Capt. Shoushimi Final Ch.4


captain Shoushimi
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Capt. Shoushimi’s hair was style and done by the priestess as she helps him gets ready to attend his duty. “Do you love me?” Shoushimi asks her, but the Priestess just ignores him and walks away to perform morning Ritual. The Captain comes and disturbing her by hugging from behind “Zhuyon! You are the only one for me” he turns Zhuyon towards him and  Shoushimi said  “will you marry me? we will return to our realm, I will use my  power to protect you from any danger, you know that I am a  deity and I saw my mother last night  in my dream, she told me everything the reason she send me to live with the human, during the time I was born there is chaos in the kingdom the crown prince Dark Sky had falling in love with a Demon that feeds only on deities and on powerful fairies and other spirits. And the crown prince wants to make the demon stay in Heaven’s kingdom and sends unlucky deities to the demon deity to be eaten and  my father too was death at the hands of a demon deity and my mother have promised my  father that she will never let me die and send me into this World, where the demon will never pick his food, but fate bring us together, you  try to make me your food, lucky again you can’t eat me, cause I am a deity, and you are a Soul Eater

The Priestess kowtow and said “You a Deity!  we are different you are above, I am below, I am a soul eater, I am not fit, I don’t deserve to be yours I can’t bear you children of pure blood, your children will be weak and become of low status in our realm, I am not even fit to be your servant” Capt. Shoushimi said “I had made up my mind that I will return home and bring you along, we both are not of this World. I will never let you live here it’s against nature will, I will take you with me.” The Priestess fights back as she doesn’t want to go back to “Lumthahding the Spirit realm and to return back to Bam Land. She tries to run away after she gets injuries from fighting with the Captain. But she can’t escape as the Captain was too strong and powerful.

Capt.Shoushimi was furious and said “Say you love me and beg me to spare your life you commit a crime by pretending to be human and cheat on them by lying to them that you are a priestess, you deserve a death punishment, by coming into this realm to kill the innocent in their own territory and you dare steal my heart”

Zhuyon eyes fill with tears “I will tell you the truth why I don’t deserve to be with you! I am ashamed of you, I had wrong you, I didn’t know your family were listed to the Demon, and I selfishly gives your hair to him to give power to the one who was your enemy, who had killed your family, I am a servant of that Demon, I worship Yotieng in order to awake him I stole half of your life essence  and offer it to him when you were sleeping, you have to kill me, if you truly love me, only by killing me that you can survive, I had never loved you before, because you have been cold to me the first time we met, and I seek my revenge  I pick you to be the food of the dark demon, Please take my life, in exchange for your, you lose your virgin by sleeping with me I can save you again if you kill me, I regret what I did to you,  please live and marry to continue your family line… I am a sinner I dare to touch you, please forgive me I…I hate you in the past” she goes and continues her chant in the altar and after that, she turns around and said, “Why don’t you kill me?” Capt.Shoushimi makes his sword disappear and comes toward her “You love me, and you want to die in my place, I am happy that even though I had just another half of my life as long as you willing to love me. I can’t bring myself to hate you, I can’t live without you, and if you die I will follow you.

Zhuyon heart flattering and her heart melt “I am ashamed to look at you, I don’t deserve your love, why did you still love me after knowing what I did to you!” And Shoushimi said because they were fate to be enemy and lover and she told him that she will marry him so that they will go back to where they belong.

Princess Ceux was heartbroken to know that the man she wants to marry for so many long years had already wearing beautiful couple bracelet in his wrist and he goes to the Emperor and tells him he has a wife and shows her to the Emperor. Everyone was surprised and afraid to look at his lover’s face as they all recognized the dress whom does it belong. They were scared bad fortune will fall on them, they were all sure she is not a human by just one look,

His subordinate as they always follow him and had long known that their Captain was in love with the Priestess. And they were sad that he is going away to live with the Priestess they know her true identity that she is not human but a Soul eater that doesn’t belong in this world, they don’t stop them from going. The Emperor was glad that  Capt.Shoushimi had already married, he never liked the idea that his daughter wants to marry him, he always had a doubt in his heart that the Captain doesn’t belong in this World either as his beauty and handsome face can’t hide that he is not from this World. He was just happy that he married someone from their own realm. Princess Ceux too agrees, as she too now confirms in her heart that Capt.Shoushimi was not human either

The Emperor had always noticed how Xingche cares for his daughter and he knows he likes his daughter, he asks his daughter to marry Xingche before someone else steals him from her. He is the most handsome man of this World. Princess agrees to marry the man who always stays next to her. Xingche can’t believe his wish comes true after he sees the Priestess face which everyone afraid to have bad luck that he instead gets to marry the woman he wants all his life.

The End.

NOTE:- In Bam which belongs in the spiritual world where immortal being lives for Demon the Zebed they called him Demon the  Yotieng.

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