Slave of the Victor- Bl, fantasy Chapter 14


I don't own the image/art credit to the owner
I don’t own the image/art credit to the owner

Emperor stepped forward and softly called out to him “What is it?”

Prince Renius saw a pair of clear eyes his heart clenched up, and his hands trembled “I am worried about your safety your majesty. You came here without me knowing I have not prepared anything”

The Emperor slowly approached him “this is the General house I believe I am in a safe place”

They drink and play their games the Emperor wins, he knows his nephew was distracted the Emperor lowered his gaze, a little disappointed “Did you know that people in the court said you have changed?” he suddenly asked.

The General Renius stood there blankly with some surprise in his eyes. For the time being, he did not answer the emperor

The Emperor hearing no response from him “I do think the same, these few months your mind was distracted, look a simple game you lose, why do you seem like you no longer the general I knew”

The General crawled forward on his knees and, fiercely knocked his head onto the ground three times.

It seemed he kowtowed so hard that it sent three waves of shock through the ground “Your majesty, I have not changed, it’s just that I am not well and I lost my focus.”

Emperor carefully studied him for a while and said: “I heard there is a place that you keep and not allow anybody to enter, they told me you are hiding a person in that room, some even told me you are hiding Nux!”

Prince Renius firmly shook his head “your majesty, I won’t dare”

Emperor stared at him and said “Take me to that place, I know what Nux’s room will be like”

The general takes him to the room the Emperor looking around ““Hmph, I’ve detected the mustiness of darkness lurking in this room, tell me honestly, who is the person you have been hiding here?”

Prince Renius rubbed his forehead in frustration “the person I brought with me from the city gates, I was planning on making her, my illegal wife”

Emperor carefully observed his face and asks“why do you have to lock her up?”

Prince Renius expression at once frosted up as the emperor fiercely glared at him

“She never wants to be my wife”

Emperor frowned “Bring her here? I want to see that woman”
to be continued….

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14 thoughts on “Slave of the Victor- Bl, fantasy Chapter 14

  1. tbh I dont know whose the bad guy the 👑 emperor or Nux or the General the Prince
    🤓just one thing I know for sure Arah will never have the man
    I Suddenly want to ship the Nux with the emperor 👑

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  2. Thank goodness nobody chatting abt BTS 😃… I was piss off when I see the AN rambling abt dem & Armys too join in… I dont hate BTS it just piss me when I c readers and AN talking abt dem especially when the content of the story slave of the victor so short… BTS should be arrest dey steal millions of hearts look @ our AN too she puts dem(picture and names) in her unrelated content which I see in few of the previous chapters… Sorry AN I dont hate u I just want u to put picture like this one *the emperor* which is relate with your story…
    I am a Kpop lovers I do love BTS but not as much as I love ur blog and ur deabak stories….
    I ship the Nux with the general… its alright for me even if he ends up with gurl but please dont let dat happen… I can’t wait what will happen next when the emperor see him?

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  3. You spoil me!… i was not suppose to be here I should not open it but here I am reading this by convincing myself its okay to read it its short I can do my assignment later my college life is doom if I continue fooling myself like this

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