Captain Shoushimi Chapter 2


Captain. Shoushimi
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Xingche  keeps his eyes on the beautiful princess he likes her but he can’t show it to her as their status is different, he always wants to ask her how did she know about him, and why did she want to save him, he never know about her but this question stays with him, Every morning Princess Ceux  practising her martial Arts, then one morning she calls him to train with her, he feels a flower blooming in his heart, his face blush and she too finds him cute and handsome “ Why does Feathers tribe so good-looking and handsome?”  He can’t help but become beetroot after hearing her say this. He can’t deny that he is extremely good-looking “Yes, I am, very good looking, I see that too, I am from “The Feather ‘s tribe”. Princess Ceux smile at him and ask him “you mean now you know what beauty is? How did you know?” Xingche too smiles and said “ that kind Priestess helps me see it, she open my eyes and give me a new sight” They continue with their training and chatting at the same time “ you mean Priestess Zhuyon?” the princess asked.  Xingche was much stronger than the princess, her sword fells from her hand and Xingche help to pick her sword and give it back to her “I met only Priestess Zhuyon”. The Princess Cuex than ask him you have been staying there with her for a week tell me what does she looks like I am sure you have seen her face.”

Xingche said “I am Sorry, I have never able to see her face, she is wearing a veil, and I never once see her take it off, but I think she is a very kind person” than the Princess told him “I once asked her to take off her veil, but she said that if she did bad fortune will fall on me, nobody should be looking at her face”. “Does that mean she can be a curse to us?” asks Xingche.

Princess Ceux “ I don’t know if she tells me the truth or she hides something from me, I don’t trust her, she is not from around here, and many people were missing, I want you to spy on her”

Xingche has been busy spying on Zhuyon, he gives a report every day to the princess and he has long forgotten about the Capt. Shoushimi who haunted him down.

One evening while he follows the Priestess Zhuyon, his heart nearly comes out from his mouth to see that tyrannical good-looking Captain whose face had a celestial beauty and a cold heart that he easily kill people without mercy, he can’t believe the cold Captain with the kind Priestess Zhuyon drinking together. Xingche can’t help but think why does the Priestess help him if she was a friend of the captain?. He watches them and continues to follow where they went. The Captain takes the Priestess’s hand and kisses it, “Why did the Captain do that? What is their relationship? Does it mean it’s the custom of their greeting?” Xingche asks himself.

Later he sees the Priestess has changed her veil and her clothes in deep red dress, and holding feather in her hand and use it in the altar and chanting “Xinghche was now confused “why does that Priestess have the feather, which clearly shows it belongs to the Feather’s Tribe, Does that mean she save him because they both were from the same tribe?’

“Priestess! You have to help me find out about myself? The Spirit river told me I am from “LumthahDing the Spirit realm”  Does that mean I am a supernatural being, not a mortal man?” asked the captain

The Priestess come close to him and she gives him a unique strange sharp knife “Captain Shoushimi! You know if you want to know something, you have to give me your hair, fingernail and your inner cloths so that I can find about you’re…” the captain pulls the Priestess into his embrace “Priestess Zhuyon you smell so sweet! Tell me what you are! To whom do you serve? And you even dare to ask me that even though I tell you I might be from the Lumthahding the Spirit Realm! Are you even a human yourself?”  the captain pull  Zhuyon beautiful silky red colour long hair, “ Why does you smell like a flower  from the ‘Bam’, tell me what are you before I chopped off your beautiful hand, since these hand has  helped Xingche escape, you have caused me a lot of troubles”

The Priestess Zhuyon tried to push Captain Soushimi away, but she can’t let herself free from the Captain deathly grip “Do you have a proof that I help the prisoner escape?” The captain remains silent and kiss the Priestess’s hair, “I see you free him in my dream Zhuyon, and I had a feeling since the day I see myself in the river, I had a feeling its true whatever I see in my dream is real, maybe I am not a pure human, I think my blood was mix with something else, you know, I just want to know whom do you serve?”

Zhuyon bites the Captain Soushimi’s arm and he let her free “  I can’t help you, go find someone else to help you” she tries to run away but got pulled from her long hair, “ Where do you try to run huh!, you are my prisoner, you have let Xingche escape” Captain Soushimi pulls her from the hair. Xingche want to go and help but he can’t expose himself as he knows he has no chance winning over that cruel Captain with his subordinate surrounded him, “ Poor Priestess, I know I need to go and help you, but I’m sorry, I can’t as I know I am not able to free you nor risk myself to be captured.” Xingche wants to kill the captain and he feels furious to see the Priestess was being harassed by the cold mysterious handsome beautiful looking captain.

Xingche dint run but follow them secretly, Captain Soushimi pulls the Priestess by the hair till they reach outside, Xingche can’t stands any more he comes forward and fight the captain Soushimi, he helped the Priestess to stands up and he asks the Priestess “Why don’t you curse him, I heard rumours about you, if you take off your veil  people will have a curse” they continue to fight but the Priestess runs and left Xingche alone to fight Captain Shoushimi .

“Very nice of you to come by yourself, this time you will never be able to escape” but while they were arresting him Princess Ceux came to his rescue.

