.

She even thought that if Capt. Shoushimi were to get married to the Princess Ceux, she wouldn’t leave him as long as the man did not break it off with her first. This was so pitiful and degrading that she wanted to slap herself across the face for it, and thus, the confession stayed unsaid.

Noticing the woman’s red eyes, Capt. Shoushimi thought he had gone overboard with the teasing and began to soothe the woman by rubbing her back. “There, there. No more of that.”

She realizes she was beyond an immense of no return – she might as well always have been. Hearing with her handsome man’s sweet, sweet words, she couldn’t help but feel a bitter emotion so strong that she didn’t mind going along with the act and playing out a night as his wife.

The Priestess Zhoyon slid her hand lightly over the hair of the captain he was barely conscious by then. Zhuyon wrapped the blankets around him tight and snug. Then, she sat on the bed board and caress the man face as she watched the Captain sleep.

As she watched him sleep, a silent voice spoke to her: If you let him marry Princess Ceux, you’ll never get him back again.


to be continue…











Captain. Shoushimi Chapter 2


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Captain. Shoushimi

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Xingche  keeps his eyes on the beautiful princess he likes her but he can’t show it to her as their status is different, he always wants to ask her how did she know about him, and why did she want to save him, he never know about her but this question stays with him, Every morning Princess Ceux  practising her martial Arts, then one morning she calls him to train with her, he feels a flower blooming in his heart, his face blush and she too finds him cute and handsome “ Why does Bymtip tribe so good-looking and handsome?”  He can’t help but become beetroot after hearing her say this. He can’t deny that he is extremely good-looking “Yes, I am, very good looking, I see that too, I am from “The Bymtip tribe”. Princess Ceux smile at him and ask him “you mean now you know what beauty is? How did you know?” Xingche too smiles and said “ that kind Priestess helps me see it, she open my eyes and give me a new sight” They continue with their training and chatting at the same time “ you mean Priestess Zhuyon?” the princess asked.  Xingche was much stronger than the princess, her sword fells from her hand and Xingche help to pick her sword and give it back to her “I met only Priestess Zhuyon”. The Princess Cuex than ask him you have been staying there with her for a week tell me what does she looks like I am sure you have seen her face.”

Xingche said “I am Sorry, I have never able to see her face, she is wearing a mask, and I never once see her take it off, but I think she is a very kind person” than the Princess told him “I once ask her to take off her mask, but she said that if she did bad fortune will fall on me, nobody should be looking at her face”. “Does that mean she can be a curse to us?” asks Xingche.

Princess Ceux “ I don’t know if she tells me the truth or she hide something from me, I don’t trust her, she is not from around here, and many people were missing, I want you to spy on her”

Xingche has been busy spying on Zhuyon, he gives a report every day to the princess and he has long forgotten about the Capt. Shoushimi who haunted him down. One evening while he follows the Priestess Zhuyon, his heart nearly comes out from his mouth to see that tyrannical good-looking Captain whose face had a celestial beauty and a cold heart that he easily kill people without mercy, he can’t believe the cold Captain with the kind Priestess Zhuyon drinking together. Xingche can’t help but think why does the Priestess help him if she was a friend of the captain?. He watches them and continues to follow where they went. The Captain takes the Priestess’s hand and kisses it, “Why did the Captain do that? What is their relationship? Does it mean it’s the custom of their greeting?” Xingche asks himself.

Later he sees the Priestess has changed her mask and her clothes in deep red dress, and holding feather in her hand and use it in the altar and chanting “Xinghche was now confused “why does that Priestess have the feather, which clearly shows it belongs to the Bymtip Tribe, Does that mean she save him because they both were from the same tribe?’

“Priestess! You have to help me find out about myself? The Spirit river told me I am from “LumthahDing the Spirit realm”  Does that mean I am a supernatural being, not a human?” ask the captain

The Priestess come close to him and she gives him a unique strange sharp knife “Captain Soushimi! You know if you want to know something, you have to give me your hair, fingernail and your inner cloths so that I can find about you’re…” the captain pulls the Priestess into his embrace “Priestess Zhuyon you smell so sweet! Tell me what you are! To whom do you serve? And you even dare to ask me that even though I tell you I might be from the Lumthahding the Spirit Realm! Are you even a human yourself?”  the captain pull  Zhuyon beautiful silky red colour long hair, “ Why does you smell like a flower  from the ‘Bam’, tell me what are you before I chopped off your beautiful hand, since these hand has  helped Xingche escape, you have caused me a lot of troubles”

The Priestess Zhuyon tried to push Captain Soushimi away, but she can’t let herself free from the Captain deathly grip “Do you have a proof that I help the prisoner escape?” The captain remains silent and kiss the Priestess’s hair, “I see you free him in my dream Zhoyon, and I had a feeling since the day I see myself in the river, I had a feeling its true whatever I see in my dream is real, maybe I am not a pure human, I think my blood was mix with something else, you know, I just want to know whom do you serve?”

Zhuyon bites the Captain Soushimi’s arm and he let her free “  I can’t help you, go find someone else to help you” she tries to run away but got pulled from her long hair, “ Where do you try to run huh!, you are my prisoner, you have let Xingche escape” Captain Soushimi pulls her from the hair. Xingche want to go and help but he can’t expose himself as he knows he has no chance winning over that cruel Captain with his subordinate surrounded him, “ Poor Priestess, I know I need to go and help you, but I’m sorry, I can’t as I know I am not able to free you nor risk myself to be captured.” Xingche wants to kill the captain and he feels furious to see the Priestess was being harassed by the cold mysterious handsome beautiful looking captain.

Xingche dint run but follow them secretly, Captain Soushimi pulls the Priestess by the hair till they reach outside, Xingche can’t stands any more he comes forward and fight the captain Soushimi, he helped the Priestess to stands up and he asks the Priestess “Why don’t you curse him, I heard rumours about you if you took off your mask people will have a curse” they continue to fight but the Priestess runs and left Xingche alone to fight Captain Soushimi .

“Very nice of you to come by yourself, this time you will never be able to escape” but while they were arresting him Princess Ceux came to his rescue.

Princess Ceux give place for the priestesses to stay in here place for a while, she too don’t understand why did the priestesses not doing anything to that cold captain he has humiliated her by pulling her from the hair from the priestess place till they reach the prison, she can’t believe how soft heart this priestess was, she too tell the priestess not to left the captain like that, she asks the priestess to curse him and kill him with a painful death, but the priestess just ignore her, She asked the priestess why she dint do anything? Is he beyond her power to hurt the captain?” she can’t help but think maybe this priestess Zhoyon IS NOT A REAL PRIESTESS, but a spy or just an ordinary woman trying to have an easy living by pretending to be a priestess, and fools people by her trick.”

Xingche too thought the same, as he too had witnessed how cruel the captain treated her, and she does nothing she let the captain harass her, and she can’t even protect herself. If he didn’t come to her rescue he was sure that the Priestess by now has already lost her beautiful hands. Xingche ask the Priestess Zhoyon “tell me honestly what you are? Are you really a priestess?” The Priestess stays silently and not responding. Then Xingche said to her he comes to save her because he sees that the priestess has no power, and see the priestess as a common people, then he too ask did she puts on a mask because she wants to hide her identity and lie to people, if people see her face they will be cursed Zhoyon keeps quiet and just avoid Xingche.

Captain Soushimi looks at the things and stuff of the Priestess Zhoyon use, Zilong, a young soldier comes to him and asks him “Captain what we will do with it?” The captain told him to live it.

After a few day, Zhoyon return back to her place to collect her stuff which she needs, while she was busy packing her important stuff she feels someone standing behind her, “Zhoyon! Are you really a priestess?” Zhuyon turns around and sees it was xingche “Xingche, why are you here?” Xingche told her that he follows her to make sure she is safe. Zhuyon reminds him that Xingche’s life is more important than too worried about her.

Captain Shoushimi was taking a bath and look at his arm filled with bite mark “Zhoyon! You dare to bite me, I’m going to chop your hands and sew your lips, I will make your life misery and make you want to die” then he comes out of the pool, his men inform him where Zhoyon was, and he gets ready to go and capture her.

