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chapter 17

Rain was in Addicate he has been troubling them a lot, he kills thousands of Gagan’s people. Lord LadyLove cannot win against him.. Lord Love was asking for his mother’s help to call his father’s help. He has no power to save his people from this crazy mad Lord Rain. Lord Rain when he gets tired of killing them personally, he will let rains fall down in Addicate’s Kingdom, where all people who were wet with raindrops they suffer strange diseases and die.

Love: – Mother you have to call and summon father, I cannot save Addicate from him. He is killing them. The Gagan’s tribe will disappear

Lady Lost: – I cannot summon your father while my son is gone crazy. Your father will kill my son, he will kill your brother

Love: – mother you cannot do this he is killing thousands and thousands of Gagan. Addicate cannot exist without Gagan. If you let him continue this madness Addicate will be gone forever… He has made the suffering and gives them sickness people and soldiers were sick their body’s crack and they break and dies they were turning to ashes mother. Addicate was in big danger of disappearing.

Lady Lost: – I don’t care about Addicate being disappeared all I care is for both of you to be saved. I am not their guardian, nor were you. You are not the biological son of Wiherberg. If his own son who wants to destroy his own people, then let him do it. I am not allowing you to summon and wake up your stepfather.

Love: – mother how can you be so cold to this poor Addicate you have been living here since for a very long time how can you treat them this way?

Lady Lost: – I just do the right thing and that is to save the both of you now I think it’s not good for you to stay here, go to Makedonia and stay with your grandfather. Go back to your real father for the protection of Heaven’s Kingdom. You will be saved by your father and your grandfather.

Love: – I am not a traitor, I will protect and fight till the end.. I know I cannot win against my brother, but I will save my people with my little power against him.

Lady Lost has been guarding the gateway that leads to where Wilhermberg went for his deep sleep. People in Addicate were suffering from Dark raindrops and a strange disease occurs, there is no cure that can help them. People were all scared as they all feel this glorious Kingdom is going to disappear if their true guardian will not come to fight against this evil cold deity. Lord Love tries with all his power to save the Addicate he used all his power to shield the people of Addicate from the Raindrops that falls on them.  They have to walk only where there is Lord Love’s Protection to avoid Evil Rain. Lady Lost help her child Love by giving him more of her power so that he can support Addicate and strengthen Love’s power.

Love: – Mother we need to call him. Soon Rain will find another way to hurt these people. What if he comes in a personal form and hurt them again personally

Lady Lost: – Know if your stepfather sees him this way he will kill your brother. He has not raised Rain your brother with his hand, so it’s easy for him to kill his own son. I cannot let that happen.

People of Addicate have to live their life in great misery they are not free to do what they used to do. They have to check and see where they are going to avoid the rain (Raindrop). They were all scared and they were praying to call and summon the help of their God their protector Wilhermberg to save them. They sacrifice more and more to summon him and to wake him. More of Addicate people were dying.

Then one morning as the people of Addicate was sacrificed in that place a deity comes. People were happy and shock to see why their deity dresses in Black does this mean he mourned too for his land. Why does he cover his face with a mask? They all bow down to him, they start to think maybe their God, their Protector comes in a form of Black’s Tribe that falls under Tic’ State / Province.

God: – People of Addicate why are you bow down to me?

Addicate: – we worshipped you and we are happy to see you come to save us from the evil Rain. He kills us with this Rain that burns our skin.

God: – then if I am saving you, what are you going to give me?

Addicate: – we will continue to worshipped and obey you. We will do anything to make you happy

God: – Hahaha then what if I tell you I am not God, what will you do for me if I said to you that I am a demon will you still worship me?

People of Addicate were all silent. They say nothing they never worship Demon before. They worshipped only to their own God their Protector Wilhermberg and they respect his Goddess Wife Lady Lost but they never worshipped her.

