SLAVE OF THE VICTOR – Bl, Fantasy Chapter 3

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Artwork does not belong tome credit to the owner the artist
Artwork does not belong to me, Credit to the owner the artist

Nux after remove his makeup he takes his clean sets of robes and walks to the bathroom “it’s uncomfortable to be in this, and I am tired of cross dresses I want to put on my own robes”

“you can’t change” Arah raised her sharp voice while trying to put on a commanding tone

“If your brain is functioning well Arah then you will have realized that your attitude right now will make me want to kill you… you do not have the right to raise your voice on me and it’s already night-time, there will be no one coming in” Nux said as he glared at Arah who was now looking at the ground and wouldn’t dare to lift up her head as she said “but still we have to be cautious, did you forget where we are?”

Nux eyed her disbelievingly and further made Arah distressed and anxious “there is no one here just us all the servants are gone to their rooms”

Nux can’t sleep, so he wakes up as it was too hot he wants some fresh air he walks around like he uses to walk in this few days as he walks he decided to walk a further distance this time and to check this place since he can do freely at night-time, he was surprised to see the General here, and he was drinking alone outside and looking at the piece of a broken jade which was the only thing he gets from his mother before she was killed, he let out a sad expression “Mother! You don’t have to be sad any more, you can rest in peace, Uncle gets what he deserves, and he suffered a lot.”

Nux wants to know more he tries to come closer to listen and watch him, but he realizes the General was aware that there is someone around, and he commands him to come forward, Nux doesn’t move but keeps on hiding

“Sa! I know it’s you, you don’t have to hide, come out I know you have been watching me from behind the tree” Prince Renius said as he half rose from his seat, after a few moments he walks toward where Nux was hiding, he has to avoid the Prince, he regretted that he removed his attire and makeup; he wants to run away from that place, but he realizes the Prince was so drunk, and he knows he would not be able to recognize him, Nux comes out with his hair loose.

Prince Renius was so drunk, and he cannot look properly, and he tries to smile the gentlest smile, as he doesn’t want Sa to be afraid of him.

Prince Renius tries his best to show Sa that he means no harm when he calls her, he pulls her gently from her hands towards him ” Sa! Please don’t be afraid of me, I will not harm you, I know you didn’t mean to spy on me, you just happen to be there, and I want you to know, that I am very happy to see you, I didn’t expect you will be still here, I know that you didn’t mean to disturb me, you can’t speak but I want to confess to you that I love you”.

Sa sits and writes down on the ground with his beautiful long white finger, “I am not meant for a great man like you”

The dunked General pulls Sa and hugs her “you the only woman I love, you don’t have to be afraid that you will suffer, I will protect you with all my heart, I will give you anything you want if you’re willing to be my wife.

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None of the artwork in this story belongs to me, I got it from the internet, so all credit goes to the artist.

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