Story of Sky ( Fantasy, BL, Supernatural) Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

I don’t own the Pic/ Image. Credit goes to the rightful owner of the artists…I am using it cause its represent war and Romance 🙂 😛

In Heaven’s Kingdom, Lady Cloud was happy that soon her engagement with Lord Dark sky will be announced throughout the entire Kingdom…many feel jealous of her hearing the rumours about the engagement. Lady Sky and Thunder were happy to see Lady Cloud come to visit them. They welcome her like a princess to their palace. She can’t wait to meet prince Dark sky. They tell her where Darksky was. She went to meet him.

Lady Cloud:- I knew you still have feelings for me. I am happy that we are soon going to be together.

Dark sky:- I didn’t want you, this was my parents’ arrangement.

Lady Cloud: – you still Love Lady/ Lord Lost?

Dark sky:- I don’t Love both of you. I  stopped loving the both of you for a long time ago.

Lady Cloud:- please give me a chance I never once stopped loving you.

Darksky:- since I can’t go against my father’s wish, I will give you a chance to be my bride. I don’t want to lose the throne. I don’t want to compete with my brother Lightning. If this is the only way for me to make my father choose me as the next heir to the throne then I am willing. But know this! You have no place in my heart. I will marry you just for the throne.

Lady Cloud:- I know after we married you will fall in love with me one day.

Darksky:- I have given my heart to someone.

Lady Cloud:- is it Lady Lord Lost? It’s her, right?

Darksky:- ……. Leave I am busy (when Lady Cloud leave, he takes off his mask)

I have given half OF MY HEART to Zebed to save him. Please don’t ever betray me because in your body I have put my heart in you so that you can live… And half of your human heart is within me

             (Note:- Zebed was once a human a mortal of Makedonia that falls in Feather’s tribe. Since he was a human he was extremely good-looking but his life was fated to be miserable so he went to sacrifice himself to Lord Lost, so that Lord Lost will save his son Oranaz, but Lord Lady Lost like the looks of this Human and she/ he makes him be part of her by locking him into her body and turns Zebed into a Deity as herself, since that time a mysterious beauty feathers start to falls in her place and adds more beauty to her and to the place she lives…Zebed was free once for a while only when Lord Lady Lost needs him to carry her work. This is how prince Lightning, God Wilherberg  and the rest of the deities meets him)

In Addicate

Lord Rain was busy with his work to bring calamity and disaster to Addicate. Zebed watches and follows him everywhere he goes. He tries his best never to make Lord Rain gets annoyed with him. He sits or Stands silently like a statue. While standing his mind will think of prince Dark Sky what was he doing right now? Is he worried or not, about him? And so on.

Lord Rain realized that Zebed thought was somewhere else since he didn’t hear him when he turns and talk to him. Lord Rain comes and touches him “you okay Demon?”

Demon:- yes!

Lord Rain:- what happens? You are not yourself..Come to follow me

Demon:- when will you stop hurting these people of Addicate?

Lord Rain:- I am not stopping I am going to destroy them all.

Demon:- Why are you destroying them. You have hurt them enough don’t you think it’s time to stop.

Lord Rain:- I will not stop till it’s wiped out.

Demon:- I heard they have a strong Guardian of their own. Aren’t you afraid you might wake him up and he might kill you forever, you touch his people?

Lord Rain:- you are a Demon I still remember how you wish to stop me so that the People of Addicate will Worship you. But know this If I can wipe and Destroy Addicate Prince Lightning have to Worship me. I have challenged him if I destroy Addicate he will have to bow down to me. He too said Addicate Protector will kill me…I want to challenge him.

Demon:- you want to challenge your own father?! But why?

Lord Rain:- He disowned me. He is no longer my father.

Demon:-  Ah, something holding my leg!! I can move.

Lord Rain:- it’s just a plant, why are you screaming! (Cut the plant off)

Demon:- it’s a poison Plant!! I don’t want to be in pain!

Lord Rain (starring):- Are you the one I am looking. You make my heart flutter just now.

Demon:- hahaha..No! Why did you forget who you love?

Lord Rain:- yes, something missing from me cause I am Evil Lord Rain, not the Gentle Lord Rain…I can’t get through his mind. I don’t know who the Person I used to like.

Demon:- you like and Love prince Darksky…you trained to impress him…

Lord Rain suddenly kisses the Demon’s lips. The Demon opens his eyes widely and pushes Lord Rain away “why are you kissing me a Demon have you forgotten you are a Deity?”

Lord Rain:- I am Evil Lord Rain remember.

Demon:- ………

Lord Rain:- don’t forget I am three beings. Lord Evil Rain is the one you had kissed. You make my heart flutter…

Demon:- I was told I was the one who raised you when you was a baby… How dare you kiss me like that?

Lord Rain:- So what? If it’s true, you should be happy that I have grown up so strong and powerful deity.

Demon:- I am happy you are strong and Powerful but I am not happy the way you kiss me… I don’t care if you kiss me like for parents but just now your kissing is for lovers

Lord Rain:- Yes, I did that’s been the reason I told you not to forget you kissed the Evil me. Come now, don’t just stand there…Don’t be afraid, it’s just a kiss. You don’t have to wipe your mouth so hard.

Demon:- if you dare kiss me once more I am going to suck your soul out Evil Rain and leave only two beings inside of you live.

