Slave of the Victor- Bl, fantasy Chapter 13

I don't own the art/image. Credit to the owner
I don’t own the art/image. Credit to the owner


Prince Renius tilted his head in thought and faintly smiled and patted Nux head “ I will take you out today in the garden but just for today and you have to stay inside this room again…you have to disguise as a woman”

Nux agreed as he wants so bad to be free from this room, when he stepped out from a dim light room he covers his eyes with his hand as the sun blinded him only after a few seconds he can see again and said “You promise to take me to your garden, I don’t want to waste my time here, I like to go for a stroll” their servants were surprised to see it was lady Sa he has been hiding all this time

Prince Renius wants to take his hand, but Nux avoids him as if he was hurting and burning every time Renius try to touch him, other servants who are from the other side as well see Nux was avoiding the general, and he doesn’t look happy but tense every time Prince Renius walking beside him. The general feels Nux was uncomfortable, and he is trying to avoid him.

Nux gave general a good look and said: “Are you afraid that I will try to run away?”

Prince Renius ‘s smiling face slightly stiffened. He hurried to explain “Since you are outside, yes, I don’t trust you”

Nux rubbed his forehead in frustration “I will not run, please give me this moment to have my own time with nature.”

The general after hesitating for a while he agrees to let him there on his own. While the general was busy doing his paperwork in his working room, he was shocked to see the Emperor suddenly appears in his room without the servant announces the arrival of the emperor.

He suddenly remembers Nux was in the garden and the Emperor sudden visit he knew the Emperor had to suspect him hiding Nux.

He greets the Emperor and welcomes him, the Emperor asks him to stand up, the emperor comes and looks at his table and takes the document and read it.

Emperor raised an eyebrow looked at General, who was standing beside him “you surprised by my sudden visiting you and not hearing from your servant?… I didn’t allow them to announce me presenting here, I want to see what you are up to. What a shame that you are my favourite Chief General and my family, how long should I wait till you bring him to me?”

“I’m a sorry Imperial uncle, but I still haven’t found him” Prince Renius bowed.

The emperor looks at him” since you denied it if I find Nux in your mansion, you better know nothing good coming for hiding him, you know you will be punished and be imprisoned”

Prince Renius felt his legs go soft when heard the emperor “Yes, I know, that I will be heavily punished, so I won’t dare to”

Emperor smiled and waved it away “comes let us go to your garden and play some games while we have wines”

Prince Renius takes the emperor to the garden he was worried that they might meet Nux, Renius was secretly looking around to see any signs of him, and the emperor was watching him


To be continue…. 

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8 thoughts on “Slave of the Victor- Bl, fantasy Chapter 13

  1. Cliffhanger😓
    Nux was somewhere in the Garden and he met a strange man wearing a strange dress in black suits “Nux I am your godfather, you are in danger the emperor is here you better run now… I am here to help you escape”
    And Nux was free I helped him 🤗
    Please Author find a way to help him using my idea

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