Slave of the Victor- Bl, fantasy Chapter 8


I don't own the image/art credit to the owner
I don’t own the image/art credit to the owner

After the doctor’s left, the General comes and look at Sa closely, “Sa! I already send my men to let your sister not to worry about you”

Nux looks at the General to see if he carries that stuff with him or not, after he sees it was safe he comes closer to the General to seduce him he needs blood as he was in great pain from his hand injury which he gets last time, his wounds from his hands have started to spread and become worst, it always makes him sleepless from pain and weak, he has difficulty in breathing, he knows he was sick his wounds have become bigger and bigger, and to cure himself he needs royals blood a strong and healthy person like the General himself.

He looks at the General thinking how should he do it to get his blood, he knows it’s not easy to kill someone like him, if he makes mistakes he will end up dying, and he has many strong guards with him, all his premises was heavy guards, he cannot escape if he kills him, and he was not confident that he can fight this strong man
With his power, and he was already suffering, his mind was busy planning, then suddenly the General hugs him “Sa! What are you thinking? You can tell me I will help you?” Nux see this General still holding him tight, and he feels the general’s blood flow and his heartbeat, suddenly his hand was unbearably painful, and he holds his hands as he was screaming in pain.

He feels the pain from his hand as if his hands going to fall, his forehead was cover with tiny perspiration, he became pale, he loses his strength and faint, Prince Renius see her hand was bandaged, he calls for a doctor to treat her injury

The doctor sees the wound and blood of this person is not ordinary, and he remembered how this person control and talks to him by hypnotizing him, he was wondering “who is this? What is he?” He is so abnormal not like a human his blood was red but different from the human blood, and he has neither pulse nor heartbeat.

His body hair was standing he was sure this person is not human but some supernatural being. He swallowed his saliva, and he becomes deathly pale, he comes out from the room and the General asked him about Sa condition he was shocked to see this great doctor face, he was covered in sweat and pale ” I’m sorry your highness, this lowly servant can’t help to cure Sa’s injury, I have never seen such injury that causes her hand like that”

The General asked him to work hard and finds her treatment, he comes into the room to look at Sa who was still struggling in pain and agony from the hand injury, he doesn’t know what to do to help her, he just comes and hugs her.

The General had asked the doctor to give her painkiller but it’s useless, it’s not helping.

Nux/Sa was in torment his hair lightly loosened and his makeup gone, his bare face was seen he has lost consciousness, while he was unconscious, the general wiped his sweat from his forehead and wiped his face, all the makeup gone and his natural beautiful face was seen, his heart skip a beat, Sa was more beautiful with no makeup on, he can’t describe this beautiful delicate face, he was thinking “how can Sa be this beautiful even though she was currently very sick?”

He removes all her hairpin and let her long hair loose, to let her sleep peacefully.

Sa was conscious till night-time, he sees the General was sitting beside him fall asleep on his bedside. He tries to get up but the General was awakened too, he smiles happily when he sees Sa was okay, he helps her to sit and ask her “How you feel?”

Nux smile back to see this General this prince really treat Sa good, but he can’t do anything for this kind General, he can’t return his love for him. He was not Sa, he too doesn’t know what does that real person who called Sa looks like.

It was tough to see this busy great man was willing to look after this fake woman and to lose his sleep because of her, even though he knows that Sa didn’t love him.

Nux just watches this great general who was also a Prince was busy preparing to give food and medicines for him, when the General was about to feed him, he doesn’t open his mouth but takes the spoon and eat it himself.

Prince Renius was holding his bowl, when he finished he smiled and said he was thankful for him, Nux doesn’t want to kill this person, so he decided to avoid this General he didn’t want the General to fall in love with this fake woman Sa, he was afraid the General will get hurt and punish the Ke family when he meets the real woman who called Sa.

He looks out and see it was already so late, he looks around and realize this room was not the same Quarter that he used to live as a guest, but he was in the resident of the Prince Quarter, he looks at the chamber the expensive blanket and the bed and realize he was in the General’s bedroom, he feels bad for this General losing his sleep because he was sleeping on his bed.

The General realize what Sa was thinking and said “Sa! Don’t worry about me” Nux smiles and gets down from the bed pulling the General to the bed, while Sa was sitting on the Chair this time, prince Renius understand she wants him to rest and sleep, he calls her to sleep next to him.

See you in Chapter 9 😀

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