Warning:- Lengthy chapter as I am free and in a mood of writing AND please forgive me and let me know if there is a plot hole as I don’t remember what I have written.

Chapter 30

I don't own the picture/ Arts credit to the owner the artist  SLAVE OF THE VICTOR- BL, FANTASY CHAPTER 30
I don’t own the picture/ Arts credit to the owner the artist SLAVE OF THE VICTOR- BL, FANTASY CHAPTER 30

As the day dawned grey with a threat of rain and a slain salt wind blowing gently, Prince Ynn wasn’t deterred by a weather and still continue riding his horse to the ocean coast with his retinue as he watches the sea gulf he saw Nux alone sitting on greying rock on the edge of the dangerous high cliff with his beautiful long silky bloody red hair flying sadly looking down at the angry black tongued sea waves that smashing the hard rocks, he looks around to see if Princess Tauri and Prince Ianu was somewhere here, but he was surprised its only him, Prince Ynn ride his horse towards where Nux was and get down and walks softly not to startle him and makes him fall down, he strongly grabs his shoulder, “Why are you here?” Nux wiped his eye smile sadly “I didn’t know you will be here” Prince Ynn pulls him up and help him sit to a safer zone, “Why you’re crying?” Nux looks at him and tears fall down again “I am afraid; soon I will become a monster if I don’t get your blood” Prince Ynn looks at him and laugh “You’re talking nonsense again! Did you drink wine?” And Nux’s bit down his lips told him he did as he was sad.

“Why are you saying that?” Ynn grasped his hand

He looks at Ynn’s hand that was holding him “Ynn! Prince Ianu told me you will marry Princess Lora, and I heard from your mother you will pick many more wives”.

“…..she wants me to marry Princess Lora”

“Do you love her?” Nux’s oddly asked

“My marriage is not for love but for a political reason”

He feels Ynn’s touch his hair and feels something on his head he takes it and was surprised to see a beautiful hairpin which the empress present it to her son Ynn on their returning from War, and he remembers the Empress told the crown prince, it belongs to the ancient God and it will protect the one who wears it

Nux was surprised and becomes nervous, couldn’t calm the beating speed of his heart “I’m afraid I can’t accept it”

“You can’t reject it and I want you to wear it always! Your old unattractive plain red ribbon is annoying ” he takes the hairpin from Nux hand and put it again on him and throw the old ribbon but Nux pick it up and sadly smiles “This belong to my father and it’s the only thing I treasury

Ynn snatched it back “So this old stuff is the only possession you have, I will take it”

“You can’t take that!”

Ynn smiles “I’ve seen you given flower and gifts to everyone but you never did to me, I will take this” he wears it on himself

“Haven’t I given you everything that I have?” Nux said without any confidence

“When did you give me?” Ynn faced him with a brilliant smile

“I have given you life and I already gave you myself”

Ynn feels his happiness brimming and pull him to his bosom “I thought you want me to think of it as a dream, so I don’t count that and about you save me twice we’ve made a deal remember I gave you wealth”

Struggle to free himself from the crown prince arm and looks at him ” Ynn I’m not here for Wealth I’m here because of our blood pact, you have my blood and my inner life essence in you and the reason your appearance and your hair change completely red it’s because you sleep and make love with me ”

“I know and everyone who has eyes after seeing me becomes more like you were already suspect us doing it except princess Tauri who wants to deny it after seeing that day the marks I left on you and I can see she wants to turn blind eyes on it, my parents to suspecting us but they just don’t want to accept it that I have done it with you”

“Why didn’t they punish me for ruining your image?” fixed his eyes on him

“They knew we’re both drunk that night so we’re doing under the influence of the wine”

Nux nodded his head, seemly accepted his explanation

“I can create a life with your blood”

Ynn laugh “I forget you’re drunk and talk nonsense… come I will take you home

“Ynn! I’m drunk that’s the reason I spill out the truth about me capable to do things which you human can’t” he mumbled the words in his mouth

Ynn pulled him over his lap, circled him inside the arms and softly coaxed him and said, “I want you to tell me more about you when you’re not drunk”

” I’m from the other realm I’m called Tangha Being, I’m in this mortal world because my parents are afraid to be sacrificed and be eaten by our Royal Deity Sky lover Zebed the demon” (A/N:- The main character from my old book “Story of Sky -Bl, fantasy, Supernatural”

“Why are you willing to tell me about yourself?” Ynn cheerfully smiled but they were disturbed when a guard comes to bring them food.

