The gentle Heart Dragons -Chinese Folk-tale (Story by my friend Ana)

This story happens from long ago when the dragons are not a rare sight in China. It so happens that in the huge land of China there were no rivers or lakes. People depend on rain for their daily need, and it is very difficult for them.

It so happens in the eastern sea there live four Dragons.

  1. The Long Dragon is so long that it is impossible for the naked eyes to see how far it is stretched
  2. The Yellow Dragon was fat and fulsome.
  3. The Black Dragon was like a midnight vicious looking beast
  4. And the last one was the Pearl Dragon its skin gleam soft moonlight.

Four dragons even though they are a vicious beast in appearance they were quite good at heart and that makes them good friends.

All-day long they will spend their day with each other playing in the sea they soared and dive, jump up and down stirring up the sea they were happy in each other company.

Till one day they had a race in the sea, and they were so close to the shore and what they heard make them stop mid-race.

And they look to what caught their attention; they saw a crowd of people gathering in some kind of ritual. The Dragons saw that they look so sad and when they strained their ears a bit they can hear their prayers to the God of heaven to send them Rain for their crops have withered their grass is dry and now they won’t even have water to drink.

The Dragons were really moved with their prayers that they decided to help but the question is how to do that.

Then the Long Dragon suggested that they will go to the Coral King. And they all agreed to visit the King.

The Coral emperor lives in the dark cave in the middle of the sea. Reaching there they immediately told him the plight of the people living in a land.

But the Coral King replied  “I cannot help you my power is over the ocean why don’t you go up to the Jade Emperor that live in heaven he will be able to help you” the four dragons decided to go to heaven by flying.

Reaching heaven they approach themselves up to Jade’s emperor Palace

The jade emperor was furious to see them that he ask rudely “who are you and what are you doing up here?” we are the waster Dragons from the sea replied the Dragons.

But we need your help replied the Dragon. The Dragon told him about the plight of the people and with no rain they are really suffering.

They requested him to sent rain as soon as possible so that the people won’t suffer.

“ Uff! I’m tired of your blabbering go back to the sea I will send rain immediately.”

The four dragons give gratitude and left. But they waited for 2 weeks and still there is no rain and the people are suffering.

The dragons grew sad and angry, so they decided to take the matters in their own hand they thought of a plan.

“We can’t move heaven, but we can move the sea,” said the Pearl Dragon.

So they scooped up a gallon of seawater in their mouth. Absorbed the salt, and they flew over the land gently sprinkle the freshwater, for many hours the dragon worked hard, they collected water and sprayed it all over China.

After many hours, the dragon was satisfied with their work, seeing the people dancing and thanking the dragon was worth it, so they continue doing not every alternate day until they see China started to bloom again with its greenery.

But the Jade Emperor is furious as to what happened, “How did it rain until I will it” the Jade Emperor said.

“Your Majesty “the sea dragon did it,” said the heaven gate guard.

The Jade Emperor was furious at the dragon for they dare to go against his will and act without his knowledge.

So he called upon his troops and orders them to capture the dragon and place Hug Mountain in their head.

So it was one by one the yellow dragon, the Pearl Dragon, the Black Dragon and the Long Dragon found themselves trapped and flattened under the huge mountain.

But as fate would have it, in due course of time the dragon manages to escape from under the mountain. They turned themselves into rivers; flow down through China to the sea, their home.

Today if you look at the map of China you will see Dragons Rivers spanning the land. –

The Black Dragon is the Heilongjiang River in the North. –

A scenery of Heilongjiang River in NE China I don’t own the picture credit to the owner

The Huanghe is the Yellow Dragon in Central China. –

Yellow River (Huanghe) I don’t own the image credit to the owner

in the South is the Zhujiang Pearl Rivers.-

Pearl River Zhujiang 珠江 2
Pearl River Zhujiang I don’t own the picture credit to the owner
Pearl River Zhujiang I don’t own the picture credit to the owner


and the Yangtse is the Long Dragon 

Yangtze River I don’t own the image credit to the owner
Yangtze River I don’t own the image credit to the owner

Story by my friend Ana

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