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Chapter 31 Part (I)


The Emperor and the Empress was surprised to see Nux returns to a with messy looks and alone without any of their children who always stick to him, they were about to send the maid to summon him to where they were drinking and listen to the music that was played by a beautiful princess Lora from Kjam’s Kingdom but they were startled to see Nux was hiding, they watch silently from whom he hides and after few moments later they see the crown prince angry running around to search for Nux and pull him over from the place he was hiding and was shock to see him put the charm hairpin’s on him “ I’m warning you for the last time I will burn it if you dare to throw it” Nux push him and throw it again “I’m not your slave!, I have honour, I’m more than you lowly human”

Ynn was about to beat him he sees his mother the empress standing there, and shock to see the hairpin was already in her hand “Son this is not right! I’d present it for you as your reward and honour for your victory, I give it for you to wear it, even if you don’t want to keep it, you can give it to your future empress you’re wife, you’re not supposed to throw it away to your servant, It won’t suit him”

The crown prince looks at his mother and to Nux, she looks at them and orders the crown prince to go and change his dirty robes and present himself to their royal guest from Kjam Kingdom, after the crown prince left she turns and looks at Nux “You evil being! You’d bewitch my son and everyone here with your enchanted looks; I don’t want an evil being in the palace, you will be put in the dungeon if you dare to step foot again in the palace.

After a while the crown prince comes and greet his parent and their guest, Princess Lora was stun to see Ynn becomes unearthly handsome, she bows to him, they were all enjoying the songs and dancing with his parents happily talking to her parents, Ynn is the only one who can’t focus and not replying when randomly asking for his opinion on their discussion. His mother will always cover up for him not to let the emperor know that her son was distracted because of Nux rejected his gift.

Three weeks later the crown prince knows of the whereabouts of Nux, and he sends his men to follow him secretly. The crown prince tells his men to keep an eye on him and inform him what he do and whom he meets. In the evening, his man returns and told him Nux is working in the Pynsep club red-light district, where many nobles and the aristocrats like to go for their enjoyment, “I hear him asking information about the Ding festival which will be held for a week”

Nux is back to his old self, he haunts for his prey he reads the quality of their blood when he finds someone he will he suck their life and blood out of them and makes them disappear. In Pynsep club more people come just to get a glimpse of him, and they have to pay a lot of money to enter to the room where he will be playing his extreme beauty was attract to both male and female, people with power will fight for him, he ends up working here because he knows this is the best place to get nobler’s and royal blood as he knows only people with status can afford to come and play with beautiful girls and men here, he did not know the crown prince watching him secretly for many hours, he was surprised and disgusted to see Nux act cheap, which people gets what they want if they pay him, the crown prince waited a few minutes outside the room and listen at the door what where they doing, he heard a woman’s voice cheerfully “You’re so beautiful! I am willing to pay any amount you want” the crown prince angrily open the door and see Nux raising his finger’s and her blood comes out of her body like thousands of tiny red crystal and enters his body, and after a few minutes he saw the woman corpse turns into ashes when he snapped his finger and the corpse disappear in the thin air. Nux meant to walks toward the door and he froze when he sees the crown prince “Your highness how come you… here?” The crown prince was still in shock what has happened just now did he just see a woman dies oddly with her blood turning crystals and disappear into ashes, the crown prince was sure Nux was not human he sees how he seduce people and easily takes their life and make the corpse disappear, then he comes to the Crown prince and said “This is the real me, and that is how I survive, no matter how many I kill I will never be full, unless you give me yours” the crown prince face turned pale like a ghost and ready to defend himself from Nux, he don’t want to turn into a corpse like her, Nux smirk and said “I will not kill you, I just want a few drops of your blood to quench my thirst, if you will not then I have to kill many more of your people, I am afraid I might one day end up killing your family to quench my thirst” the crown prince was filled with rage and fear for the first time in his life, when Nux comes closer to him he stabs him with a sword and kick him, Nux fells down and look down at his crimson hand which covers with blood, the crown prince attack was speed and powerful, Nux cry “If you hurt me, you’re hurting yourself” the crown prince feels his shoulder pain again after so many years that he never feel it. He touches his shoulder as the pain was intense, Nux was bleeding but he can’t bear to see the Crown Prince in agony, he forces himself to stand from the floor to help him.

