Slave of the Victor- Bl, fantasy Chapter 12



Pouring rain accompanied by the roar of the thunder and strong winds blew the window side to side, causing it to crackle noisily. This dark and sinister place couple with the stale air all around made the scene looked especially eerie, as there were no lights in a room, the occasional lightning would illuminate the old room. Each sword-like lightning flash seems to strike the ground emitting a glaring white light, and accompanied by the deafening sound of the thunder, seems to make Nux wakes up and found he was taken into an old house the room was cold and dark, he still not feeling well he still has body aches all over his body, and he realizes his legs have been shackled with a chain, and he hears footsteps of Prince Renius he pretends to be asleep. The general comes and brings a candle he looks at him for a while and put the candle on the table and put some food for him to eat.

“I don’t know what type of food you eat, I just bought random food, you can tell me what you want,” Prince Renius said dully.

“Why don’t you take me to the Emperor?” Nux spat out, his voice laden with hatred.

He looked at him, his black brows knit into his usual frown, as he thought about how to answer him, “I don’t have the heart to send you to him… I regret that I hurt you please forgive me…”

Nux shook his head and let out a sad chuckle “hmm… I knew you save me just to save your head”

Prince Renius looks at the angry and sad face of Nux and said to him “From today you can’t go out of this room… I don’t want to send you to the emperor and I can’t guarantee that I will be able to save you from him if he knows you are here.”

Prince Renius provides all the necessary things Nux wants, servants were wondering where did most of the young healthy maids disappear and never return every time their Master takes them, and he never let them clean the old abandon Quarter, but he does it himself, someone started to suspect something he must hide in that old forgotten place as he always goes there.

Few servants watch his action in secret they were sure there is somebody in the room, when their master was away they will come to the door to listen, but there is no noise or sound, so they leave after a few days again they see their master runs hurried towards the mystery Quarter he opens and closes the door, these times they decided to eavesdrop the door some of them watch outside and signal them if someone comes they don’t want to be found that they eavesdrop their own master, as they all wondering what’s inside the room that he lock it every time he goes out, his action was very fishy they want to know what their master was hiding.

After so many times trying to eavesdrop, at last, they heard their highness voice talking and asking someone if he still wants more.

They were sure there is somebody inside, they can’t believe he locks up someone in the quarter for a month now, time passes, his servants start to talk about the mystery room that his Highness will spend time and not allow anybody to enter and clean it.

If the rooms need to be clean, he will do it himself, his servants were glad to see their highness never drinks again like he used too his face got brighten and everything change he was very concern about his looks he will adjust his attire and his hair before he unlocks the door.

The brave servants will come again to eavesdrop on him and let others know what they heard they told them that their highness was laughing heartily sometimes they heard a soft voice coming from the inside.
3 months later in the secret place

Nux softly spoke, his voice like a calming lullaby “ I want sunshine, I want to feel the breeze on my skin, I am no different from being in the dungeon in this room Renius, I am dying if I can’t see the light nor feels the breeze”

Prince Renius froze and said carefully “ I am doing this for your own safety, I don’t want to lose you, I know it’s not safe for you to come out of this room”

Nux gazed into his eyes “I know you are doing this for me, that’s why I never ask you to let me go outside, but I… I can no longer stay inside this room I want sunshine, I want to breathe fresh air… see my skin has become pale as I lack sunshine…Renius, now you are not only protecting me but you, imprison me, I am well, I am ready to face the emperor, you don’t have to be afraid that I will die, I can fight my power have returned.”

Prince Renius hug him and said in a warning tone “I don’t want you to see the emperor, I don’t want anybody to touch you I want to keep you for myself…I swore that I will protect you, you belong to me”

“ I WILL NOT RUN AWAY, PLEASE LET ME OUT I WANT TO SEE THE SUN, THE MOON, THE STAR… I want to feel the breeze in my skin” Nux barked harshly.

To be continued…

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