While I was fussing with my work and writing, I found out that I am out of my paper I stand up searching for paper to use and keep on with my work. And so my eyes come down my old forgotten notebook 2014, I picked it up from my shelf I open it and find inside my notebook there are 3 old photographs I look at it and one of that three photographs there is a photo of me with my family from the year 2002 or 2003. My parents were carrying my two young sisters, my younger brother and younger sisters were standing behind my parents and me. I thought of throwing it because it’s old and messed up from the sides and corners of it, but I cannot bring my heart to do that because I realize what God had performed for us. How he changes our life, in that picture it reminds me of our past. We have to confront so many difficulties, my dad business failed and mom has to take full responsibility for everything with her small salary to feed us for 11 people. The rooms were dark and always wet and it makes us unhealthy and unhappy. During raining season every time we wake up the rooms’ floating with water and we have to be careful of electric impact. But things change since the mighty Revival comes during winter the year 2006 in our place and churches. My 3rd younger sister got a revival and saw Lord Jesus told her that he is going to provide and blessed us. We acquire a beautiful house and cars in 2007. He blessed us, my dad business got successful. Our God is a wonderful and loving God, Amen!

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