SLAVE OF THE VICTOR -FANTASY, BL CHAPTER 26 “I don’t own the image/art Credit to the rightful owner”

Chapter 26

The crown prince doesn’t summon Nux for 3 weeks since the night he shot him in the training ground, Nux too doesn’t want to look at that cold arrogant man, he went to train and practice his martial arts alone in the beach and to train his mind not to harbour any bad intention to hurt and kill Prince Ynn while Prince Ianu and Princess Tauri was in the expedition.

In the cold morning the maids bring foods and wine for prince Ynn, as usual, the food has been tested and examined, it was safe to be eaten by him, he sends his Eunuch and the maids away as he wants to be alone he drinks the wine and after sometimes later before he went to bed he vomits blood, lose consciously and collapse on his soft bed, nobody knows what has happened inside and they don’t dare to interrupt him.

Nux who was in the beach suddenly opens his eyes from his meditation and comes running back as he has a feeling that the man he hates the most who happen to be his master was in danger, he forced himself to go and save him as he was in a blood pact with him and he doesn’t want to suffer and affect his own health because of him

Nux was stopped by the Chief Eunuch and the Crown Prince royal bodyguards not to enter the room as he was not summoned and the prince doesn’t want to be disturb. Nux asks them to check on him as he has a bad feeling that something bad had to happen to his highness.

Prince Ynn’s Eunuch went inside and cry out “Guards calls the imperial physician his highness was in danger”

The physician declares that the prince was poison with lethal various poisonous herbs and he had tried his best detoxify and safe him it depends on heaven as there are still more poisonous in his body

All the servants who work in the kitchen and the maids who serve him was being investigated, heavily torture and imprisoned by his loyal bodyguard and his chief Eunuch.

Nux wants to meet all the maids and servants who serve his highness that night. after a few minutes he points his finger on the wounded culprit, she has no power to hide from his eyes she feels his dangerous aura and finds that she was more afraid of him than Prince Ynn. she can feel something strange happens to her when he locks his eyes on her and she unwilling confess, “I coated the brim of his cup with the undetected and colourless poison… he killed my family and because of him my country was lost.” She was imprisoned in the dungeon and to waits for her brutality punishment for daring to touch the royalty.

The physician was worried and afraid as he can’t detox the poison from his highness he has no antidote. Nux watches Prince Ynn getting worse day after day and he finally said to the Eunuch ” we cannot wait any longer… Let me help him before it’s too late” He agrees and let him, Nux examine him and send them away “I need to treat him alone, I can’t treat him with you watching us” they obey and leave them with the hope that their highness will be okay

Nux holds the pale porcelain jaws of the unconscious Prince who was losing blood as if life left him from thousands of invisible pores “I’d never dream to see you the God of War so vulnerable… I should be happy that you are like this but strangely I’m not”

He undress the Crown Prince and make sure not to let anything left on his body or hair, and did the same thing with himself “ I can’t believe myself I am saving a tyranny man like you” he smears his blood on him and chant to cast a dangerous powerful spell which can harm a caster (Nux) over him to detoxify the poison from Ynn’s body, Nux feels sick and dizzy after casting the taboo spell, he has to release 65% of his own life essences to save him he was already weak from the torture he had face in this place “I don’t want to save you but I can’t let you die since we have made our blood pact, I know I am a fool for willing to save you” he loose conscious and falls on him only his long bloody colour hair that covers their naked body as their blanket.

While Nux was unconscious Prince Ynn weakly open his eyes and was shock to see Nux lying on top of him with the bloody hand and stun to see his whole body emit mist like vapour and enters him he understands Nux was still transferring his energy and life essence to save him, he feels warm and sweetness in his heart, he admires the face of this stunning beautiful handsome man on top of him he noticed after a while that Nux eyes were moving and he was about to wake up and he pretends to be unconscious again Nux wakes up and check on him “Great the poison are gone!… Be grateful for me human if not of our blood pact you are long gone from this world ” Nux clean himself and wear his clothes he watch Prince Ynn for awhile and see he was still unconscious he takes a clean wet towel and starts to wipes the blood from his body and dress him, while Nux was doing this Prince Ynn’s heart was was thumping like hail on a windshield. He was caught off guard when he feels Nux head lying on his chest “A tyrant prince like you I wonder if you have a heart….I can feel your heart beat so wild and strong”

Prince Ynn secretly opens his eyes and look at him while Nux was not looking and he was still listening to his heart beats Nux looks up again to check if he is awake or not “You’re still alive thanks to me…” he touches the Prince enchanted tattoo “ Can you treat me little kinder from now on, I’ve sacrificed so much just to save you” then he feels the warms soft lips on the tattoo “I’m sealing this charm that no poisons in this mortal realms can ever hurt nor kill you!”

