A Love Story of Bayan and Lishang Chapter 2 (Story by my friend Ana)

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The king felt that the Bird was too beautiful to be killing that why he shot her in the leg only as he wants to own the Bird.

Lishang felt with a thudded on the ground she was bleeding profusely, she just lay on the ground motionless. The King checks on her and finds that she is alive. He orders the gamekeeper to attend to her.

The King was tired and he said that he wants to return to his palace after that a trumpet was heard that the King of Rngam has ended the hunting festival.

Lishang knew her husband Bayan saw what had happened to her as she was being carried to the cage by the gamekeeper. She remembers that Bayan had given her a ruby pendant and a bracelet for him.

And he said that the ruby bracelet in his hand would turn bright red in case she was in danger and likewise. In case either of them turned death the ruby in both the bracelet and the pendant that she is wearing would turn pitch black.

When Bayan reach the spot where she was hit he was shaking with fear and concern for Lishang. He was looking at her and there but no one was there except there was blood in a sand which he was sure that it belongs to Lishang. His eyes fell on his bracelet which the ruby was flickering red which means that his wife was still alive but she was hurt badly.

Bayan knew when he heard the trumpet that Lishnag was the victim of Rngam  Sport his sadness turn into anger and vow to avenge her.

Lishang recovered quickly under the care of the gamekeeper but thinking about her father and Bayan make her sicker.

Deep in her heart, she knew that Bayan will come for her. She knew that she won’t get better unless she is tended by the healer of the Shapeshifting Clan. She knew that she had to be very careful to hide her true identity until she is strong enough to escape.

Meanwhile, Bayan was thinking of a way to intrude the Rngam Palace.

To be Continue

(Story by my friend Ana)

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