Status:- Completed (my original story) Story by :- Fa fantasynovel1
Things you should know before readingit is about the relationship of Male Characters. I re-wrote/ fixed parts of this first Chapter and I changed the title of this story from “Enchanted” to Slave of the victor”. So. if this is your second time reading my Story, don’t be confused if you remember things differently. No, you’re not crazy… I’m still in the learning process so as usual, if some words don’t come across easily, be patient as the story unfolds and much is learned and there will be a lot of grammar mistakes. English is not my first language. So, bear with me and keep supporting me to write more…Any comment & likes are appreciated as it is kind of encouragement for me 🙂


Summary:- Nux was a runaway prisoner, and he had to disguise himself by cross-dress as a woman with a new identity as Sa through Arah’s help who was his hostage. The general who was supposed to capture him fells in love with him thinking Nux was a beautiful dumb woman. After few weeks of his staying in the General place the general (Renius) suspect Sa was not a lady but an escaped prisoner who he was supposed to capture, he finds out Nux secret that he was not of this world, and he still loves and protects him, Nux was touch by his action.

Soon a war breaks between a two great Kingdom and Nux follows Renius to Pra border and on the duel between the God of War Prince Ynn and the general Renius, Nux understands Renius will die in the hands of the cold prince he took the arrow and shot him. Nux challenge Prince Ynn to fights him and free Renius. The God of War was surprised to see this soldier was not strong, and he was brave to challenge him.

Nux loses in the fight and taken as a slave of Prince Ynn, Prince Ynn order his men to brutally torture him and to make sure he dies painfully and slowly with the most horrible way. After weeks past the doctors cannot cure prince Ynn of his injury which Nux cause him, he becomes worse and worse day by day. He was wondering how did his long-lost bow and arrow end in the hand of that man whom he has never seen or met before, and why his injury never heals with ordinary medicine and why his wounds turn into a charming tattoo later. He decided to know the man and finds out more about him.

Let us finds out how Prince Ynn (God of War) and Nux story goes… I hope you will enjoy the story as much as I enjoy writing it 


Chapter 1

In a far village of the Pyn city lives a budding beauty name Arah , she sees her mother worried that her husband for not returning home now for two years, Arah decide to go and search for him in the city of Pyn, her mother did not want to let her go she was afraid to lose her only child, she assured her mother she will return soon

Arah asks a favour of her most loving and sweet innocent cousin whose name was “Sa” to accompany her mother while she was gone, she promises Sa she will bring her something good from the city when she returns.

The next morning she rides on her horse, her mother prays that her daughter to be safe, after her long lonely journey in the woods Arah arrives in the city of Pyn in the late evening she was tired and exhausted after her 4days ride, people around her look at her as they can tell she has travelled a long journey her white robes change colour because of the dust, her hair looked more like a manic chicken, with stray strands bobbing up and down frantically. She went to look for an inn to stay and rest for the night in the soft and warm bed.

Slave of the victor

I don’t own the image credit to the artist.

After getting a room, she cleanses and throws herself on the bed and on the next day she went out to see the city, she likes so many things, but she doesn’t dare to spend money to the unnecessary thing before she finds her dad, she sees crowds gathering and read the notification, and she saw that under the sketch picture it’s written “WANTED” a criminal has escaped and whoever gets him will be highly rewarding.

She returns to the inn and went to the room to collect her stuff, the moment she steps her foot in the room somebody from behind her covers her mouth with the strong smell of bloody hand that covers her mouth and nose, her round eyes opened wide, her pupils dilated in fear, she feels a cool sharp edge of a dagger on her neck. She feels her insides quake with fear, she wants to cry out for help, but she knows the moment she does that she will lose her life, she stays calm and not dare to move or try to fight back. After a few seconds the man asked her not to cry, or she will lose her life, he let his hand off from her mouth, her face was smeared with sticky blood. He asks her to sit, and she does as he says. She obeys him and did exactly as he told her, she sees his gaze was too murderous.

She was screaming out of fear in her head and her heart beat faster when she sees his face, it was the escaped prisoner, she saw a few moments ago, he turns her chair towards him, she can’t believe that she will die so soon without finding her father. She closed her eyes as she was trembling and with a shaking voice, she begs him not to kill her, she told him she was willing to give everything she has, and she promises that she will keep her mouth shut.

The criminal looks at her and cuts the strands of her hair from the left side, she closes her eyes and beg him with all her life to spare her as she doesn’t want to die, she has so many things to do, she can’t die yet, she tells him to take everything she has included her horse.

