Chapter 27

The Emperor of Mar, the queen, concubines, consorts and his ministers waited for the Princes and a princess return home after their long journey, and won victory in so many battles, he was happy that he has 10 princes and 3 princesses.  But among all his Children these three had made him very proud and serves him the best. People were cheering throwing flowers at them and dancing with joy when they enter the city, they sing praises to the Emperor’s children.

The princes and a princess were happy to be backing home after 4 years they are away, they too have missed the beauty of their homeland where they were born and raised. They have the brightest smiles when they see people celebrate and welcoming them, Prince Ianu ride his horse slowly and said to his outstanding friend on the other horse “People can’t stop praising your beauty”  Nux boringly said “I’m not a fool, these people were happy to see you, this has nothing to do with me” the Princess laugh when she heard him said this and said “Brother how can you said that, you must be blind and stupid these people when they said looks at that beauty they were referring to me, I am the only beauty here, there is no lady here except me, if they meant it for him they will say look at that handsome man in red.” The crown prince didn’t say anything he just watches them.

The princess and the Prince Ianu always treat Nux like treasure with so much love and care, Princess Tauri laugh and said “there are petals all over your hair” the Crown Prince just annoying glare at her even in public she has no shame, he was distracted and his mood feels bad and wants to hit them, but he see Nux smiles and said “Your highness you have a lots of petals on you” he feels strange that all his anger disappear.

The princess watch people’s admiring the beauty of the man in red, she feels jealous all of a sudden that people forget to look at her, “Nux, I can’t take it anymore, you have stolen the spotlight from me, come ride together with me on this horse” she called him and Nux’s nodded.

When they are together she feels his strong sweet perfume, she asks him what product he is using, he replies her he never used any perfume, she said you can’t lie to me, and pull his sleeve to smell it, she said she likes this perfume and want one for her, he smile and said “your highness, I’m not lying I don’t use any perfume I can’t get any for you” she keeps asking for it and at last he told her “if you insist, you have to become my wife, that is the only way I can share you what is mine, and you too have to give me something in return”. She never thinks of marriage before but after hearing him said this, she was already happy “Father will reward us; I will ask my father to let you marry me”. Nux looks at her and said “To marry me you have to pay a high price” the princess laugh and said” I’m a princess and you’re so arrogant, I’ll ask father to make you my consort”

When they reach they saw the Emperor waiting for them in the gates to welcoming his children, the emperor saw his favourite daughter riding with someone who attracts so many eyes on him, the emperor see that man wear a simple cloth he gets down from his horse and greet the emperor, the emperor has never seen a beautiful person like this in his entire life, while his eyes on the man his daughter comes and kiss her father, his other sons too greeted him, the emperor comes back to his sense and welcoming his children, after the ceremonies, he tells them to go and clean themselves and comes to the welcoming banquet he has prepared for them and to bring their friend as well.

They left to their own manor and Nux too was taken to the Quarter that was temporarily given to him by the emperor. He looks at this place and sees this palace is much bigger than Pyn’s Palace, this quarter is much nicer than the place he used to leave while he serves the emperor of Pyn as his wizard and a priest. This Emperor doesn’t know about Nux’s background, all his children don’t know it was this person who shot the crown prince as the crown prince himself hides the prisoner of war’s identity.

Later the servant comes and gives him expensive clothes to wear so that he can go to the banquet, he takes a bath and said to himself ” My hunting season is close by…Prince Renius, my spiritual power to watch over you has disappeared 4 years ago the moment you burned that incenses and the white paper with my name in it to send me away into the lands of the dead,  I will always remember your kindness and love you show me…you’d already broke our spiritual bond, you’d burned those things, you’ve deeply loved and hurt me unknowingly, I forgive you even though you didn’t ask it. I will let you go and not hurting your feelings anymore with me being around you and makes you guilty and risk your life for me from your uncle. We are sinners so this is the divine punishment for both of us.”

In the evening Princess Tauri and Prince Ianu come to pick him up and go to the banquet together, the princess and the Prince were stunned with his looks, these high-quality clothes were fits for him, he looks elegant and like a celestial being. “Why do you not look like a human at all my friend?”

“I…I’d suffer too much all my strength and power has gone while I was in that place” Princess Tauri and Prince Ianu don’t completely understand him and they don’t ask they see from his eyes Nux doesn’t want to talk any more about it, they just ask him to come and join the banquet as they should not be late.

In the banquet hall, there were many nobles and ministers they introduce him to many of their friends and family everyone stunned with Nux beauty,  the Emperor asked him, “Where you from and what you do for a living?  Nux looks up and said “Your majesty, I am just a wanderer, I’d travel far and wide the whole world is my home, I live everywhere, I do small tricks in the public and earn money for my living, I do this type of job and move from one place to another.”

