Capt. Shoushimi Chapter 3



Captain Shoushimi Chapter 3
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Zhuyon watch while the Capt. Shoushimi drink his wine which Zhuyon gives him “You! Why didn’t you expose my true identity, that I am a soul eater and not human? When will you going to kill me?” Capt. Shoushimi takes the priestess’s hand and holds it, “I am the only one who knows about you, and I think I am the only being who is still alive after seeing your face” Zhuyon watch Capt. Shoushimi caress her hands “Shoushimi! You helping me hide my identity from the others that I am dangerous being for the human, did you have feelings for me?”  Capt. Shoushimi pulls her into his embrace and he removes the veil “ Zhuyon I have fallen for you since the first night I see you in my dreams” Zhuyon was surprised “ then why are you so cruel to me the first time we met, I remember how cruelly you treated me, you pull me by my hair” Capt. Shoushimi take Zhuyon’s hair and comb it for her “ I am jealous that you let that prisoner stay with you, you let Xingche in your room” Priestess Zhuyon stands  up and said “ he is not the only one I let in my room, as long as people agree to give me  their hairs I bring them in”  Capt. Shoushimi “ I will give you mine if you tell me, why are you collecting it”

Priestess Zhuyon ask “Have you ever heard a sleeping deity name Yotieng that uses to lives in the Jingdom?” The captain told her that he had never heard of that deity as he did not live in the ‘Lumthahding the spirit realm’ and he asks what about it, the priestess tells him she worship Yotieng and pray for power that is the reason she is collecting it to offer it to the Yotieng. She tells him that it’s hard for her to survive in Bam in their realm as she was not strong enough to fight against another Soul eater, fairy and other types of being, she comes to live in the human realm to survive.  She gets closer to the Capt.Shoushimi and lay her head on his chest “Capt.Shoushimi since you now know who you are you, you are above me and I am below, I can’t feed on you, but you can kill me” Capt.Shoushimi holding Zhuyon’s arms ” Zhuyon! I will protect you if you become mine, I will give you anything within my power”  Zhuyon smile and kiss the capt.Shoushimi “Give me your hair” the capt.Shoushimi cut his hair and handed it to her, Zhuyon changes back to the Soul Eater looks and take it from him. Capt.Shoushimi can’t stop staring at her  ” I give you what you desire, now you have to give me what I desire” Zhuyon know what he wants and she kisses him, she heard some people approaching her room “Shoushimi, I got visitors, I can’t be seen in my true self, I don’t belong in this world” Capt. Shoushimi doesn’t want to let her go but hold her tight and continue to kiss her. “Zhuyon you are mine! I will send them away”. Zhuyon stops Capt. Shoushimi and said “if you want me, don’t chase my visitors’ I feed on them”

Princess Ceux and Xingche were surprised to find Capt. Shoushimi coming out from the priestess room and when they enter the Priestess room and finds her. Princess Ceux feels angry to see the most handsome man with this priestess. The Princess ask the priestess what is Capt.Shoushimi doing here. What he needs, the priestess tells them that the Captain to come to give an offering.

His soldiers find Capt.Shoushimi looks different after he comes from the priestess and he keeps on touching his lips and looks at his hands, They all see his skins glowing and his usual long hair has become shorter, they all want to know did he sacrifice his hair for something he wants in return, they all want to know what did he want that he is willing to cut his long beautiful hair, where their power is. They look at him and they found it strange that he didn’t look sad that he lost his long beautiful hair but he looks happier that he keeps smiling. Zilong his youngest soldier comes and ask him what happens to his hair and the Captain just ignore him, Soldiers were more surprise now to hear him say and calling Zhuyon name many times with a sweet tone, and not in a hateful way they all know how he hates this Priestess. They don’t know what did this Priestess say or do to their captain that he goes beyond to cut his long hair. The soldiers look at him and see him as if he has a lover they all say he looks different and become more handsome as if he is not a mortal but a truly a celestial being.

