SLAVE OF THE VICTOR – Bl, Fantasy Chapter 6


I Don't own the image credit to the artist, the owner
I Don’t own the image credit to the artist, the owner

Prince Renius was busy with his work, his man comes and inform him that his two guests are packing, he tells him to keep an eye on them and not to let them know that they have been followed.

Nux feels wrong that Prince the general allowed them to leave after his confession to him three days ago. He tells Arah they should go and look for the general to thank him, for his hospitality.

Arah thanks the General, but Prince Renius ask them why they want to move out? The decree has not been put down, they cannot return to their home to their village.

The General looks at the beautiful lady next to Arah and asks her ” SA! Are you feeling uncomfortable because of me?” Sa looks at the jade his wearing, and he sees where Sa was looking and said to her ” Sa, I have something for you before you leave”

Nux feels sick to think what this general wants to give him, the General took out the beautiful dagger that has half of the broken Jade on it, Nux wrote and said he can’t accept it, its too precious and important to the general, the general feels angry and disappointed to see this beautiful lady rejected him, in front of people, he has never been humiliating like this, so many women want to be noticed by him, but this dumb villager dare to reject him, he wants to show her what it meant to reject him

Nux see this handsome prince change his face and it burns with anger, he glares at her with his monster eyes ” you lowly woman dare to reject my goodwill for you, I will not let you go”

Arah was afraid, and she begs forgiveness from the general on behalf of her sister “your highness forgive my younger sister, she didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, she is just afraid that this is just her dream that you look at her because she never used to be love by any men before”

Nux looks at Arah, trying to protect him even though she might die any moment for lying to the general the Prince.

The General feel happy to hear Arah said that, he looks at Sa again and pulls her into his arms “Sa I’m sorry if I scare you, I don’t know what comes over me, when you told me you can’t accept my gift, I know you don’t want to take my token of love for you, I will take good care of you, I promise you, I will never let you suffer”

Nux try to push away the general’s body from him he doesn’t want to be in contact with the Jade, the General thought she was angry at him, he put his strength to hold Sa and force her, she slapped him his men were surprised to see she dare to raise her lowly hand, Arah was speechless and was ready to die now, the moment Sa raised her hand at the beautiful white chisel handsome face.

The general allows them to leave the Quarter. Arah thanks him for his kindness, and she pulls Sa away from the general sights as fast she can before he changes his mind, the general continues to do his work, but he finds it hard to focus as his cheek still feel the burning pain that he gets from the woman he likes.

Arah was relieved to see that they are away from Prince Renius place. They went to the Lan-inn to book two room for them. Everyone in the city admires Sa beauty.

Arah went to search for her father while Nux will find a way to escape on his own. She doesn’t want to leave him, but she has no options she needs to find her dad before she spent out all the money she has.

After days of searching, she starts to find clues of her father’s whereabouts, she was overjoyed to hear that people told her the last two days they met the man with the name she is looking, he was selling them precious gemstones, after a moment of joy she feels angry and hateful at him for leaving her and her mother these two years.

She starts to suspect if he is alive, then it means he has a new family here in the city, she never expected to hear about him doing well. She decided not to return home till she meets him

Few days pass she sees him from afar, he has no idea his daughter was watching him, he is selling gems stones and golds, tears fall down from her beautiful eyes to see him doing well, she follows to his new house, and she saw him kissing a woman and carry his 1 years old son. She knows that was her little brother from a rich family unlike her poor mother

She was angry and sad, she decided to stop hiding and come forward to meet him “you look happy, is she your wife?” Her father was shocked to see her and ask her ” why are you here?” Her eyes wet with tears, “I nearly lost my life while I was looking for you, I spend my last money to find you, I thought you were in trouble and I need to help you in any ways I can, I even thought you might be in jail for money debt, but thing turns out like this you are rich and happy, why did you not let us know, why did you hurt mom?

“So this dirty peasant girl is your daughter!… you! If you need money to go back home, I will give you but don’t ever come back, here again, I will give you money as much as you like and forget that he is your father, he will no longer be your father, he is my son father” Ayane said with a spiteful smile

“father why don’t you say something, you heard what she said to me!” Arah shouted

Taking a slow step in her direction “Arah! Tell your Mom, I will no longer coming back, you better go back to the village and look after your mother, I am sorry for putting you in this condition. I will give you money to take to your mother, I will send my men to drop you home, so nothing will happen to you”

Arah’s eyes widened “Repulsive creature! You don’t even care to ask me who try to kill me?”

“ENOUGH! I will send my men to take you home” her father voice echoed loudly causing her to spring two feet back at the sound of it.

“Why don’t you drop me home yourself? I am your daughter, Mom has been missing you, come and tell her yourself, I will never come back to disturb you and your family” Arah barked in his face

He decided to go and drop her to the village, she lives with him for a day while he prepares all the necessary documents with the seal to travel out of the city.

After 4days ride they reached the village, her mother was happy to see her daughter returns, she was overjoyed to see her husband, but after some time, she was a heartbreak to know her husband wants to divorce her as he has a new family in the city. He didn’t stay long; he just left with his men to return to his new family.

See you again in next chapter 😊

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