Short Story (Because of her)

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  1. Because of her
I don't own the pictures, Credit to its owner the artist
I don’t own the pictures, Credit to its owner the artist

A lady was knocking at the doorway of a new man in the Village. He opens the door for her. He asked her what she desires. She needed him to help her find her daughter she was missing while playing in the field along with her friends. He wants to look for the little girl that night. He could not see the little girl then goes further to search for her. He goes far at the waterfall and takes a break while sitting on a stone he saw the most beautiful lady getting a bath on the falls. He could hardly get his eyes off her. She possesses a very long hair it reaches her feet. He remembers the old lady once told him that if he meets a deity he should grab her hair and ask anything he desires. He attempted to walk slowly to grab her long hair, she senses a human being and she recognizes what he thinks she turns around and damn him “starting tonight I’ll put a curse on you that every night you will become the most handsome man on earth and at the sunrise you will become a toad”. He begs her for mercy and asked her to forgive him. Then she said I forgive you, but you will become a complete human again, only if a young lady falling in love with you.

Please tell me where can I find her he asked the fairy. She told him that girl was in a far-off land and she was much better to be with her new rich family than to be with her mother.
Times went by he went to search for that girl. Every day he experiences to face danger as a toad a lot of predators like snakes etc. he has to face. And at night he has to be on watch from dangerous animals. Sometimes he has to fight against a tiger, lion, bear, hyena, wolf etc.

He regrets trying to help the woman. He always feels that if not because of that day he will never meet that deity in his life.

He recalls his mother warned him that he should avoid a spirit being. She told him while she was pregnant by him she offended the demon because she plugs the leaves from the soil of the daemon. Her friends had warned her not to get anything from the place. But she ignores them she told them it’s okay to carry a few leaves. I genuinely don’t believe that he exists. She plug the leaves to use it to wrap lunch for her husband who works in the field. Her friends leave her as they were afraid and don’t want to anger the monster of that place. While she was busy collecting up the leaves suddenly a river, shaking and the demon appears on the water ” you human how dare you to plug the leaves without bringing an offering to me in return. She begs forgiveness and ready to hand back the leaves to the demon. He didn’t take it back, he said to her, ” your husband will die on the day you give birth and when your son turns 25th years of age, he will stop to grow up and he will never become a complete human. She collapses out of fearfulness.

The bane of the demon happens her husband die a mysterious death the night she gives birth to her son. Rumour spread around that her son was a hoax People avoided him and his mother. Rumours about him spread everywhere. People called him the son of a demon they thought that His mother ran into a devil and becomes his wife. He hates his village and on his 25th birthday, he tells his mother that he wants to move out of the village to start a new life in the faraway village where nobody knows about him. His mother worried about him and told him that he must avoid any kind of spirit. He remembers his mother had told him how she had encountered with the demon and his curse on them. He promises her that he will take good care of himself, she doesn’t have to worry.

In a beautiful and large mansion, a beautiful young woman was surrounded by her maids. They truly know how to dress her up. Her maid said, ” our young miss has become the most beautiful lady every man will never be capable of resisting your beauty.” Annie smile at them and feels good. She gazes at her beautiful Mauve sleeveless ruffled detailing high neck, a party frock. She leaves her hair down and her face looks extremely beautiful.

Her parents were speaking to their guest’s everyone looks at Annie when she comes. At the party, every young man desires to dance with her. Her parents love her and they never say no to her. She loved them too. After her meeting and dances with a flock of young men, she went outside to get some fresh air. She calls for her drinks outside and sits down next to the pool, she takes off her heels to relax her feet. She hears a voice stating ” I finally get a chance to see to you.” She turns around searching who could that be but she didn’t see anyone. She thought to herself it must be some trick. She stands up and searches around for some device they probably put near the flower-pot. When she sees an ugly toad She took the empty jar and cover the toad with it ” I caught you, ” she said, ” I have taken heed from my men that there is a toad who can speak so it was you.” The toad jumps up and down and says yes it’s me “I’ve come here to look for you” Annie asked him why?. She can’t believe this ugly toad had searched for her for so many years to break the curse and said he wants her to fall in love with him and kiss him so that he can regress back to become a human. She pities him and kisses the toad, but he even remains a toad. She looks at him and laughs. She can’t believe she really kisses that toad. Then she said I’m sorry I cannot fall in love with you. You’re too ugly even to look at.

And so he recounted her “I’m like this because I tried to rescue you when you’re just 4 years old.” She asked him how can that be. He tells her this person whom she thought was her family were not, she was kidnapped from her mother. She gets angry and throws that toad away “get out of my sight before I do something bad to you, you liar… now I recognise why you are cursed to be a toad. You will remain a toad for the rest of your life, you evil creature”. She wiped her mouth and walks away.

He feels disappointed and lost his hopes to become a man again.

A week later, she hears someone swimming in her pool, she wonders who could it be at this late hour and freezing night she looks out and saw a handsome man swimming. She has never seen him before she wonders who he was. Every night she waits to watch this mysterious handsome man will come and swim in the pool. She desires to know who he was and why is he there in their pool.

She decides to come down and confirm to him this time ” WHO ARE YOU? WHY ARE YOU IN OUR POOL?

“You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you.”

“I demand you tell me your name, ” she asked him

He looks at her with his mysterious, beautiful green eyes. His optics were so beautiful and different from the rest of men. The more she looks at him the more he turns like a celestial being he doesn’t look human at all.

I’m Wadatim he said she smirk after the hearing, he recites his name.

You bear a weird bad name she said.

You can give me a new name if you able to release me from my misery life. She gazed at him for a very long time. How I can help you?. He told her she needs to fall in love with him and kiss him then he can become a human again. She falls in love with his looks and kissed him in his human flesh. The deity appears in the pool and laughed, she said to them, they snap off the rules, one cannot kiss him in his human forms without breaking the curse while he is in a toad form. ” You both have piqued me, and change the game. You didn’t fall in love with him with his curse form I will take all of your dears and loves one away from you. And as for you young man, you have offended me twice and then this will be your curse again. Her kissing you in your human shape has caused her the reason to lose her family. I have told you she has to fall in love with you in your toad form. After the evil deity said this suddenly the beautiful mansion got on a big fire and all the people in the building dies. Her laughter echoes in the yellow smoky night.

Anne wants to go inside the house to help her family, but Wadatim holds her and not let her go. Everything turns to charcoal and ashes. She looks at him and cursed him for bringing the evil to her and her family. She said all hateful words to him and she dies of shock. Till the end, he never able to become human at daytime, but only at night-time.

The end



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