Story of Sky (Bl, Supernatural, Fantasy) Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

I don’t own the art/ image the credit goes to the rightful owner.

(Ahem! Before I start with this chapter, let me remind you about Lord Rain. Lord Rain was the biological son of Wilhermberg the God of Addicate, Wilhermberg can transform or splits himself into three persons/characters he is the God of Addicate in Addicate they have three MAJOR TRIBES 1. Gagan (Dragon), 2. Gagantic (half Dragon half human) &  3. Tic (pure and kind)… Lord Rain too has this ability to be three Gods just like his father. At present, he has shown his two characters 1. Lord Rain (Tic Character/ gentle) and 2. Evil Lord Rain  (Gagantic Character/ selfish, cruel, jealous) until now his Gagan side has not yet appeared Hmmm may be in the future… Lord Rain cannot transform into female like other Makedonian deities… I will add images about Addicate to make it clear at the end of this Chapter)

Chapter 20

Lord Rain stands alone in Heaven’s Kingdom and looks around at the Garden. Looks like that Demon tells me the truth about Lord Darsky’s wedding… Soon he hears servants’ rumours that prince Dark sky willing to marry Lady Cloud for the throne. Lord Rain finds it laughable to hear these rumours “if he is marrying her for the throne, then that Demon will never get prince Dark Sky… Poor Demon! You are not in a position to look at prince Dark Sky he is too high for you, and you’re just a demon you cannot give  Dark Sky a high Position you will only drag him down”.

While he was observing a servant girl called “Master! You have returned home”

Lord Rain watch as that Master pushed the servant girl, suddenly an old lady comes “My grandson, it’s been so long… you come back but why? Why are you here at this time?”

Lord Rain: – Grandma! Why do you sound so unpleasant seeing me?

Lady Sky Blue: – you know well why I am not happy to see you at this moment I don’t want you to stop the wedding of your uncle. Cause if you did then prince Lightning will be crowned as the next heir to be King the ruler of Heaven’s Kingdom… I want my precious son prince Dark Sky to be on the throne.

Lord Rain: – Don’t worry, I am not stopping the wedding I will bless it instead

Lady blue sky: – what? What did you just say? Are you not stopping it? Will you bless it?

Lord Rain: – Yes, I, Evil Lord Rain I am here to bless it.

Lady blue sky: – you are lying? Why will you bless it? Don’t you like your uncle?

Lord Evil Rain: – I am not the one who uses to like him. You are talking right now with me Evil Lord Rain… and I like someone else… not him.

Lady blue sky: – who? Who is that deity that win’s your cool heart? And I am happy you let go of your uncle… you know it’s wrong for you to like prince Dark Sky.

Lord Evil Rain: – don’t be too happy that I let go of your son… don’t forget there are two more beings beside of me and they didn’t say they give up on your son.

Lady Bluesky: – then you can stop them right don’t let them come out of you on the day of my son’s wedding.

Lord Rain:- I can stop the gentle one, but I don’t know if I can stop the other me…  and I too I haven’t met my so-called Uncle. This Evil Lord Rain does not know how is his Uncle looks will you do the honour to introduce me to him, grandmother.

Lady Bluesky: – Please don’t ruin the wedding. This is his only chance to get the throne.

Lord Rain: – we will see because I am not promising you anything… Like I said you don’t have to be afraid of me I found someone.

Lady Bluesky: – who could that be? Bring her/ him to me, I want to know who that Deity is

Lord Rain: – sad to say I get rejected. So I can’t introduce you… So, grandma will you take me to my Uncle in name? …. I know very well I am not blood-related to neither you nor him I am related to that Barbarian Deity (Addicate God- Wilhermberg)… I am a half-blood.

Lady Blue Sky: – yes you right, you are half-blood your mother is a deity of Makedonia and your father is Berg if I knew before I will never let you live.

Lord Rain:- you cannot do anything now grandmother cause you have loved me like your own and you raise me well like one of your own… so lets us forget about my parents and take me to my uncle in name.

Lady Blue Sky: – Stop saying Uncle in name… he once adopted you as his son.

