Slave of the Victor- Bl, fantasy Chapter 16


Slave of the Victor Bl Fantasy Chapter 16 "I don't own the art/image credit to the owner the artist"
Slave of the Victor Bl Fantasy Chapter 16 “I don’t own the art/image credit to the owner the artist”

The general pulls him into his embrace “this wine makes me happy I can see and touch you, I will drink more so that you will not disappear again” the general continues to drink more wine which he has in his hand, Nux tries to let himself off of his arms “Nux even though I know you are not a real person but just my drunkenness that makes me see you here in my arms, please stay as I am lonely, and I am afraid that this is the last time I will get to see you, please don’t destroy my vision of you because I really love you and please let me see you in my arms before I die”

Nux looked at him in surprise “I don’t understand you, why are you acting like this, you the one who left me here alone all these times, and now you suddenly appear in the middle of the night crying and complaining so much, I thought you wanted to ignore and forgets me in this dark hateful room, when you stop visiting me, I was waiting for you, but I never expected to see you broken”

Prince Renius hug him ” this is the most beautiful dream I have in my life, I get to hear that you have been waiting for me, I am willing to die, but I beg you to spare my uncle’s child and take my life instead”

Nux scrunched his brows and nudged the man hugging him, “Renius! Don’t be mistaken, I am the real Nux, not your imagination”.

Renius lay down on the bed and Nux comes to join him, he takes a magical ointment and applies it on Renius’s face to heal the scar that the Emperor did, “I have never thought to meet a person like you, and Arah, I return the Child soul’s back, … Arah said, that I should not kill my Saviour, Renius, you are my Saviour I undo the spell, I don’t want you to lose your head, I am alive till now because of you”

Prince Renius went pale and stunned in shock  to see Nux was sleeping next to him, he thought he was still drunk and his eyes fool him, he closes his eyes again to confirm it, but to his surprise, he saw Nux relaxed expression “are you yourself now Renius?” The general touch Nux and embrace him “it’s really you! Where have you been all these times?”

The man frowned immediately at this and push him “ I never left this room after that day you give me time for myself to stay outside late at night I returned here and never left, you are the one that left me here alone, If I am a human I am long gone of starving” Nux gave him a ferocious expression

Renius scratched his head and studied Nux carefully “I am sorry I left you here on your own I thought you ran away, I came yesterday not knowing that you are here, I just missed you and I came to this room to say my goodbye”

Nux looks at the sad face of Prince Renius and said “I return his soul back he has woken up, I hope your emperor will spare you since his boy is alive, if he doesn’t I will eat the Emperor soul and drink all his blood”

Prince Renius face got to brighten up with joy and gives his thanks to Nux for having mercy on the boy and Nux said that since he has given the Emperor ’Child soul back he should let him go now and never to hunt him again.

Renius’s heart thumped, and he confesses nervously while grabbing Nux’s hand “Please stay with me, I Love You…you are my only love in this life, I swear I will always protect you”

Nux jumped back in surprise, momentarily losing control than his eyes shone, revealing a hidden radiance “PROOF YOUR LOVE FOR ME WITH YOUR BLOOD

The general takes his dagger to cuts himself, Nux had live for many years yet this was the first time something had sparked his interest. Suddenly, he had thought “Prince Renius! Do you really want me to take your blood once I drink the blood that was a voluntary offer, you make a pact with me and it can’t be undone, I don’t want you to be confused, I am giving you a chance to think over it again… I don’t want you to make a pact with me for now”


To be continued…

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  1. I am glad i lived to read this wonderful story!!! I feel B-) I am glad PR says what was in his heart he truely love Nux I can feel it he was not afraid to die for his love lucky Nux was soften and stopped him in time I just pray to all the Gods of the Sea mountains fires winds etc to

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