Slave of the Victor- Bl, fantasy Chapter 11

Nux weakly replies “I need a virgin’s life”

Prince Renius was shocked to hear this, he went out to his maids’ room to look for a virgin from his residence and bring her to Nux in the middle of the night to sacrifice the unlucky maid.

Nux raised his injuring hand the maid was elevated in the air she screams in pain, as her blood comes out of the body in the form of crimson red glittering clouds of dust and it landed and vanished in his hand, his hand becomes flawless.

Sorry for my poor drawing, but this is how Nux /Sa kills the virgin maid to heal his hand- Slave of the victor Bl fantasy
Sorry for my poor drawing, but this is how Nux /Sa kills the virgin maid to heal his hand- Slave of the victor Bl fantasy

Nux comes closer to her; he softly spoke, his voice like a calming lullaby. ‘Child! Don’t be afraid, you will no longer feel the pain! And thank you for the life you gave… I will bless your family… and end your life” Nux said sweetly her whole body turns into glittering dust and vanish.

The General wakes up and went to check on Nux who was still sleeping, he was pale but not worse like last night, the general to wants to lie down, but he has to force himself to go to the morning court.

While he was changing into his proper cloth to attend the court, he doesn’t know what to do with Nux, he doesn’t dare to bind him with a spell, and he doesn’t dare to leave him there unbind, he knows Nux will surely run away, so he shackles him with the ordinary one.

In the court, they all give their report to the emperor after the court dismissed the emperor calls his nephew again and ask him, he heard that he went to meet a priestess to ask charms from her. He tells the emperor, he did, he is just preparing in case he will need it when he encounters him.

Emperor looked at him and said, “I see you look terrible, are you sick?”

“I don’t feel well”

Upon hearing what he said, the Emperor took a sip of the wine and told the man

“You are my Chief general, I don’t want you to get sick, you can rest, let your trusted subordinate carry the task I give, … you are tired and exhausted I don’t want it to affect your health. Let my imperial doctor check on you.”

The Doctor report to the emperor that the General was having a high fever, and he needs rest he has exhausted. The emperor gives him leaves till he is well to return to his post.
To be continued…

Oh my goodness, I’m actually so scared you will hate this story right now haha… you have no idea how hard it was me to draw this… I haunted for photos to use how the maid dies in Nux’s hand but nothing fit what I wanted…. I Had to draw it on my own T ___T

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