Ynn still wants to know more but Nux shake it off and not willing to talk about it anymore he just takes the food and eats it looks at Ynn he softly and beautiful smiling at him while drinking more wine and after a long time he offers the wine jar to Ynn he stands and walk towards the sea and feels the waves

“You dare to trick me with an empty jar” Ynn shout out and comes running after him and walk side by side

He blinked his misty eyes with a faint smile he said “Ynn after meeting your big loving family I know and understands what family is, I wish my parents were alive, and treat me the way your parents did to you… I yearned for a family, to have people who care for me”

Ynn’s fingers caressing his face, touching his lips, “Why am I so fascinated by you?”

Nux looked look at him and lightly spoke “You’re my soul mate” Prince feels sweetness in his heart but after a few moments he chided him for drinking too much wine and talk nonsense “Who will believe a drunken man confession, you probably want to say this to someone else and not mean for me” he pulls him from his hand away from the ocean and helped him on the horse, he sits next to him as he was afraid he might fall off the horse. Ynn puts one of his hands on his waist and the other one to hold the horse he rides slowly and feeling good to be with him away from the palace they ride slowly and soon the sky was getting darker and starts to rain with heavy hailstones and lightning

“Your highness, it’s not safe to continue to ride in this bad weather lets us shelter under that big rock and rest for tonight” one his men said

“Lead the way”

In that place, everyone was drying their wet heavy upper clothes by hanging them and wear only the inner clothes near the fire to dry themselves and to be warm but only Nux who didn’t as he passes out of too much wine earlier. Ynn worried that he will get sick later and comes to removes his clothes, his men see this and calls for the attendant to do as it is below him to help to remove Nux’s drench clothes. Ynn ignore them and do it, they never use to see Ynn removing his own cloak or anything on his body, he orders them to puts fire near Nux so he will be warm.

When the food was ready he takes some food and shakes him “I don’t think you have eaten all day, here eat this and sleep” But Nux dint wake up.

In the morning the sky was clear and Ynn wants to look around the nearby place he sees the scenery was breathtaking Ynn was admiring the surrounding of the new place he found he send his servant to go back to the place where Nux was and bring him here. Nux follows the servants and sees Ynn’s tall back with his beautiful red hair adorned with the old unique beautiful ribbon his heart race upon seeing it he was not sure why Ynn summon him.

When Nux was next to him Ynn looks at Nux and sight “Where is it?”

Nux was confused and worriedly he doesn’t understand what did he meant, Ynn see this and ask him again “Where is the hairpin?”

“Ah! You mean this?… I pick it this morning near the ground I slept you probably drop it or it might fall on its own”

“Hmm… that’s what you think?” Ynn opens his hand demand for his hairpin

“I was planning to return it to you, I’m not a thief” Nux handed it back and Ynn gaze at him for a long time “Remember to always wear it” He puts it again on Nux, he looks around and see many of his men witness this and he softly smiles and said “It’s beautiful but I still prefer my old ribbon …” he was cut short when Ynn said “Everything that’s belongs to you, belongs to me” Nux looks at Ynn and smile and Ynn smiles and hold Nux’s hand come I want to show you something, but before they ride Ynn looks at his men and order them to stops follow and fines him only when he gives a signal, they see the crown prince romantically looking at the beautiful person that rides with him, he orders them not to disturb them, then slowly disappeared from their line of sight.

After a few distances, they get down from the horse while Ynn holding Nux’s hand to lead him to some beautiful hidden place, Nux was unable to restrain his smiling all the time as he looks and admiring at Ynn warm and bruises hand holding his, when they reach it Nux was happy and doesn’t want Ynn to let go of his hand he forgets to looks around and miss all the beauty of the Nature, Ynn realize that Nux was not paying any interest at the scenery of this uniquely beautiful place but his mind was somewhere else so to bring his attention back he suddenly asked him “ Don’t you find this the most beautiful place on this planet?”