Lord Rain: – he did not. He adopted the other me. (*He refers to his gentle side as Gentle Rain/ Tic Character at Present he has Gagantic character/ Evil Rain) I was asleep during those times.

Lady Blue Sky: – whatever, but you are Still Lord Rain… it’s just you changing your characters like a mad crazy deity. That is what I see.

Lord Rain: – you wrong! We have different eyes, different personalities, and different tastes… Don’t forget the one you are talking right now is Evil Rain.

Lady Blue Sky: – okay, calm down I don’t want anything goes wrong while we are preparing for the big day… now come, let us go to his wings I will introduce you to Lord Dark Sky.


Demon: – why you’re silent? Aren’t you happy, I bring him here?

Darksky: – why did I smell you like Lord Rain from far

Demon: – Yes, I do! Cause we come together.

Lord Darksky (walks towards Demon and looking at him from foot to head, then looked at his lips, he touches and wiped his lips so hard):-Liar! Your clothes are a mess….. You kissed someone other than me… I saw you

Demon: – you spy on me?!

Lord Darksky: – I missed you I went to look for you in Addicate but I saw you kissing him (tears). I want to pull you apart and beat you but I am not doing it because like I said I give you to live your own life I will never treat you like Lady Lord Lost. You have the freedom to choose.

Demon: – I am sorry you have to see that, but I am just kissing him to pay him for freeing me.

Lord Darksky:- just so for you to know I have never slept nor kiss any other deities beside you… Now leave I want to rest and go help that Servant girl I hurt her, she was injured… she has done nothing wrong I hurt her instead of you… it’s your fault to heal her injuries.

Demon: – I can’t! Did you forget your father has warned me never to appear in front of your palace?

Lord Darksy: – hmm… did you also forget he warns you never to appear in front of me?

Demon: – you hate me?

Lord Darsky: – what will you do if I said yes? Are you going to run now to Lord Evil Rain… you look happy if I said it… you kissed him for so long and it’s genuine I saw everything

Demon: – he told me to do that so I will be free… I am doing it for you. I want to be able to come back to you

Lord Darksky: – then why your dress looks like this?

Demon: – I fought with him, he tries to….

Lord Darksky: – don’t lie next time… go clean yourself I can’t stand your smell like Lord Rain.

Demon: – you forgive me?! Thank you (hugs him and breathes into the scent of the Prince Dark Sky). I missed you too, I want to have your scent, let me hold you like this for some time before I go.

Darksky: – take off your disgusting, smelly clothes

Demon: – No problem. I want you… (Soon he was naked and walk in the embrace of his lover)

Darksky: – I never thought Lord Rain will try to steal you from me… I was worried you will meet Wilhermberg but instead, his son tries to take you away from me… I hate them both father and son.

Demon: – he is just a kid, don’t worry about him… Let us make love now before someone coming… You know I don’t have much time and I don’t want anyone seeing me with you. I don’t want you to lose the throne. (So they did make love and they both forget about Lord Rain and the nearly coming wedding).

After a few minutes later, the servant calls out “Lady Blue Sky is here”

Darksky: – mother is here… put your clothes on… wear mine! I don’t want you to wear that smelling old clothes of yours, I hate Lord Rain.

Demon: – I am honoured to put yours (happy)… but what about you?

Lord Darsky: – just give me the top one (he kissed the Demon again)…. Every time we’re making love someone come to disturb us.

Demon: – I am leaving before your mother enters.

Lord Darsky: – No, don’t leave stay… I will go and meet her instead… wait for me.

Demon: – it’s not safe to let me stay we will meet again next time… I don’t want you to lose the throne.

Lord Darksky: – for the throne, I will have to marry Lady Cloud.

Demon: – I too want you to have the throne, but I don’t want you to marry her

Lord Darsky:- I have decided I will marry her just for the sake of the throne… when I am in power I will kill her, so you just wait and don’t do anything… In front of my parents, I will have to put an act that I love her so my parents wouldn’t have any suspicious… I will take all her powers…

Demon: – Don’t do that I don’t want you to sleep with her, nor kiss her… just to think of you hugging her kills me…

Servant calling again to inform him his mother is waiting for him.