Zhuyon was still chanting her prayer and people were running away when they see soldiers coming they don’t want to be in trouble. Captain Shoushimi waits till her chant end and asks the Priestess, to show him her room. Priestess Zhoyon doesn’t want to anger the Captain she agrees and takes him to her room. When they enter her room Captain Shoushimi feels the sweet scent fills in the room, he looks around and said with his cold voice: “this is the exact room I see in my dreams,  this is the same bed where you lay Xingche, now tell me why did you help him, did the Princess ask you?” Priestess Zhoyon said she did it because the Princess ask her to. The Captain believe her he had seen that the Princess personally did come to rescues Xingche from him. The Captain sits on the bed and pulls Zhoyon, Zhoyon didn’t fight back this time she let him do whatever he wants, The Captain was about to take off the mask from Zhoyon, and Zhuyon holds the Captain hands “Shoushimi! If you want to look at me, you need to give me your hair, your fingernails and your inner cloths “the Captain just laugh at her and forcefully take the mask from her.”You aren’t human! Why are you in our world?” Zhuyon looks straight at the Capt. Shoushimi “to feast on men” she touches the Captain face and talks to his ears “I am a soul eater, and I have to disguise to be human, to get food to live, will you be my food Shoushimi! I want you, your soul can make me stop eating for a century.” Capt.Shoushimi holds the Priestess tightly and this time the priestess laugh “Capt. You are not pure human yourself, that makes you the best food for me” Capt.Shoushimi was not afraid then he asks Zhoyon is he strong enough to kill him, the priestess just smirks and said: “at a moment I’m not hungry, I have eaten a lot”. Then Capt. Shoushimi said to her “I  will give you my hair if you tell me what my other half is” Capt. Shoushimi cuts his hair and fingernails, Zhoyon eyes turn red, her hair and clothes change into red colours, Capt. Shoushimi can’t  look away from the stunning beauty of a Soul Eater  “Capt. Shoushimi why aren’t you running for your life, are you so eagerly wants to be my food, I am not a kind creature from our realm” Capt. Shoushimi stays put as if he was cast by a spell he can’t run or call for help, he just watches as the predator comes towards him, Priestess Zhoyon comes towards him and puts her blood-red colour lips on Capt. Shoushimi lips, she kisses him and tries to suck out his life, Capt. Shoushimi feels sick and his head feels heavy he can feel that his soul was like it’s going to come out from his body, he tries to move his hand and push away the “Soul Eater” but he can’t his limps freeze, after a while, Zhoyon lives him “ Capt. Shoushimi! You are lucky you are not the type I can eat! You are beyond me, you have a blood of a deity that’s running into you” The Capt. shoushimi now able to push Zhoyon away and he collapses on the bed, his hands and body now tremble from freezing his  face and lips has turn pale as if there is no more life and blood in him. Zhuyon let him lay down on her bed, she comes and sits on the bed “Capt. Shoushimi, Thank you for let me taste you, I am becoming stronger and powerful, and I become more stunning, after I get the taste of a deity’s blood, I will let you rest, I will inform your subordinate that you are tired and you want to rest here, She transforms back to her usual dress and she was looking for the mask that Capt. Shousimi took from her.


When Capt. Shoushimi awake in the morning and realize he is sleeping on someone else bed and he remembers that Priestess is not  human, he feels someone sleeping next to him he turns around and he can’t take his eyes to see how stunning  the “Soul eater is” he reaches his hand to touch the beautiful face and the dangerous lips that can hurt him and make him sick, he suddenly remember what Zhoyon told him, that he is a deity, and Zhuyon can’t kill him, he smirks at that, this time he reaches for the sleeping Zhoyon lips and kiss her.

to be continue…



Captain Shoushimi Chapter 1



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Nightfall, under the waning moon. The cold wind whistled.

Aahhhh! The scream of a runaway prisoner was heard as he falls down in the cold freezing river, in the darkness of the night a mysterious red-gowned lady was seated on a blanket atop the snow, she was a Priestess, she got up and walk over and give her beautiful hand to pull up the half-unconscious person from the freezing river and help him headed straight for the Lumthahding territory.

A young boy about 13 years old dresses in exquisitely made of white fur dashed through the snowy mountains, he held a spear in his right hand, as he watches the prisoners trying to jump and run away. The young boy hoisted up the long spear. His body tilted slightly backwards, strength flowing from his waist to his right arms as he threw the Spear! Whoosh! The spear whistled through the air, piercing a few tree leaves as it covered a distance of 40 meters and landed on the unlucky prisoner’s back.

“Captain!”  The boy turned his head and looked into the distance. “I killed him! Am I qualify to now to join and become a soldier, can I STARTS CULTIVATING Qi??”  The boy deviously grinned

“Zilong! You need to Killed three more” The forceful voice resonated from far away. The tall figure appeared in the distance with the bloody sword in his left hand

“Captain!” The boy opened his eyes wide. “You, you…”

“Looks like you still dare to argue with me!” said the tyrannical captain

Most of the prisoners who try to escape were shot and killed by the soldiers. The handsome captain looks at the dead prisoners and finds out one prisoner had managed to escape, he orders the soldier to continue searching. They keep walking and searching in the thick snow and they cannot proceed to go further as they have reached the end of the human realm. Soldiers try to ignore the sign of warning and walk, but the sole of their boots get burned. The Captain asked the soldiers to come back and stop searching there, he doesn’t want his soldiers to be burned alive. They all look at the lonely place where it was considered to be the land of the thousand spirits, which was dwelled by Fairies, Deities and demons. They search in the different area, searching at the cliffs, mountains, trees, rivers… they have been searching everywhere. But they could not find the escaped prisoner. “Xingche! You really are quite capable of hiding. Even when pursued by my team, you were able to hide from me”.  The captain had a feeling that the prisoner was in ‘the Lumthahding the spirit realm’ with the help of the spirit being. They have been searching for the escaped prisoner now for 4 days and they reach a safe river with a beautiful waterfall, he asks them to take a rest and to take a bath as most of the river and water are poisonous. The captain let his long smooth silky hair down and goes into the river when he was in he looks at his own handsome reflection in the water and he was shocked to see his reflection speak  “I Finally see you again“ the person’s voice carried heavy emotions. “You really looks a lot like him!” The captain stared, his beautiful eyes bulging  “Shoushimi why don’t you personally go into the Lumthahding the prisoner is hiding there?” The captain looks around and sees his soldiers were still taking a bath below the river. Then he looks again in the water and asks the river “Who are you?” the river reply “I am a spirit messenger” The captain asked the river “If you said you a spirit messenger, what message you have for me?” The river said “Capt.Shoushimi! you are not human, you belong to the other realm” The captain punch his own reflection in the river and the water splashes “I don’t believe you” his reflection appears again in the water “Captain you should not be angry at me, if you don’t believe me you can try to go to Lumthahding and see it yourself”.

A voice calling him “Captain! Captain! Are you okay?”  The captain turns around and sees a young, handsome soldier standing behind him. “Zilong! How dare you step into here!” the captain scolded him. “I worry about you captain! I thought something bad had happened to you, you have been standing alone in the river for a long time and you look at your own reflection for a long time. I was worried since we have already entered Lumthahding territory that of the Spirit’s realm, I was afraid that you encounter some unknown spirit that lives around here and manipulates you.”

“I am okay Zilong! Don’t worry about me, but take care of yourself, this is their territory!” the captain told him.


“It’s so bright in here, I Can’t see, did I die while running, I must be, I think I am, I am sure, after my long torture and running its good for me to relax now and what is that smell it’s so nice, should I Wake up and look where it comes from?”  he talk to himself, then he heard a soft footsteps walking towards him “ Xingche,  if you are awake, you better open your eyes now,  I don’t want you to breathe this fragrance for long its poison and it can make you blind ” Xingche open his eyes but he can’t see it’s too bright wherever he looks, he covers his eyes with his hands and he asks the stranger “how did you know my name?”  The stranger replies to him and said that she knows his name because she heard the soldiers mentioned his name, Xingche was confused and he wants to see who the stranger was but he can’t see, he asks her “Who are you? why did you make me blind? What did I ever did to you?” Then he felt a smooth long finger touching his eyes “ SShh! Don’t worry I am not a person!” Xingche feels a chill running down his spine and he tries to get away “ Don’t touch me you filthy thing!” The stranger was angry at Xingche “ How dare you to say I am a filthy thing! You should be happy that I am willing to spare your life, I am the one who saves you from those soldiers who are hunting you down, if I am not there to save you, you are long gone” Xingche keeps on wiping his face where he feels the trace of the fingers left on him “ what are you? Why did you save me? What do you want from me?” The stranger reply after a long time “Don’t be afraid I am not a fairy or Demon, I am Zhuyon, I serve Princess Ceux,  I will return your eyesight after you swear to me that you will give me your fingernails ,  your inner cloth and your hair ” Xingche agree and he cut his hair, fingernail, and his cloths he wears, he place them on the crystal plate, then Zhoyon takes them and she gives Xingche the antidote, Xingche takes the antidote and after a few hour she gives he got his eyesight back.

Xingche was happy to be able to see again and he was shocked that he was in the temple, and not in Lumthahding territory, he can’t believe his eyes, his eyes bulging to see that his looks have change he was so different from what he used to be, he had a dress of a priestess, his hair was done beautifully, he can’t stop staring at himself in the mirror “is this really me?, or did I reincarnate and end up on someone’s body? This person is truly beautiful, the eyes were strange and beautiful, everything about this person is unique and beautiful” Zhoyon watches Xingche for a while and said to Xingche “That is you! You just never know that you are beautiful and handsome, since you are from the “Bymtip tribe” your tribe are blind to the beauty, you see this only after I give you with your new eyesight” Xingche grin, and he thanks his Saviour.  Zhuyon said to him that Xingche will have to stay with her for a while as of now, and he has to be disguised as a Priestess till the soldiers stop to look for him.

A week later Xingche ask Zhuyon when will he be able to meet Princess Ceux, Zhuyon tells him soon the princess will come, Xingche can’t help but get nervous what will the princess do with him when she met him, why did she save him. The princess Ceux called Xingche and tell him she wants him to be her eyes and ears, Xingche was happy to work for her, and he follows her order.

After Xingche left with the princess Ceux, She looks at the crystal plate and smirk, “I get what I want”

to be continue on 24th Feb 2018

My next Short Story



Hi! My next short story“Captain Shoushimi” I will post it on 3rd Feb 2018, it has few chapter, it’s about a Captain who hunts down the escaped prisoner while he takes a bath in the river in the territory of Mount. Lumthahding, the place where supernatural being lives the spirit speaks to him in his own reflection in the water and tells him he is not what he thinks he is.

 “this story happen in the vast land of Makedonia.”

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 Story of Sky (Bl, Supernatural, Fantasy) Chapter 22 Finale

Chapter 22 Final


Represent the Angry Lord I don’t own the image credit to the owner the artist.

Lord Rain opens his eyes and sees it is morning. “He always makes me sick after thinking about him. I will make him knows how I feel”. Lady Cloud saw him and comes to him. Rain asked her not to disturb him. Lady Cloud did not listen, but she comes close to him “Everybody was afraid of you and I am afraid of you too (smile)… Dark Sky did not love me; I have no place in his heart. Last night after the Ceremony he left me, I secretly follow him and I know where he hides his lover 

Lord Rain:- Tell me.

