SLAVE OF THE VICTOR – Bl, Fantasy Chapter 2

The artwork is NOT my Creation, all credit goes to the artist- Thanks The picture is how I picture Nux
The artwork is NOT my Creation, all credit goes to the artist- Thanks The picture is how I picture Nux

Arah and Nux have been staying in this south Quarter for 3 weeks now which is four miles away from the mansion of Prince Renius the General of Kyl, they come and go as they wish in this given quarter for them

Arah search her father by asking people around if they know anything about him

Nux was holding a venomous snake which he caught in nearby of this Quarter since the time he arrived here, and he loves to spend time playing with it he saw Arah was in a gloomy mood he takes the snake and put it on her lap, Arah’s eyes were wide with horror and screams out of fear, he laughs maniacally and asks her if she wants his help, she rejects and tell him not to worry about her and to worry about himself, he needs plans to escape the city.

The scowl on Nux face was so twisted, he hardly looked human he angrily withdrew the snake from her and offers her a glass of water to calm her down “Arah! I can help you if you let me drink your blood”

“What?!” Her eyes widened considerably. Was he high? “You are worst at jokes, you can drink this water if you are thirsty”

With lightning-fast speed, Nux grabbed Arah by the neck and began to squeeze “Arah! FOR ME, BLOOD IS MY WATER TO QUENCH MY THIRST AND SOUL IS MY FOOD TO GIVE ME STRENGTH” Nux shouted in her face. She struggles in pain, and she was desperate to free herself from his iron grip but Nux refused to let go, and she lost her conscious.

Moments later, Arah found herself standing in a strange wonderful cold land in what appeared to be in the Snowing Mountain on the edge of the cliff. A small ball of Amber coloured light appeared before her in a blink, it hovered for a while before zooming forward at a moderate speed and see the light lead her to a Bloody Red Colorful long hair handsome Celestial being who wear in full red long beautiful unique robes with his snowy white flawless like a white jade skin with deep natural red lips she asks him in a small voice which sounds more like she mumbled to herself if not have a sharp sense of hearing “What are you?”

He walks slowly around her and finally, he came to a stop and stared her in the eye he gives her a dirty look. Rather, it was more of glare by this point in the conversation “I am Tangha Being of Makedonia… A SOUL EATER!” He spat as he glared at Arah who was now looking at the ground and wouldn’t dare to lift up her head as she said “Forgive me” She wakes up after experienced enough Spirit travel, she touched her neck and glad she was alive and back to reality the real world.

The expression on the Nux’s face was cold he stares at her like a knife “I am not sure that I will spare you, you still get a chance if you report me. I can’t escape and you will be free if you tell them the truth” he said with spitefully smile.

“I don’t want to break my promise,” Arah said, just as annoyed at him as she was sure he was at her

He tried staring her down but her gaze didn’t waver even in the least bit “Repulsive Creature! You are such a clueless mortal… your life is just like this snake. You are at my mercy and I can kill you as easily as this” In one swift move, he snapped the neck of his favourite snake who was his favourite pet now for three weeks.

to be continued...

I want to thank you all so much for likes and comments! I’m honestly so grateful for every person that takes their time to read this… You guys are awesome ❤
Aslo the artwork I got it from internet, I think it fit perfectly with my character, so credit goes to the artist
Hopefully, you enjoyed this chapter ❤

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15 thoughts on “SLAVE OF THE VICTOR – Bl, Fantasy Chapter 2

  1. Yeah! My favourite character already I don’t care who Nux or SA was as long even if he is cruel being just by knowing he is from Makedonia its more like a sequel to me personally from from your first Novel… I don’t know why I am glad not knowing the old character will appear or not but I am satisfy seeing a familiar country Nux is from Makedonia and he is one of Soul Eater it reminds me of Character Zebed, is he one of his decendant?

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  2. Hello where is my comment?
    Why I didnt see it?
    Waw T~T am crying again why does my comment appear?
    Please write longer chapter like the previous chapter. I dont want short chapter it make me want to know more. Plz update soon

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  3. I am sad I didnt see General Renius here… I dont like Arah stolen the whole chapter… hate her already, I dont like her sticking with him please Nux kill her so she will not distract you in your heart later I hate coming in between them. Hope she die in the next chapter

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