In the morning the Princes and the Princess practising their martial arts, Nux was standing beside a tree while admiring their skills suddenly he saw a speeding broken tip of a sharp blade flying towards him but luckily he was saved with a whip pulling him away from the blade that nearly touches his body and the sharp tip of the sword stuck on the tree trunk, he looks at it and felt down on the ground, and he heard the rushing footsteps of the princes and the Princess as they anxiously and worriedly ask him “Are you all right?” He was still trembling and not able to speak, Princess apologizes to him as she nearly accidentally kills him with her half broken sword that flew towards him, she feels bad and keeps apologizing him, She holds his trembling hand only now he was calm and reply to the kind princess with a smile and nod his head. Prince Ianu help him up and takes him to a clean place he then helps to dust down and clean his robe, “Prince you don’t have to, I can clean myself I am all right” but Prince Ianu wouldn’t listen and happily said” no! You are still trembling so to let me help you”. He is now calm and looks at the princess who is still having a sad face as she looks at the broken sword that stuck to the tree trunk and Nux said “Princess I know it was an accident, I don’t blame you, I am not hurt you don’t have to feel…” his words were interrupted by cold voice “How can you be so stupid you just stand there and wait for the sword to stab you?” Nux angrily said, “I don’t have a martial skill like you!”

Prince Ianu smile and said “From today onwards I will personally teach you so that you will be able to…” The princess too joyfully said “I too I am willing to be your teacher, I am much stronger than him” Nux reject their offers ” I am not interested to learn I don’t want to trouble myself I hate physically training” but they both force him the princess keeps saying if he really forgives her he should accept her to be his teacher and learn martial arts from her in the end he agrees.

Prince Ynn watches his brother and sister having fun with Nux while training, he was jealous and angry that he was ignored by them, nobody asked him if he is all right but everyone cares for a healthy man and was burning with anger to see Nux did not even thank him for saving his life, “if it was not of my whip that saves you, you already death now.”

The Eunuch comes and asks Nux to come and check his highness as the imperial doctor can’t help to treat Prince Ynn they, all stops training and runs to check on Prince Ynn.

“Brother! Did I hurt you while practices” both of them ask him and worried? They come and stand close to him, they didn’t see any new wound, and they understand it was his old wound.

Prince Ianu fishes out his miracle medicine from his pocket to help his brother relief from the pain.

“Let me help you apply it for his highness,” Nux said to prince Ianu, he handed the medicine to him.

Nux makes a small chant while applying and Prince Ynn feels much better when Nux applies and say his chanting. He wants to rest and everyone leaves him. Nux comes back the next day to check on him. He sees Prince Ynn was seating and reading a report, Nux wants to know what the report was about he gets closer to him and ask him “How are you feeling today?”

Prince Ynn looks at him and said “I’m all right, and he looks at the report again,

“I know I will not die with that sword but I will be in pain if you did not help me… Thank you for saving me yesterday” Nux said to him and Prince Ynn plainly response him “I did it for my own good; I am protecting you to help me conquer the World.”

Nux doesn’t like this beautiful arrogant man he continues to watch him from the side the whole day as he has no other friends as Prince Ianu and the Princess went to war, while Prince Ynn was working and reading with the reports. They both didn’t talk after many hours later Prince Ynn feels tired, and he looks up and sees Nux was already fallen asleep he gets up and left him there alone.


Nux wakes up, looks around and finds he was alone he walks out of the room to look for Prince Ynn after a while he saw him practising his archery, Nux admires his shooting skills and continue to watch him silently. Prince Ynn turns towards him with his bow targeting him and let the arrows fly towards him, Nux was able to dodge the arrow that targets him in time, he was seething inside to see this man try to hurt him intentionally, he feels grateful to the Prince and the princess for teaching him few moves yesterday.

“You a quick learner I see you already master those moves that they teach you,” Prince Ynn said while he takes another arrow and targets it again at him.

Nux hates him and cries “Why are you treating me like this? Why you’re doing this even after I save you?”

Prince Ynn smile and said “You’re my prisoner; I can do anything with you”

Nux has to keeps on dodging the flying arrows that flew at him to protect himself from getting hurt; he stops only when he sees Nux no longer have any more strength to block the arrow and both of his arms was scraped by the sharp tips of the arrow.

Prince Ynn comes towards him and offers him a glass of water “Drink I know you’re tired, you can rest now” Nux angrily takes the glass from his hand and throw it at the beautiful handsome face of the young Prince and turns and walk away. The prince was shocked that this prisoner dares to do it, and he pulls the arrow again and scraped his leg this time, “Where do you plan to go without my permission?” He comes and pulls him from his long beautiful red blood colour hair Nux did not dare to move he knows what this Prince will do if he moves and an inch away he doesn’t want to lose his hair “Please don’t cut my hair! If you want me to be loyal in serving you…”

Prince Ynn looks from his hair to his face, so you cherish your hair the most? your hair was unique and beautiful, I can understand that you love your hair, I think your power was in your hair” Nux didn’t say anything and Prince Ynn laugh and said “Why are you so afraid of me but not with my siblings, I am only helping you with your training, see now you know how powerful those skills they teach you, if not of them you will be heavily injured by now, and you will have to suffer the whole day and night till next day when your body recovers on its own” he continues to laugh again when he looks at the scary Nux face “I know those are not serious injuries I give you, you can go back slowly to your room on your own, I know tomorrow you will be all right, your body is fast in recovering”

He walks away and left him there on his own, Nux looks at his back and softly said to himself “How can you be so cold to me even when we are already in a pact… don’t you have a bit of feeling for me of protecting me like I want to for you? My life was doom if you continue to treat me like this.”

He sits on the ground and thinks of Prince Renius. He misses the kind gentle prince, who always wants to protect him from his uncle the emperor he knows if he makes a pact with Prince Renius he will be happy forever, and he will never have to suffer.

Nux stays there till morning as he doesn’t want to see his fated one who treated him coldly and doesn’t have any bit of feeling for him.

Prince Ynn too watches him secretly the whole night from the distance as he was worried about his injuries that he has caused him, and he continues telling himself, he is okay, that was just a scraped it not serious, injuries like that happens a lot in training, “That’s the only way to teach you, and to make you focus on what they teach you, soon we will travel around the world, to conquer the World and I need you to be able to defend yourself… you need to know how to fight to be able to survive in the battlefield.”

He sees Nux crying, and he feels bitterness in his heart to see him, but he doesn’t want to accept the strange complex feeling he had. He finds it ridiculous, and he continues to say “It’s because I feel guilty for hurting him again just a week later he was free from the heavy torture in the dungeon.”




    1. NUx cute person I was expecting crown princes treat him well like cover him with duvet when Nux sleep but so annoy he shot him instead. I dont want to hate Crown prince Ynn I forgive him. I feel pity for NUx i know he recover easily but I feel the pain for him. I still prefer Prince Ynn to be the one Nux will end up.

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  1. Coward dont just stand go kiss him I want them fucking so hard😃Nux and Ynn my bias…please A/N gives us this, I’m afraid and not happy when I see female around Nux I need a gun to shoot other characters especially female. I want to read only Nux and Ynn, I dont like other characters. I skip everything and read only them so dont waste your time writing to much on others characters… I dont get enough of this two I want to read more… I even change my account name to show you how much I love and support Ynn and NUx

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  2. @Bias Ynn ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
    OoooOOOooOoo yes can we be friend? Me too support Nux + Ynn
    I want long chapter about them
    Oooo ~
    I wish he carry him I was disappointed when Ynn didn’t make an appearance ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚ but hides
    thank you for the chapter!
    i really love this novel

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