Lord Rain:- Hahahaha..the Gentle Lord Rain like Lord Dark sky tell me how does he look.

Demon:- if you want to know go to Makedonia to Heaven’s Kingdom and find yourself out how does he look

Lord Rain:- Oh! So you don’t know him yourself.. (Hug him by force)

Demon:- Stop hugging me! I hate you.

Lord Rain:- yes, I can see that. But I am having fun being with you.

Demon:- you acting weird.

Lord Rain:- yes cause you are talking about the Evil me right now.

Demon:- you make me uncomfortable free me…before I scream out

Lord Rain:- Hahahaha.Nobody comes to save you…You are alone with me in this wild place

Demon:- you scare me now…get away from me Evil Lord Rain.

Lord Rain:- No. I want you (Pulled him)

Demon:- let me go! This is wrong.

Lord Rain:- Never I am going to make you mine. You are too beautiful you have made me mad I want to have you.

Demon (Cry):- Stop don’t tear my clothes you  scare me…stop with your pranks

Lord Rain:- this is not a Pranks I am really into you.

Demon (Scream):- someone helps me, Berg! Please save me from your crazy Son…he is going to rape me

Lord Rain:- Stop calling Berg he will not come to save someone like you, can’t you see he is not saving his own people from me. Who do you think you are?

Demon:- I am…

Lord Rain:- you just a demon…Nobody dares to save you from me. Now stop fighting and accept me instead for your own good.

Demon:- I can’t accept you…if you dare, I will take your life…Don’t forget I am a Demon and a Demon that eat Deity soul. (His eyes burned with Demon’s anger that’s ready to fight to the death)

Lord Rain (he stops pushing the Demon down):- you! Make me laugh! You know right, you cannot kill me, but still, you try to struggle so hard to be free from me…I have defeated so many powerful deities before hahaha…you’re funny you seem to forget you are weak…you are just a Demon hahaha you said you want to take my life.

Demon:- yes I did! I am not staying with you again, I am leaving

Lord Rain:- Wait! You cannot just leave don’t you think you should be grateful that I save you from Lady Lost…You have to pay me if you don’t think I will lock and prison you instead.

Demon:- how should I pay you?

Lord Rain:- a genuine kiss is all you have to do. Then you are free.

Demon:- huh! You still not afraid I might suck your life?

Lord Rain:- didn’t I said that I want you to give me a genuine kiss? If you dare to try sucking my life you will be dead because I am more and much powerful for you.

Demon:- Am I so good looking that you forget that I am a demon?

Lord Rain:-  yes you are! And we are compatible with each other, you a Demon and I am Evil Lord Rain you should have accepted me

Demon:- I am not accepting you, but I am willing to pay you for saving me. I will give you my genuine kiss till you can’t breathe

Lord Rain:- don’t forget the deity you are kissing is Evil Lord Rain not the other two.

Demon:- I will remember. (He Kissed Evil Lord Rain for a very long time.)

Lord Rain:- you are free now

Demon:- yes, but help me cross Addicate without any problem from other deities. Come to drop me to Makedonia to Heaven’s Kingdom.

Lord Rain:- Looks like you are finding excuses to be with me. Do you change your mind after you kissed me? (He walks alongside Demon to go and drop him to Makedonia but while walking they chat)

Demon:- It’s only for my protection and my safety…I still not accepting you, even though I am a Demon, to me kissed you was still the wrong thing to do, I used to be your father’s Lover…and I have personally raised you

Lord Rain:- you used to be my father’s Lover?? I hate that…

Demon:- you will hate more cause I used to be your step father’s Lover too

Lord Rain:- why are you telling me? I don’t care

Demon:- I do! I cared…so please forget me…I use to be one with Lord Lady Lost…I am like your parent in my past life… you cannot like me…Moreover, I am in love with someone else. So forget me.

Lord Rain:- I Evil Lord Rain will never forget you…I will make you love me…you are no longer part of my mother…you are a new being you are a Demon…I will make you love me

Demon- are you deaf! I just told you I am in love with someone else…actually, you and I were supposed to fight for the same person.

Lord Rain:- Are you trying to say you are in love with prince Dark sky?

Demon:- Yes, I will love only him. So stop thinking about me and forget my kissing you…do not let my kissed hunt you in your dreams, forget me

Lord Rain:- Is the prince Dark sky better looking than me?

Demon:- I don’t know, but I love him… since we arrive why not you go and meet him

Lord Rain:- I Evil Lord  Rain have never fallen in love with him…the other me has (Lord Rain) but not me the Evil Lord Rain…I have fallen for you

Demon:- Hmmm…go and meet him you will change your mind…all of your life, you work so hard to impress him how is it possible that you suddenly stop fallen for him just after meeting me a demon.

Lord Rain:- okay, since you are so in love with him I want to know this deity whom you are so in love with.

(In Heaven, Kingdom of Makedonia -Deities World)

Demon:- I am leaving then cause I have been warned by his majesty Thunder never to show my face in front of the palace. (He disappears).


Hope you get what I’am trying to say …

I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English, so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE

Thanks For Reading it >//W//<



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  1. my favorite character is Draksky….
    and I really hate Lady lost……. hehe…. but everything is awsome to me… really enjoy reading it feel like am watching an anime…show…. really enjoy it…. . 😅 thank you

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