Love Story of Bayan and Langshang (story by my friend Ana) Chapter 5 Final

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Bayan so engrossed at the moment that he forgot the King was there, he rushes to Langshang and hugs her, to the King surprise the bird didn’t react at Bayan’s touch and hug by a complete stranger.

Then the King said “you have your ways, with birds huh”, which broke the trance between the husband and wife reunion.

Bayan back out, the King continues that it took weeks for his bird to let him touch her and he was really impressed with Bayan.

Lishang was immensely happy, that she dances around Bayan gracefully.

The King and the Birdkeeper was awe by the bird graceful dance, for never have seen the bird so happy since the day she arrived.

Hours passed the King thought now they have to return back, Bayan bends down to the bird and said in a whisper that he will come and meet her soon.

Hours felt like days, Lisshang was looking forward to meeting Bayan, her heart flip whenever she heard someone come to “Jaka”.

Bayan was looking for a way to meet Lishang without being noticed by the grand and the bird keeper.

He got his chance late at night he sneaks his way to Jaka, he goes to her only to find Lishang was waiting for him in her human form, she let herself fall in his embrace.

He looks deep in her eyes and kissed her passionately, their yearning for each other for months was let out in that Kiss.

He still held her in his hand when his gaze shifts to their baby. He touches her stomach and looks at her questioningly “HOW?” was all he could say.

She looks at him with love and ran her finger through his hair smiling and said: “The Gods is upon us, for they didn’t let anything to the seeds of our love.”

“When I was shot, all I could think was the baby and to protect it at any cost” she said “As I was full, I cast an enchanted shield on my stomach and a blinding spell on the Rngam King and his men for I don’t want them to know about me being a shapeshifter”.

Bayan was angry at the King for it was his fault that they are here in the first place, “He has to be punished though Bayan”.

Being with the King and not being able to hurt him was so frustrated to Bayan that he plans to execute the King.

It became a daily routine for Bayan to visit Lishang and they would talk and be with each other till daybreak.

But Lishang could sense her husband hatred toward the King whenever she tried to talk about it, he brushes it away saying that she needs to take care of herself and the baby, telling her not to think of anything else, Lishang was not convinced.

Finally, Bayyan got his chance when the King was alone with him in “Jaka”. The King was busy feeding the birds and talking to Bayan, but Bayan didn’t respond to the King look back at Bayan only to find him drawing his sword at him and look with a fiery glance.

He was about to swing the sword at his head when Lishang flies between the King and Bayan.

Bayan tells Lishang to move away, but Lishang did not budge she turn into human form in front of the King to safe Bayan from doing anything bad towards the King.

My condition has started to show and we must leave as soon as possible.

Bayan promised Lishang that he will take her away as soon as possible, they were busy talking and they didn’t see that it’s already morning and it’s time for him to get back.

The King could not his eyes believe his eyes that the bird was turning into a beautiful woman, it was hard for him to digest it. He just kept on looking at him without a blink

But Lishang ignored the King and tries to pacified her husband, “Bayan my love, we are celestial being, we are not meant to hurt human unless it is necessary for it is an insult to our kind, you must not think like them, if we behave like the human did, what is different between the human and us you must learn to forgive them.”

But still Bayan was not in a mood to listen, he looks at her and cried “How can I forgive them for they try to hurt you”.

We are celestial being, we are bound to forgive him, and it’s the right things to do also, for he doesn’t know about my identity that’s why he shot me”.

The King at that moment, he fell on their feet and asks for forgiveness. Bayan kicked him, and the King knocks his head on the wall and fell unconscious.

Lishang was closed to tears when the King was hurt, Bayan heart melts on seeing hills wife tears and hug her.

Reluctantly Bayan promised that he won’t hurt him and he was quite upset with his wife kindness toward the human

Lishang went to the King and woke him up, the King look at them as if he was in a trance, he bows at them saying that what he did was unintentionally and he causes them wrong and if it’s possible for them to forgive him that would have been merciful to them.

Lishang bow back at him, but Bayan remain adamant he did not say anything. Lishang put on her wishing that she wants to go home now.

The End.

story by my friend Ana




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  1. First? 🤗 Wawa, *Super thumbs up* to Lishang! She’s like a real guarding and protector of the King~ she is standing to defend the king aahhhh so cute. I wanna see some fluffy moments between the two but I don’t think I’ll get to see. The King of Rngam must be feeling so happy to be defended like that. Thank you for this novel and posting it till the end. I ENJOY IT so Please don’t forget to write and create beautiful story of GAYyy I am waiting and very excited this Bayan Lishang story end and I enjoy please post my next my request so that I will stick and continue to follow your blog, stop torture us readers

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  2. Stop this Lishang let your husband relieve his inner stress… Whatever…whatever… we all know that she will be yours Bayan the moment the two of you met Thank you for the chapters! It’s almost November… I will be excited for your next post hope you write love story between 👨💖👨 I agreed with Foreverreader gay novel next. Because I like and love guy so I want to read it so badly

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  3. Please dreamslover3🙇 please give us different plate of food. I am fed up eating the same thing you give us… Please give us Bromance and I’m gonna read the chap like a dutiful follwer 💗

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  4. I am here again I forgot to tell you to correct your Menu you mistakenly put this in a category of Short story which I don’t see it short this novel have 5 chapters which is obvious not short to me, its annoying to see it falls in a wrong category please organised it for the convenient for us readers

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