Story of Sky (Supernatural, Fantasy, Bl)Cont of Chapter 21

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Cont of Chapter 21

The servants tell Lady Cloud it’s already time to go. Lady Cloud turns away from the Window and still wondering who is the other deity that walking hand in hand with Dark Sky. She did not like what she sees she was angry, she keeps silent but while walking she keeps on thinking. ” Is he in love with that young deity? But I will make that deity disappear and blame Lord Rain. Everyone will think it’s Lord Rain. It’s good Lord Rain is here I can put blame on Lord Rain”

It is the wedding Day the ceremony starts Dark Sky and Lady Cloud exchange promises and Bracelet. Emperor Thunder blessed them and his mother, Lady Blue Sky too blessed Lady Cloud and put a tiara on Lady Cloud’s head. 

Lady Blue Sky:- my son why you don’t kiss her to finish the Ceremony.

Darksky:- yes I will after Emperor father gives me the crown.

Thunder:- still after the Crown! but tell me have you send the demon away from Heaven?

Dark Sky:- Yes he has no place here.

Thunder:- I will give you the Crown but swear to me, you will not go and find that demon as long as you live. You will only love Lady Cloud.

Dark Sky:- I swear to you I will not go after him as long as I am ruling. (angry at himself)

Thunder:- you will only love Lady Cloud.

Dark Sky (smile and happy to say this as he knows, Lord Rain were there and he knows, Lord Rain will kill anyone whom he loves):- I will protect her and love only her.

Lord Thunder puts the crown on his son’s head and continues with the ceremony of the wedding.

Lady Cloud was shocked it was not a deity, but a demon. She was surprised that the demon was too beautiful to be just a demon. She knows well in her heart prince Dark Sky did not love her nor he means to protect her. She knows him he says it on purpose because Lord Rain was there to get rid of her. After the ceremony ends and their guests were gone when only two of them left Lady Cloud asked him ” I know everything. I saw you with that demon, hmm you want Lord Rain to keep his eyes on me, you even dare to lie to your parents on a day like this to get the crown and kill me, you  plan well”

Dark Sky smiles you right my dear wife. Be prepared because I plan on showing how much I deeply love you to everyone.

Lady Cloud:- what about that demon?

Dark Sky:- I know you are not like what others think of you I know you well you are not kind so I will protect him from you and from him.

Lady Cloud was angry but she did not show it at Dark Sky she still smiles

Dark Sky:- You smile. I should smile too

Then all the guests return back to their own Kingdoms and places.

Lord Rain was alone, so he went to his favourite childhood places the Garden where he used to spend most of his time learning herbs and medicines and he talks to himself while looking at the herbs in his hand ” I have become a great healer since I was just a boy because I want to cure you and not let you die I will never let go of you. I will kill anyone that stole you away from me, I have changed and  Heaven and Land hate me and I lost my father’s love because of you. Dark Sky you have stolen everything from me. If I can’t get you I will kill you the new Emperor of the Heaven”  Lord Rain lies down on the grass and look up at the Dark night.

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7 thoughts on “ Story of Sky (Supernatural, Fantasy, Bl)Cont of Chapter 21

  1. oh man I just hate to see the picture that Lady Cloud all dress up in her wedding gown I dislike her so much don’t feel like I have a heart to continue reading just to think Lady Cloud gets Lord Dark Sky its killing me I just want to stab her so that she will not get to marry him… I just hope somebody kills her before she gets to take her vow to marry him… fuck off you bicth Lord Sky belongs to the Demon the Zebed. I HATE HER!

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