Lady Cloud (this go as I plan Lord Rain still a kid after all):- he is hiding him in our new Castle. I have seen he went from secret passage to the Secret Crystal garden which he makes for him.

Lord Rain:- hmm… he even takes a time to provide his demon with a place to live which takes so much of his power and energy.

Lady Cloud:- I can’t go and get into the Crystal Garden because he is protecting him from all of our pure-blood of Deities of Makedonia. But you can go you are a son of Wilherm Berg the God of Addicate. You can break into and do as you wish. All you need to do summon all of your powers and turn yourself into Gagan (Dragon) and you will be able to get in I will help you from the outside.

Lord Rain:- why are you willing to do that?

Lady Cloud:- because he is a demon and a demon should not belong in heaven. I will do anything to throw a demon from Heaven… Darksky has been lying to his Emperor of all Deities (Lord Thunder) before his father goes to his long sleep I want the Demon to be gone. We don’t want a Dark Sky to rule over us as long as he has Demon next to him.

Lord Rain:- Why are you saying this everyone knows you are the one that will rule after Lord Thunder and Lady Blue Sky was gone. Soon you will be ruling together.

Lady Cloud:- the moment Darksky got the throne, he will make the Demon ruling along with him. I have no power.

Lord Rain:- I don’t care who rules over Heaven and Land of Makedonia.

Lady Cloud:- Demon rules over his majesty’s heart and body as well. If you kill the demon Dark Sky will be free from the spell that the demon puts on him. He has been bewitched by that powerful, beautiful demon. His beauty is a curse to all of us, including you and Addicate.

Lord Rain:- why me and Addicate?

Lady Cloud:- you like and Love Dark Sky since you were just a child. Darksky never returns his love for you because of that Demon. You lost everything because Darksky has never cared how much you sacrifice for him. Addicate God lost a son because of you trying so hard to become the strongest deity to impress him. It’s time for you to revenge.

Lord Rain:- Revenge!

Lady Cloud:- come I will lead you the way. She leads him to the secret place where the Demon lives. The place is more beautiful than the place they live. Darksky has used so much of his power to create the most beautiful place in heaven for his only true love.

Lady Cloud: – I can come only here the place has been sealed from all deities now you go alone.

Lord Rain tries to walk in but he cannot get in. So transform himself into Gagan Lady Cloud don’t like to look at him like this in Gagan form. So he tries again, he still has to struggle to get in he feels pain because he has his mother’s blood, he was bleeding when Lady Cloud sees this she to use all her powers to help Lord Rain, he was able to walk and break the spell with her help. Lady Cloud waits for him outside and uses her power to help Lord Rain while he was in. Darksky was with the Demon they were so in love. He treats demon so well. Lord Rain after watching them from afar, he comes back from the place.

Lady Cloud:- Did you kill the demon?

Lord Rain:- not today. I am trapped if I dare to. I will come back and take the demon’s life when Dark Sky not around him. The place is too strong for me. I will wait when the demon is alone. Since that day he secretly has been spying at the place and learned more details about the coming and going of Darksky. You have been hiding him that Demon so well. Stop smiling I don’t want you to be happy, today I will make you regret for not listen to your father’s word.

Today you are doomed just like me… live in bitterness life I am going to kill him. You will feel what I felt. He continues spying on them and said tonight will be the last day for you to get kissed and love him.

Demon:- it’s time for you to go, I don’t want your father to be suspicious. Go tomorrow when your parents going for their rest and you will be in full authority, then come and take me with you.

DarkSky:- I don’t want to leave you-you are too beautiful. Let me stay here a bit longer and watch you.

Demon:- that’s what you always told me. (Smiles happily) What a shame I cannot see what’s beautiful and ugly. I am more like a blind demon.

Darksky lays down his head on the demon’s lap and looks at the Demon. Zebed why do I feel like tonight is the last day I will see you? Why are you glowing so much as this night is just a dream that I am touching you?

Zebed (smiles and bends down to kiss Lord Darksky’s lips):- I am not a dream. I don’t know how handsome you are but I know one thing that I am happy when I am with you.

Darksky:- that explains why you are so strangely beautiful and glowing so much…You are happy and you love me.

Zebed:- Called my name I want to hear you called me with my name

Darksky:- Zebed the Demon.

Zebed:- I think it’s time for you to go

Darksky:- yes I should. Tomorrow night you will be sitting along with me on my throne. I will always hold you and rule together.

Zebed:- what about Lady Cloud?

Darksky:- She will stay.


The next morning Darksy was happy beyond words he can express as he knows his parents will be going to their long sleep and he is going to be in full power as the Emperor. He becomes extremely handsome, so handsome that everyone who sees him will be stunned. The Lady Cloud forgets to breathe for a while after seeing him. 

LadyCloud:- today you will become the most powerful deities of all.

Darksky:- Yes I am starting today. Mom so proud of me and I have accomplished all her wishes starting today all deities, both in heaven and the land will have to bow down to me including you.

He wears the Emperor clothes and looks at himself in the mirror “I look so different and good”. Just at that moment his mom enters and finds her son staring at himself “My son, I am so happy you have made me proud” she cupped her favourite son face “no one can take Your throne away now… You have become a true and a rightful ruler… All Makedonian Deities and Makedonian humans will become more beautiful because this time, the most handsome deities rule them.” Darksky smiles at his mom “yes I will bless them with my beauty… I will bless Fairies and Demons too”

Mom:- No need for them.

Darksky:- Mom I want Demons and Fairies to get what others get I want them to get a chance to enjoy living I want the Human of Makedonia not to treat them cool. They should live together and in peace.

Mom:- that’s not possible Fairies and Demons eats on humans… You cannot stop them to eat Makedonian humans and you cannot make Demons and fairies starve. They have to feed on humans.

Darksky:- hmmm… I cannot change them… Mom you don’t have to worry now you and Father can leave everything to me, I will be a good Emperor and makes you proud.

Mom:- come let me kiss you ( she passes her power to him and she turns around to give some to his beautiful wife)

Darksky:- Mom stops you know I am more like you I don’t trust my wife just like you don’t trust my father just give all of your power to me.

Mom:- but she is your wife and she will be a mother for your child

Darksky:- that’s in the distant future. I don’t trust her.

Ladycloud:- I am already your wife, I will produce an heir for you.

Mom:- since my son wants me not to give you so I will keep my power with me and comes and bless my grandchild when he/she is born.

Darksky:- Thanks, mom.

Mom:- I am glad that you are keeping your promise to me… your dad will be here after he talks with his favourite son. Don’t trust Lightning. I think your father has passed his power to him. Don’t have a changed heart. Your brother is your enemy… I see it in his eyes, his heart has changed, and he is full of hatred to you nowadays. In the past, he didn’t hate you much, but now you are his biggest enemy. He must be because you get what’s original should be his… the throne was his.

Darksky:- I never once think of him as my brother… father still favours him even though I am an emperor… Lightning only now he knows I take and stole everything from him Hmmm even his lover. He should, he loses everything.

Mom:- I never use to know he loves LadyCloud.

Darksky:-(smiles) Poor brother I take everything away from him.

Mom:- you still not able to capture and make your father loves you more than him.

Darksky:- I never try. In the secret Crystal Garden, the Demon was walking to and fro as if he was waiting and nervous ” Why is this day so long? Will he come tonight?


He feels tired, so he went and sits looking at the fountain. Then someone comes behind him and covers his eyes with the hands… He understands the hand and then scent whose it belongs. And he tries to remove the hands from his eyes. “Don’t struggle or my poison nails will leave a scar on your flawless, beautiful face.” 

Demon:- How did you get in here?

Rain:- did you forget I was half-blood? I am not pure Makedonian I am a child of Wilherm Berg. (He licks his earlobe and kisses his snow-white neck) Zebed the Demon get disgusted by his action he just pulls away from the hands of Rain and turns around to face Rain and slapped him “how dare you kissed me without my permission.”

Rain:- you are just a demon. I can do to you what I want.

Zebed:- Go away, I don’t want his Highness Darksky to kill you because of me… go before he finds you here.

Rain: – His Highness! I am here to hurt him

Zebed:- don’t be a fool, you cannot challenge him. He is older and stronger than you he is the new emperor of all deities and demons Rain suddenly pulls the demon to his embrace “why do you care for me so much did you mistake me with my dad when seeing me like this in Gagan’s look?”

Zebed:- this is wrong! Let go of me Rain you cannot hold me like this. Soon he will come and we both going to be in trouble.

Rain:- you smell like my lover, he has been holding you. Let me breathe that and taste his scent from you. Zebed bit Rain while he kisses “I am kind enough to remind you I am a demon that consumes Deity”

Rain:- do you dare? (Pull him again to his tight embrace)

Zebed:- I think I should try

Rain:- Yes, you should ( he kisses Zebed and Zebed were confused what to do should he kill him) why don’t you kiss me back? Are you afraid that you will lose and never able to suck my life?

Zebed:- I cannot kill you-you are a child of Berg… there are two more Deities in yours… and then you right now you are Gagan, if I try I will only lose my power to you, you are too much for me you are half-blood. Please don’t look at me as your enemy. I am just a lowly demon to you. I can kill other deities, but not the half blood of Addicate God.

Rain: – what you are going to do now? you can not kill me? Then I will torture the Emperor instead.

Demon: – he is stronger than you

Rain: – I find his weakness. (He pushes down Zebed, he bends down on top of the demon and makes the scales disappear from his body and show his beautiful Gagan human form) Didn’t I look more like my father Wilherm Berg?