Princess Ceux give place for the priestesses to stay in here place for a while, she too don’t understand why did the priestesses not doing anything to that cold captain he has humiliated her by pulling her from the hair from the priestess place till they reach the prison, she can’t believe how soft heart this priestess was, she too tell the priestess not to left the captain like that, she asks the priestess to curse him and kill him with a painful death, but the priestess just ignore her, She asked the priestess why she dint do anything? Is he beyond her power to hurt the captain?” she can’t help but think maybe this priestess Zhuyon IS NOT A REAL PRIESTESS, but a spy or just an ordinary woman trying to have an easy living by pretending to be a priestess, and fools people by her trick.”

Xingche too thought the same, as he too had witnessed how cruel the captain treated her, and she does nothing she let the captain harass her, and she can’t even protect herself. If he didn’t come to her rescue he was sure that the Priestess by now has already lost her beautiful hands. Xingche ask the Priestess Zhuyon “tell me honestly what you are? Are you really a priestess?” The Priestess stays silently and not responding. Then Xingche said to her he comes to save her because he sees that the priestess has no power, and see the priestess as a common people, then he too ask did she wear a veil because she wants to hide her identity and lie to people, if people see her face they will be cursed Zhuyon keeps quiet and just avoid Xingche.

Captain Shoushimi looks at the things and stuff of the Priestess Zhuyon use, Zilong, a young soldier comes to him and asks him “Captain what we will do with it?” The captain told him to live it.

After a few days, Zhuyon return back to her place to collect her stuff which she needs, while she was busy packing her important stuff she feels someone standing behind her, “Zhuyon! Are you really a priestess?” Zhuyon turns around and sees it was Xingche “Xingche, why are you here?” Xingche told her that he follows her to make sure she is safe. Zhuyon reminds him that Xingche’s life is more important than to worried about her.

Captain Shoushimi was taking a bath and look at his arm filled with bite mark “Zhuyon! You dare to bite me, I’m going to chop your hands and sew your lips, I will make your life misery and make you want to die” then he comes out of the pool, his men inform him where Zhuyon was, and he gets ready to go and capture her.

Zhuyon was still chanting her prayer and people were running away when they see soldiers coming they don’t want to be in trouble. Captain Shoushimi waits till her chant end and asks the Priestess, to show him her room. Priestess Zhuyon doesn’t want to anger the Captain she agrees and takes him to her room. When they enter her room Captain Shoushimi feels the sweet scent fills in the room, he looks around and said with his cold voice: “this is the exact room I see in my dreams,  this is the same bed where you lay Xingche, now tell me why did you help him, did the Princess ask you?” Priestess Zhuyon said she did it because the Princess ask her to. The Captain believe her he had seen that the Princess personally did come to rescues Xingche from him. The Captain sits on the bed and pulls Zhuyon, Zhuyon didn’t fight back this time she let him do whatever he wants, The Captain was about to take off the veil from Zhuyon, and Zhuyon holds the Captain hands “Shoushimi! If you want to look at me, you need to give me your hair, your fingernails and your inner cloths “the Captain just laugh at her and forcefully take the veil from her.”You aren’t human! Why are you in our world?” Zhuyon looks straight at the Capt. Shoushimi “to feast on men” she touches the Captain face and talks to his ears “I am a soul eater, and I have to disguise to be human, to get food to live, will you be my food Shoushimi! I want you, your soul can make me stop eating for a century.” Capt.Shoushimi holds the Priestess tightly and this time the priestess laugh “Capt. You are not pure human yourself, that makes you the best food for me” Capt.Shoushimi was not afraid then he asks Zhuyon is she strong enough to kill him, the priestess just smirks and said: “at a moment I’m not hungry, I have eaten a lot”. Then Capt. Shoushimi said to her “I  will give you my hair if you tell me what my other half is” Capt. Shoushimi cuts his hair and fingernails, Zhuyon eyes turn red, her hair and clothes change into red colours, Capt. Shoushimi can’t look away from the stunning beauty of a Soul Eater  “Capt. Shoushimi why aren’t you running for your life, are you so eagerly wants to be my food, I am not a kind creature from our realm” Capt. Shoushimi stays put as if he was cast by a spell he can’t run or call for help, he just watches as the predator comes towards him, Priestess Zhuyon comes towards him and puts her blood-red colour lips on Capt. Shoushimi lips, she kisses him and tries to suck out his life, Capt. Shoushimi feels sick and his head feels heavy he can feel that his soul was like it’s going to come out from his body, he tries to move his hand and push away the “Soul Eater” but he can’t his limps freeze, after a while, Zhuyon leaves him “ Capt. Shoushimi! You are lucky you are not the type I can eat! You are beyond me, you have a blood of a deity that’s running into you” The Capt. Shoushimi now able to push Zhuyon away and he collapses on the bed, his hands and body now tremble from freezing his  face and lips has turn pale as if there is no more life and blood in him. Zhuyon let him lay down on her bed, she comes and sits on the bed “Capt. Shoushimi, Thank you for letting me taste you, I am becoming stronger and powerful, and I become more stunning, after I get the taste of a demi deity’s blood, I will let you rest, I will inform your subordinate that you are tired and you want to rest here, She transforms back to her usual dress and she was looking for the veil that Capt. Shousimi took from her.


When Capt. Shoushimi awake in the morning and realize he is sleeping on someone else bed and he remembers that Priestess is not  human, he feels someone sleeping next to him he turns around and he can’t take his eyes to see how stunning  the “Soul eater is” he reaches his hand to touch the beautiful face and the dangerous lips that can hurt him and make him sick, he suddenly remember what Zhoyon told him, that he is a deity, and Zhuyon can’t kill him, he smirks at that, this time he reaches for the sleeping Zhoyon lips and kiss her.

to be continue…



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