Darsky:- so you already start getting jealous I am happy… don’t kill her, okay, just wait… When my parents went to their long, deep sleep I will get rid of Lady Cloud for you and we will rule together… we will marry officially then.

Demon:- I am scared you might fall in love with her, she is a deity and you knew her before… I am just a Demon… I cannot be Lady in the future; I cannot produce an heir for you… I think she is better for you… she is a Lady and you need an heir to.

Lord Darksky: – we will talk about this later… My mother is waiting for me. (Kiss one last time)

Demon: – yes, you better go before she finds out about us… I am leaving too, I cannot be here it’s too risky.  (He disappears).

LadyBlue Sky: – what took you so long? And why are you putting so thin clothes?

Darksky: -I just woke up… why are you looking for me?

Lady Blue Sky: – I have brought Lord Evil Rain to pay his respect for you. Lord Rain comes in

Lord Rain: – Wow, so this is my good looking Uncle… you are so beautiful I never thought you be so good looking

Darsky: – you that Evil Lord Rain?

Lord Rain: – Yes, I am. I heard so much about you… huh… Lady Cloud was lucky to have you; your beauty is so worthy to sit on the throne and rule us all… you deserve the throne.

Darsky:- Mother will you excuse us cause I too want to know more about this Evil Lord Rain… I have never met him before I have known only Lord Rain, Not this Evil Lord Rain! So I want to know him better.

Lady Blue Sky: – Yes… sure I am busy too (she leaves)

Lord Darksky: – I know you knew I was in Addicate and you do it purposely to make him give in to you and you failed, but you threaten him and make him kiss you… why?

Lord Rain:- yes, I do it cause I know you’re there, coming to Addicate for him, not for me, I am jealous  I want to hurt you…I still love you I just pretend that I forget I know who you are… How can I forget you my mind was only to get you…I am becoming like this is all you’re doing…I get disowned by my father (Wilhermberg the God of Addicate) because of you, I lost everything as a Deity which I should get from my father because of you…all the three of me were one and we are in love with you since I was a boy…I just pretend I don’t know anything… it’s called an act…I am Lord Rain but you make me into Evil… So you are interested to turn everyone evil…you turns Zebed into Demon…I remember him too how can I forget a beauty messenger like him…I am smart, don’t you know…so, Uncle, I am here not to stop your wedding I am going to bless Lady Cloud… I know you will never be happy to be with her and I too will never be happy to see you with your true love that Demon…you is the only one I love…

Lord Darksky slapped Lord Rain “how dare you?”

Lord Rain:- you lied to me…you promised me since I was a child you will look for me when I become the best of the best…I have achieved that, all deities cannot defeat me but instead you come to Addicate not to find me but just to find that Demon, to see if he is okay and safe you never care a bit for me…I fought with my mom and my step-brother you never care for my health…that Demon at least think about me he cares for me he keeps reminding me I should stop and not wake Wilhermberg…you should know now why I did not hurt and kill your lover that Demon…Since I was a child I make a promise to myself I will get rid of anyone whom you cherish. I will be the only one for you…I will still keep my eyes on your Demon! I will not kill Lady Cloud, she is not the one I am competing with, but the Demon is the one I am competing with.

Lord Darksky: – you drive me crazy… I have never once been kind to you, why are you still in love with me?

Lord Rain: – your beauty.

Lord Darsky:- My beauty is a curse… why does it have to be the son of the Barbarian to fall in love with me? Forget me; you know I will marry Lady Cloud you can wait for my child then… I promise you the moment my child born; I will make you engage with it I will raise it as a perfect lady for you.

Lord Rain:- No, I will kill your child cause I don’t want you to have an heir I want your beauty to end only with you… like you said your beauty is a curse I will not let another Deity be born like you, not like that Demon. Your beauties are madness to us.

Lord Darksky: – then what am I suppose to do to calm you down?

