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A haughty voice comes out “Where are we?  looks like we are lost, I am hungry and tired lets us rest for tonight and continue again tomorrow.”

Banse: – We can’t rest now Young Miss it’s not safe, we have to keep walking South.

Young Miss: – I never like you, I hate it that my father picks you to protect me, I can’t stand a monster like you, and you still dare to comes close to me.

Banse: – This place is not safe, I can sense the dark aura in here

Young Miss: – I am not afraid, I command you to obey me! I WANT TO REST

So, he tells everyone to prepare their tent so that they can sleep there for a night

Soon her tents were ready, she enters and ready to take a bath, to eat and have her good night sleep.

Her bodyguard keeps on checking the surrounding and he asks his subordinate to watch and guard the young miss while he will go to look around.

He heard as if there is someone who follows him, he went to hide and see who dares to follow him, but he finds there is nobody after sometimes he comes out and goes to the river bank to clean himself. In the loneliness of the night he hears all the cry of the insects and wild animals, he looks at the distance where his men seat next to the fire to warm themselves up.

He looks up at the beautiful stars and he touches his blinded eye and a scar down to his cheek “You heartless! this is the scar that you left for me, you blinded me, I have no right to hate nor revenge for what you did to me because of your father’s kindness your father pick me himself to protect you I can just swallow my hatred towards you”

The morning comes and they continue their journey again and soon they reach the city gate and she can’t believe her eyes to see how beautiful the city was, everyone in the city was graceful and elegant. Then she remembered how ugly Banse face was, she orders him to cover his face as she doesn’t want people to see him walking next to her.

He obeys her and wears a mask to cover his ugly scar.

She wants to spend time in the city before going to her Uncle’ house, while they walk in the busy city a little kid bumps into her, he was running away from some uniform men who chase after him. He begs her to save him from them.

Then the men come to her and ask her to give the boy to them… They told her that the boy was a thief; she looks down at the poor kid and asks him to return what he stole. He looks at her and said he can’t give it to them if he did he will never be able to save his father.

The man in uniform sees that this beautiful lady seems to be from the aristocratic family he doesn’t dare to go against her but ask her politely to give the boy to them.

She looks at the boy and asks him what exactly he stole, and what happens to his father.

The boy looks up at her with his tearing eyes and tells her it’s a forbidden book to revive the dead. She too has heard of this book and she asks the boy to show it to her.  He handed the forbidden book to her She looks at this forbidden book and she was enchanted by it she sees the light and a beautiful being, she has never seen this type of attire before she was at first thought that it was a goddess but only when she heard the voice that she realizes it was not a woman but a man. She can’t take her eyes away from him he has the most beautiful face, he gently smiles at her and calling her by her name ‘Miss Soo! We finally meet?’  She asks him how did he know her name? But before she hears his reply she was back to reality.


Banse her bodyguard wake her up to reality, she looks around and sees that she was lying on the ground and her upper body supported by her bodyguard, Banse ask her if she is alright? He helped her up, she asks him where’s the boy and those men who chase after him? But all her men look at her in awkwardness and Banse ask her what boy and who are those men she talking about? she was angry but they assure her that they walk next to her all the time she meets no stranger before she collapses she just stand for sometimes and collapse. She was sure she meets the boy and she has the forbidden book that he gives her she looks at her men and thinks did something happen and they try to hide it from her. When she closed her eyes, she recalls the celestial being she meets in the light. She can’t help but wonder how he knew her name and why did it sound like he has long time been waiting for her.

At night time she can’t fall to sleep she wakes up in midnight and looks around she sees her bodyguard walk in full speed, she has seen him like this now for few times, she decided to follow him this time, she put her warm clothes and secretly following him, she wants to know where he went at this late of hour.

She keeps her distance from him she doesn’t want him to know of her present, she spies on him for a while and he seems to do nothing but he just sits there alone and looks up at the clear night Sky. She was about to leave him when she suddenly heard a voice calling at Banse ‘Have you waited for me long?’ She can’t believe her eyes it was that Celestial being she had met in her dreams… she was sure her bodyguard hides something from her and now she knows that she is not crazy there is a real being and it was not a dream. She watches them and was shocked to see that Celestial being remove the mask from Banse’s face, the celestial being looks heartbroken. The bodyguard asks him ‘why did you meet her?’ The Celestial being touching the scar and his blinded eye ‘ I will not spare anyone who ruined this precious face of yours, you have become blind because of her, I will make her pay for touching you.

Banse:- I don’t have any grudge against her… why should you?

Celestial being: – You are lying! You do have a grudge against her it’s just that you can’t because you have promised her father that you will keep her safe… why are you willing to serves someone like her. She doesn’t deserve to be protected by you.

Banse:- Don’t touch her I choose to protect her if anything happens to her I would never forgive you.

Celestial being:- I am here to help you, why are you being like this

Banse:- It was an accident, I don’t care for my ruined face

Celestial being (angry and shouted):- I do! I hate her, it’s her fault that you fail this mortal test, it’s because of her that you will never be able to come home. She blinded you and ruined you face

Banse:- I like it here, I don’t have to worry anymore, my life is easier, I thank her for making me like this, I am mortal now.

Celestial being:-  I don’t want you to be a mortal you should just let me help you kill her

Banse:- Even if you kill her I will never be able to return home, I will fail no matter what, I have made a promise to protect her

Celestial being:- you have promise mom too that you will never give up on me no matter what, Brother, let me kill her and do what she did to you

Miss Soo was scared out of her wits she falls down and they heard her, the celestial being capture her and brought her to his brother, he begs his brother Banse to let him make her pay, Banse see even if he doesn’t let him he will surely come again and kill her so to save her life he let the celestial being blinded her left eye and cut her face to make her ugly.

She fainted her bodyguard carry her back to her room, he keeps his promise to her father to keep his daughter safe, she was unconscious for 2 days when she wakes up she realizes that her left eyes have gone and her face was ruined, she remembers everything, her bodyguard told her that is the only way he can save her life. She didn’t dare to tell to anyone the secret of her bodyguard and what exactly happens to her she knows this man is not human but one of the Celestial being and he was here in this Mortal World to take his Mortal test. She regrets that she was fated to meet this Celestial being who was fated to be her bodyguard while he was in his period as a mortal being.

She knows now his left eyes and scars are gone. She understands she has repaid for what she did. She thanks him for saving her life.

Before his time’s end, he advises her to never to be haughty and arrogant and not to treat her servants and maids poorly as she might happen to meet again her tragic. She should be generous and be a good person whom everyone loves and respect.

The End…





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