In the moonless night, the cold winds blow in the duskiness of the loneliness river bank, two men come to fish at 3am, while the two walking they heard a tiny cry of a baby, they both turns and say ” Did you hear that?” They both say they hear someone’s crying, they were afraid to go into the jungle as they were sure it must be a ghost trying to frightening them as it was their hour and human are supposed to be in beds. But as they walk they hear the crying sounds becomes louder and louder and one of them stated ” let us search where is this sounds coming! If we are favourable we might find a fairy and ask her to make us rich and we don’t have to be like this in this lifetime.

They were surprised to find it was an abandoned naked newborn baby. They hesitate and looks around to see the mother of this baby so they understand the situation here and one of them pick the baby and wrapped his tiny body with his warm jacket. Then his friend asks him what is he going to do with it, he hesitates and said ” we are going to take him home” and his friend don’t like the idea and he said that is better give him to the police. The man looks down at the weak baby and agrees with his friend, but he said before, we handed this baby over to them we should feed and clothe him. They stop going to fish and try to feed the baby with warm milk and makes the baby clothes by wrapping the soft clothes as there are no baby clothes in their tiny hut.

At 8:00 am in the morning they took it to the police to handle the rest of the matter.

Sorry for my incorrect English

A/N:- If you can’t see next chapter please click on the above page *icon/ picture a man in a green cloak holding fire* just next to fantasynovel1 it will direct you for your easy read, then select Menu

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