The Crown Prince attack him again and not let Nux comes closer to him, ” Don’t you dare touch me” He said through his gritted teeth

Nux shook his head in distress and pain “I will never hurt you, you should not be afraid of me, our spirits connected” Before he finished his sentence, Prince Ynn’s powerful fist struck the wall indignantly and said: “Break that curse from me, I don’t want my spirit to connect with a monster like you”

Nux face seemed to be filled with pain and said ” I didn’t put that curse on you it was you who did it on yourself, I too wants to be free from you, I never choose you, I prefer someone else which is better than you, I too am working hard to break our bond we were never meant to be together”

The crown prince called him liar, he feels hurt when he heard it from Nux’s lips that he work hard to break their spiritual bond, he knew Nux prefers his younger siblings than him, he feels anger and jealousy, he forget the pain in his shoulder and feels the pain and bitterness in his heart, he can’t describe it what it was, Nux looks up again and said yes I think I know how to end our spiritual bond, it’s totally wrong for you to have a spiritual bond with me, soon you will have your wives and children how can they grow old and you remain young forever your loved ones will die of old age and you will be left alone, this is a bad curse for both of us, I will never be able to fall in love again unless the spiritual bond is broken”.

The Crown prince feels joy in his heart when he hears this, he now knows he didn’t have a feeling for his younger siblings, since his spirit was bonded to him, all the bitterness in his heart disappear and he forgot Nux was a dangerous being.

He walks up to Nux and hastily lowered his head to examine the wounds and found they were not really deep, not life-threatening he wrap a bandage on him, and wipes the blood from Nux’s face “You’re thinking it’s is a curse you’re bonded with me and can’t fall in love with others?”

Nux looks at him and said “Prince Renius truly love me, he has asked me many times to make him my spiritual bond, to be married forever as long as I live, I reject him because I truly love him I don’t want him to suffer with me, I want him to be free, he is the only human I love till now”

Prince Ynn’s hatred once again ablaze and angrily throw the wet towel and break things around in the room, Nux looked at the other man’s angry face and looks around and said “I don’t have money to pay for this and I don’t want to go again to the prison after what I have been through those time, that place that I am afraid of is to be lock in the prison cell, I have nightmare of it every now and then, the crown prince again remember the reason he went to the prison was because of that man, he angrily walks out of the room the owner of the inn see the man comes out with angry face, she hears noise of breaking stuff in the room but she did not dare to ask anything, she remembered who these two people were, she too was there cheering and welcomed them during they return with victories from many battles.


The next morning Nux wound was healed he comes out again to hunt for prey as he still thirst and hungry, this time also he will do the same in a day he killed 12 people but still not satisfied, the crown prince secretly spying on him on his own, Prince Ynn just watch the victims dies, then he suddenly ask “your highness is it fun to watch me kill your people, why don’t you come and save them from a monster like me, I will continue to kill people like this until you stop me” the crown prince comes out from the dark place where he was hiding and said “Will you really stop if I tell you?” Nux looks and knitted his brows “I will if you offer me your blood like you did last time, I too don’t want to kill more innocent people someone else losing their loved ones, you see this woman she has a family to support but I have to force myself to kill her as I too finds it hard to gets prey with the good blood that helps me fill for a few hours”

Nux walks in the market enjoying the sweet and food they sell which they make specially for the festival occasion, he stands alone watching everyone coming to that place with their loved ones and their family, some comes with their friends, he is the only person standing alone in this big and enjoyable festival occasion, he silently looks at these people happy face and he smiled softly as he looks at them and think it’s nice to have someone’s next to him, he can’t help think of the time he experience true love for the first time, he know love through Prince Renius, he watch people fly their light lantern to the sky with wish and prayer and some let the light flows in the water, while admiring these someone from behind approaching him

“Take this lantern and write your wish on it”

