Slave of the Victor- Bl, fantasy Chapter 21


Slave of the Victor BL Fantasy Chapter 21 I don't own the picture /Art Credit to the owner
Slave of the Victor BL Fantasy Chapter 21 “I don’t own the picture /Art Credit to the owner”

Chapter 21

Nux swordsmanship was so bad his body positioning and sword movements, were all wrong he has no martial arts’ skill but just to save Renius he comes to challenge this God of War,  He abruptly pulled up his agile sword, turning swift charging straight towards Prince Ynn’s direction.

“You bastard! I’ll kill you!” furious Prince Ynn, gracefully leaping as he easily dodged Nux’s attack.

However, Nux wasn’t willing to give up just yet after many empty strikes; he started up his sword, making a U-turn as he attacked again. This time, Prince Ynn didn’t dodge or leap away he spun speedily and cleverly to avoid the sword, Nux only caught a blur before his eyes and didn’t know exactly when his sword was snatched from him. Nux fell face down to the ground as his legs were tied with Prince Ynn whips. He saw Prince Ynn standing a few steps away and throws away the long sword “Ever since I was little, there seriously hasn’t been anyone able to hurt me. You really have some fucking nerve!” Prince Ynn snarled dangerously

He could see the rage in Nux’s eyes accumulated and grew deeper his breathing uncontrollably became loud and heavy, he instinctively gripped the hidden dagger from his sleeve and his other hand held a stone waiting for the Prince of Mar to come closer to him, Prince Ynn was able to avoid the dagger which speeds actually not fast at all, but he was unable to avoid the speedy stone hitting his head. Looking at the fresh blood gushing out from the snow -whited forehead, flowing down to the whole face, together with the frightening dreadful looks in Prince Ynn, Nux was shocked to the point he involuntarily fell back several steps before tumbled and sat on the ground.

Prince of Mar angrily and forcefully punch the person who dares to injure him with his one arm, Nux who was not familiar with the martial arts he can’t stand the blow and easily falls down on the ground, his face became swollen, lips were broken and a trail of scarlet blood can be seen and his flawless skin break and bleed, with just a punch he can’t stand any more, Prince of Mar was ravaging and kicking Nux like some dirty piece of rubbish, Nux flew like a ball and painfully landed on the ground, the moment he touches the person prince of Mar realize this man was not a military, he looks at his stance and see he was clueless and not know how to avoid his beating and how to balance his body when he falls down to the ground each time he beats him he knows its more painful for the victim to suffer extra pain as he has no martial art technique and skill to protect and defend himself. He was angry at himself learning this unskilled person was the one who got to injured him, he gritted his teeth angrily, firmly clenched his fist and stepped forward. His eyes were shining brightly as he fixed his intense gaze at him and very slowly, step by step, as a beast which cornered its prey, he was advancing towards Nux’s direction

A foot was on his head instantly, pressuring Nux deeper to the ground his breathing was disrupted and his mouth soiled by the earth. Prince Ynn was biting hard on his lips, unable to control the muscles on his face from trembling. He locked his eyes at the wounded person on the ground without shifting. It was as if only a hole appeared from the ground would he be satisfied. “You are very hard to die, even though after I seriously beat you, looks like it not your time yet… well we will see how long you can stand my strong fist” he hit him again and again with his healthy hand, Nux didn’t even have the chance to scream from the pain when Prince Ynn kicked him, sending him flying and lost his consciousness on the spot.

He warns the Pyn’s Army if they are still in the North Pra Border he will continue to kill everyone in this place, the whole of North Pra border will suffer, but if they leave he will not harm the people, the General Tian agreed his soldiers will leave this place for the safety of the commoners.

Prince Ynn looks at Nux who still unconscious lying on the ground the obvious stripe lined bruised spread all over his body. There was also an area with the torn skin, blackish red with a trace of fresh blood; he pulls him from his long beautiful silky hair to his tent with his healthy hand.

In Prince Ynn’s tent, his doctor was treating his wounded shoulder, the doctor advises him to be careful and not to train, for now, he needs to recuperate after the doctor left, he throws salted water at Nux who hissed in burning pain, he was tied down on a post. Ynn sat by his side, silently gazing down at him. Nux was unable to move his body a single inch; he could only move the muscles on his face a little.

Prince Ynn examines the bow and the arrow that wounded him “Where did you get it?” An icy cold voice, like the harsh winter wind, resounded right in Nux’s head. A result of a Qi filled voice through his chaotic senses still detected Ynn’s cold, light, and an aristocratic voice uttering,  “this is my long-lost bow and arrow, how did it end in your hand?”

“Just die!.” Nux spat at the beautiful face

Prince Ynn takes a lock of Nux hair and wiped his face, One of his brows rose slightly as he continues to smile derisively at him.

“I tried to be nice.” Ynn coldly told Nux, “Shall I show you how I skin and ruin this pretty face and body of yours?” The youth’s pale face and delicate features only enhanced his cold and merciless eyes. Nux’s face was ashen and his breath was becoming shallower, he regrets his action.  He tortures him till Nux faint.

He orders his men to continue to physically and mental torture him when he wakes up, and not gives him anything. They obey his order and do exactly as they were told, Nux was dirty and covers in blood, his usual beautiful silky hair was sticky with dirt and blood, his face and body was swollen and covers with wounds.

In the morning Prince of Mar was ready to go and claim the North Pra border, he tells his men not to hurt the citizens and people who live there if the military left the place as they promise for the safety of the people.

When they arrive the soldiers already left as they promise, the people in the North Pra celebrate and welcoming them as their new ruler, Prince Ynn was satisfied with these outcomes. He goes to the chief general place where Tian used to live and looks at the place he sees everything was good, and he decided to rest here for now till his shoulder heal and let his tired men rest their aching body and enjoy for now.

