I just want to have a peaceful sleep and never wakes up forever, I’m fed up with this stressful world. I don’t feel I belong here in this challenging competitive world. I don’t like it but I cannot do anything but wakes up and face the new storming morning. I just pray God will get rids of all demon within me which creates all the dark clouds and problems that scare me to look to my today and tomorrow, I pray he will always be my guide and save me from the monster web which traps me within. I need him I need Lord Jesus to take control of me. I am sending my SOS to the great one

29 thoughts on “Shattering

  1. I love the words, if you’re going though hell, keep moving. If i didn’t wake up last year in Dec like I wished I wouldn’t be here to witness all the beauty that has unfolded, life is tough true, you just gotta keep running through the walls.. Trust me, it’s not easy on anyone, some just will themselves to be stronger than the storm.

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