Zebed (look at his face of the deity on top of him):- I am sorry I don’t remember how your father look. All I know from Darksky that I once belong to your father.

Rain:- you are born to be a player a whore for us royal deities to enjoy… you love no one

Zebed (feels hurt tears rolled down):- I love Darksky

Rain: – don’t cry… no one else can touch a beautiful demon like you but only the royal deities like me. You get only the best and powerful deities to be your lovers.

Zebed (tears still rolling down):- please don’t look at me like this. I don’t want you to touch me…

Rain: – huh… you should thank me I am the one who makes you meet Darksky. This is the way you can pay me

Zebed: – you love him, why are you doing this to me?

Rain: – yes I love him, not you I only want to satisfy my desire for him through your body.

The demon eyes still fill with tears he let Rain kiss him and his hand tries to reach the dagger that Rain keeps by his side. He stabs him with his own dagger that Rain prepared to kill the demon with that dagger.

Rain:- you dare to stab me?.

Zebed:- I have no choice… (He push Rain away, Rain looks at him in pain he tries to pull the dagger from his back, but could not reach it.)

Rain: – you are the first who dares to hurt me. Help me take the dagger from my back

Zebed (cry and shaking nervously): – why do I feel like I stabbed my own heart?

Rain: – fool I was born through your love. I was born because you love my father. My father has fallen in love with you while you were with my mother’s blood. Did you forget you were inside of my mother?(***while Zebed was part of Lord Lady Lost beauty and blood)

Zebed:- no don’t die… I didn’t mean to kill you I only trying to protect myself

Rain:- father really abandons me including you (looks at Zebed) nobody loves me. No one I was a mistake to be born (tears in his eyes)

Zebed:- I am sorry that I cannot…

Rain:- don’t be I cannot blame you-you are just a slave of deities.

Zebed:- let me help you take the dagger from your body.

Rain:- No need lets this dagger accompany me… father has cut off his father’s feelings for me… I am no more his son’s (sad) but I do want to die in my father’s place.

Zebed:- I would take you there (cry and carry him on his back) is this the biggest mistakes I have done?

Rain in his weekly said: – in history, you always live your life full of flaws and mistake. You’re  existing always hurt the one you truly love and care.

Zebed:- Don’t close your eyes (tears rolled down) Soon we will be in your father’s place we will be in Addicate.

Rain:- you must be happy that I am going to die everyone will be afraid of you. You are the only one who can kill me, now you will be in power. You will be looked as a saviour for all of them you killed their arch-enemy of both Kingdoms.

Zebed: – don’t say that I didn’t mean it like that.

Rain (close his eyes):- when I die you will be free from my father relationship with you… you will belong only to your true love. You are totally a new being..

Zebed:- why did you keep the dagger with you. You knew I would take it 

Rain:- cause I am a fool… let me die here and put me down. 

Zebed:- No… I will help reach to your father 

Rain:- no need I am a lost child… In the end, let me die in Lost Place I am my mother-child please take me in my mom’s place. I am a Lost child born while you are Lord/Lady Lost prisoner. Now you have fulfilled your revenge for not saving your son Oranaz. 

Zebed:- I have long forgotten about that… just don’t talk anymore save your energy I can make it to Addicate 

Rain- Thank you! For staying with me since I was born until the end. 

Zebed (didn’t look but cry while he carries him):- I killed you (sad) …don’t die He reaches Addicate he puts down Lord Rain on a cold stone. He means to remove the bloody dagger, but he could not he remember Rain wants the dagger to stay like that.

 Zebed ( cry and his eyes were blurred with his own tears):- Rain you are home please wake up! Why are you so cold? Open your eyes you are home. Rain wakes up. I am sorry, please wake up. 

“Why is my child like that? Who did this to him?” 

Zebed:- Lord Lady Lost… help him your child…is… 

Lord Lady Lost:- who dare to kill my child? 

Zebed:- it…was… (Suddenly someone throws and blows the demon up and down ) Wilherm Berg in his powerful voice he said “you killed my child, I will kill you now” he continues beating the demon by carrying and throw him and knock him to the trees and stones etc. 

Lady Lost:- Wilherm Berg stops beating the demon, take care of your child first… before he turns to glittering ashes. 

Wilherm Berg stops his cruel torture and walks to his son’s dead body “My son I will kill the one who killed you” He carries his son body look at him “I am sorry I failed you… you are my only child and I am unable to protect you. But I will kill the one who killed you. I will remove this dagger from you” The demon was covered with blood

Demon:- don’t remove that… he asked me never to remove it. 

Wilherm Berg, only now he knows who the demon was and he was shocked the one who killed his son was no other than the one whom he loves for all his life “Zebed! Zebed ! Why? Why are you doing this to us? Why are you hurting our child?” for the first time Wilherm Berg Cry… “My child has gone crazy and he kills his own people and I let him… I let him kill my people of Addicate I let him do as he wishes till he gets tired…but why are you hurting our Child… he didn’t kill Makedonians deities he only showing them who is stronger he never kills any Makedonians deities he killed only my people… you have no right to kill my son… our son”

Tears flowing down, he picks his son ” I am sorry… I’m your Father, I am going to remove this dagger from your body so you can sleep well, my son I will not let your body disappear into Glitter Ashes I will freeze you my son (his son has turned cold and he put his son in a beautiful magic see through coffin) he mourns for his son’s death all Addicate Kingdoms feels the darkness surrounded them. The whole Kingdom was mourn. Neighboring countries hear a scary crying coming from the Addicate Kingdom.
Makedonian and the other entire Kingdom wondering why Addicate mourn and the whole Kingdom of Addicate a Dark Scary clouds covers Addicate.
The new emperor of Makedonian Deities knows that his demon has disappeared from the Secret Crystal Garden. “Where have you been? did you wake the Sleeping God of Addicate? Why is he so mad? What have you done?”


In Addicate

Wilhermberg looks with his evil eyes at Zebed. Zebed lost his words when Wilhermberg comes towards him “why have you taken our child’s life?”

Lord Lady Lost: – we trust you… we thought you will protect him why did you kill my son. I was wrong to give my child under your care.

Zebed:- I am sorry… I don’t mean to take away his life… I only mean to protect myself from him. (Tears)

Wilhermberg angrily said, “You stabbed my son with the dagger that means to kill Deity.”

Zebed:- I am really sorry I don’t mean to kill him.

WilhermBerg (angry):- Who are you? Are you no longer the “Zebed the Lost”?
Who are you? Why do you smell like my enemy Darksky? Did you become one of his now?

Zebed (nervous):- I am… I am…

Lord Lady Lost:- stop acting that you forget what you are…Just tell us why you killed Rain.

WilhermBerg: – who are you? Did you do it for Darksky? (Angry at him)

Zebed:- I, killed your son on my own don’t blame him.

WilhermBerg grabs his neck and takes the dagger that stabbed his son and cut Zebed’s arm “I am not killing you, I will cut and reopen your wound every time it heals… cause of this same hand that carried my son and this same hand took my child away”

Zebed (cry):- I am sorry

WilhermBerg:- I will never forgive you… you have darkened my heart… (Hold Zebed’s cheek with his long nails and a blood comes out from his snow-white beautiful cheeks.)

Zebed:- Please put back the dagger to him… that is his dying wish.

WilhermBerg (angry):- to show your triumph over him and over me? You are cruel… you ended my love for you by killing my child. You know he is my only child… he is my blood.

Zebed:- I don’t care you stop loving me, but I am begging you put back the dagger with him. That was his wish (cry)

WilhermBerg hit Zebed again after he hears that Zebed didn’t care that he stopped to love him. Lady Lost too tells WilhermBerg to kill Zebed. WilhermBerg growls at her like a lion.

Zebed:- Ahh! Why don’t you just kill me…? I kill your child just kill me. (Then suddenly he remembers that he promise Darksky to protect himself and live for him because Darksky has sacrificed so much for him Darksky has given half of his heart to him)

WilhermBerg:- do you really wish to die cause right now I can kill you and let you die in a horrible way. I will not let you die in an easy way.

Zebed (shaking cause of too much pain):- I don’t want to die. (Cry and think of Darksky he worried for Darksky).

WilhermBerg:- I will not kill you, but I will cut you every day and let you die in a horrible way. Lady Lost don’t touch him. (He went and continues to mourn for his son)


Love (happy):- father You finally wake up 

WilhermBerg:- my son is dead. Go away

Love:- father please don’t treat me like this.

WilhermBerg:- You are not my son, I don’t want to see you.

Love went to where his mother where he looks at his mother staring and touching at the coffin of her son “mom… mom! don’t forget you still, have me.”

LadyLost:- yes I still have you but I lost him. WilhermBerg will never get an heir of his own. A slave kills a God. 

Love (angry):- you damn slave how dare you to kill a God of Addicate? I will kill you 

Zebed sits in a corner with his hand covering his wounded arm. He did not say anything but just cry. He doesn’t want to be killed, his mind only thinks of Darksky and for his safety. He was afraid Darksky might come for him. He doesn’t want Darksky life to be in danger; he hopes Darksky would never know he was in Addicate. Everyday Zebed was being tortured by Wilhermberg he cut his body with the same dagger that has killed his son Wilhermberg walks to him with his hair loss “why do you want to live? You still don’t want to die after I did this to you?” 

Zebed:- Please don’t kill me 

Wilhermberg: – why don’t you look at me in the eyes and tell me why you killed our loving child… you have personally raised and love him, why did you kill him 

Zebed:- I have told you already I protected myself from him (cry and look down) 

WilhermBerg:- did our child threaten to kill you? 