“Wuaaaaah! What is this place your highness?” ask Nux in awe, propped up his chin while speaking and looked around the beautiful scenery

Nux smiles while he looks around and sit down when he reaches a beautiful natural pool to cool his feet in it, Ynn walks softly from behind him and gently puts a beautiful wreath on his head fills with wildflowers “I personally pluck all this beautiful wildflowers and make it for you” Nux looks at his reflection in the water “This is the most beautiful wreath flower I get in my entire life” Nux notice Ynn’s hands were filled with bruises and cuts from the wild poisonous thorns as he works hard to reach the untouched flower that’s grown in dangerous places where humans hates to go, Nux holds his hands and Ynn feels very satisfying upon hearing him and seeing Nux being soft and worried over his bruises and small cuts “If you’re worried than help me massage my head and my aching body”

The moment he holds his forehead to massage him “Ynn you’re burning with fever!”

“It’s just fever”

Nux stared at Ynn and anxiously questioned: “It’s poisonous why are you risking your life just to make this?”

Ynn felt Nux breath, swallowed before replying, “I want you to treat me again with your unique way of your treatment” push Nux to the ground and press him where wild beautiful flowers blooming, both of their heart race as they gazing and lock their eyes, and they smile and end up with a quick kiss because of Nux mind was distracted

“Ynn don’t treat me like this, you will make me sad and miserable when you marry and have wives and children”

“I don’t want you to talk about my future wives… help me relief my aching body”

They have no idea how many hours have passed that they spent together, Nux gives him a body massaging they don’t even realise the times flies and it’s already evening only when Ynn suddenly feels his stomach grumble did they remember that they have not eaten since morning, they were both shocks at themselves to see the sky has already turning orange and the sun was setting

“Your highness your men must be worried over you let’s go back before they think we might be in trouble”

“Come fix my hair and my robes”

While he was helping him Ynn suddenly hold his hand and Nux looks at him “Let’s come here again tomorrow”

Nux smiles and nodded his head. After a few moments, Nux puts his hand on Ynn’s forehead “But your highness you’re still not well let us return back to the Palace and come back when you are…”

He was cut short and unable to finish his words with Ynn kissing him again

“We are not returning back to the Palace yet, this is the only place we can be like this, now let us go back to where my men are waiting for us” holding Nux hand into his as they walk out of their secret place and ride on their horse.

His men start to panic as they see its already late and they haven’t returned yet but suddenly a soldier shout their highness has returned they were relieved to see them back and they were surprised to see the beautiful wreath which their highness risk his life to climb the high cliff to personally pluck the poisonous thorn flower early dawn morning and work hard to removes each poisonous petals that protect the beautiful flower inside of that poisonous thorn hard petals were for Nux not for his beautiful fiancé, Princess Lora

They all look at Nux’s head which was beautifully decorated with the rare and dangerous flowers and had a cheerful face and they all realise Nux was also wearing the divine hairpin which was the price and a reward their highness the crown prince received from his Imperial mother which use to belong to the ancient God.

They don’t blame their highness weakness that he risk his precious life to make a garland for Nux and not for his fiancee Princess Lora, he has a celestial beauty and too charming and enchanting to look. They bowed and greeted them when they get closer.

Ynn ask them to bring them food, they stay again in the forest everyone secretly eying on them and see Nux placing his hand on Ynn forehead to check his temperature, and they see how close their action was away from the imperial eyes, they start to gossip among them about their highness love life to kills their boring time in the wilderness.


In t he palace Princess Tauri and Prince Ianu worried about the sudden disappearance of Nux, and they later come to know the crown prince too was not in the palace for nearly two weeks his mother come to learn from Princess Tauri that Nux too was not with them all this week, the Empress was angry at her son’s behaviour that he ignore Princess Lora and the other princesses which he is supposed to be familiar with and selects smart and powerful wives for himself.


Three weeks later in the wilderness

Nux focus all his attention on the 3 little cubs playing around tigress and a tiger from a few distances away, Ynn sees how Nux eyes shine seeing them, he walks softly to his sides and asks “Do you like them?”

“They are adorable”

Ynn put his arm around Nux shoulder and whispered: “I ordered my men to kill them!”

