Prince Ynn closed his eyes for a short moment and breathed out coolly upon hearing the angry bark he comes towards Nux and pours water for him “Drink this and talk later” Nux was angry ” Why do you serve me water?” prince put the water away and ask “What do you want?” Nux was terribly suffering from hunger and thirsts his throat feels hot like fire and angrily said: “I WANT BLOOD!” Prince Ynn walks away from this room leaving Nux alone with the maids and guards he went out after half an hour later; he returns with an expensive golden bowl filled with fresh red blood and gives it to him. Nux takes the blood and drinks it as the blood dribbled down his chin his dried cracked lip restore to it soft pink lips and all his latest wounds he gets disappear.

The Prince was stupefaction and disgust he never expected he will really drink human blood, he thought he was insane out of hunger with all the torture he had been through these 6months he has been a prisoner of war. He was surprised to see all the bruises also gone instantly when he drank the blood, the prince asks surprisingly “You really drink that? And your entire wound disappears, is my blood a magical medicine for you?” Nux who was crouching on the floor, he feels his strength returned he stood up slowly and grabbed the hand, exclaimed “I didn’t know I just drank your blood!” a ghastly pale Nux slowly turned around, clenched both his fists and the bitter sadness enhanced the beauty of his face, “Haha… I hate this I have always wanted to have your royal blood but not this way”
The Prince checking him out and know he suddenly asks “What are you?” Nux angrily glare him back and said “I am someone you can’t kill” the Prince then said “Yes, I can’t, I want you to help me in return since I offer you my blood which I see it to your great advantage you magically heal and looks as you have never been into any kind of death torture except your worn and torn clothes”
“You’d save me and offered your blood” Nux looks at his own dirty torn and rag clothes, Prince Ynn orders his servants to prepare a warm bath and to give him proper clothes.
He stays very long in the bathtub he comes out, feeling good and happy to see his clean hair and skin, he puts on the clothes the maid prepared for him, he summons the maids who attend to him and eat their soul he makes their bodies turn into ashes and gone.
He’s weak he can’t transform so he decided to stay in his original forms since many have seen his true form. While he looks at the mirror to comb his long bloody red colour hair, he thinks about Prince Renius and he was happy he never accept his blood, he knew if he did Prince Renius will already death with a terrible death by now with that inhumane tortured he has been through, he was glad Prince Renius was safe.


He originally thought that there was no hope of finding his destined partner for life, but today the heavens had really sent him that person he realized Prince of Mar was his fated one, Prince Ynn unknowing handed him his own blood and he too out of thirst he drank it without thinking much, a Eunuch enters in the chamber where Nux was and he seemed to be aware that something was wrong but he didn’t understand what was happening he looks around and asked him “Where’re the maids?” Nux looks at him


“They are gone!” the Eunuch didn’t like Nux he can feel a malicious aura in here. “What do you mean they are gone?” Nux smirk “Don’t ask me too much or you too will be like them” The Eunuch no matter how hard he tries to question him about the disappearance of the 6 maids he didn’t get any reply, he gives up and went to inform the Crown Prince.
The Eunuch report it to Prince Ynn about the disappearance of the maids who’d attend the war of Prisoner, he ordered the eunuch to bring a prisoner to him in the evening, when everyone left Prince Ynn looks at his wounded hand “I wonder what have you done to those maids?”

In the evening beside the table, two people were seated. Nux looked up into the most beautiful face he had ever seen. His jaws and cheekbones looked as if they had been carved out of the finest white jade; he wore the clothes of a soft Blue robe edged in silver cinched with a silver and jade embroidered belt. Whereas Nux wears a simple plain robe and stare at his strong nose and full mouth, Coal black eyes framed by dark lashes and jet black eyebrows shaped like mountain while the Prince Ynn took a piece of meat from the plate and placed it into his mouth, chewed slowly and long before opening his mouth, as he speaks in a quiet and rich voice, “ I promise I will give you the riches of this world if you serve me as your new master”


Nux with the chilly tone, “I will never serve you”


Prince of Mar expressionless lightly laughed “Really? Then I will send you back to the dungeon and to be torture again”

Nux ’s eyes widened fear appears in his face and said: “ Aren’t you afraid I might kill you instead?” Prince Ynn gave an enigmatic smile and said before “I die I will personally kill you and cut you into pieces and throw your body to be eaten by the reptiles” Nux see this man was very tyrannical and ruthless he does not want to anger him as he was already in a pact with him which the Prince of Mar did not know so he reluctantly agrees to serve him.

