Chapter 29

The Sunlight streamed in fat golden beams through windows the Crown Prince blinked and frowned when feels someone next to him, he turns and sees it was Nux he remembers they were drunk last night and remembering the ignominious scene they had and he gently pull Nux closer to him and lean his head on his, Ynn takes his locks of hair, smells it and pretends to sleep again so that he could enjoy the mixture of fear panic and regret on Nux’s face when he woke up.

An hour later Nux wakes up, blink and rub his own eyes many times “Who’s this?”  Suddenly it hit him like a slap across the face he bolted upright when he realized it was Prince Ynn and they were naked and he was stuck in an awkward position and after a few minutes he vaguely remember he was kissing him, he slaps and pinch himself to know if he was dreaming or not that he spends a wild night with the crown prince here, he wakes up slowly to run away without waking Ynn “Lucky he is still asleep… I will never have a face to look at him, this is so embarrassing I just hope he thinks it’s just a weird dream” I better go before he wakes up and others see me spending my night with him.

Ynn clumsily puts his inner clothes unorganized, walks to the mirror and softly sighed when Nux left “I’d make sure last night to leave the marks were you can’t hide from people” he still stands in front of the mirror confuse and shock at first with his own reflexion ” I looks like I puts ton of rouge and powder on my face…my new red hair is the remnants after a night of play with you?” a satisfied smile drifted across Ynn’s face

Nux was blushing till he reaches the pond which was filled with lotuses and looking at his own reflection “Why did he leave these on my exposed skin with telltale bruises and deep marks which starting from my neck where its visible to people’s eyes, did he too secretly likes me? Or is it because of our blood pact, the reason for these shameful marks takes times to disappear?”

Nux laughed at himself and bluntly plopped on the ground “Ah I’m crazy what’s wrong with me? I am afraid he will burn me alive… when he realizes his hair has all turns completely red,  why he didn’t push me away last night I..I think I better go somewhere before he calls for me… what have I done, he will be so mad at me”


Prince Ianu and the Princess Tauri were happy to see Nux early coming to train with them she happily asking “Why you’re blushing early in the morning did you dream about us?” Nux laugh and said “Yes you right I have a beautiful dream, I sleep with my destiny person who will live with me for eternity” Prince Ianu suddenly put his arms around Nux’s neck and softly whispering to his ear “I’m worried my beautiful younger sister Tauri will see your love marks and slid your beautiful snow-white neck, aren’t you with the crown prince last night?”

The ambiguous atmosphere in the air suddenly reached a boiling point Nux blushed crimson red lowered his head and nodded, without any words revealing his bashful delicate appeal.

Princess Tauri comes back to where they were with lots of fresh beautiful flowers in her hands “You drink too much last night you probably having weird dream…Tell us about it?” Princess Tauri busily making a wreath flowers and ask Nux to put it on her head “I want to know what type of a dress did I wear that you’re blushing early in the morning after seeing me in you dream” Nux couldn’t control himself as his face flushed crimson “The person in my dream was the most stunning person in my life, I can look at that person all my life”


The Emperor and the empress were startling to see their son Ynn’s appearance has changed his eyelids, lips and his hair has becomes deeply red his mother gasp and cry “ My child what happened to you? Did someone poison you again?” He greeted and tells his mother not to be afraid “Don’t worry mother I’m well I’m not sick”. His parents were worried and immediately called for the physician to check on him, the old physician told them last time it was Nux who cure and save the crown prince, the emperor calls for Nux to treat the crown prince health. All the royal members were worried for Ynn’s and he keeps reminding them that he is perfectly fine

Nux was nervous to face Ynn he just kowtowed and bows with his head to the ground not daring to look at him “I’m sorry your highness! I can’t make your old earthly handsomeness looks appear again, you just had to accept your fate”

The Emperor promise Nux if he can cure his son he will grant him anything he wants, Ynn was not happy with his father words as he knows Nux will do his best to get his freedom.

“Don’t you think I look attractive and outstanding? ” Ynn’s mouth hung a wisp of a pompous smirk; he was very pleased while gazing at Nux. Before Nux could react, Ynn had already withdrawn his gaze as if nothing happened

He wiped away the sweat on his forehead as he thought to himself “Did he forgive me? Won’t he torture and lock me in the dungeon after he learned that he is fine and won’t die?” he clenched his fists, telling himself no matter what he had to tell them a lie so they will always depends on him “His highness” he was disturbed by Ynn “Nux you have to treat me and make me gets back my old black hair my old look or you can leave few strands of red hair as I like that style” Nux coldly stare at him and firmly burst out several words “How could that be possible?”