Nux look at the lantern, frowned and coldly said “I don’t need this human stuffs my wish will never be fulfil” the crown prince huffed and write something on it and ask Nux to help him hold it “I am a human I believe my wish will come true” Nux secretly read what the Crown Prince write on the lantern on the other side he just ask the Prince to lend him the brush “Since I help you hold this lantern, I too want to write something” the crown prince smiles that he is willing to write something on it, but after a few seconds the crown prince smiles gone when he sees what it is written “Please let our spiritual bond end and never to meet again in this life, I wish him to live a long and happy life with his human wife and have many children just like his father”, the Crown prince doesn’t want to fly it anymore he wants to destroy it but he saw his sister and brother coming towards them he just let the lantern fly so they will not get a chance to read it, while flying it he just pray this man wish will never come true, but pray his prayer will be accepted.

They ask him what he writes Nux told them he pray for the crown prince to find a loving caring wife and have lots of children, and they ask the Crown Prince what he writes but he didn’t reply and angrily walks away, they ask Nux what the Crown prince write he lie to them “I didn’t see I’m busy writing my own wish” they stay there and eats the festival foods which was available only at this time.

They all wonder where did the crown prince went and never return to enjoy the festival night, prince Ynn watch his brother and sister having fun and playing around with the monster. The Festival ends many people now going back to their home and the night was silent they too return back to the palace when they reach the palace they see the crown prince drink alone and in a bad mood, they don’t want to disturb him and they left him alone.


In the silent night Nux was unable to sleep as his mind has many worries and his heartfelt turmoil he strolls up and down in the room after one hour he decided to go to sleep when he heard the drunk crown prince enter his room, he knew that he is very angry and, felt terribly afraid and became speechless as he watches Ynn comes toward him, Nux wakes up and ask him “What he want at this hour? “

The crown prince wanted to teach this prisoner a lesson he punches him and with merciless chilling tone “You monster you should never play with my brother and sister!” Nux was hurt and angrily reply “I will never hurt them, none of the Mar imperial family members will be hurt so stop beating me, I told you already the place I don’t want to be locked up again, I promise I will never kill any of you” the crown prince push him and told him ” Keep your distance away from them” Nux try to get up from the floor with tears he have in his eyed and said “Don’t worry, this is my last night spending time with humans whom I consider friends, and thank you your highness for opening my eyes to never trust and believe in human again, you are helping me to move on and not be fool with the human words which you call love, and you should be grateful to me for helping you sorted your feelings out” He laugh and continue again “I burnt the Lantern with my blood praying the spiritual bond between us comes to an end. Since its a festival, my wish has been granted we are no longer related” the crown prince realize his shoulder was no longer hurt while he beat him, he feels his heart hurt and filled with bitterness and a great loss, he feels sudden emptiness knowing the magical tattoo gone, he can’t believe things have suddenly come to an end.

He stands up from the floor and said “nobody hurt me like you do, you are the first man that gives me night mare in my 994 years of my life, I too never wants to stay any moment longer I just want to wake up from this nightmare and be back to my dimension, I have seen enough of this human world, he draws something on the floor with his blood and say a charms then a light suddenly appears which show the portal to the other dimensions of the world, Prince Ynn understand what this mean if Nux went he will never be able to see him forever, he grabbed Nux’s long red hair and hand and not let him go to his dimension, after struggling to be free from his strong hold the dimension door close, Nux wail and cry as his chance of retuning back home has been close “You evil human why are you torture me till now, I have tried everything not to anger and make you not to hate me, because of you, I lost my 900 years of my power which I cultivate to open that door and leave this hateful world, you please just kill me now, I can’t go on living and spend my days like this I’m tire, I just want to have a quick death” he sobbed hearbrokenly

“I don’t have any more strength and power to live, I don’t want to be with human, I just want to be with my own kind, I hate my family for bringing me into this world and leave me alone in this strange world and to be torture, why can’t I just die”.

Prince Ynn was happy and sad at the same time, he was happy that he gets to stop him from leaving and know to open that dimensional world he needs 900 years to cultivate his power to be able to open the door and he was sad to see Nux was terribly hurt that can’t go back to his world, he understands how much Nux hates him right now, that he doesn’t even want to live.

