Slave of the Victor- Bl, fantasy Chapter 7


I don't own the image/art credit to the owner
I don’t own the image/art credit to the owner

Nux comes down as Sa, and walk in the city alone, gangs come to molest her, nobody dares to help everyone were afraid as they know who those people were, they were from the rich family.

Nux looks at each one who dares to touch him, he doesn’t even want to feed on them their blood is of low quality, he warns them that he will kill them, those rich gangs were laughing while they were touching his beautiful flawless face, they speak dirty at Sa, while they were enjoying, an arrow hit one of the unlucky guy’s hand, a booming voice said ” how dare you to touch her with your filthy hand?”

They know him they were out of their wits, and they all beg forgiveness from the Prince the general, he warns them, and he was no longer looking at them he waved his hand, and they left his presence and run away.

The general comes and asks her “why are you alone? Where is your sister?” Nux communicated with sign language telling him her sister was not her she has to handle some business, Nux looks at the general and sees that the Jade was not around him he can’t help smiles of happiness to see him comes in the right time and pretend to be afraid and collapse.

The prince carries Sa and takes her with him, he was worried and called for a physician to check her health, when the doctor examines the patient he was confused.

Sa holds the Doctor’s hands and said don’t be confused he was right that he was a man, but the general prefer him to be in a woman attire and told him to acts normal to avoid people’s gossiping.

Sa warns him not to tell anyone if he still wants his life, and not to let the general know that he tells him about their secret, the Doctor agreed as he believes this beautiful patient words he can understand why their great General falls for this beauty, he too has never seen anyone so delicate and beautiful like him.

The doctor never used to know that the general likes men, and to hide it from others he will make his partner disguise as a woman, all men will fall for him, but they can’t get him he was already been claimed by the Prince, nobody dares to look at this beauty, he remembers how the general reaction when he sees this patient was lying unconscious, he believes the general really love his man.

When the doctor comes out of the room he said to the General “she is alright, he has no need to fear”, he gives his prescription, the General wants to ask if he can cure her suffering with her dumbness, he will reward him, the doctor was confused and think maybe his highness was testing him to find out if he knows their secret, and he knows it’s not good to know about the secret of royal and noble, it means death, so he didn’t tell the General that his lover had already told him everything he just said “I will try my best to treat and cure her”.

The General was happy and his eyes were bright, and he happily tells her “Sa! He will treat you from now on”, the doctor sees how good this Prince with his acting it looks so real, he feels like this prince was genuinely happy and waiting to hear his lover’s voice.

The Doctor knows this is dangerous and risky for him, he keeps his eyes at Sa asking for help.

Sa understands and smiles at the doctor she gives her hand again to the doctor to feel her pulse. He starts to examine her pretend like he knows nothing about this General’s lover.

The doctor was very confusing at first when he tried to feel the pulse beats he could not feel it but this time he confirmed this person was not normal like everyone, he doesn’t have a pulse, he can’t feel it.

He looks at Sa’s eyes and Sa hypnotize him he sees him in another realm, not in this world, the patient have a strange beautiful colourful eyes he told him ” just tells him, you can make me speak, don’t tell him I am helping you, if you still want to live” he was again back into reality, and he stands up and said to the General ” your Highness, I will treat her, I am confident that I can cure her, I already find her problem”

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