Nux hastily took deep breathes “Why?”

A cruel and brutal voice surrounds his ears, “You ignore me and only looking at them”

Nux see the soldiers surrounded the poor animals with their bows and arrows ready to shoot them from their safe hidden place ” I thought you’re were joking”

“I hate jokes and lies”

Nux was furious seeing Ynn really mean to kill them just because he comes to this place “Your highness”

Ynn smirked as he complained “I can’t stand that those beasts get your attention than me”

Nux see Ynn cold expression and confused to see Ynn was capable to get jealous for the animals too, Ynn pour his wine to the ground signalling his men to eliminate them and a speed flying arrows hit and kill the beasts, Ynn eyes filled with satisfying seeing the beasts dying and Nux was shocked that Ynn was so heartless and cold that he didn’t spare them.

“Nux this morning I killed the man whom you smile at and that cook whom you praise so much… I’m warning you I won’t hesitate to kill you as well if you dare to have any kind of affairs behind my back”

Nux was dumbfounded as he watches the poor animals and the little cubs lying on the ground lifeless “You humans are so evil”

Ynn smirk and hold Nux from the chin “You should only look and smile at me your master”

Nux can feel the cold aura from him and just silently look back and not daring to say anymore

Ynn’s men see their highness had become more dangerous and scarier than he uses to be, his obsess for Nux had made everyone feels uncomfortable they don’t want to be the next victim by accidentally looking at Nux and gives the wrong though to their highness.

They all thought that their highness doesn’t want to go back to the palace even with his mother summoning him it because he had been trapped under the spell of Nux the enchanter and they want to help their highness, they all plan secretly how to remove the ribbon from him as they all believe if that thing was not attached to his highness he will be back to his old self and wakeup from the spell.

They sent words to his mother with his every action he does here.


His mother can’t help herself from remembering how her son looks at Nux, she know that gaze and speak to herself “Nux must be an evil being, he enchanted my poor prince, my child, by pretending that he is saving my child, our imperial royal family having problems since the day he is arriving here, Princess Tauri too has become wild and daring to disobey her father words, she is not willing to marry Prince Jngai because of him, I am afraid of my son too will…”

“Wife, what’s trouble you? That you dint notice my arrival?” She greeted him and walks closer to him to tells her thought that she finds Nux strange and inhuman “Your majesty, I think it’s time to send Nux away our son was already healthy and well and I don’t like Nux being around here, I am sure he is an evil enchanter, an evil being he will do anything to get his inner motive by pretending to be a divine physician”.

“I don’t see Nux as a bad person, I know you don’t like him since the day he arrives here because of his good looks and you’re easily jealous of anyone good looking than you, I haven’t forgotten how you ruin consort Nu face just because I praise her a little, while she was pregnant with my son Ianu.”

“Your Majesty it’s not because I’m jealous of him…”

“I thought you have change but you are still the same I will punish you If I hear you mention it again” he left her

In the wilderness, their soldier and few attendants watch them ride on their horses and they stay and waits for their returns, one of the soldiers said “Brothers we are here more than two weeks, doing nothing, don’t you think our highness has lost and forgets his fiancé, Princess Lora, already.

They start to wonder did she have any idea about the exits of Nux who made her man whom she loves since she was young already forgetting her and never wants to go back to the Palace but prefer to live in the wilderness and they all sense the crown prince Ynn has lost counts of days he was to fascinated with Nux. His men too thought Nux was not a divine physician but an enchanter, they see what he is capable with, some of them were afraid of Nux and see him as evil being that can imprison them under cage less bar they were worried their highness falls for the enchanter spells and they suspect the strange beautiful old ribbon their highness was wearing is where Nux power seal.


“Your highness I think we better return to the palace all of your men hates and starts to think I enchanted you”

“I don’t care what others think, I only cared about what I want and desire

“Your highness we’re here for too long, you’re family must be worried about your sudden disappearance without sending any words to them.”

“Stop!” He was gnashing his teeth in anger.

