Story of Sky (Bl, Supernatural, Fantasy) Chapter 21

Chapter 21

I don’t own the Picture. Credit goes to the rightful owner

The day of a wedding everyone was busy Lady Cloud has put on her nice wedding dress, she cannot wait for the moment to be united with one of her dreams. She keeps on looking out at the Window and blush. Her Attendants’ keeps reminding her not to be nervous. Then one of her servants announces to her someone wants to meet her. She allows she was surprised to see it was Lord Rain

Lord Rain: – you look beautiful!

Lady Cloud: – yes, I have to, it’s my wedding day.

Lord Rain: – you! Do you know me?

Lady Cloud: – yes I do, I came when you were born… You have grown up

Lord Rain: – yes I have and I still have feelings for Prince Darksky

Lady Cloud: – …..

Lord Rain: – I am warning you if you want to save your life don’t fall in love with him

Lady Cloud: – I will marry him today and I  love him since I was young so I will always love him

Lord Rain: – I am warning you. (He left)

Lady Cloud: – why is he acting like that?

Attendant: – Lady! don’t you know about him…

Lady Cloud: – what?

Attendant:- Lord Rain wants to be with prince Darksky… rumours said he is obsessed with his uncle and turn into Evil Lord Rain… he tortures everyone who looks at  prince Darksky

Lady Cloud: – I am not afraid of him… he is just a child in front of me

Attendant: – it’s good our lady is brave and not afraid of him, but please don’t anger him I have seen him kills… he is half blood

Lady Cloud: – hahaha why should I be afraid of a half-blood?

Attendant:- he is the son of a barbarian God (Addicate)… he is Wilhermberg child, not prince Lightning… prince Lightning took the child of God Wilhermberg… he is very powerful I have seen his power

Lady Cloud:- son of Wilhermberg?  I don’t like it, why does he have to be my opponent… I am not afraid of Lord Rain that I don’t want to involve myself and anger his father… Wilhermberg! I heard rumours about that Deity everyone seems afraid of him

Attendant:- Yes, even Lady Blue Sky and Lord Darksky were afraid of him… I used to be Lady Blue Sky attendant I have seen she was afraid when her son, prince Darksky was in a fight with Wilhermberg… I heard Wilhermberg is the supreme God…

Lady Cloud:- Enough. I don’t want to hear anymore… Today is my wedding day I don’t want to hear my future husband is a loser to a barbarian God.

Attendant 2:- is not that prince Darksky?

Lady Cloud:- yes it’s him… what is he doing there? Do you think he too wants to see me?

Attendant2: – maybe.

Lady Cloud:- But who is that?

Chapter 21 to be continued…

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