He agrees to spare her only if she is coming with him, she doesn’t want to, but out of fear of losing her life she is willing to follow him for now as his hostage, she needs time to plan for her escape later on. He ties her hand, feet and ties her mouth, he went in the bathroom to wash all the blood, he comes out half naked and asked her some of her clothes and her makeup, she can’t believe how can he be so handsome even though he just escapes from the dungeon. He feels she was staring at him, and he turns and asks her if she knows how to apply makeup on him, she has to transform him to look like a real woman for his disguise. She nodded she can. He comes closer to her after staring at her for a few moments, and he said to her if she dares to make him like a drag queen, she will lose her life. She was sweating while she tries her best to put makeup to transform him into a woman for his disguise to escape the city and not being caught. He wears her cloth and asks her to tell others that he was her sister, and he is mute.

They went out of the inn; the criminal has taken all her money and valuable things. He tells her that he has not been eaten, and he is hungry, he asks her to follow him and to make an order on his behalf. While he was eating guys look and whistle at him, they all called him a pretty lady with a big appetite.

She smiles as she heard this, but she froze when he looks at her


Arah and the Criminal arrive in the City gate and the soldiers have been doing the search to each and every traveller if they might help to hide the criminal, the soldier comes to them, Arah and the Criminal gets down from their horse, the soldier looks and check, they don’t recognize him, even though they look at him for a long time, as they were about to let them leave the city gate, a stunning general arrive and ask them to halt, he wants to check personally, the general can’t keep his eyes from this young pretty lady which attracts him from far, and he asks them what family where they.

Arah bowed “We are Ke family”

The General’s glare locked on Sa, he sees that her face was discomfort and distress, he asks the soldiers if they have to check them, the soldiers said they finish and nothing there to suspect. The general can already fill with intense hatred, boring into his body. The general circles around them talking and showing extreme disdain

General sighed to Arah and shook his head dramatically, “The imperial decreed arrives that we should not let anyone go out of the city gate without the proper documentation with a seal that you get permission to leave the city, you can’t go yet”

Arah tilted her head “Our mother has been sick, we have to go to her”

The General looks at Arah “tell me where’s your mother? I will send my men and physician to attend to her, and if you want, we can bring her here.” And he looks again at the pretty lady next to Arah

Arah softly spoke “Its very kind of you good general, but it’s okay our mother was with our good cousin family, they will take care of her till this order puts to an end”

” What’s your name?” The general quietly walks up to them

Arah froze by terror as if she was standing on the abyss that separates the living and the dead she was back to herself only after she feels a gentle shove on her hand “I’m Arah and my younger sister is called Sa”

“She is your younger sister?” There was a slight smile on the General lips as if he found something funny in everything he saw and couldn’t be bothered to share it with anyone else.

The General walks closer to Sa and said: “why did not you dare to speak to me?”

“General please forgive my sister, she can’t talk, she is dumb since birth” Arah bows respectfully to the general

The general smiled delightfully ” I want to take a good look at you Sa, I have never seen a beautiful lady like you in my life.”


Nux the criminal was very angry when he heard this from the General, he wants to kill him this instance, but he knows he can’t as he was outnumbered. So, he pretends like nothing happened

The General starts to get annoyed when Sa ignore him, and he looks at Arah and asks her if she is deaf? Arah doesn’t know whether to say yes or No at the moment, Sa looks up and shows her angry face

The General laugh and said you should not be angry at me Sa, it’s not me who stopped you to go to your mother, it’s just a bad time, don’t worry your mother will be fine, if anything tragedy happens I Prince Renius the General of Kyl will take full responsibility. I am willing to send my men to your village to bring your mother here.

Arah bows “Very kind of you… Prince to offer us your kindness, but I want our mother to be at ease and not to worry when she sees men from the Imperial, so I request you not to send men to our village. She will be terrified, and I am afraid she will die. Our cousin will take care of her”

The General was looking at others travellers who are in the city gates and check on them as well, Arah see that the general will not let them go out of the City and decided to go back in the Pyn city to find a place to stay till they can go out

Arah sadly turns to Sa “Then we will stay back in the city till this decree comes to an end

“What’s your business here?” General asked gruffly as he contentedly sank his teeth into a steam bun

“Our mother make and waving cloth, I plant and grows fruits and flowers and my sister Sa helps to look after the silkworm” Arah calmly reply

The General stared at them incredulously “Since you are not from around here where do you plan to stay?’

