Captain Shoushimi Chapter 1


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Chapter 1-4

Nightfall, under the waning moon. The cold wind whistled.

Aahhhh! The scream of a runaway prisoner was heard as he falls down in the cold freezing river, in the darkness of the night a mysterious red-gowned lady was seated on a blanket atop the snow, she was a Priestess, she got up and walk over and give her beautiful hand to pull up the half-unconscious person from the freezing river and help him headed straight for the Lumthahding territory.

A young boy about 13 years old dresses in exquisitely made of white fur dashed through the snowy mountains, he held a spear in his right hand, as he watches the prisoners trying to jump and run away. The young boy hoisted up the long spear. His body tilted slightly backwards, strength flowing from his waist to his right arms as he threw the Spear! Whoosh! The spear whistled through the air, piercing a few tree leaves as it covered a distance of 40 meters and landed on the unlucky prisoner’s back.

“Captain!”  The boy turned his head and looked into the distance. “I killed him! Am I qualify for now to join and become a soldier, can I STARTS CULTIVATING Qi??”  The boy deviously grinned

“Zilong! You need to Killed three more” The forceful voice resonated from far away. The tall figure appeared in the distance with the bloody sword in his left hand

“Captain!” The boy opened his eyes wide. “You, you…”

“Looks like you still dare to argue with me!” said the tyrannical captain

Most of the prisoners who try to escape were shot and killed by the soldiers. The handsome captain looks at the dead prisoners and finds out one prisoner had managed to escape, he orders the soldier to continue searching. They keep walking and searching in the thick snow and they cannot proceed to go further as they have reached the end of the human realm. Soldiers try to ignore the sign of warning and walk, but the sole of their boots get burned. The Captain asked the soldiers to come back and stop searching there, he doesn’t want his soldiers to be burned alive. They all look at the lonely place where it was considered to be the land of the thousand spirits, which was dwelled by Fairies, Deities and demons. They search in a different area, searching at the cliffs, mountains, trees, rivers… they have been searching everywhere. But they could not find the escaped prisoner. “Xingche! You really are quite capable of hiding. Even when pursued by my team, you were able to hide from me”.  The captain had a feeling that the prisoner was in ‘the Lumthahding the spirit realm’ with the help of the spirit being. They have been searching for the escaped prisoner now for 4 days, and they reach a safe river with a beautiful waterfall, he asks them to take a rest and to take a bath as most of the river and water are poisonous. The captain let his long smooth silky hair down and goes into the river when he was in, he looks at his own handsome reflection in the water, and he was shocked to see his reflection speak  “I’d Finally see you again” the person’s voice carried heavy emotions. “You really looks a lot like him!” The captain stared, his beautiful eyes bulging  “Shoushimi why don’t you personally go into the Lumthahding the prisoner is hiding there?” The captain looks around and sees his soldiers were still taking a bath below the river. Then he looks again in the water and asks the river “Who are you?” the river reply “I am a spirit messenger” The captain asked the river “If you said you a spirit messenger, what message you have for me?” The river said “Capt.Shoushimi! You are not human, you belong to the other realm” The captain punch his own reflection in the river and the water splashes “I don’t believe you” his reflection appears again in the water “Captain you should not be angry at me, if you don’t believe me you can try to go to Lumthahding and see it yourself”.

A voice calling him “Captain! Captain! Are you okay?”  The captain turns around and sees a young, handsome soldier standing behind him. “Zilong! How dare you step into here!” the captain scolded him. “I worry about you, captain! I thought something bad had happened to you, you have been standing alone in the river for a long time and you look at your own reflection for a long time. I was worried since we have already entered Lumthahding territory that of the Spirit’s realm, I was afraid that you encounter some unknown spirit that lives around here and manipulates you.”

“I am okay Zilong! Don’t worry about me, but take care of yourself, this is their territory!” the captain told him.


“It’s so bright in here, I Can’t see, did I die while running, I must be, I think I am, I am sure, after my long torture and running its good for me to relax now and what is that smell it’s so nice, should I Wake up and look where it comes from?”  he talks to himself, then he heard a soft footsteps walking towards him “ Xingche,  if you are awake, you better open your eyes now,  I don’t want you to breathe this fragrance for long its poison and it can make you blind ” Xingche open his eyes, but he can’t see it’s too bright wherever he looks, he covers his eyes with his hands, and he asks the stranger “how did you know my name?”  The stranger replies to him and said that she knows his name because she heard the soldiers mentioned his name, Xingche was confused, and he wants to see who the stranger was, but he can’t see, he asks her “Who are you? Why did you make me blind? What did I ever did to you?” Then he felt a smooth long finger touching his eyes “ SShh! Don’t worry I am not a person!” Xingche feels a chill running down his spine, and he tries to get away “ Don’t touch me you a filthy thing!” The stranger was angry at Xingche “ How dare you to say I am a filthy thing! You should be happy that I am willing to spare your life, I am the one who saves you from those soldiers who are hunting you down, if I am not there to save you, you are long gone” Xingche keeps on wiping his face where he feels the trace of the fingers left on him “ what are you? Why did you save me? What do you want from me?” The stranger reply after a long time “Don’t be afraid I am not a fairy or Demon, I am Zhuyon, I serve Princess Ceux,  I will return your eyesight after you swear to me that you will give me your fingernails ,  your inner cloth and your hair ” Xingche agree and he cut his hair, fingernail, and his clothes he wears, he places them on the crystal plate, then Zhuyon takes them and she gives Xingche the antidote, Xingche takes the antidote and after a few hours she gives he got his eyesight back.

Xingche was happy to be able to see again and he was shocked that he was in the temple, and not in Lumthahding territory, he can’t believe his eyes, his eyes bulging to see that his looks have change he was so different from what he used to be, he had a dress of a priest, his hair was done beautifully, he can’t stop staring at himself in the mirror “is this really me?, or did I reincarnate and end up on someone’s body? This person is truly beautiful, the eyes were strange and beautiful, everything about this person is unique and beautiful” Zhuyon watches Xingche for a while and said to Xingche “That is you! You just never know that you are beautiful and handsome, since you are from the “Feather tribe” your tribe are blind to the beauty, you see this only after I give you with your new eyesight” Xingche grin, and he thanks his Saviour.  Zhuyon said to him that Xingche will have to stay with her for a while as of now, and he has to be disguised as a Priest until the soldiers stop to look for him.

A week later Xingche ask Zhuyon when will he be able to meet Princess Ceux, Zhuyon tells him soon the princess will come, Xingche can’t help but get nervous what will the princess do with him when she met him, why did she save him. The princess Ceux called Xingche and tell him she wants him to be her eyes and ears, Xingche was happy to work for her, and he follows her order.

After Xingche left with the princess Ceux, She looks at the crystal plate and smirk, “I get what I want”

to be continue on 24th Feb 2018

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