SLAVE OF THE VICTOR – Bl, Fantasy Chapter 4


I don't own the picture credit to the owner this will be Prince Renius
I don’t own the picture credit to the owner… this will be Prince the General Renius

Sa stay still for a while in his embrace as he doesn’t know what to do, he doesn’t dare to say anything he can’t blow his secret yet, he acts along he looks up at Prince Renius and smiles back he gives him more alcohol to drink. Nux sits next to him and looks at him when he sees the General falls deeply asleep and said: “I am not a woman; you should have said this to Arah!”

After three hours later, Nux helps the general to lie down his head on the table “What should I do? I want to feed on you. You better let your hand go when I count to 10” He starts counting from 1 to 10 but the General unconscious moves closer to him and said “Don’t leave me like everyone did, you will be the only wife for me” Nux stop counting and smirk, he bends down to his ear ” tsk… idiot how can I become your wife, let me tell you something, I am not a woman, I am not Sa,… Sa is Arah’s cousin name my real name is Nux, your Emperor’s enemy, your peoples enemy, I will wait till you wake up and be my next prey”

In the morning the Prince wakes up, he looks around and see Sa was sitting and resting her head on the cold wall, he feels sorry for her for making her sit there the whole night to accompany him, he tried to wake up without waking her up, but the moment he tries to touch her, Sa opened her eyes and stands up from the place she was sitting.

The General sees his broken jade on the table, and he went to pick it up and comes toward Sa and hand it to her, but the moment the jade lay on her hand she drops it as she feels her hand was burning, she hides her hand from Prince Renius, the general was angry when he sees that Sa throw it, but he tries to stay calm “That is the last thing I get from my mother and it’s very precious to me, I was shot with a poisonous arrow but this jade have saved my life when I was 8 years old, the arrow stock on this jade which my mom gives me “.

Nux just stares at that object while listening to him. When Prince Renius pick it up from the floor, Nux avoid Prince Renius hand, he was afraid of it.

Prince Renius looks at Sa sadly his voice got fainter “you broke it again”
Nux still pretends to be a dumb Sa, and he writes down “I’m sorry I broke it, your highness, I will do whatever I can to compensate you”

Prince Renius fiercely growled, “How?” His shining dark blue eyes held his large almond ones

Nux tensely bit his lower lip so hard that it was almost bleeding as he stared unwaveringly at Prince Renius and writes down “I will travel the world to find the same identical jade for you”

Prince Renius shook his head slightly and scoffed “even if you find one I will not accept it, it’s not from her and this broken one had saved my life.”
to be continued…

Sorry that this Chapter is kinda short and kinda late, but I’ve been in a really weird mood and couldn’t really get myself to write :/
The Picture here is NOT MINE I got it from Google

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