Slave of the Victor- Bl, fantasy Chapter 22


Chapter 22

Prince Ynn has sleepless night for many days, his favourite younger sister Tauri worried to see her strong brother looks weak, she runs and sits down on the edge of his bed, “My royal brother, You’ve suffered, tell me who dares to shot you with this undetected poison I will personally punish this person by making him get a taste of his own medicine and gives him a thousand torture ”

Prince Ynn’s brown knitted tightly into a frown, his body suddenly heaved forward. “He probably dies a long time ago, I ordered them to kill him a slow and give him a painful death and to throw his corpse to wild beasts to eat him.” He felt his energy draining away as he began to cough

“He has died, and he suffered no more but my poor brother you still suffer even after he’s gone.” Tauri looked at him worriedly.

“My illness and this injury slowly eating me away.” finally stopped cough, but he was left with a foul, blood-like taste in his mouth. He suddenly froze, “I cough up blood again”

Prince Ianu comes and enters the room where Prince Ynn and Princess Tauri was, he greeted his royal brother “ My dear brother! I hope you will be well now.” he took out a very charming decorated small jar which looks unique and magical “I bring you this miracle medicine which I keep as one of my treasure”
“This is one of your treasures tell me how did you get it, who gives this to you? We can’t just take anything not knowing who the person who made it” Prince Ynn inquire while looking anxiously at the enchanted small jar

Prince Ianu looks at his worried and sickly brother face, and he starts to tell them the past of how he gets the medicine

“Three years ago, I took your bow and arrow without your permission to try it  I  shot a bunny but I wasn’t able to hit it as it runs faster deep into the wood Lumkyn, as I follow the bunny I  heard an abrupt, fearful scream of a young man then the animalistic growl of a canine followed suit It filled me with fright, but  I found myself running around the wood until I spotted where the shriek had originated from, the terror shook me where I stood at the sight of the giant mysterious evil beasts with horns and evil white eyes their heads have manes and their fang was sharp they resemble to the wolves,  and I was dumbstruck to see a mysterious beautiful red hair man petrified as a massive grey-furred beasts standing in front of him, Tearful and afraid, the young man struggling to move while trembling as the three beasts stalked closer to him who’d fallen back onto his bottom bleeding from his right forearm. Without thinking, I shouted, “ Hey!” and let my arrow fly towards the beast, the young red-haired man looked my way with bow and arrow in my hand, I ran forward, “Get away from him!” I commanded while targeting one of the beasts that growled as it tries to bite down on the back of the man’s neck, and the other two canines only circled back a little to bring some distance, I Suddenly feel strange when seeing the arrow that I shot was melting on the beast body and feels like I am in a wrong place, and at a wrong time to enter the wood in Lumkyn, and one of the wolves looks at me with his monstrous murder eyes suddenly talks with his thunder like voice said to me “you human dare to block our way, you must die” he lunged  at me and I quickly drop my bow and brought the sword to rest across his vulnerable opening. Instead, however, the wolf clamped its fangs down on my weapon and dragged its claws on my face down to my chest and my back got cuts from sharp pebbles on the ground.

We both screamed out in agony but did n’t want to lose the fight. With a deep breath, I see him tries his hardest to ignore his pain in his body and stab the beast’s right eye with the sharp stone causing the beastly wolf to recoil and flinch away as quickly as he could, despite his anguish, the red-haired man found a bow and arrow that I drop on the ground pulling it will all the force he could muster. It hit the wolf at the top of his shoulder. The monster wolf yelped and disappeared in the thin air, and he kills the other beasts with your bow and arrows and the beast who attacks me falls on top of me, and he disappears into thin air, I was shocked to see the person that I’d try to safe able to kill them all which I failed, this beautiful man with your bow and arrows he is able to kill them like an ordinary wild beast. The Person who saves me has the most beautiful eyes, I was surprised when he helps me apply this medicine the injuries heal the moment it touched my skin.” He gives me this small jar and tells me I can use it if I happen to meet an incident like this again in the future, in return I should give him my  bow and arrow which was truly belonged to you my royal brother to protect himself, he told me he travels a lot for his living, he is the one who drops me back home that day, while everyone was searching for me in the woods, I never tell anybody about this incident and about your missing bow before because I am afraid that  you will hate me for stealing it and I’m sorry and ashamed for what I did ”

When the Princess Tauri try to open the cap of the jar she can’t, the doctor tries it too, prince Ianu never used to know that other people cannot open it but only him who can use it, he takes and it easily opens, the medicine was just tiny pearl size small lights rolling out of the jar, Ianu takes few of this small light and crushed the pearls in his fingers and apply it on the injured shoulder, and he takes another shiny light pearl and gives his brother to eat it. They all watch the sick prince as his fever and his coughing with blood stops, he feels his shoulder warm and the doctor too was standing closely just in case something bad happens to the prince, the Prince watch as the light floating on his wounded shoulder after the lights enters his body his wound close like magic he feels no more pain, they were all happy to see the Prince was okay and heal. He decided to rest as he doesn’t want to risk his shoulder, for now, he will listen to his doctor advice.

Prince Ynn forgive and thank Prince Ianu for willing to give this precious treasure for him to use, Prince Ianu too was glad to see the medicine works, and all his guilt feelings gone, he puts the medicine back into his safe place and makes sure not to lose it.
Prince Ynn takes a long bath, while he was in the tub he suddenly sees small sparkling on his shoulder he noticed a beautiful strange writing appear like a tattoo, he touched it its very beautiful and sparkling with tiny lights when looks closely, wondering “what does this mean?” he calls Prince Ianu and asks him if he too gets it.

Prince Ianu eyes widened with surprise at a weird magical tattoo and replying softly “No I didn’t, I did not have it” they both want to know what does this mean


To be continued…


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