Nux passes out of being sad and shock to know his power of 900 plus year has been wasted with this human holding and pull him from his hair and hold his arm. Prince Ynn picks him up and put him on the bed “Yes your wish has been granted, we are no longer bond but my prayer to has been granted, I pray all my wish will come true, I wish that you will look only at me, and have only me in your heart… now you can’t forget me, I have successfully stop you from running away from me, I know you have hated me, I promise you that from today onward I will be a new person I will never touch or hurt you again, I will protect you, till you believe and trust in me I will make you want to live again in this world and not regret to be coming into this world”


Chapter 31 part (II)

Nux had slept for 8days without waking up, all the imperial members know he was in a coma, everybody can’t believe to see that crown prince eyes have change he looks to confuse and lost, he still holding his hand and beg forgiveness asking him to come back, they were all wondering what exactly happened between them, the night of the festival they see them together flying lantern, and the Emperor heard from the soldier that he has been recently spying on Nux day and night, and he heard from the guards that watch after the crown prince that he destroys a room where Nux was working. Even prince and princess tell their father that night of the Ding festival, they see he was in a bad gloomy mood he walks away after flying the lantern and they too think something going on between them, they told him he looks angry with Nux with the thing he wrote and only now they know.

The Queen tries everything to bring her only child back to his sense, she was worried that her son will go crazy because of this person, if he doesn’t wake up, Prince Ianu and the princess too never expected to see their brother will become like this, Nux has gone into coma make him become like this everyone thought Princess Tori will be in this position, not the Crown Prince, the imperial doctors do everything they can to wake Nux’s up but all doctors said this person is too difficult to wake up and nothing they do seem working they can’t feel pulse nor his heartbeat, he was more like a corpse, every time they declared he is dead, the crown prince will beat them and not accepted it, the Emperor said it has been 16 days he has gone, my son, the Crown prince eyes fills with tears and beg his father not to take him away, he will not let them prepare a funeral, crown prince cry and said “I am the one that makes him fallen into this state, I can’t accept it, I will wait, I had made my promise I will protect him, I will not let any of you touch him” he will take the wet towel with high expensive ingredients in the water to personally clean and wipe him.

The Emperor heartbroken to see his intelligent son turns like this because of his love for a guy, everyone can’t deny this person even in death bed now for 39 days he still looks as beautiful as a fresh flower, his lips were still pink, if not all the imperial doctor declare him death this person really look as if he was just sleeping.

The crown prince mother tries her best to make him leave the corpse, he hardly eats he has lost a lot of weight, on the 44 days the Emperor comes and said again ” My son, this is not normal, its already been 44days he is not coming back its time to send him, if you do this he can never go peacefully. You have to let him go, and be in peace” the crown prince looked at his father “Right! it not normal but for him it is, I will just wait, see he is sleeping, look his hair is still growing I remember the length an inch of his hair, I stopped him from running away from me I grabbed him from this beautiful long hair, see father his hair was getting longer and the wound I give on that night has heal see there is no more mark and the scar gone, he is still sleeping. “The Emperor asks him “if you love him why did you beat him till he is dead?’ The crown prince say “I beat him because he did not love me, I am jealous when he talks and happy being with others, but I never want him dead, I remember now the first time I went to find him, he was weak and tired he was nearly gone, he has lost all of his strength and power to support himself” the crown prince face suddenly shine bright with hope, ” I know now, what to do” he cuts his hand and suck his own blood the Queen was worried that her son has gone Crazy he cut himself and drink his own blood, the princes and princesses were worried and try to hold him as they thought the Crown prince has lost his mind, he just push them all and walks to Nux and kiss him to make him drink his blood, they all watch him with surprise after he finished he caress his face with his blooded hand ” I ‘m sorry for making you suffer for 44 days I was too sad and forgets what you need, only now I remember, the first time you willing to heal me you need my blood”

Everyone were shocked to know this but again they say he was crazy and talk nonsense, he keeps caress him and touch his lips with his bloody hand, he keeps crying and beg forgiveness, after a few seconds later Nux blink his eyes and tears started falling from his beautiful eyes he softly said “Why did you wake me up, you should let me sleep since you didn’t allow me to go back?”