A beautiful smart and young princess whose name was Ana, ask him they want to see his trick, Nux bows down and told them “You’re highness, I’m afraid I’m not skilled enough… I’m not worthy… I’m afraid I’d would spoil the mood and bore you” but the Emperor said he wants to see it, Nux obeys and perform his trick which is very popular among the trickster, they have seen these types of tricks many times it’s simple, many people know, few of the tricks he even mistakes and Princess Ana laugh “It’s obvious you are very bad with this skill you should change to some other traits for your future, you can’t depend on this for your living, I am afraid when you get older and your beauty gone nobody will watch you and throw money for you”  everybody agrees with her, they smile and clapped for him,  even the Emperor smile happy after watching this man perform his poor tricks, everyone enjoys and cheering Nux clumsy tricks, they all smiles and happy but only the Crown prince looks at him with straight face and not enjoying this clumsy tricks. He accidentally happens to looks at the crown prince and sees the Crown prince reaction, and he said “I think I better stop for now and let the professionals do it” the Emperor let him take his place again. The Emperor knows his son hates fools and he can understand he is angry watch worthless act like that.

When they have other types of entertainment Nux excuse himself to go and get some fresh air, as he was drunk, Prince Ianu and the princess wants to follow him but got holds by ministers and other guests they ask them so many questions and wants to listen from them about their experiences in the battlefield and other wild adventure they had while they were away, they stay and chat with these important ministers.

Nux was so drunk he can’t even walk properly, he walks down the stairs and nearly falls but someone catches him, he looks at the person who helped him “Crown Prince! Is it really you?” the crown Prince looks at him “why did you drink so much?” Nux’s face was tainted pink from the wine, he suddenly holds the Crown Prince tight and pulls him to sit down on the stairs” Let me cry out… I heard from those ministers that the person I love has already married and today is that child three years birthday,  he married to the clan that kills my whole family, he betrayed me he had promised me he will never take a wife, I believe him I am a fool blinded by love ,he knows me too well I tell that person my secrets as I trusted and love that person, I hate humans, they are not trusted being” The crown prince looks at him and don’t speak he just silently listen to the drunker miserable past he told him about his family tragedy end in the hands  of the humans who betrayed them hundreds years ago. The crowned prince was confused and didn’t understand this drunken man word, the crown prince now can’t help from asking him his age, Nux didn’t reply but just lie his head on the side of the prince’s shoulder, he looked and see this drunken man has already fallen asleep. He means to wake him up and he heard his younger brother and sister voice asking them why are they sit on the stairs, they never used to see the crown prince spend time with him they were shocked to see them together, it’s not like him, he told them he was drunk and nearly falls and think it’s best to sit down for a time who knew he falls asleep and think I’m his pillow, then the crown prince calls his guards to carry him back to his Quarter

Prince Ianu excitedly said to him “No need I will carry him myself” He was about to pick him up, then suddenly the Crown Prince said, “Don’t touch him!”….. Prince Ianu said “Brother! It’s impossible to carry someone without touching!”

Princess Tauri was happy that the crown prince didn’t let him, she doesn’t trust him, she was afraid something bad might happen to her future husband if he is with the drunkard Ianu. The crown prince looks at the sad face of Prince Ianu and told them “I will wait here till he wakes up”

They wonder why he is willing to stay! They all stay there and ask the servants to bring some more wines for them to drink, a few hours later Prince Ynn order the servants takes their drunkard masters to their manor, and he helps Nux himself to escort him to his room


When they enter the room which was filled with burning sweet incense he helps Nux lies down on the edge of the bed and Ynn too was drunk and wants to sleep.

Under the light of the candles Nux’s heartbeat lost itself to insanity unable to control the desire deeply nested in his heart, he cautiously leaned in to kiss the soft lip, Ynn was startled when a fragrant breath invaded his sense, Ynn pushes him“ What’re you doing?” he demanded in alarm.

“You’re not asleep?” Feeling the sappiness of his words, Nux blushed “I can’t resist you, can’t you let me be wild tonight” his heart sway even wilder, he carefully extended a hand over towards that unearthly handsome man

But abruptly, he was seized!

“You want me?” there was a dash of teasing in Ynn’s voice, he wrapped one arm around his waist, Nux whole face turn crimson and nodded his head

Ynn gazed frigidly into Nux’s eyes “You said it yourself. Don’t regret it” he reached over and pulled Nux into an embrace and kiss him



Thank you for reading and sorry for my weird English 


  1. I really appreciate the way you put your imagination into beautiful words. Writing is not a piece of cake but Mashaallah you are doing an amazing job. Mistakes our part of learning too. Best thing is that you are going on your way.
    Best of luck.
    (My dear friend please tell me your name 😀😀)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I do feel bad for Princess Tauri, but I guess our MC isn’t necessarily supposed to be a sympathetic character so he probably going to play with her heart

    Liked by 2 people

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