Demon: – I am a demon I heard your cry I came here to save you

People all stand-up and not bow down anymore, they understand, now this is not their protector who they were summoned. Then, while the Demon was looking around to wait for their answer, a beautiful voice came out “ Demon where you from?”

Demon: – Hahaha, I’m a demon I live everywhere. I roam around the world. Who are you?

“ I am their Protector I was known as Love and you are trespassing our ground our Land, Demon go back where you come from, you are not welcome here”

Demon: – make me leave.

Love: – I don’t want to harm you so leave.

Demon: – I will not leave until you defeat me

Lady Lost: – how dare you lowly Demon!

Lady Lost attack that Demon, like it, was supposed to be, a demon was hurt and get injured he was not strong compared to Lady Lost. He got injured in the arm a drop of his blood turns into a feather. Lady Lost was shocked and pick the feather that flies in the air.

Lady Lost: – Didn’t you say you are a Demon? Why does your blood turn into feather?

Demon: – I am a mysterious wonder Demon.. but who are you, Lady? Why are you attacking me? Did I wrong you?

Lady Lost (still holding the feathers in her hand): – take off your mask before I tell you who I am

Demon: – Hmmm. My mask is more important to me than your name.. I will never take it off from my face for others.

Lady Lost: – You will never know me then. But this feather is familiar to me. I know you, you are Zebed!

Love: – Zebed?!! Mother, please help him!! Oh Zebed so you are still alive (run towards Zebed to help him up, but Zebed the Demon push him away and look with his angry eyes at Love. Lady Lost tied Zebed the Demon with her magic)

Demon: – you cheated me! I challenge you! But why does your mother have to fight for you? You coward!

Lady Lost: -I am not letting a demon gets close to my child, I know you want to eat my child. I can sense it

Love: – Mother! He Loves me

Lady Lost: – he is not his old self he is a demon.

Demon: – yes, I am a demon, I come here not to harm anybody I am looking for someone.

Lady Lost: – for my child.

Demon: – yes! But I am not looking for this one, I am looking for Lord Rain

Lady Lost: – why? Tell me why you’re looking for him before I crush you

Demon: – I have a message for him. Now let me free!

Lady Lost: – what message?

Demon: – the message is not for you

Lady Lost: – yes, you a demon now, so you would not tell me. I bet its from Prince Dark-sky message so you are his slaves now I see. I smell Prince Dark sky scent in you

Love was sad to hear that Zebed was still not free, but instead, he becomes a demon.  He wants to look at a Zebed face, but he could not.

Love: – so he makes you wear his mask. Zebed I missed you! Can I see your face just this once

Demon: – why do you want to look at the face of a demon?

Love: – cause I have never seen a deity turns into a demon you are the first one.. you used to be part of my mother and I want to see that familiar face of my Zebed once again.

Demon: – your Zebed is no more, this is the face of a demon.

Love: – okay So you don’t want to show your face to me.

Lady Lost: –  whatever, I still want you back. Come back to me, I will give you the freedom

Demon (laugh): – I am free now, what type of freedom you want to give me? I can go and be wherever I want. Prince Dark sky didn’t lock me, he let me roam the World and the Heaven. I can be wherever I want to be I can do whatever I want. This is my freedom

Lady Lost: – you are lying, why will he give you that?. He is using you

Demon: – because you have locked me for so long and he keeps his promises.

Lady Lost: – okay, since you are a demon and you have your freedom so I am locking you again for trespassing in my boundary. You know very well this is not Makedonia and Addicate never welcome Demon in their Land so this is your punishment

Demon: – you cannot do that I have a message to Lord Rain

Lady Lost: – You are no longer a messenger of the deity, you are just a demon. Let the messenger do their duty or let prince Dark sky himself gives his message to him.

She captures the demon and Locked him in a beautiful lonely place of Addicate in the Gagan’s Land,  filled with the beautiful grasses and wild flowers fit to be stay by this  Mysterious beautiful demon.


       I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English, so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE

Thanks For Reading it >//W//<




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