Zebed did not look at him, but he bends down and shakes his head. 

WilhermBerg:- he didn’t but you still killed our child. Why? (Shouted) 

Zebed shake out of nervous and scared when WilhermBerg shouted at him. WilhermBerg continues to cut and reopen his wounds 

WilhermBerg looks at him: – did you do it for Darksky? After staying here for so long you still smell like him. Even your blood that turns into feather shows you are no longer of Lord Lady Lost. 

Zebed:- I am a demon nobody told me to take your son’s life I did it on my own. 

WilhermBerg wounded his other arm. “He is our child how could you do that?” 

Zebed:- he is yours and Lady Lost I am just a slave at that time. 

Wilhermberg:- you are a blood inside of her… her beauty is caused by you. So, this time, I will ruin your face.

 Zebed covers his face, he doesn’t want his face to be ruined, and he knows Darksky love to look at his face. He knows if his face ruined there is nothing he can make Darksky loves him. There will be nothing for him to give Darksky in return for saving him by putting half of his heart in him. Wilhermberg surprise to see Zebed fight to save his face. “You never care for your face before why are you so caring now?” 

Zebed:- Since the day I become a demon I care for my looks more than my life. If you’re going to kill me please don’t ruin my face. 

Wilhermberg:- hmm… Do you now see what beauty is? (Scar his face with his long, sharp nails) 

Zebed (cry):- I don’t but I know I am. 

WilhermBerg: – now you know you are when your face already ruined by me. 

Zebed cries to know this, that his face was no longer beautiful. Wilhermberg watches him and said, ” from the first time I fell in love with you I fell in love with this same heartbroken crying voice of yours… are you doing this again to win back my heart?” 

Zebed (crying):- are you going to torture me today? If, not please leave me alone? 

WilhermBerg pulled him “see my son is lying cold in his frozen coffin do you think I can bring back my child back. Every time I look at him I hate you. I want to kill you, but that will be too good for you.


Darksky was angry that his demon run’s away, he becomes cruel to everyone. All Deities wish Lightning to rule over them. None of them loves him, they all respect him out of fear. His wife keeps reminding him that he had promised his father that he will be a good Emperor and rule with justification. Every day he looks at her he wants to kill her. “You must be the reason, that he runs” Lady Cloud keeps denying but she was afraid that DarkSky will find out it was her who helped Lord Rain.  Darksky with a heavy heart looks at the distant Kingdom of Addicate “why are you running away from me? After you become a demon you’re still in love with that Barbarian God?… I gave you freedom, but I never have thought you will leave me after I gave you half of my heart to you… you really a cruel demon” He walks with a heavy step “do you want me to go and bring you back to me by force?” Still looking at a far away Kingdom. In Addicate the demon was covered with blood, even his long beautiful hair gets sticky with his blood. 

Lady Lord Lost:- do you regret that you’re reborn as a demon? 

Demon:- No! I am not. Since I become a demon I get my frèedom. 

Lady Lord Lost:- you fool. Come back to me and be part of me I will let you free from this 

Demon:- I prefer to be Lord Berg prisoner and accept all this torture than to be yours 

Lady Lord Lost:- what did I do to you that you hated me so much(Gripped his neck) 

Demon:- you are the reason that I am immortal… you broke your promise to me, I sacrifice myself for you to end my tragedy life ( while he was still a human to save his son) but you continue to hurt me even though I have nothing more to give you. 

Lady Lost:- your celestial beauty is a curse to you and to your late human son, Blame yourself. Everything happens to you because of your looks. 

Note:- Zebed is a human of Makedonia that falls in The Feather tribes, he and his twin brother’s name Uzal rules the Feather tribe of Makedonia. After Zebed gone to save his son by exchange his life. His brother Uzal rule the Feather Tribes in Makedonia.


I don’t own the art credit goes to the owner just to represent the character of Lady Lost


Lady Lord Lost:- you have successfully killed my child we are even now. If you change your mind, I am willing to accept you back even though you have become a demon and be part of me ( clean and wipe the blood from the face of the Demon). You can become a royal deity again if you are me and be with Berg and our Child Love. You can have a family again.

Demon:- I don’t want to be part of you (remove the hand of Lady Lord Lost)

Lord Lady Lost:- I cannot save you if you are not me.

Demon:- don’t touch me I hate you.

Lord Lady Lost:- you cannot hate me, you are still Berg Prisoner I am the only one you can depend on for your survival. If you continue saying that you hate me, I will stop bringing the souls of deities for you to eat… can’t you see how good and kind I am to you. I went to Makedonia to bring you the best food for you. I don’t want you to become weak and lose your strength because of my husband endless torturing you. Let me clean your wounds. ( by force wiped and clean zebed)

Demon:- Stop bringing me soul I don’t want to live.

Lord Lady Lost:- what to do, you cannot die… what will happen to all the men who love you and to your new lover Emperor Dark Sky?… I know you love Darksky just thanks me that I gave you my power to heal and give you the energy to survive even though you are no longer me… (Angry) I forgive you and you too should forgive me for not saving your death human child… we are even. Don’t hurt my child Love.

Zebed looks at his arms and hands all the wounds are gone and he looks perfectly fine. His clothes clean there is no trace that he had been in torture. Then he heard footsteps. He turns around “my heart beating so fast I feel like DarkSky coming for me. I should look pretty for him… I better tidy my hair” he cleans his hair, he doesn’t want Darksky to see him at his worst. After he finishes, he smiles to welcome Darksky. The moment he saw who enters in his prison, his smiles, stops “ disappointed seeing the wrong person visiting you?”

Demon:- Are you here to cut and torture me again?

WilhermBerg:- how can you my prisoner be smiling and have yourself so clean? ( pulled the Demon’s hair)

Demon:- why are you staring at me? Did not you come here to punish me for my crime?

WilhermBerg:- why do I feel that you no longer know me? Why your heart is no longer beating the same as before?

Demon:- I am a demon

Wilhermberg:- Do you know who I am?

Demon:- what do you want me to say?

Wilhermberg:- tell me honestly how you feel I will not punish you

Demon:- you are God of Addicate.

Wilhermberg:- yes I am but that not what I want to hear from you

Demon (look at Berg):- I killed your child.

WilhermBerg (angry):- You killed our child. You are Lord Lady Lost. (gripped him in his arms)

Demon:- I am no longer Lord Lady Lost I am a demon now. I have my own choice, I have my freedom


It’s been a century now Zebed the Demon has not come back to Heaven’s Kingdom and Dark Sky has missed him and he decided to go and search if the Demon Zebed was in Addicate. He tells his wife, Lady Cloud to look after Heaven’s Kingdom. Lady Cloud feels sad to see her husband still not see her as his beloved wife after a century has passed his heart and his eyes longing for the Demon to come back to him. 

Empress Cloud:- soon I am going to be a mother, how can you leave me? And ask me to look after Heaven’s

Emperor Darksky:- I Will come back before the time my child’s birth.Take care

Empress Cloud:- I have no power to protect myself, I cannot without you next to me.

Emperor Dark sky:- there are lots of servants and people here they will look after you. I will come back

Empress Cloud every night cry because her husband everyniğth he will look at his memory of him and Zebed ( he make it appear like watching tv with his magic) He talks alone while watching the Demon

Empress Cloud:- I still lose to a death demon… will you love me when I am a mother of your child ( she thought Lord Rain has long ago killed the demon the day she helped him and lead him to demon’s place)

Darksky:- I am going to Addicate to see with myself why is he isn’t returning back to me.

Empress Cloud:- why do you still believe that he is still alive, everyone says Lord Rain has killed him

Darksky:- there must be some things wrong to Lord Rain he never comes back to Heaven’s Kingdom even though I let the whole world knows that you are carrying my child…Why did not Lord Rain comes to take your life away…

Empress Cloud:- (cry) you want Lord Rain to kill me? and to kill your own child? You a monster

Darksky:- I don’t want to kill my child, but I want him to kill you… he will wait till you give birth causes I have already promised him my child will be his future wife

Empress Cloud:- did you forget he said he will never let you have a child… he doesn’t want you…

Darksky:- my child will be the future ruler of Heaven’s kingdom and a bride for Lord Rain… the moment he sees my child he will not have the heart to kill the baby he will love him…her…cause that’s my blessing for him as the emperor of Heaven it is my gift for him my child will only love him. I want to fulfil my promise to him that I will love him… I will let my child do that in my place. My child will be a sacrifice for Lord Rain. Lord Rain might spare your life cause he knows you never receive love from me. But my demon’s life was in danger

Empress Cloud:- the demon has long ago gone, why do you keep saying he is alive.

Darksky:- I know because I created him ( he left)

( Note-Makedonian Deity doesn’t have specific gender they can change from male to female)


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Lord Berg:- tonight I will have a guest an important guest… so you need to be present with me… I am not going to cut or torture you for today cause I don’t want that important guess seeing you in the horrible state.

Demon:- why do I need to come? I don’t like a stranger

Lord Berg:- that guest comes to look for my dead child. My guest has no idea that my child has been lying cold in his frozen coffin now for a century. Who will have thought great Lord Rain has long time die in a hand of his own blood

Demon:- (tears) please stop saying that… I am no longer the person I was once been. I am a demon… a demon killed your child

Lord Berg:- stop denying… ( pull the demon’s hand) these same hands who carried him this same lips who kissed him and these same eyes who look at him with deep love when he was a baby and those same hands who killed him… you are still you.