Everybody was surprised and afraid when they see Nux comes back to life, only the crown prince was smiling and happy to see him alive he hug him and kiss him “Finally you awake” he pulls him up and not let him sleep he was afraid he will close his eyes and never wake up again, “You sleep enough it’s time to wake up, I promise I will never let you see any more nightmare, I don’t care if you hate me, let me be the one to love you, I will prove and show you my love for you are true I will never betray you, I swear.” Nux looks at his bloody hand and touches it, you will regret offering me your blood this time I cannot break it and help you, I lost all the power that I cultivated, you will have to be with me for another 900 plus years since you give me your blood… I am already afraid to think of my unending nightmares that I will have to spend with you.”

The crown prince keeps smiling and happy” see the Ding festival lantern has granted me my wish”

Nux only now realizes there are many people here and they obviously afraid of him and he asks ” How many days I have been sleeping? ” then he tells him its 44days and today they want to perform his funeral, Nux looks at him and for protected him all this time and not let them do it.

He said “I’m sorry I scare you, I am still alive I was just sleeping because I am exhausted, I know you are all very kind to me, I didn’t dare to tell you my true identity because I am afraid to lose your love and friendship, I am not human beings but a Tangha being I am from a different dimension. This is the way we sleep when we are tired and exhausted our power and strength; we usually sleep with hundreds of years if no one disturbing us. I am a living being” now they all know and understand why he is this beautiful.

After a while they no longer afraid of him, they see he was the same person they know, its true he was just sleeping but it was their brother the crown prince who has changed into a new person, Nux too looks at him strangely and see the difference “Why do I feel that you are not the person I know?”

Prince Ynn, ” I have learned my lesson, I will never want to experience that feeling again, I never want to lose you again, I will change for you so that you too will not suffer any more”


Years passed by and everyone accept him as he was, the crown prince continued to go into battle and get victory everywhere he go, Nux see he was a new man, Ynn treated him with honour and respect, he doesn’t dare to touch him, he was afraid Nux will fill uncomfortable, he never show any more hate and jealousy when he talks about others, since the day he was awakened he feels he gets a new life in a new place, he sometimes too was afraid that this is just a dream, he will often ask “Your highness am I still dreaming this very long beautiful dream?”

The crown prince reply “No, you are not dreaming this is a reality” then Nux will confusingly ask ” Why do I see you care for me, which is not like you?” The same thing Prince Ynn will tell him “Because you are the only one I love” slowly as times and years pass Nux starts to open up again and starts to accept him in his heart, then again the year of the Ding festival arrive again they go back to the same place to fly another lantern this time Nux wrote his wish that this happy life is not a dream and Prince Ynn writes” I wish tonight he will accept me as his true and only lover till their times comes to an end” they let it fly Nux looks at the man who was still looking up at the flying lantern and make a wish as it fly Nux smiles and said “You have me fallen in love again, I feel my heart fill again with warm and beautiful sweet feeling” Nux take the initiative to touch him and Prince Ynn was afraid to respond as he was afraid that Nux touching him was just an accident and not meant like they should walk holding hands like the rest of the couple do right now while enjoying the festival nights, after they walk a few steps away to go and sit on a sand Nux see the crown prince was still confusing or mistakenly heard him saying this “You have me fall in love again” Nux just suddenly hug and kiss him “I am deeply in love with you” only now he knows it was true he heard him correctly and hugs him back and kiss Nux’s forehead “Thank you for forgiven me, you are helping my wish comes true” Nux smiles and said ” Please stay like this forever” he hugs him and think this is the best night he had.

The next day they returned back to the palace and every see they both change now Nux will hold his hand and later on they will see the Crown prince will kiss his long hair “I am thankful for your beautiful long hair that keeps me alive and not lose hope” the Emperor accept the crown prince choice as they all see enough what can happen to him if they would not allow them to be together, even with no love from the other side his son has turned crazy and now to see it was a mutual feeling they have to accept.

