SLAVE OF THE VICTOR – Bl, Fantasy Chapter 5


I don't own the image credit to the owner, the artist
I don’t own the image credit to the owner, the artist

Prince Renius comes toward Nux and Nux recoiled until his back pressed against the wall “ Sa! You can have this half to you if you feel sorry for what you did, I will keep the other half”

Nux was crying inside for afraid of this thing that he cannot show it to the general, he doesn’t want him to suspect him of not being human, he has to act normal, but he doesn’t dare to take it with his bare hand, it will burn him, he just hugs the general to distract him after doing that he writes down that he wants the general to embed it into one of his daggers and present it for protection.

The general think this is a good idea as he really wants to protect this woman he just met a few weeks ago, he never thought that one day he will want to share his precious heirloom with someone else. He was happy that Sa had hugged him a moment ago, and she has stayed with him the whole night.

Sa wants to go away from this room, he can’t risk staying any longer, he walks towards the door, the general thought she was shy and wants to step out from his room, the servants where shock to see Sa coming out from the general’s room, they don’t dare to say anything but just greet like they normally used to greet the guest of their master

Nux was angry at himself for failing to feed on the General who has royal blood, and he looks at his hand and saying, “ If only I did it last night, I would not get hurt, damn that jade, I regret not killing you”

Arah with her puffiness eyes sees his white longhand has wounded she takes some ointment and apply it on his wounded hand, the distance was so close that Arah could clearly felt the heat of the other person’s breath “how did it happen? And where have you been last night?”

“Why are you always helping me even when I don’t ask for your help?” there was only a frozen cold that filled the youth’s eyes and arrogantly looking down at her like she was a bug and ready to crush her anytime.

Arah saw his cold face and took the initiative to be friendly she smiles like a spring flower blooming “I don’t know I can’t just stand and leave you like this”.

Her action made him unable to brush everything away. Hence, a faint sense of guilt seemed to give birth in his heart and his voice became softer “I think it’s better for us to leave this place, the General would soon find out about me, we cannot stay here any longer”

Arah glanced out the window and blinked away “Where have you been last night? I didn’t see you this morning when I wake up?”

Nux glanced out the window as well noticing the puffiness of her eyes ” I’m with the General… Arah, I see that you have fallen for me even though you know I am a wanted criminal you have a chance to run away.”

She huffed a laugh “Yes, I have but I will do anything to be with you”

Without taking his eyes off her “Did you forget that you came to this city to search for your father? ” He said in a near whisper.

Arah’s voice was trembling “I didn’t forget, I am searching and protecting you at the same time.”
To be continued…

Happy New year! My dear readers 😊
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