Demon:- yes you say it right…. (look directly at beautiful Lord Berg eyes) But my heart is no longer the same. (He takes Lord Berg Hands and put it on his chest) you can feel its different Its, not the same heart you know. I am a demon I killed your child… If I am still having the same heart, I will never be able to kill your child

Lord Berg:- I want to take your heart out and eat it. ( looks with a killing eye)

Demon:- I am your prisoner you can do whatever you wish… your nails, sharp just do it

Lord Berg:- that’s too easy for you… why should I?

His nails are covered in blood coming from the demon chest. I am not taking your heart out… the moment I take it you die and that’s too good for you.

Demon:- what you are going to do with me?

Lord Berg:- you will be my prisoner and face torture forever.

Demon:- I will die you have been tortured me now for century I am weak as a leave

Lord Berg: tonight you will be free from your physical torture.

Demon:- hmm… if your wife did not help me, I long time gone from you. I am tired I realized now I cannot live for my days are short your poison nails has entered my demon veins and heart… for a century I have been in your cruel torture if Lord Rain is alive I know he will ask you to stop hurting me. Even though he did not like me much he still has …

Lord Wilhermberg (cover the demon’s mouth):- I will not let you die… why should I let you die after you killed our child.

Demon:- Lord Lady Lost Child… ( Lord Wilhermberg tears falls on the demon’s hands) stops crying, Lord

Wilhermberg:- I did not marry because I want Lord Lady Lost. I married to Lord Lady Lost because you are part of her I married Lord Lady Lost because of you. I want to have a child because I want my child from your blood, but you killed your own child. How can I stop crying you did not recognize my true love for you. I am yours and you are mine, but you rejected me and my son over to someone who has no long relationship with you. You know well I can no longer have my own child. I have made mistakes in choosing you. I have finished my line because I am blind and married to someone like you, you are not fit to be with me. You crushed me when I am gone, my kingdom will have no true God of their own. Why are you doing this to me… I have been good and kind to you all my life… I have changed because you take away my son’s life

Demon:- I am terribly sorry I have no idea what I have done. I am sorry that you can never have a child of your own.

Lord Wilhermberg:- do you really feel sorry for what you did?

Demon:- yes I am Lord

Wilhermberg:- if I say to you, there is a way to wake and save my son are you willing to save him?

Demon (smile):- I will do anything in my power to bring back your child

Lord Wilhermberg:- why do you want to help?

Demon:- I regret killing him… it was an accident, I only meant to cut and injure him a little to stop him harming me… I never mean to take away his life. It is my self-protection I want to defence from him

Lord Wilhermberg:- I can create a ghost heart pills to bring him back to life

Demond:- then why did not you save him

Lord WilhermBerg:- because you have changed you deny him… if you too really want to save him you have to claim back Lord Rain as your child our child

Demon:- that’s all. Why did not you tell me before on the first day? Take me to him 

Lord Wilhermberg:- it’s not easy. 

Demon:- did not you say I just need to say he is my child? 

Lord Wilhermberg:- I married to you when you are part of Lord Lady Lost 

Demon:- you saying I need to be Lord Lady Lost again? 

Wilhermberg:- yes 

Demon (sad):- I don’t want to be part of Lord Lady Lost I am a free creature. A new being. A DEMON! I don’t want to be trapped again and become a Lord Lady Lost beauty and her slave. I like and love having my own physical form. Can’t we save him without me being trapped again in the Lord Lady Lost body?

 Lord Wilhermberg:- we need to save him with your blood and Lady Lord Lost Blood and my blood to create a ghost heart pills to save him 

Demon:- I am sorry I am not willing to be trap again in Lord Lady Lost. can’t he be to save the other way? 

Lord Wilhermberg:- do you have any plan? 

Demon- let me possess his dead body. Let me stay with your child. I will help drinks and takes the pills I will come out of him when he is able to live on his own.

 Lord Wilhermberg:- why do you choose a death, God? 

Demon:- because he is dead I don’t want anyone to control over me. I don’t want to be trapped in a strong body like Lady Lord Lost nor you… I am afraid you will never let me out. Lord Rain is death, he cannot control me, I am controlling him. I will come out when I see it’s okay to come out 

Lord Wilhermberg:- You are smart you are avoiding me… you don’t want to be with Lord Lady Lost because you don’t want me as your man 

Demon:- it is not because of you.I don’t like to be part of Lord Lady Lost… I am willing to be the trap inside of Lord Rain because he is your child and I want to apologize to you for hurting your child and you. I never wanted to hurt you. You have been good to me in my past life. I want to repay you back… I don’t hate you. I am just a week creature trapped in my own beauty and torture Gods with my exist.

 Lord Wilhermberg:- I am hurting you for a century now how can you not hate me? 

Demon:- you are doing a right thing you do this because I killed your son. I don’t hate you. I am doing the same 

Lord Wilhermberg:- tell me one last time why did you leave me? 

Demon:- Berg! I don’t know myself. I don’t know why I left you. I am sorry for making you terrible. 

Lord Wilhermberg:- You are the reason I awaken…I once though I am mortal a human… I don’t know that I am Addicates God. It was you who make me realize and everyone around me sees that I am their God. When I was an 18 years old I was just a guard of the Great RoyalCold,( a place “tomb” where the death Royals bodies and remains are kept in the Chamber including their favorite things and belonging) everybody think that I am just a strong gagan man even myself I don’t know I am not a man but a God. It was your calls, your cry I heard when nobody able to hear you cry. I am the only one who can hear your weak cry and you ask for help. I have loved you from the first time I heard your voice even though I don’t know how you look and moreover its a taboo to want to look at you. All of your statue and pictures have been covered so nobody should look at you. Still, I am willing to go against the ruler of that time by helping you a Lost spirit to come ànd use my body to possess me to save your son… it was because I want to help you I go to the forbidden land to save you and your child. I was beaten by Makedonians Gods for trespassing. I know while they beat me, you will get hurt as you are weak so I fight back to protect you from them and from Lord Lady Lost. 

Demon:- Don’t worry, I will not hurt your son I will protect him. 

Lord Berg:- you do you want me to show you your past life to remind you of who you are before? 

Demon:- No I don’t want to go back to my past I believe what you tell me. Cause DarkSky told me the same thing too. But I want to start a new life I don’t want to connect myself with my past.

Lord Berg:- You afraid to love me ( hold the Demon’s hand) you afraid to love me because I am your first lover

Demon:- as far as I know and understand you are not my first lover you know me because you helped me and my son

Lord Berg:- that is your human wife and human son ( Human makedonian from Feather’s tribe)

Demon:- still she probably my first lover

Lord Berg:- that’s because you have not met me. I was not born at that time… and you are still human. But since you become an immortal being I am your first lover

Demon:- let us stop talking about our past, I have no memories of my past and I don’t want to remember it. If you want me to save your son just tell me what I need to do.

Lord Berg:- how can I trust you? You don’t want to know anything about us and our long relationship we had… you a Demon you might kill my boy forever and turns him into ashes

Demon:- you don’t trust me… Neither I trust you I don’t want to become Lord Lady Lost slave again. I have my freedom now I am not her blood and her beauty I have my own physical body

Lord Berg:- I did not ask you to become part of Lord Lady Lost… I just want you to know more about us. I want to make sure you will not hurt my boy internally while he is death to revenge for all your hate toward my son and my long torture to you

Demon:- you know well if you want to change me you should treat me well not like this like an animal… and you love only to torture me… I am a Demon that eats on Deity and your son is a deity and you know well I am hungry and starving, why not show me kindness instead ask your wife to bring me something to eat.

Lord Wilhermberg:- you are cruel and cold. I try to make our relationship close like before, but your tune is so…

Demon:- save your breath if you want me to save and help your son… feed me to make sure I will not eat what remains of your son, Lord Wilhermberg feels like going and rips off his hands and legs and head out of his body but he gripped his own fist and went out.

Demon:-(shouted out at Berg’s back) I can see your anger, but you cannot kill me right, you still need me to save your boy

Wilhermberg in his room, he punches and breaks stuff and he went to the Royalcold place( Tombs of the royalties) he went directly to where Zebed’s statue is kept in the RoyalCold Place

Wilhermberg:- Because of you, I meet him… I meet you I am breaking you now since I cannot break the real person I am breaking you ( he was about to break the “Zebed the Lost” statue Lady Lost arrive and stops him)

Lady Lord Lost:- you cannot break it… it represents me. This is Zebed the Lost… it represents me he carries my name

Wilhermberg:- I want to rip his mouth out.

Lord Lady Lost:- you cannot we need to save Lord Rain we need his blood and his loyalty. We need his love for Rain like the time he raises him when he was just a baby we need his pure love. If you break his statue he will find out and he will never help Rain. We should remember Zebed has died the one we are talking is a new being a demon. We better do like he said if we want him to change we should start to treat him well and you my dearest should stop torturing him. Let him come out of the prison cell and give him a guest house, instead, we should treat him like a royal we need to make him believe in us. Zebed always has a changed heart… as long as we know how to make him happy.

Lord Wilherberg:- He is a Demon, not Zebed… he will never change… his heart has stopped beating I touch and feels his heartbeat it does not beat the same like it uses too. He is a demon

Lord Lady Lost:- yes he is a demon his Demi-human heart just stopped beating and a demon’s heart beating, but we can still make his Demi-human heart to come back to life, let him get what he wants. Let me bring him deity to eat

Wilhermberg:- yes you can

Lord Lady Lost comes with a deity to feed the Demon. The Demon suck the life of the unlucky deity out

Demon:- you can go now I don’t want to talk.

Lord Lady Lost:- tell me honestly have forgotten what Lord Wihermberg meant to you?

Demon:- I am tired I want to rest… I have to meet his important guest tonight

Lord Lady Lost:- Why should you meet his guest? I am not allowing you to meet

Demon:- tell me who is that guest he wants me to meet?