The Emperor gives a big wedding celebration for his son who brings glory and fame to the Kingdom, Nux has lived for so many long years but he had never get a wedding before, he was happy to get one now and that too with the man who is willing to live a very long life with him. Nux has long forgotten Prince Renius and only have Prince Ynn. The Crown prince thanks his parents and families for belief and trusted him.


Chapter 31 Part (III)

3 years later after their wedding, Ynn hugs Nux and whispers in his ear “When will I be able to get to hold my young Prince?”

Nux shyly said “I’m not a woman, I can’t bear you a child if you want, you have to take in….” he was cut short with Ynn’s hugging him “If you can’t give me a child I’m content just to be with you, I will not take a wife”

Nux lay his head on Ynn’s chest “You still remember what I told you that time?”

“I remember everything and moments of us since the day we first met in the Pra border”

Nux smiles and gently kiss Ynn’s shoulder “it’s true I can create a life if you truly want it, but I need three things first your blood mix with my blood, the second thing I need pure clean snow from the top of the sacred mountain and third your pure love”

“What about you I remember you once told me you too will give your life essence, if is endanger you I don’t want it, I don’t want to lose you”

“Don’t worry I will not die, if your love for me is pure and deep I won’t be in danger performing this spell, but I need to do it only when there are heavy snowfalls”

“I will not forgive you if you lie to me it’s no danger to you…” Nux cuts him in the middle of talking by kiss him and looks at him “I too want a family, I want to see our child of ours that we create with our love I promise you I will not die even if I get injure and endanger me, I will just have to give and transfer 87% of my life essence on that’s pure snow which mix with your blood to get our child that born from the nature from the snow with our deep love”

Ynn’s hug him “I’m sorry for always hurting and endanger you, my love”

Nux smile and hug him back “I’m happy you’ve changed and treated me with so much love and respect”


8 months later Ynn comes to tells his parents about the good news that he can become a father and they were surprised that their son will want to pick wife after so much has happened to him and Nux, he smiles and said “I will have a child from Nux” his parents were worried that their son was still not cured of his trauma of losing Nux and his craziness appears again by telling them Nux will bear a child” his mother cry and hugs her son “I’m sorry it was me who hurt you I’m the one to blame for making you sick, I should have never stopped you and send him away that time”

“Don’t blame yourself, mother, it has nothing to do with you, everything that happens was myself doing and …. its the past, we should look forward to the bright day”

The emperor looks around and worriedly ask his son “Where’s Nux?”

“Father it’s snowing and he went to the top of the mountain in Lum Kyn to prepare for the birth of our beautiful child”

His father was worried that Nux runs away and left his son again and he turns crazy his mother cry seeing her brilliant son gone crazy when Nux was not near him. Ynn smile and hugs them “I’m not crazy and Nux didn’t run away I am only telling you the truth, don’t forget Nux was not human he is a Tangha Being, he went to Lumkyn to prepare and makes things ready for him to cast a spell and for us to have a child. Only now his parents are a relief when they see and hear their son’s words. I want you to come and my brothers and sisters too and witness how my child will be born into this world. In three days he will perform the spell and I want everyone to be in the Lumkyn to welcome my child. I’m going ahead of you and hope to see you on that day


On that day everyone from the Imperial family present and they see how beautiful and grand looking this loving couples were when seeing them together Nux dress in full white and Ynn in full bloody red clothes as it’s part of the Makedonia ritual to perform and chant the spell Ynn has to represent the tribes and clan of Nux while Nux has to represent whole of Tangha Being of the Makedonia realm. Everything’s looks beautiful Nux see all the Imperial family members were there he smiles and thanks to everyone for coming and tells them they will represent that our child will be of the royalty blood

He and Ynn walk to the sacred altar he makes and bows down to nature 100 times and chant in Makedonian language he has to prepare a crystal knife which every Tangha Being that belong to Makedonia has when they were born. He cuts his and Ynn’s hands and chants a spell as they both walk around the altar and lets their blood falls on the snow on the altar the snow soon becomes deep red and suddenly a whirlwind on the altar form, everyone happily and excitedly watch as they all have never seen this before, they watch Nux becomes deathly pale as he was transferring his life essence on that’s whirlwind on that big altar, Ynn was worried and afraid to see Nux suffer and wants to make Nux stop as he doesn’t want him to be in danger he comes to hold Nux and ask him to stop, but he replied to him it’s working my Makedonia’s God have responded to my calling and prayer don’t stop me if you truly love me. Don’t disturb me I am praying to Lord Sky to grand me a child.

