Slave of the Victor- Bl, fantasy Chapter 17




The night sky had been sprinkle with tiny beautiful stars, the emperor felt the stardust filling up his insides, it was marvellous to see his child awaken and healthy he remembers Nux warned him not to hunt him down if he cherishes his son and his life, he asks for freedom, if the emperor goes back on his words his child will turn into ashes, and he will suffer a curse forever. The Emperor never wants to run into this cold being ever again, and he agrees and gives him freedom, the Emperor has no idea Nux was the one his nephew hides from him under the fake identity as Sa ke.

Nux was sitting under a skeletal tree with his eyes fixed on the pond as he was playing with magic and boiling the pond to kill all the living things that live in it with his flame, he felt a bit regret; why did he save the General’s head; making himself unable to focus on working to improve his magic and power, he became agitated that he lost the soul of the emperor’s Child which can help him a lot as the soul of the child was of royalty and it was pure and innocent. While he was in deep though prince the general suddenly cupped his face and looked deep into his eyes; he asked doubtfully “how can you be so beautiful… I don’t believe that you’re a guy?”

“Your Highness, you can touch me” Nux replied, lips scrunching with humour “Aren’t you happy that I didn’t take your blood after confirming that I am 100% a man” A playful scowl graced his features

Prince went back to focus on his sparkling red eyes while his hand was busy checking “it’s true you are a guy”

Nux’s face instantly turned red and ask “Don’t you feel disgusted touching me?”

Prince Renius looked at him with a smile and replied politely “No, I didn’t and I swear I will protect you with my life”

Nux was surprised for a moment, he didn’t think the other person would actually say this, then he quickly adjusted his expression and spoke nervously “you don’t know me, I kill so many innocent lives, I kill so many royalties from different parts of the world, aren’t you’re afraid of me, that I might one day make you into super?”

Prince Rinius refocused himself to his eyes and touch his beautiful face and said graceful, “that’s up to you if you have the heart to kill me”
Nux’s eyes shone and whispered “I am 989 years old I have hundreds of lovers and every time I fed up with them I kill them, and they all end up in his stomach” Nux face was beautiful even though he tells him gruesome thing he has done, the general don’t want to listen any more he just hug him, the general looks at him “no matter what you are, or who you are, I will only love you, I am willing to be in a bond with you forever to be you’re and to live and suffer with you forever, I will live and die with you”
Nux was shocked at this man, his love for him was so strong even though he knows everything he still wants to be in a bond with him which can’t be undone if once use it, he has a lot of lovers but no one loved him like this prince the general, he is willing to offer his blood even knowing what will happen to him, Nux was so move and touch, he still not willing to accept his blood because this time he too has feelings for him, and he doesn’t want him to suffer, he wants to protect him, he knows he was hated by society and hated by the World, how can he let this good man to offer his blood and suffer the same calamities as him, he only wants the best and not to let him suffer, or to be hated by the people, he to promise that he will always do his best to protect him from himself.

Nux couldn’t help sighing with admiration, “I have hundreds of lovers as I live a very long life but you are the first person that makes me like this, I don’t want to hurt you, I only want good thing to happen to you, I can tell you this that you are the first person I am in love”

Prince Renius was disappointed that Nux didn’t accept his blood, and he was happy at the same time to know he was the first person he was in love with”

To be continued…. 

And thank you for reading 🙂


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