Lord Lady Lost:- Darksky

Demon (smile):- Darksky ( filled with love)

Lord Lady Lost:- You know well Darksky and Wilhermberg are the arch-enemy with each other if you want him to be safe you should swear that you will help and bring back Lord Rain cause tonight Berg going to put something in his drinks that risk Darksky life if you betray WilhermBerg by killing his son…your lover die as well.

Demon:- you don’t have to do that. Darksky has nothing to do with Lord Rain it was me who harmed your child

Lord Lady Lost:- Don’t worry anything will not happen to Darksky unless you harm Lord Rain. Darksky will be saved.

Demon:- I don’t want to meet Darksky then don’t poison or harm him

Lord Lady Lost:- if you meet him or not! Berg will put spells in his food … if you dare harm his child you are responsible for your lover’s death…. you can have your beauty rest now ( she left)

Wilhermberg changes himself into a good and handsome God to welcome Darksky to his Kingdom, not as an enemy. Darksky looks at the Wilhermberg handsome clean face. ” You don’t have to clean your face I am not afraid of your ugly, hideous scale skin”

Wilhermberg:- I am not doing it for you I do it for someone else

Darksky:- you don’t have too he cannot see what is beauty and what is ugly

Wilhermberg:- I know him better than you

Darksky:- yes you may be with the past Zebed but the current one is a demon I know him best and better than you. To him you are no longer important I am.

Wilhermber looks at Darksky with his beautiful, magical eyes that can charm anyone and make anybody his prey if he wants “Zebed may have forgotten me for now but I can take him away from you… in the end, I am the most unusual and powerful Gods of all.” Darksky looks away from Wilhermberg Beautiful and powerful eyes avoiding his eyes “I have heard that you Addicate can charm anyone with your eyes are you trying to make me your prey as well?”

Wilhermberg:- Drink this Darksky ( looks at the drink Wilhermberg offer him)

Darksky:- you want to poison me?

Wilhermberg:- If you really love that Demon drinks it for the demon safety

Darksky:- hmm… I love him, but I am not trading my life for a demon. He is your prisoner you can do whatever with him

Wilhermberg:- do you really believe that I am not able to hurt him? I know he is not the one I used to love the Demon is a new being I can hurt him just as he can kill my son. He is the one who personally raised him, he has the heart to kill him I can do too.

Darksky:- Let me see him

Wilhermberg:- after you drink what I gave you

Darksky:- I come here with peace I don’t want to fight

Wilhermberg:- because you cannot defeat me you afraid of me

Darksky:- ( angry) I am not afraid of you.

Wilhermberg:- Yes you are I am offering you a drink and you afraid of me poisoning you.

Darksky:- hmm… you drink it first I will drink it if you still stand

Wilhermberg:- Coward God… see I will drink it ( he drinks half of it) see nothing happen to me… I am just offering you my best drink as your congratulation for you for being  Emperor of Gods in Makedonia…here your share

Darksky:- why aren’t you drink it all?

Wilhermberg:- it is yours drink if you’re here coming with peace

Darksky:- (take if from Wilhermberg hand and pour it to the flower next to him) hmm… I don’t trust a three God with one body… more after you used your eye charm on me… so I am not taking anything from you. Stop wasting your time… it is better for you to just fight me than using tricks on me.

Wilhermberg:- you cannot defeat me, I am the most powerful I am triple powerful Gods. And you are just one

Darksky:- then should I plan and tricks how to defeat you?  your son dies as I plan your own lover and trusted person killed your child. But  I never planned Zebed will kill him I mean someone you love and trust will kill your child. I was thinking of making Lord Love to kill him. I never have thought someone so important person like Zebed will personally kill him after taking care of him as a parent.

 Wilhermberg:- why are you doing this to me? 

Darksky:- I don’t like you because you are stronger and more powerful you are too perfect I want you to face hardship and heartbreak. 

Wilhermberg:- we live in a different realm you have your own Kingdom I have my own I am not coming to steal your throne. You don’t have to worry about me 

Darksky:- liar if you don’t mean it like that then why are you lying to us Heaven that your son is my brother’s child why did you send your son instead of sending Lord Love to my brother. You do it on purpose I once adopted your child. You plan to take away Heaven’s Kingdom 

Wilhermberg:- we never meant it like that it was mean for peace 

Darksky:- you are hiding Lord Rain was your son till you can no longer hiding it 

Wilhermberg:- I am wrong. I regret everything. 

Darksky surprised to see for the first time in his life he sees Wilhermberg eyes show weakness and lost. Darksky staring at him and he realizes Wilhermberg eyes filled up with tears.

 Darksky (lips moves into a beautiful smile):- you are crying! I never know you know how to feel lost and hopeless. 

Wilhermberg:- you already win you don’t have to plan anymore I just want my son back… you have broken my heart 

Darksky:- hmm… after all those years I finally see your dragon tears. (Walk and stands face to face with Wilhermberg he let his hand out to let the tears fall on his hand) your tears mean a lot for my pride (smiles) all those years I feel like a loser I feel now I am a truly an emperor of Gods. Worship me if you want me to save your child 

Wilhermberg:- I can bring back my child too, if… 

Darksky:- you can, but you need  Zebed loyalty of you to bring back your son’s life and you know Zebed the one you love is no longer here but the Demon instead. You can never bring your son back without my help… Zebed’s heart has stopped I have half of my heart in him

 Wilhermberg:- so now I am clear why he is being like this. Because it’s your heart that’s in him… you are weak, too 

Darksky:- No I am not I am not a fool to keep it to him without protecting it. If something bad happens to him my heart comes back to me. So you cannot hurt my heart. I know Zebed’s was loved by many powerful Gods, I already protected my heart from other Gods, including you I am the only want who can take back my heart from him 

Wilhermberg:- if you take your heart from him he dies…

Darksky:- All of my life I have only wanted to defeat you… my mind only wants to see you lose to me. And bow down to me. Everything that happens, I can end it. I can bring back your son and let zebed have his own dying Heart again. I am an emperor I have mostly accomplished everything I want, but only one last thing that is you to bow down to me 

Wilhermberg:- you are cruel! What about Zebed 

Darksky:- he is just a demon why are you so sad? 

Wilhermberg:- He is my lover 

Darksky:- hmm… you still want a dying man as your lover I am touched. Tell me who do you want me to save? 

Wilhermberg:- save them both. 

Darksky (smile):- I ask you to choose only one 

Wilhermberg:- tell me what do you want I will do anything save them both

 Darksky (surprise to see Wilhermberg tears and weak):- I will save your son if you worship me 

Wilhermberg:- I am willing 

Darksky ( smiles and walks towards the frozen Lord Rain):- second for me to save Zebed I want you to promise me that after I save and give Lord Rain his life back you will make your son a sleeping Prince no matter how long it will take you should never wake him up I don’t want him to disturb me while I am living… he will wake up only when my child is on the throne 

Wilhermberg:- I can do it 

Darksky:- bring the demon here 

Wilhermberg asks Lady Lord Lost to bring him in. Zebed the demon happy to see Darksky was in health he was not poisoned like what they said that they will kill him. Darksky shows his beautiful smiles and hugs the Demon tightly… Wilhermberg hate to see this, but he can do nothing to save his son and Zebed but just watch from the side

Demon:- you should go he is stronger and powerful than you 

Darksky:- He is not I find his weakness

 Demon:- does that mean I am free (happy)

 Darksky:- Yes you are free. 

Demon:- then let us go home 

Darksky:- I love you 

Demon:- I know (happy) 

Darksky:- I have to keep my promise to him, he had agreed to worship me and put Lord Rain into deep sleep till my child is on a throne and married to my child 

Demon (angry and sad):- you a father now? 

Darksky:- soon I will be… my child is going to be the wife for Lord Rain. 

Demon:- Rain never wants to marry anyone else but you

 Darksky:- That’s the reason I am asking him to put Rain under a spell to sleep till I am gone and to wake up till my child take my place. 

Demon:- let us go home, I don’t want to stay any longer in here… I can sense Wilhermberg hates me 

Darksky:- mmm… he never hates you he wants me to save you 

Demon ( look at Wilhermberg and hugged Darksky):- every day and night he threatens to kill me. I don’t want to be here anymore longer let us go. 

Darksky:- Do you love me? 

Demon (smiles):- You don’t have to ask, you know I do. 

Darksky:- but I have to kill you 

Demon (shock):- have I lost my glow and my beauty? Am I no longer good-looking? 

Darksky:- you still have your celestial beauty you still the most beautiful demon in the divine Kingdom (caress his face) 

Demon:- then why you want to kill me? 

Darksky:- to set you free 

Demon:- you have already given me freedom from the day I am a demon. Do you want to return me back to Lord Lady Lost and Wilhermberg? 

Darksky:- Not to them, but to yourself, to your old self, before you become Deity and demon 

Demon (hugged Darksky and cry):- please don’t I love being with you. I am happy that I am a demon. I don’t want to die. I know you have a family now. I will leave you and your family… you don’t have to be afraid of me get jealous and hurting your family… I will never harm your child… I regret harming Lord Rain as well… I never meant it was an accident… I am very sorry for Lord Rain…please to spare me. 

Darksky (wiped his tears):- your real love, sadness, and tears are all I need. ( kiss the forehead of the demon) now let us save him (smile) 

Wilhermberg and Lady Lord Lost watch Lord Darksky take the tears of the Demon and mix it with Wilhermberg’s tears and with his long white smooth, beautiful finger he applies the mixture of tears on Lord Rain’s forehead down to his chin and he chants a spell to call back his soul.