Nux was tremble and not saying anymore and Ynn walks closer to him ” Nux I like you more when you not saying anything” he comes closer to Nux

He let Ynn play with his body for a while but when he senses Ynn can’t control himself he suddenly moves away from him, Ynn chase him “Your highness! If you sleep with me for a second time, you will never be the same person, you will no longer be mortal and you will never be able to have children from your mortal wife”

Ynn’s face turned white and urgently spoke “You threaten me? Since I’m a crown prince?”

“Your highness I’m not I want you to know the truth before we do this for the second time”

Ynn slowly approaching him and said “This is our secret place of you and me away from the palace away from the eyes of others, you can stop address me like other you can just call me by my name here we can be mischievous and do as we please” he whisper in his ear and make his move by kissing him and goes down to his shoulder he tries to remove his clothes, but Nux stops him “Ynn tell me honestly what am I to you?” he suddenly asked

Ynn mischievous smiles, “You’re my slave”

From the corner of Nux’s eyes, a drop of tears silently falling and all the cheerful face disappear the moment he hears him

“You’re crying! What is it this time??” propped his chin with his right hand and amusingly smiled and wipe his tears and lean to kiss him but Nux avoiding and firmly holding his hand “Ynn! I know you’re lying to yourself because of your ego”

“Hmm?” Ynn crooked one of his brows. Preparing himself to say a thing that he knew would make Nux embarrassed “Don’t you want me to favour you right now” he leans to kiss him but Nux avoiding his lips again “I’m just a slave to you! Don’t dirty yourself with me and lose your human heart too…You can wait and favour your women later”

Ynn was furious when he heard his words and he angrily shouted at him “Insolence!! What nonsense are you uttering? I can choose whoever I want and I want you now” he presses Nux to the ground and tear his clothes apart, Nux grab a stone near him to smash it on Ynn but Ynn was familiar with his move he snatched it and angrily strangled and choke him “I will cut you into pieces for daring to hurt me” he angrily barked at Nux, but he feels something strange happens to himself while he put his hands on Nux with his murderous intention he feels an invisible hands strangle him, Nux cough and said “You’re highness you’re doing will only hurt yourself, see you try to kill me and ends up only bruises and hurting yourself”

“Stops struggling” after a while, he feels Nux stop struggling and moving, he let go of his hands and try to calm himself not to kill Nux for real “Why can’t I kill you?”

“We are fated to live like this, every time you hurt me you’re hurting yourself” Nux organize his torn clothes and take the hairpin from his head and throw in front of him “ Give back what is mine, you don’t have a right to keep it” Ynn was furious and grab him from his hair and to forcibly put it on his head “ I told you to never take it from your head, if you dare throw it again, I will burn this old pieces of rag which is so dear to you” Nux eyes were filled with rage and left Ynn, the soldier shocked to see Nux return alone with a messy look they ask him about the crown prince but he just angrily glare and throw the hairpin at them, they understand something was not right they went to search for their Highness they have never seen him looking like this since the day they serve him. They all wonder what had happened between them that they both become like this and they returned the important hairpin back to him.

See you in the next chapter ^ _____^

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  1. Thank you very much. I like a lot reading how much Ynn risk his life to make the poisnous wreath for him and burn with jealousy not sparing even the fluffy cubs ❤❤❤ I just hope they will not fight (╯︵╰,) I’m worried i dont want Princess Lora with Ynn
    I look forward to your future releases. ♥︎♥︎♥︎

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  2. Thank you soooo much!!! I would be looking for it next week. Just happened to be re-reading from chapter 24 on. gotta love those two Ynn & Nux! exchanging Ribbon and Hairpin both are precious and very important to them from their loving parents

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  3. This two are my ruin. They’re definitely addicted to each other.. \(@^0^@)/やったぁ♪ his druken stupor are the (ꈍᴗꈍ)ε`*) and Ynn drown in the vinegar beacuse of his eyes were not on him

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  4. I love them so much it’s unbearable to see his mother (Queen) starts her poisonous tongue.. I love the father (Emperor) he is strong and not forget her evil deed to his consort
    Thank you so much for releasing another chapter so fast! Can’t wait for the next one!

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  5. wew. politics…. I hate it. huh his mom like in some drama tv. Bla bla bla about Nux and wants her boy with the Princess Lora… i will have someone to kill the queen LoL. Thank u so much for this chp :). Cann’t wait to see them again


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