Prince Renius attempt many times to attack the North Pra border it’s not easy for him to win, the Mar has three frightful mighty people and more soldiers, Prince Renius fail and retreat to save his men.


Prince Renius worried about Nux as he doesn’t know if he was alive or dead as Nux rejects to make a blood pact with him, to make him able to live and die together. After months, he gets news from his spy that Nux was killed four months back with brutal torture of slow painful death.

The general grief and cries for his lover while the Priests and Priestess perform a ritual for the death, the Emperor of Pyn too comes to offer his prayer for Sa so that her soul will rest in peace.  After everyone left, he makes a vow he will kill the Prince of Mar with his own hand to take vengeance for Nux.

It’s been few months Nux was in barbarous torture in a dungeon he lay down as if he was on a verge of death, his beautiful natural pink lip got crack from dryness, he slowly open his heavy beautiful eyes and feels dizzy and weak as if he will die of thirst of blood, and starving of soul he understands the enchantment he cast on the arrow that wounded the Prince has temporarily stopped he cannot get any blood and the life essence of that Prince of Mar that spiritually supply to him, he was extremely weak since the day Prince Ianu helps his brother. He has been starving and treated inhumane, he tries to move his mouth and his frail fingers to reactivate the curse on the Prince of Mar so that he can drink his blood spiritually and take his life essence, to support and heal himself. The guards wait for him to die, so they can discard his dirty corpse to be eaten and enjoy by the wild beasts.

While Prince Ynn discussed a military plan and strategies with his generals and commanders, suddenly he feels his shoulder hurt, and he starts to feel the sharp pain again, his brother and sister worried for him, and they beg him not to come along, prince Ynn command his younger brother Prince Ianu  and Princess Tauri to take charge and continue to lead the armies to expedition.
Prince Ynn returns to his room and removes his attire to check his shoulder, he touches the sparkling tattoo and feels the pain killing him, he knows this tattoo is not a good sign it means danger.
He regrets that he orders his men to kill him, he wants him alive if he knew something like this happens to him, he remembered how he tried to kill Prince Renius in the duel but his head didn’t fall off his neck, he knows this is not undetected poison but a curse, that was given to him by that person, he remembered his younger brother story in the woods about his encounter with the stranger, now he realizes the person who shot him was the same person who saved his younger brother once from the monsters beastly wolves.

After he feels his pain subsides he went directly to the dungeon with his retinue, to personally check if the slave chances to be still alive, the guards who were resting at the moments were shocking and terrifying to see Prince Ynn in this dirty place, he orders them to tell him everything about the prisoner of war that he sends here 6months ago.

The man replies with a shaky voice and begs his highness to forgive him for taking so long to kill this prisoner, he told him they done everything he commands them but this prisoner strangely didn’t die they told him this six months they have not given him any food nor a drop of water, “I think your highness he would not have much time, he lies there as he was hanging for his last breath”.

The prince praises him for keeping him alive and not throws him yet to the wild beasts. The prince asked him to lead the way, it was a very dark and dirty cell they lock him, the Prince cover his nose and mouth, he never dreamt how strong this person was looking from the appearances the time he beats him and flew easily like a ball, he was surprised this man survive till now. He suddenly feels admiring for his strong will to live despite all the horrible life he faces here.
The prince comes closer and looks at him wondering if this is the same person who shot him or did somebody tricks and swaps with a wrong person, he remembered his face but this person looks totally different, they see prince Ynn reaction, and they quickly told him the more they beat him the stranger the prisoner transform his looks, they said these two months he didn’t change any more, this is his true appearance since this is the appearance he will die

Prince Ynn had a vague guess about the man’s behaviour. But after figuring it out, his lips curved, and he reluctantly said “Your power actually terrifying, you still able to hurt me till now”

Prince Ynn see he move his fingers, and he feels the pain again, he commands the guards to carry him out of the dungeon and take him back with them. When they carry him out into the light every one eye was enchanted by his delicate and beautiful dirty face

The Prince can’t deny his brother words, this person even though he was covered in blood stain and dirt and with the messy hair and dirty torn rag clothes he was extremely beautiful. He feels the pain getting stronger and stronger when this person makes a little movement of his lips and fingers, the Prince holds his strange enchanted tattoo, “I don’t know your name, but I know that you once safe my younger brother and you shot me with my brother gifts for you” Nux slowly open his eyes and say nothing, the Prince remember his brother describes the eyes of the stranger he met a long time ago.
The prince ordered the servants to serve him foods and drinks while he silently watches him, Nux laugh softly as he was very weak he cannot even support himself to seat properly and with a puzzled look, he asked “why do you suddenly give me foods and drinks?

The Prince could not help but smirk when he heard the slave’s words and when he saw that proud look on his face he inched his mouth near his ear and said: “ The medicine that you’d present for my younger brother had saved me, and I’d want you to serve and bow down to  me, become my wizard and I’d grant you all the riches of this world, I’m the crown prince of the Mar my future is bright, soon I will become the emperor of this world.”
Nux who was crouching on the floor pointing a violently trembling finger at him, “You want me to serve you? I’d hate you; you’ve killed me a thousand times”

Prince Ynn gritted his teeth and silently retreated to his seat, he shot Nux a meaningful glance “Well I must take this as a NO

To be continued… and thank you for reading 🙂




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