Arah hesitated and told the General “we will go to the Lan- inn”

The General continued, “Then you will be in trouble since we don’t know till when this decreed will come to an end. You will have to spend a lot of money if you stay in the Lan Inn, come and be my guest, you don’t have to waste your money by staying at the lans inn.”

Sa pulls Arah and shows hand sign not to accept the offer, the General sees and understand, he said not to worry, he will not make them uncomfortable, he will let them stay in one of his unused quarters till the order comes to an end

Arah was a smart girl she sees that the General like Sa, and he will send men to follow them even if they stay in Lan’s inn to watch and spy on them, she’s afraid that he will know that she lies everything, and she will be the first one to lose the head between the real criminal and her, she happily accepts the offer, Nux was very angry and disappointed with her, he regretted that he spares her life and let her do his makeup which makes this Imperial family look at him this way

When they arrive at the quarter the General tells them to make themselves at home, they can use this quarter as their own for a time being till they capture Nux the Criminal who has escaped last night.

Sa looks at the reactions of Arah he wants to know what her plan is, is she going back on her words by betraying him, if she wants, she can do now, since he can’t escape if she tells them Sa is Nux, he knows the General will spare her if she tells the truth since she did nothing wrong, she just follows his order as he was threatening her.


The General looks at Sa and sees her uncomfortable and uneasiness, and he asks why did you keep staring at your younger sister? Do you not like this quarter I can show you other Quarter you can pick yourself?

Nux stops looking and shake his head showing this Quarter is fine

Then the General left them with maids to serve them. Nux stands at the door, watching the back of Prince Renius the General of Kyl when he sees him no longer, he pulls Arah, and Arah send the servants to leave the room

Nux was angry at her and ask her why she betrays him, she told him she didn’t, she is doing her best to help him escape, she said to him if they keep rejecting his highness good intent he will feel insulted, and she was afraid that he will suspect and investigate them, he will send men to travel to the village and all our lie will come out we will both die

Nux glared at Arah “why don’t you tell them the truth? You know you will not get arrested, you are just my hostage?”

She whispered at him”Well! If I am a bad person like you I will do that, but I am not you, I am still thankful to you that you spare my life, and I want to keep my promise too, that I will shut my mouth and not tell anyone, I will help you escape the city gate and called you Sa till you are free.”

Nux now can relax, he comes and sits down on the bed and look at her “the moment the General finds out I’m a man, I am afraid he will kill you first before he kills me. I know he wants this Sa. Tell me why are you here in the city?

” I am searching for my Father, he has been missing for 2years now” she blurted as she tried to avoid those intense eyes

“What is your father’s name? I will assist you ” he whispers

Arah’s face was ashen and her breath was becoming shallower “Please don’t ask about my family, I don’t want them to be in danger”

“You can trust me; I don’t have a grudge against you” Nux stared intensely into Arah’s face

Arah shook her head ” Please, don’t ask me about them, I will do anything to help you I promise”

Nux straightened and stared at her with surprise “My poster is everywhere in the city, I am afraid he already recognizes me”

Arah thought for a moment “I’m sorry that you have a beautiful face, everyone can recognize your face and remember even though people see you just once, you stand out a lot. I am afraid we can’t escape.”

An hour later the maid comes back to serve them


The whole city has been searching for the escaped prisoner, soldiers have search outside the city as well, but they can’t find him. Prince Renius the General looks at the drawing poster of this Criminal, and he asks them no matter what they have to catch him and bring him alive as the Emperor wants him alive, and they should try their best not to harm or injure him, or they will face the temper of the Emperor himself.

Prince Renius the general goes to the palace as the Emperor calls for him. Prince Renius greets the Emperor,

“No need to stand on ceremony Prince Renius!” The emperor calls his loving nephew and crushed him in an enveloping hug. “I know you have been tired and exhausted that I give you this task to you as soon as you return from the battlefield, I should have welcomed you and celebrate for your victory, but I have to postpone it till I get him back, he is very important to me, I can only trust this important task to you my good general, and I trust only you since you are my blood, my own nephew.”