The Princess met Capt.Shoushimi and saw him tied up his shoulder-length hair in a ponytail, he had cut off his long hair that reaches to his feet and his good looks haven’t diminished but he’s glowing and become more mature. The princess comes to him and said to him that she will ask her father to choose him as her husband.  He said to her that she has to find someone else. She too went to the priestess and tell her to cast a spell on the Capt. Shoushimi to fall for her, she will give anything the priestess needed.

After many months Capt. Shoushimi comes back to visit the priestess Zhuyon. The priestess was waiting for him, and ask him “Why don’t he come visiting her sooner?” Shoushimi did not reply and wrapped his arms around the woman’s waist while leaning in to kiss her, the Captain’s hair was still damp, so he must have just taken a bath, He ducked down and began kissing Zhuyon.

Zhuyon did not show any displeasure on her face and even planted a kiss on the man’s cheek “I’m going to bathe.”

“All right,” Shoushimi replied quickly but trailed her into the bathroom. As Zhuyon was sitting in the tub, flipping her wet hair back as she looks and she explained that  Princess Ceux wanted her to help her to make him falls in love with her.

Capt.Shoushimi loved watching her flip her hair, the sight was too hot for him to handle. He shot out the room and closed the door behind him to cool down.

After bathing, Zhuyon walked out she stopped at the wardrobe and looks at him with a naughty expression “Come here, I have something for you.”  With a finger beckoned to the man and hugged the man around the waist. “I get uneasy if I don’t get to see you.”

Zhuyon snaked her arm around the Shoushimi neck, and he wraps his arms around the priestess’s waist, she coaxing in his ear. “Just marry her, would you do it for me, she had promised me, she will build me Yotieng temple in every part of the country and she will provide what I demand.

Capt. Shoushimi kissed a blood-filled earlobe and whispered secretively, “I do wish you as my wife, though. That way I could make you mine and keep you in my arms for the rest of my life.”

The speaker’s face was the same poker face, and his voice was calm as usual, but somehow his words lingered and sneaked in through the tiny, winding crevices of the listener’s heart she stayed quiet with her face still crimson.

Shoushimi leaned in until his lips brushed the priestess’s lips. His face was probably hot enough to fry an egg now. ” Come here,” he said while patting his own thighs.

Zhuyon was sitting in his lap, looking shyer as it was their first time together. The Priestess did not know what to do or where to put her hands and Capt. Shoushimi found this cute he just wanted to bully her.

Capt. Shoushimi’s breathing hitched, He had noticed that his self-restraint had been on the declining day by day ever since meeting the priestess before him.

“Tell me something I want to hear.”

“Like what?”

“How about…”Capt. Shoushimi pulled the woman’s head close and kissed her lips. “Tell me you don’t want me to marry anyone else but you.”

They were sweet words of affection but her eyes started stinging. The confession “I love you” threatened to leave her lips again.

She even thought that if Capt. Shoushimi were to get married to the Princess Ceux, she wouldn’t leave him as long as the man did not break it off with her first. This was so pitiful and degrading that she wanted to slap herself across the face for it, and thus, the confession stayed unsaid.

Noticing the woman’s red eyes, Capt. Shoushimi thought he had gone overboard with the teasing and began to soothe the woman by rubbing her back. “There, there. No more of that.”

She realizes she was beyond an immense of no return – she might as well always have been. Hearing with her handsome man’s sweet, sweet words, she couldn’t help but feel a bitter emotion so strong that she didn’t mind going along with the act and playing out a night as his wife.

The Priestess Zhuyon slid her hand lightly over the hair of the captain he was barely conscious by then. Zhuyon wrapped the blankets around him tight and snug. Then, she sat on the bed board and caress the man face as she watched the Captain sleep.

As she watched him sleep, a silent voice spoke to her: If you let him marry Princess Ceux, you’ll never get him back again.


to be continue…











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