A love story of Bayan and Lishang Chapter 1 (story by my friend Ana)

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Status:- Completed                             Author:- Ana

The day was beautiful day the two loving and beautiful couples were singing and dancing, the woman in his arm is the most beautiful lady that ever lives, it was his birthday and she wants to give him the most beautiful present, and she knows that he will love her gifts, he asks her what she gets for him, she puts his hands to her stomach and look at him expectedly. He was confused at first and don’t know what she was trying to say but slowly it dawned on him what she meant to say and he said really my love she just nods and smile at him he picks her up in his arms and hug her tightly “You have given me the best gift of all and thank you for that”

They have been a very happy couple but the news of her being pregnant add more to their happiness

Next morning as she was sitting outside her house admiring the rose bed she saw a bird coming directly towards her, being the messenger for the shapeshifter clan for generational she immediately recognizes it

She took the letter from the feet of the bird that were tied up. she opened the letter and cried because the letter brings bad news. The letter said her father was on his deathbed and her mother wants her to be there as soon as possible.

Lishang with a heavy heart, she told her husband Bayan about the letter. And she said that she has to go immediately

Bayan doesn’t feel good with her travelling alone with her conditions

he said he will come along with her, she told him “you will only make me slow, you can’t shapeshifter like I do, you can’t fly, I just want to see my family and after 3days I will return”

he doesn’t feel good about her going alone, so he decided to follow her from behind on his horse.

” I will ride my horse and follow you, don’t forget to rest when you fly, you have to take good care of yourself for the sake of our child,” said Bayan

she goes up to him and kisses him ” I will fly now”.

She transforms herself into a beautiful stroke bow down to him and flies to the sky. He watches her and he too decided to follow her with his faithful black horse.

Her mind was full of her father conditions, and she wants to reach him as soon as possible. Flying did make her happy and forget her worries after sometimes.

For Lishang and Bayan were not ordinary couples, Lishang was a daughter of a chief Shifters clan’s she was so beautiful as a star that shines brightly in the dark sky.

Bayan was the general of the mighty Kingdom Nangbah his name was trembled by all those who heard of him for he is blessed by God.

But his love for Lishang and their future together, he decided that he will get retired and live his life with his wife in peace.

They decided that they will stay in the mortal realm and keep their identity hidden.

She was happy and love to fly she looks down below and see all the beautiful rivers, mountains and trees, she stops and rests many times, she looks down from the tree and sees her husband in the distance that he is following her, she continues to fly again

In the meantime in the other part of the Kingdom, the Kingdom of Rngam was having a hunting festival it was the last day of the hunting festival all the royal members were there they all shouted and said to the king look that bird it’s the most beautiful birds, the king goes after it. Lishang was so engrossed looking at her husband that she doesn’t see the hunting pack was pursuing her.

The king took his aim and shoot her. That took her by surprise, and she could not dodge it, she gives her husband her helpless cry.

Bayan was shocked as he looks at his beloved fallen down from the sky.


To be continued

Story by my friend Ana


4 thoughts on “A love story of Bayan and Lishang Chapter 1 (story by my friend Ana)

  1. don’t stop writing and thank you for ending this I never expect it end so soon I am very excited I want to read Male couple next ha ha I see everyone here request you this I am too supporting them jiayou! and I have read all of your friends story except Horror which is not my cup of tea I am cheering her as well in here. From all her books I like this the best. Please take and consider our reader request Gay story next

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