“Uncle, I don’t think Nux is still in the city, I am afraid he already escaped” Prince Renius the general replied

Emperor look at the strange, weird dagger in his hand and shook his head “He can’t escape yet, he is still in the city, you have to find him, don’t search far he is still in the city and don’t let a single of his hair to fall down, I am warning you, I will punish you even though you are my blood

Prince Renius kowtows and assures the Emperor that he would not dare “I have told everyone not to harm him”

The Emperor patted his shoulder “rise up, my nephew! I trust you I believe in you, that you will be able to find him”

The Emperor looked around and frowned “He cannot escape, everyone who sees him remember him, it should be easy to find him he cannot avoid the peoples’ eyes”

“Uncle, may I ask what is that you are holding?” Prince Renius the general asked.

The Emperor let out a sad chuckle, “This dagger belongs to Nux and you see this colour show that the master of this dagger is still in the city. Prince Renius, I will reward you if you find him for me, I will give you anything you want

Prince Renius was silent for a moment, “It’s my duty to find him for you, I don’t want any reward I just want to retire and live an ordinary life.

Emperor shook his head “You can’t have that life if you can’t bring Nux to me alive, Nux needs to bring my child back to life”

“Nux the criminal is he a wizard?” He asked

The Emperor frown became deeper “While you are away fighting in battles, the priestess brings a young Priest with her saying he is a priest and a Wizard of the South, he cured my suffering my curse and my nightmares have stopped from the day he arrives here. I am very happy he is here things going well, you get victory everywhere you go, it’s a blessing since he is in the palace, but as times goes the Queen and my concubines fall for his beauty, he starts to control them, they will do anything behind my back just to get to be with him, they are willing to sacrifice themselves just to sleep with him, but I see him grins and looking at me with scrutiny and mockery when I kill them… I Warn the Queen not to meet him, I can’t kill him as you are still in the enemy’s land and I don’t want my men to die and defeated, I want to get victory, I don’t dare to punish him, I turn blind eyes on him, I suppress my anger and tells myself to wait a little longer, the queen wants to have an affair with him, but she has to pay him the most precious and valuable to her, she offers him so many things, but he refuse her offering, he demands her he wants our Child, she gives and sacrifice our son with this dagger, I punish the Queen to the cold palace and arrest this evil wizard, he laughs at me and scorn me… He just told me that I can’t hurt him not a single of his hair should fall from his head if I still hope to get my child again, he warns me the moment I hurt or left any marks on his skin the spells will be forever and it can’t be undone. My family line will be finished I will never be able to have children of my own. He tells me as long as this dagger shines my child soul is still able to call back and revive his body, but Nux body must not change it should remain flawless like the time he makes his sacrifice”

The emperor’s icily handsome face was turned to the moon “Now, my nephew, you understand why I give this task to you to handle it with great care”

Prince Renius nods ” yes, I understand I will find him whatever it takes, I will bring him”

Emperor pondered this and his heart-shaped face lit up “I know you can, see this dagger is still shining and it keeps changing into wonderful colours, which show the master is still around the city, this dagger can detect him. I will kill him myself after he gives back my poor child. And I will kill the Queen after his death.”

The general gives order and commands his men that they should not harm Nux not to give a single scratch on him, the generals and other soldiers wondering why they can’t do anything to him, they know they have to do a very challenging task to capture this criminal. They all want to know why the emperor warns them not to harm him. They search day and night for this prisoner it’s been a few days now that the Prince Renius the general was a way to search for the criminal

To be continued…
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  1. Thanks you so much for the new project!!!! 💖💖 Oooh! New title – excited to re-read it again… thank you very much for the first chapter and for your hard work!😘 Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for sharing

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  2. Thank you so much for all your amazing work, I think I forget to tell you I love you because of “Story of Sky-Bl, Fantasy” it makes me fall in love with your blog, I think this new project “Slave of the victor-Fantasy, Bl” too will be my favourite as well ^_^ I love read your original work and I am BTS army too🤗 and hope to see you soon with more lengthy chapter in the future for us 😘

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  5. Fantabulous…you have makings of a rousing book. May I make a suggestion, say early on the narrator is translating this tale and if some words don’t come across easily, be patient as story unfolds and much is learned. I speak French badly and write it even worse…so that’s what I would do if I had to write long passages in French. I look forward to reading more! Jo

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  6. I am obsessed with SOTV… is my 3rd time rereading it chapter 19 onwards my favourite chapters so much emotions I have to go through while reading it I have cried alot the first time I read it and it gives me alots of emotions… honseslty I think this novel deserve more likes its so amazing story. I would love to buy it and keep the hardcopy with me… so sad the story end nd I didnt want it to end please continue being an amazing writer and gracing the internet with your presence by giving us a new project with this same genre again


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