Sprinkles more of your blood on the altar, after a while he speaks to Ynn with a different unfamiliar voice, Ynn was surprised to see Nux somehow looks different and too grand than he used to be, his eyes and hair was no longer red but pure white, and he was flying in the mid-air “I never used to be generous with sharing my kinds to another being, I am furious to know that his parents left him on this mortal world, I can’t punish him for hiding here since he was innocent but I will take him back to our realm he belongs to the Sky Kingdom, he risks his life calling me just to give you a child.”

Ynn went on his knees with tears runs down of his handsome “Please! Lord Sky don’t take him from me I can’t live without him”

“Prince Ynn! Nux is my subject, my people, he is a deity in our realm, and he should be with his own kind not with human from this strange mortal world”

“Lord Sky please I beg you, I know he is a Tangha Being and I know they were here because they run away from you… please kill me before you take him”

Lord Sky laughs and said with his arrogant tone “You’re very handsome and brave for a mortal…I will give you your lovers back only if you and your generation to come will take an oath to worship me for eternity”

“I will do anything!” he kneels with his head down in respect

“HAHAHA… Beautiful human, I’ve seen in your eyes and your heart you’ve been through a lot just to be with him! I see you deeply love him,… I will grant your wishes” the whirlwind on the altar stops, Nux falls gently towards the ground and Ynn catches him before he lands to the ground after few moments he slowly opens his eyes and his hair becoming red again, Ynn understands and feels this one was his lover, not Lord Sky “You’re back” he hugs and kisses him, Nux smiles and said “What about our child?”

“I don’t want it any more I want you”

Nux’s eyes were filled with tears “But I want it to have a child” Ynn’s hug him “Don’t be sad we can just adopt a child to your liking”

“I want our own child” he cries “Why doesn’t it work out what did we miss?” They stand to leave but Princess Ana excitedly screams ‘There a Twin baby on the altar” Everyone turns their head to look, and they were happy to see it’s true there a twin baby on the altars lightly covers with snow, Nux and Ynn smile and runs towards the altar.

Everyone suddenly stops smiling when they reach the altar and see the babies “It’s lifeless!” Nux is the only ones who smile and said “Fool! Who said our beautiful sons’ were lifeless look they each have a crystal dagger beside them they were alive…it’s parents duty to wakes them up and see us and them to know we are their parents their loved ones” he takes another fresh blood of Ynn and his blood to chant a spell & pour it on the lifeless babies only after a few moments later it starts to move and cry

Ynn and everyone was happy to see the babies were alive and beautiful they each pick the baby and bowed two hundred times now to thanks Lord Sky for granting their wish & makes a promise they will build altar & worship him”

The Mar’s Kingdom celebrate getting a twin’s Princes & rumour spread all around the world of the magical & unnatural way of the young Princes of Mar birth out of the snow

The end

Story by Fa

This my longest boOK filling great that I finished it


  1. I have read your “Story of Sky- Bl,Supernatural” long time back and it’s fantastic! I really got addicted to it and I feels like I’m dreaming that I see my favorite character “Lord Sky” in here it’s been 4 or 5 years now. I never expect to see him ever again in a postive way and i can’t bear it to see Prince Ynn make a baby with any woman, i don’t wanna…read BUT very sweet to see Lord Sky play a big part in here I forgive him now for hurting Zebbed’s feeling for so many years now.
    Thank you,the ending was really good
    I agree , Ynn and Nux are the best than Prince Renius even though he is kind comparing to Old Arrogant Prince Ynn but I really like Ynn’s cold character and his ego
    But I really like this one, this is so much better than the gloomy first novel.
    What will be your new project?

