Slave of the Victor- Bl, fantasy Chapter 9


I don't own the image credit to the artist the owner
I don’t own the image credit to the artist the owner

Nux know this is his best moment to feed on this young strong prince, he was debating with himself should he finish him tonight? What about the guards outside he can’t run away if they captured he will be taken to the Priestess, the mages and the Spiritual Masters to be torture and kill by them.

The prince pulls Sa towards the bed “Sa! I respect you, I am just asking you to rest on the other side of the bed, you don’t have to be afraid I am not a wolf, I would not do to you anything, I just want you to be comfortable and rest I will put a pillow in the middle of my bed so you can sleep comfortably.”

Nux can’t stop laughing when he heard the Prince, he went to the left side of the bed and sleep, he looks at the general who was still standing, and he tapped on the right side of the bed, Nux puts pillows in the middle creating boundaries on the bed, the general to changes into his sleeping clothes, and he sends all the maids to go and have their rest.

In the middle of the night, Prince Renius see she was deeply asleep he carefully removed the hair strands from her face and looks at her beauty, “Sa I’m sorry I break my promise that I would not touch you” he moves forward and steal a kiss.

He was happy after he does that, he continued to look at her for sometimes “Sa, you so beautiful, you are more beautiful without your makeup, I like to look at your natural beauty all day, Sa! Please falls for me as I fall for you, I want to be your husband and you will be my wife, my only wife, I will wait till you are ready to be mine” he watches her and falls asleep.

Nux slowly opens his eyes, he heard each and every word he said and knows that this prince had stolen a kiss from him, he slowly opened his eyes and look at the handsome chisel young brave prince next to him, he was surprised when he heard the word that this prince told him he likes to look at him with his natural beauty, he realized that his makeup has long been removed, and this Prince see his face, he watches the Prince for a long time and said softly “Prince! You must be a blinded you still can’t recognize me?”


Arah after know about her father’s new family she never wants to go back to the city, but she often thinks about Nux she has no idea if he is still in the General place or not, her cousin Sa (real Sa) see her daydreaming now and then, and she often asks her what’s the matter, she always easily gets distracted, she never tells anybody about her dangerous encounter she met in her life, she nearly loss her life in the criminal’s hand and later she nearly makes their family wiped out, she was lying to the royal member, she still lives in fear till now, she didn’t know when will soldier comes to punish and kill them, she always asks her mother that they should move out of this village, but she never tells them the truth what she did, she had made her promise to the Criminal to never tells anyone about him.

It’s been three days now since the last time she gets news from the General messenger that she should not worry her sister (Nux/ Sa) has been taken by the General, till now she doesn’t know if he was arrested again or still pretending to be her cousin Sa. She feels guilty every time she looks at her innocent cousin Sa, who have no idea there is a dangerous person using her identity.

Arah feels her sin burden her every day, her whole clan were in danger because of her love for the criminal who doesn’t even love her, she hates herself, she wants to travel to the city to check about that criminal her cousin always wants to follow her and see the city herself.

Arah knows it’s not good to come to the city with her cousin as she doesn’t know what happens in the city, she doesn’t dare to risk her cousin’s life, she was afraid that criminal will do something bad with her cousin’s identity.

So, she tells her cousin (real Sa) they will travel next year when they have enough money, she never wants her cousin to find out the reason she doesn’t want to travel to the city.


See you again in Chapter 10

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  1. It was the kiss of a general I’m exciting he kiss him whom he thought it was a beauty he kisses her as a man who had waited for the moment, he feared that it would never come again.凸(¬‿¬)凸 … the first kiss can be terrified

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