Prince Renius trained hard with his martial arts, he hired many legendary masters to be his teacher, he was very strict with his soldiers training, he hardly comes home to his wife and child, he spends his times in the military, he never misses his family he will return home only on his child birthday, his wife understand that her husband never love her, he married her for power and political reason, sometimes the Emperor of Rhah will call him and ask him to visit his daughter and spend times with her tells him that he should not make his daughter cry. The Emperor loved his good-looking grandson, he was lucky to have his father’s face.

Prince Renius obeys the Emperor’s order he stay and spend times with his wife and son, his young son will watch his father silent training hard and he always tries to imitate his move, the Prince for the first time smiles and laugh since his lover’s gone. The young prince runs and hugs his father, he was happy to see his father smile. Prince Renius carry him and realize he was smiling only when he feels the hand of his son touching his face. He hugs his son back “My son I”m sorry I have never been a good father to you, but you still recognize and accept me as your father” his wife sees this and feel overwhelmed to see her husband finally connected to their son, Prince Renius than look at his young boy and told him “My prince, you have to grow up as the most strong and powerful man in the world, if you want to protect your precious and your loved ones, you can’t be like me, I am worried for you already that you look a lot like me, I hope your power was stronger like your uncle and your grandfather”.


Princess Tauri pleads her father to hand and marry her to Nux, but the Emperor her father keeps saying he is only a commoner, their no benefit to the imperial family, she should marry to the sons of his Prime minister or a Prince from the other Kingdom. The crown prince and Prince Ianu agreed to their father and said the same thing to her, Ynn was secretly happy that Nux was not married to his sister, he knows he too can’t have this person since the other person was a man and a commoner.

The Crown prince will silently and carefully watch his younger brother face and reactions when it comes to Nux. The Emperor suddenly said now my son since you too have grown up I want to see you married and have children, your mother the empress wants to have grandchildren, she was worried since she only has you, and you always went to war, she wants to see a grandchild of her own, you know life is unpredictable, Prince Ianu agreed that his eldest brother should pick a wife now, since he is the only son of a queen, and his brother was already 26 years old. The crown prince asks his father to let him select his own wife; his father laughed and told his son he will grant his wish only if select a princess with a powerful clan that have important status among the others.

Like always Nux gets news and information from Prince Ianu he tells him how his sister begs the emperor to let her marry to him and tells him the crown prince will marry soon to one of the Princess from Kjam Kingdom, Nux’ s body was freezing and quivering when he heard this only after some time he realized Prince Ianu was already walking ahead of him and follow him, Nux mildly laughed, he couldn’t contain a burst of sadness and ask in a soft voice “Is she his childhood sweetheart?” Prince Ianu nodded his head “He has met her many times; they use to play, as they know they were engaged since they were young” he see the sad face on Nux and wanted to hug him, however, both his arms felt heavy and sank, no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t lift his arms up, so he decided to play and joke to cheer him up.

The Crown prince Ynn was strolling with his mother in the garden and rest when they reach the beautiful ponds with lots of Koi fishes in it, they chat and admire the peaceful scenery while his mother smiles and feeding the fishes, they heard laughter coming from the other side and looks up to see who is the person that laughs so heartily as if he owns the garden, “I’ve never remembered I see Nux smiles while he is with you, this is the first time I see and hear Nux laughter, since the day he arrived here, he seems happy and comfort to be with Prince Ianu”  Ynn watch them walking side by side with Prince Ianu holding the hand of the other person, his fingers nails sunk deep into his palm as he watches them and crush the beautiful flowers that bloom to where he’s standing. His mother notices her son gloomy mood but she still continues “My son! I had pick princess Lora of Kjam Kingdom as your wife; their lands were reaches with gold mines, and rare gems stones”

“Mother! Father had already agreed to let me choose my own wife”

“You can have many beautiful wives but you must marry Princess Lora, she will be your empress when you become an emperor, she is your type, she’s a rich and smart princess”

The crown prince makes himself busy to distract and to divert his mind, afterwards he tells his Eunuch to let his mother send invites to every noble family to come to the banquet next month. His mother was happy that her son was willing to do as her advice on him.

All the young nobles’ ladies very excited to see they get invited to be a candidate so they can be the future wives of the crown prince, they were trying their best to take good care of their physical appearance and their health, and they can’t wait to go to the banquet which was meant for him to select a wives.


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