Prince Ynn doesn’t want to open his eyes and disturb Nux from whatever he is saying and doing, he let Nux rest on him after a long wait he finds Nux was not moving or talking anymore he finally opens his eyes to check on him, he was touched to see him looks feeble and pale, he was not sure if he was faint or fallen to sleep from overuse of his power and exhausted. He does nothing but just lightly patted the back of his head, Prince Ynn let him sleep on his bed and he calls the imperial doctors to take care of him, they were all surprised to see Prince Ynn coming alone from his room healthy and his looks have gone to the other level of beauty and handsomeness even his hair has transformed his hair has strands of red colour

When Nux wakes up the Imperial Physician asked him “how did you detoxify the harmful poison from his highness body, and why his highness looks transform?”

“It’s my secret I can’t share my knowledge with you” he replied to them, only now the Prince looks at the mirror and realize that his appearance has changed his hair has strands of many red bloody colourful hair even his eyelid has a touch of fainted red if looks closely he know why he feels Nux warms lips on his chest it was to activate the spells and to save him.

Since that day his hair and looks change he becomes unearthly charming and enchanted to behold he no longer look human but a divine being, he was completely healed and continue to go for war and takes Nux wherever he goes


In the Pyn Kingdom, they have suffered terribly most of their lands gone and it becomes half of its sizes now. The Emperor of Pyn joins an alliance with the Rhah Kingdom to get their protection and married his nephew with the princess of Rhah for their strong relationship and friendship of these Kingdoms

Days and months went by the Mar Kingdom captured more Kingdoms their territory has become bigger and bigger, many Kingdoms want to surrender and join an alliance with them. The princes and Princess of Mar were afraid and respect by everyone.

In the battlefield, Prince Ynn was worried when he sees how poorly Nux shooting skill was “You’re only wasting the arrows…years ago how did you manage to shot me with your poor skill?” Nux angrily response “I was only thinking of killing you and to save Prince Renius ” Prince Ynn touch his old scar (enchanted tattoo) and coldly said “But you fail to kill me and end up saving me twice… your love for Wealth and Glory will never set you free” Nux does not like him and he angrily targets and shot the arrow at him “I’d stay here not because of Wealth and glory!” But his arrow was slice and broken into the half with Prince Ynn sword “When it comes to me you are good at killing, you should look and imagine all the enemy as me so you can hit them?… TAKE CARE” he rides off his horse.

Nux imagines the enemies as Ynn and he feels the joy to see he killed many enemies’ this time after thinking of them as the arrogant Prince Ynn. Soon the war ends after Prince Ynn killed the Emperor of Skein and captures his generals.

The Crown Prince Ynn watch his siblings from his stepmother, who was the third concubine of his imperial father and Nux helping the wounded men and the whole evening he sees Nux spends times with the Prince Ianu and the Princess Tauri in the campsite and he realizes Nux was avoiding him, and he did not come to congratulate him on his victory.

The Crown Prince enters his tent to rest for the night, and he takes a baths in the filled up tub with the rose petals that fill it, he touches and looks at the enchanted tattoo “Why did you save me, if you hate me so much that you can easily kill people just by thinking they were me?” only now he realized his arm was wounded this afternoon in the battlefield when it hit the water.

After cleaning his swords and drinks few cups of wine he went to bed but he can’t fall asleep he only forcing himself to close his eyes, in the late night he heard someone approaching his tents and the guards let the person in, the Crown Prince knows from his footsteps who that person is, but he doesn’t open his eyes he pretends to be sound asleep, Nux silently stands next to the Prince bedside and watch him sleep, the Crown Prince listen to every sound and movement Nux makes “ Is he going to stand there the whole night? Or is he here to assassinate me?” The Crown prince was holding his sword under his duvet he will just wait when Nux makes a move, later he hears Nux softly sight and said “Looks like you are not hurt anywhere” he was about to leave, Prince Ynn purposely remove the duvet from his injured arm to let Nux see the blood stain on his sleeves, he looks at the sleeping Prince “How can you fall asleep with this injury… because of you I lose my sleep” he sit down and carefully treat Prince Ynn not to wake him up, Ynn was confuse “Why did he comes and treats me secretly after he tried to shot me this morning?” Nux was shocked how deep his wound was and he can sleep peacefully as if he was perfectly fine he clean his wound and apply his medicine “You’re lucky you’ve me, or else you’ll never be able to raise the sword for a while” after he was done he comes closer and blowing the cold air at his injured arm and his wound closed and heal instantly.

The Crown Prince thought to himself “So you didn’t want to kill me!” he hears Nux humming and pour wine for himself and left.

Nux finds it’s easier and comfortable to be with this Prince Ianu, he was more like Prince Renius very caring and treat him well, and they will always tell him anything they know if he asks them he always gets information from him what goes around.

To be continued…

Sorry for my poor English… and Thank you for reading and your support 🙂


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  2. treatment scene 👬 was the best in this chapter… I kinda hope that they have fallen and make ❤ 💏 my goodness, I need extras (T^T)
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