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  2. ahhh… this was really good. worth waiting for. i seriously waited for a whole year, from the beginning when you post the first chapter how he escape, i insisted that i won’t read until you finished. because.. cliffhanger sucks! 😜
    at first, i thought this would be another gore, chest tightening story, like “Story of Sky fantasy” considering that is another, it turns out so fluffy!! lol. i like it a lot. What a epic ending
    Thank you so so so much for your hardwork! Bless you… 😘

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  3. I am addicted. I want to read. Gimme more I too want to read about the snow princes Ahhhh I’m frustrated now Please Please Please give us a sequel with the same genre again.
    Thank you for this amazing novel I’m hooked to it

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  4. Yayy, a great ending. I’ve been waiting forever! Haha xD
    I too want to say something I want to see Prince Renius Kid I don’t remeber his name, let him accomplish what his father can’t…..Thanks you and good work! Kudos 🙂

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    1. now you mentioned it poor kid was being ignored by his father Renius and by the author my heart brakes to see the author forget to name a child…. Should we call him Nameless?
      let a Nameless prince meets the snow princes for the sequel

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  5. follow reader now you mentioned it poor kid was being ignored by his father Renius and by the author my heart brakes to see the author forget to name a child…. Should we call him Nameless?
    let a Nameless prince meets the snow princes for the sequel
    Now I can hapily sleep /╲/( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)/\╱\ I feel like crying from happiness

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  6. Wah, who’s gonna catch whose interest?!? (Snow Princes or Nameless lol I’m just calling them after seeing everyone here call them this ) I’m sooooo curious!!!! will you still continue continue this novel?
    thanks so much for all your hard work!!! thanks for the happy chapter… and Yay! Lord Sky You’re back! 😀

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  7. Hey there! follow me as I am planing to write a fanfiction of this novel probably wattpad or here IDK but I’ll stick with the story… I also started a new job about a week ago. So I know how hard it is to adjust and there’s still that ” I don’t know wtf I’m doing” ^_^
    Thank you for the good work.♥♡♥(ꈍᴗꈍ)ε`*)♥♡♥

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  8. ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚! IDK how to use this it keeps telling me I don’t have a site I hate thatt I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO USE WORDPRESS But I only know how to read. Looks like I will go to wattpad instead or FB

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  9. Ohohohohoho, ikr? they are my favourite protagonists in fantasynovel1 posts. Boy, I can almost imagine……Oh dear, my mind’s having a greenery of thoughts, haha… Anyway, thank you for your hard work and keep it up!!!! I pray for your continous posts…. your next book

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  10. after I create i ll let you know ✼  ҉  ✼ (ꃋิꎴꃋิ) ✼  ҉  ✼ for liking the hair alot of expensive shampoo lol BTW follow my FB “T Bler De” I might post it there if I don’t know how to create a blog

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  11. 😀last chapter thank you❤ I enjoyed the book
    Friends~ boys are not the main protagonists just accpt their nameless character in this book (Whisper~ pretend they don’t exist or just name them in your head XD I too like to follow what everyone called them here)

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      1. I am a big fan reader of you becauseI rarely comment on authors who wrote great books that I loved. But I REALLY have to extend my gratitude and best regards for your work on this Novel Slave of the victor the story blew my mind thanks 4 the wonderful writng nd Im eagerly waiting for your next project hope it will be the same genre again


  12. I really love this story so thanks you for sharing it with us! I’m glad to see the two become closer and a true couple with 👶👶 Thank you for your efforts and have a great day ahead. ♡ don’t overwork yourself!

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  13. (T⌓T) Whelp time for me to say goodbye to this wonderful story… Thank you so much for bringing such a sweet couple to us!! ❤ for your hardwork *v*)/ your works are amazing 🙂 I read till the end.

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  14. now I am deprivr of sleep blame you for make me read it till its morning… I read it till 5 this morning I finish its jusy in one shot… Love this novel so much 10 out of 10


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