A smile blossomed on Prince Ynn’s face as he was successful and he told him “You will serve me in secret it’s just between us should know, I don’t want anybody to know that you are a dark wizard” then he offers him a glass, Nux extend his hand to take it, suddenly he grabbed Nux’s hand and cuts him the fresh blood running down his white hand, he collects Nux’s Blood in the glass and he cut his own hand as well and let the blood falls into the glass, Nux was stunned, he raised his head, only to be met with the sight of Prince Ynn’s delighted face “I am mixing our Blood” he takes a sip of it and comes closer to him his strong nose and full mouth was inches from him.

Prince Ynn stared intensely into Nux’s face, “Drink it all” Nux don’t want to anger him he took it and Drink it with his eyes closed and after he finishes he Raising his head, Nux found himself looking at Ynn’s handsome smiling face, which was mere inches away from his own, he laughed gleefully “ Slave! Admit defeat bow to me”
His astonished and confused eyes looked at Prince Ynn for a long time; Nux’s lips curved and said “You took my blood? You are no longer a man you’re a demon”
Prince Ynn saw his cold face and Ynn Smiled back coldly to imply that he’ll have to undergo consequence “Slave! You better not anger me… KNEEL BEFORE ME!” Nux did as he was told and he was ordered to eat.

Nux looks at the food and start to eat, the prince was surprised to see the person change he is willing to eat and not stubborn like before, he finished everything they set on the table, the Prince silently watch him eat and not disturb him, he doesn’t want to spoil his appetite, He could only secretly laugh up to his sleeve behind Nux’s back because of his sudden change of behaviour.
Ynn knows he’d been starving and heavily tortured for six months in that dirty dark dungeon, he starts to talk only when he sees the man was full, “It’s late! You can go and rest”
In the Morning Prince Renius was with his brother and sister discuss military strategy and political matters, Princess Tauri happens to look outside and see the enchanted person standing outside spreading his hands to fills the gentle breeze blowing against his skin, her brothers follow the direction where princess Tauri looks and ask them “Who is that stunning person?” They all watch him, he felt their staring at him and he stops what he is doing, he saw the three royalties and he greeted them he suddenly keeps his eyes on the man who stands on the right “It’s been a very long time seeing you now you’d grown up into a man” Prince Ianu can’t forget the eyes he smiles and suddenly hugs him out of joy “It’s you, my friend, I’d searched for you I’d travel around the world searching for you, I can’t believe you are here when I am not searching and in this chaos times”.
Princess Tauri and the crown prince have never used to see this childish site of their brother, he keeps holding him, and excitedly said “You have not aged, and you still look stunning beautiful handsome as I remember, your eyes are the same.

Only now the Princess Tauri reminds him to behave himself before scaring his old friend from feeling weird with his action. Immediately afterwards, Prince Ianu face Nux again and very earnestly said: “I am overjoyed to see you but why are you here?”

Nux moves away when Prince Ianu let him go, and tell him to ask his own brother, his brother and sister ask him why is he here, he simply told them to get his treatment form the person who give this miraculous medicine to Prince Ianu, then the Princess Tauri ask his name, he tells them his name, the crown prince walks away to let his younger brother chat with him, the princess follows her brother and ask prince Ynn how did he find him, he response her maybe its “Our fate to meet, so that he can cure me.”
The Princess and the crown prince watch those two from a distance, they see their brother happy

to be continued… and Thank you for Reading 🙂
The picture above is my drawing


  1. This is a great story, but it does need some editing. There are a lot of punctuation and tense errors. You need to begin all of the speeches with a capital letter, e.g. ‘Aren’t you afraid I might …..’ , etc. But I like the plot and the pace.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You are much cleverer than me – I only know the one language, having failed dismally to learn German, French, Spanish and Quenya!

        Liked by 1 person

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