Lord Rain: – I am not stopping your wedding, but you stop your own wedding.

Lord Darksky: – you know I will lose the throne.

Lord Rain:- yes, I know I don’t care you lose your throne… I lost my father’s love and his powers too… I lost everything because of you… I was Evil because of you… I killed thousands and thousands of souls because of you… your Demon was not hated like I am… my people hated me the most… my parents hated me because of you I turn to what I am because of you… so if you want me to calm down you stop the wedding and never had a wife… you should sacrifice your throne.

Lord Darksky: – my parents will not agree… I cannot lose the throne

Lord Rain:- then don’t forget my warning I will never let you have an heir, nor will I let your Demon lives… but I will not kill Lady  Cloud, I will kill only those you love… but if you later love Lady Cloud she too will be my enemy… I am leaving, you still have times to think.

Lord Darksky touches his head and returned back to his bedchamber… he fools me… how can he be so smart he fool us all, we all think he forgets me… he knows everything. I don’t mind his killing, but I am in so much pain right now just to listen to him threatens to kill my only Love (Demon). I don’t mind him kill everyone.

Demon: – why are you like this?

Darsky:- (happy) you are back come to sit next to me. Be careful; don’t ever go near Lord Rain.

Demon: – Yes, I know Lord Evil Rain is dangerous.

Dakrsky: – you should avoid Lord Rain… He is after you… he revenges me, he wishes me to stop the wedding I should lose the throne.

Demon: – No you cannot sacrifice to lose your throne I want you to be on the throne…

Darsky:- I don’t mind that much of the throne cause I know I don’t have the right to be on it…I don’t care for the life of my people all I care is for your safety…I don’t deserve to be a ruler my brother should…just now I know I am not fit to be one… I am selfish, I only care for you…he threaten me that he will kill you and if I ever had a child, he will kill it too… (Pulled Demon in his embrace) everything does not matter… I don’t want the throne, I don’t want a child, and all I care about is your safety.

Demon:- if you care for me don’t lose the throne… I want it… I want you to be on it… don’t worry, I can take care of myself now I know Lord Rain is still after you… so he is doing that thing to me in Addicate just to break us up… he knew you were there. Don’t lose the throne… I want the throne… I want to rule together with you when our time comes.

Darsky: – I don’t want the throne all I want is you.

Demon: -I want the throne… Make, your parents trust you, marry Lady Cloud and get her little power as well… I have no place of my own I want to be with you in Heaven’s Kingdom and to be worshipped by all beings. Do this for me if you really love me.

Darsky: – I was hoping Lord Rain would help us stops the wedding, but it turns out like this, he said I need to stop it on my own… if he stops it, I can still get a chance to be crowned, but I will lose the crown if I personally stop my own wedding… and I don’t want to put you in danger he warns me he will harm you… he will harm anyone I cherish.

Demon: – Don’t worry … while he kissed me I feel he have feelings for me. He might hurt me but he will never be able to kill me… I get an Idea to let him kill Lady Cloud for us after you married put an act that you love Lady Cloud and you   don’t care for me anymore let him thinks you love Lady Cloud

Darsky: – he is smart he will know it’s an act… just don’t ever get close to him. Avoid him

Demon: – you really Love me, you even want to give up on your long time dreams, but please don’t, cause I want you to be on the throne. (Hug him)

I don’t own the picture the credit to the artist who draws it- I am using this picture for Tic’s tribe like love to wear only white and in a form of human
I don’t own the picture the credit to the owner the artist who draws it~ so this picture is like for Gagantic tribes prefer to be in mostly in the human form than ugly dragon form
I don’t own the picture the credit goes to the artist who draws it- this is how Gagan’s tribes look



I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE

Thanks For Reading it >//W//<


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  1. I am relief i am a little worried that Demon will have feelings for Rain. I mean I dont hate Rain but its just that I kinda feels that Darksky deserve him. He brings him back to life. I love this story so much . Rain has Wakettenai. Haha I know this is weird its just my wish. If possible I want Rain to end with Wakatennai the Death Lord they were perfect

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