He continues to chant till evening Lord Rain finger and eyes moving and he breathes normally. He opened his eyes and see Darksky was next to him

Lord Rain ( happy):- you came for me

Darksky:- Yes I called you. I am repaying you for saved me once…You can’t die as a God at a very young age, you still have a very long journey ahead of you

Lord Rain:- Father I see you and the demon (zebed) search for me from the Darkworld. The Demon is the one who leads you the way to me. He is a light to you and me in the underworld he leads us out from the Darkworld…and I see Lord Darksky is the one who opens the way for us and keeps us safe

Wilhermberg:- I am glad you are back my son. I am sorry for failing you.

Lord Rain:- You saved me ( smiles) Thank you… I feel sleepy, I want to rest (He closed his eyes and he breathe normally and fall asleep)

Darksky:- Now I have saved your child this Day every year of this month you have to pay respect to me and my Demon. On this Day every year of this day and month your son’s will wake up this spells will end when my child is on the throne Lord Rain will be free from his deep sleep and he can live normally. Don’t break my spell if you want peace between us you know well I love Zebed too, as much as you love him and for that reason, I have exchanged Zebed the demon’s life in the underworld for your son 

Wilhermberg:- What’s going to happen to Zebed? 

Darksky:- He is in deep sleep too… I will not bring him to Heaven’s Kingdom he is too weak to be with me. Lady Cloud will hurt him in this condition I am leaving him under your care. I know he will be safer in here than being with me… you need him alive for your son safety… I will not forgive you if anything happens to my Demon. ( He kissed the beautiful sleeping Demon)

Wilhermberg:- You don’t have to worry, I will protect them both. 

Darksky (looks at the sleep Demon):- you smile did you see me in your dream? I blessed you only with good dreams so you will never want to wake up… I don’t want you to face reality… it’s too cruel for you to let you and me have only the good memories… I have to keep my promises to my parents to be a good emperor I am going to become a father soon. You will never have to meet my child. You have my heart (Kissed the sleep Demon and the demon smiles again) I love you. 

Wilhermberg:- you are saying he will never be able to wake up? 

Darksky:- its depends if you can reach him with words… 

Wilhermberg:- what happens if we wake him up? 

Darksky:- it’s better not to force him to wake up his mind is under a spell it’s not good for a demon that devours deity to lose his mind it’s dangerous for everyone.

 Darksky has stayed in Addicate now for 2 months talking to the sleep Demon and tells him every day he loves him. He came to see him for the last time before leaving and blessed him with good dream and safety in the underworld the DarkWorld

Wilhermberg:- Where does my son’s mind is…is his in the underworld too? 

Darksky:- No he is out he is only sleeping… Zebed the Demon is exchanged for him don’t let anyone disturb Zebed nor Lord Rain cause if the spell break before its timing the first God, he will consume will be Lord Rain and we can’t stop him, he will become a threat to everyone he will become more powerful and dangerous for all of us he will bring out all the unwanted evils from the underworld so try to check on him and make sure he has a beautiful dream. 

Darksky left and they did and follow what Darksky asked them to do. Time pass and every year on the 10th of August they will have to pay respect and worship to Darksky and the Demon for saving Lord Rain. On this Day Lord Rain will wake up, but the Demon never wakes up, but only his clothes were changing into different beautiful dressed that goes with his good looks. This was followed and continued for a very long time.Time goes and Darksky was a father now and Lord Rain spells have a crack the day the Baby was born the spell on Lord Rain become weak with every Birthday of the baby he will become awaken when the baby becomes young and ready to be in a relationship he will be free from his spell and the beautiful demon still smiling and happy with Darksky in his dream 

                The End.


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 Story of Sky (Supernatural, Fantasy,Bl)Cont of Chapter 21


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Cont of Chapter 21

The servants tell Lady Cloud it’s already time to go. Lady Cloud turns away from the Window and still wondering who is the other deity that walking hand in hand with Dark Sky. She did not like what she sees she was angry, she keeps silent but while walking she keeps on thinking. ” Is he in love with that young deity? But I will make that deity disappear and blame Lord Rain. Everyone will think it’s Lord Rain. It’s good Lord Rain is here I can put a blame to Lord Rain”

It is the wedding Day the ceremony starts Dark Sky and Lady Cloud exchange promises and Bracelet. Emperor Thunder blessed them and his mother, Lady Blue Sky too blessed Lady Cloud and put a tiara on Lady Cloud’s head. 

Lady Blue Sky:- my son why you don’t kiss her to finish the Ceremony.

Darksky:- yes I will after Emperor father gives me the crown.

Thunder:- still after the Crown! but tell me have you send the demon away from Heaven?

Dark Sky:- Yes he has no place here.

Thunder:- I will give you the Crown but swear to me, you will not go and find that demon as long as you live. You will only love Lady Cloud.

Dark Sky:- I swear to you I will not go after him as long as I am ruling. (angry at himself)

Thunder:- you will only love Lady Cloud.

Dark Sky (smile and happy to say this as he knows, Lord Rain were there and he knows, Lord Rain will kill anyone whom he loves):- I will protect her and love only her.

Lord Thunder puts the crown on his son’s head and continues with the ceremony of the wedding.

Lady Cloud was shocked it was not a deity, but a demon. She was surprised that demon was too beautiful to be just a demon. She knows well in her heart Lord Dark Sky did not love her, nor he means to protect her. She knows him he says it on purpose because Lord Rain was there to get rid of her. After the ceremony ends and after greetings from their guests and when they were just two of them Lady Cloud asked him ” I know everything. I saw you with that demon, hmm you want Lord Rain to keep his eyes on me, you even dare to lie to your parents on a day like this to get the crown and kill me, you  plan well”

Dark Sky smiles you right my dear wife. Be prepared because I plan on showing how much I deeply love you to everyone.

Lady Cloud:- what about that demon?

Dark Sky:- I know you are not like what others think of you I know well you are not kind so I will protect him from you and from him.

Lady Cloud was angry but she did not show it at Lord Dark Sky she still smiles

Dark Sky:- you smile. I should smile too (so he smiles to show everyone that he is happy and he loves his wife)

Then all the guests return back to their own Kingdoms and places.

Lord Rain was alone, so he went to his favorite childhood places the Garden where he used to spend most of his time learning herbs and medicines and he talks to himself while looking at the herbs in his hand ” I have become a great healer since I was just a boy because I want to cure you and not let you die I will never let go of you. I will kill anyone that stole you away from me, I have changed and the Heaven and Land hate me and I lost my father’s love because of you. Lord Dark Sky you have stolen everything from me. If, I can’t get you I will kill you the new Emperor of the Heaven”  Lord Rain lies down on the grass and look up at the

Lord Rain was alone, so he went to his favorite childhood places the Garden where he used to spend most of his time learning herbs and medicines and he talks to himself while looking at the herbs in his hand ” I have become a great healer since I was just a boy because I want to cure you and not let you die I will never let go of you. I will kill anyone that stole you away from me, I have changed and the Heaven and Land hate me and I lost my father’s love because of you. Lord Dark Sky you have stolen everything from me. If, I can’t get you I will kill you the new Emperor of the Heaven”  Lord Rain lies down on the grass and look up at the Dark night.


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 Story of Sky (Bl, Supernatural, Fantasy) Chapter 21

Chapter 21


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The day of a wedding everyone was busy Lady Cloud has put on her nice wedding dress, she cannot wait for the moment to be united with her man of her dream. She keeps on looking out at the Window and blush. Her Attendants’ keeps reminding her not to be nervous. Then one of her servants announces to her someone wants to meet her. She allows she was surprised to see it was Lord Rain

Lord Rain: – you look beautiful!

Lady Cloud: – yes, I have to, it’s my wedding day.

Lord Rain: – you! Do you know me?

Lady Cloud: – yes I do, I came when you were born… You have grown up

Lord Rain: – yes I have and I still have to feel for Darksky

Lady Cloud: – …..

Lord Rain: – I am warning you if you want to save your life don’t fall in love with him

Lady Cloud: – I will marry him today and I have loved him since I was young so I will always love him

Lord Rain: – I am warning you. (He left)

Lady Cloud: – why is he acting like that?

Attendant: – Lady! don’t you know about him…

Lady Cloud: – what?

Attendant:- Lord Rain wants to be with Lord Darksky… rumours said he is obsessed with his uncle and turn into Evil Lord Rain… he tortures everyone who looks at  Lord Darksky

Lady Cloud: – I am not afraid of him… he is just a child in front of me

Attendant: – it’s good our lady is brave and not afraid of him, but please don’t anger him I have seen him kills… he is half blood

Lady Cloud: – hahaha why should I be afraid of a half-blood?

Attendant:- he is the son of a barbarian God (Addicate)… he is Wilhermberg child, not Lord Lightning… Lord Lightning took the child of God Wilhermberg… he is very powerful I have seen his power

Lady Cloud:- son of Wilhermberg?  I don’t like it, why does he have to be my opponent… I am not afraid of Lord Rain that I don’t want to involve myself and anger his father… Wilhermberg! I heard rumours about that Deity everyone seems afraid of him

Attendant:- Yes, even Lady Sky and Lord Darksky was afraid of him… I used to be Lady Sky attendant I have seen she was afraid when her son, Lord Darksky was in a fight with Wilhermberg… I heard Wilhermberg is the supreme God…

Lady Cloud:- Enough. I don’t want to hear anymore… Today is my wedding day I don’t want to hear my future husband is a loser to a barbarian God.

Attendant 2:- is not that Lord Darksky?

Lady Cloud:- yes it’s him… what is he doing there? Do you think he too wants to see me?

Attendant2: – maybe.

Lady Cloud:- but who is that?

Chapter 21 to be continued….