He waits until he was completely healed he will go against for a battle to claim more territory, as he knows he is going to be a great ruler one day. He stands and studies the map on the wall here in the Tian’s room, and put his mark as he said to his loyal bodyguard and tells him, I will claim Pyn city next.

When his doctor comes to check his shoulder and to dressing him into new one, the Prince of Mar remember about the person who shot him and asks his man  about that man, he orders them again to make sure that person suffers more than he can bear and wish for a quick death, he still remembers how he proudly and arrogantly ask to exchange his life for the Prince Renius’ life, he commands them to kill him slowly and painfully and when he dies they should throw his dead body outside of the gates to let the hungry wild animals eat him.
The Mar soldiers were celebrating their victory and settled here for now.

The Emperor of Pyn was very disappointed at his nephew for losing, he knows that his nephew was still able to come back home because of his wife sacrifice in exchange for his life, the Emperor was wondering which family this brave woman was, she was able to save his nephew and wounded the God of War the  Prince of Mar, in the Pyn Kingdom they all thought Prince’s Renius wife was called Sa and from Ke’s family, he understands from his ministers words that she belongs to a low status, her family background was just farmers. He wants to reward her family for saving his Nephew and many of North Pra’s people live, but Prince Renius request the emperor to take back his degrees as his wife never wants to do anything with her family. The emperor told him to take good care for his health as he knows that Prince of Mar will not stop he will continue to go for war and claim more territory, Prince of mar was a man with big ambition, the Emperor of Pyn too like he was constantly sitting on pins, he has no peace in mind and heart as long as the Prince of Mar is alive.

In the North Pra’s border, the prince of Mar feels strange with his Shoulder, he asked his doctor why he did not he sees any improvement even after he had treated his wound now for two months, the doctor to have no idea why does his body not accept any of his medicine his wound always opens up and make him tremendously sick and suffer a lot, there is no cure for him, the doctor has examined him, and he doesn’t know how to treat him.

The Emperor of Mar know about his son condition and send his  third son and his youngest daughter to go to North of Pra border to help their eldest brother to defend the border, he knows if the Emperor of Pyn knows about his son condition he will send his men to fight and snatch back the North Pra border.
The Emperor of Mar’s children rides out with many more soldiers with them to go and help their eldest brother.


Guards who were in charge and to look at this prisoner were all surprised that this dirty slave whose hair and cloths cover in blood still able to survive for three months now without a drop of water and not a single food, people who were in charge to physically and mentally torture him every day they have broken and burn him with hot iron, he will always faint from the cruel and brutally torture they cause him, they can’t believe and were shocked to see, the serious injuries they give him will disappear the next day, they didn’t see any burning scars or marks on him, they were afraid that they will be punished if the Prince of Mar see no scars and stripes marks in his body, they know he will not believe them they tortured him and not provided him anything to eat and drink.
The people who were in charge to tortured him beats him day and night now as they were afraid that his body will heal, they will not let his body heal, they beat him non-stop now with all the horrible torture equipment were available.
They will stop only when they get tired and have no more energy to beats him. They will harshly pull and throw him back in the dirty cell, Nux has lost so much of blood and loss conscious he cannot hide his identity any longer he is too weak, when he fainted his true celestial beautiful appearance appear, while he lies down on the cold icy ground. His clothes were torn and dirty and his messy long deep bloody red hair covered his dirty celestial face, no one can say if it was his hair colour or blood since he gets torture every day now for three months, without taking bath.



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  1. Oh crap, Nux is dense enought to be walking to Prince Ynn…He’s dead meat… with no martial art skill he didn’t know how fuck up Ynn is for injured him twice on the same day… hahaha didn’t expect that for the God of War… I see trouble ahead Nux! You can’t Run! You’re his prey now! Not him to you! It didn’t go as planned

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  2. I’ve been so obsessed with this novel trying to share it with my friends and I had a feeling that
    *Spoiler* 1.Nux =princess Fiona
    2.Prince Renius =Shrek
    3. Prince Ynn = Dragon
    So General Renius Shrek will try to slay the Dragon but mmmm…. he will get Nux back just like how Fiona ends with Shrek but 🤔 this handsome couple will never have green cute children we all know for sure unless Nux transform his gender like the old book Lord/ Lady Lost and her child Rain.
    Thank you for this intense war I love and enjoy reading this chapter. I read it twice. I like how strong this human Prince of Mar with his severe injuries able to knock the celestial being. Man I want to be Superman as him. And beat all my bullies in real life.

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  3. I forget my W/A lucky I can still comment with my email
    Thank you I love you but if there is sex in nex chapter PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES write it ASAP !!
    In my opinion Karma should comes to Nux he kills people he should taste rape in Mar… he was in his enemy’s hand and not to foget Mar soldiers are away from home and women his beauty looks can easily turn on any man who has eyes XD
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. As far as I can think Nux should be rape by the Mar Armies or by the Prince Ynn for ruin his snow white forehead and dare to shot him… I prefer both IK I’m badass and pervert reader. Don’t be mistaken I don’t hate any of your Character I love them but
    If you didnt put Nux into thing like this I can’t sleep I will keep asking WHY???

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  5. Everytime I see a new chapter of this I’m really happy. Your work is exceptional! I really enjoyed this part. I feel so bad for Renius and Nux, 😦
    Again thanks for ty so much for sharing your hard work!! i`ve been hooked on novels lately and this one is sooo great.

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  6. You splash cold water at my face if you don’t take my humble request please consider I have been your faithful reader for so long. Please take my request if you 😢 I am knocking my head with my blood offering my blood as a sacrifice for Nux to be in sex scene
    😭😔 I will write a fanfiction of it but I don’t to spoil it I want it from your original?

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