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(Heaven Kingdom)

Dark sky: – why are you sitting here?

Zebed: – your mother keeps saying that I don’t belong here. I am a demon and I shouldn’t be here. I am not from Heaven’s Kingdom

Darksky: – Sorry, my dear beautiful Demon I can’t tell my parents that we had married already

Zebed: – I don’t like your mother. Let us live somewhere

Darksky: – you know this is your place too

Zebed: – but I don’t want to stay here our marriage is a secret nobody treats me well here

Darksky: – you don’t have a choice and don’t ever disappear from your chamber without my permission

Zebed: – I am a demon I roam and go wherever I want. You can’t stop me

Darksky: – I am your husband

Zebed: – I am tired. You don’t have to remind me

Darksky: – come now  (pulled Zebed) stay in your chamber

Zebed: – Stop treating me like a woman. (Angry)

Darksky: – (slapped him) how dare you raise your voice at me

Zebed: – I hate you.

Darksky: – (slapped him again) you cannot hate me. Your life depends on me. I can destroy you

Zebed: – I am not afraid, I am tired of being next to you

Darksky: – (pulled him from his hair) don’t make me kill you… I will let you roam out today wherever you want to go cause I too don’t want to see you

Zebed: – (angry) don’t come after me

Darksky: – don’t go far not to Land kingdom… do you hear me demon!

Zebed: – can I take my leave now?

Darksky:- yes…Don’t forget I can destroy you if you dare run away

Zebed: – I am ready

Darksky: – (Pull Zebed and Hug him) don’t anger me, okay. I love you. Now put this mask on you before you go

Zebed: – I don’t want it.

Darksky: – please wear it for my sake. You are mine, I don’t want others deities to follow or have their eyes on you. You are mine. I will wear my mask too. You will be the only one to see me

Zebed: – why is it important to hide our faces

Darsky: – I just told you…that  I don’t want others to look at you

Zebed (smile): – what about you? I am not jealous of people looking at you

Darsky: – I love wearing masks. Now my demon comes here, let me help you with your hair before you go out. Even though I wanted to hide your beauty from others, but I still want you to look outstanding no matter what.

Zebed: – I can’t believe you slapped me so hard

Darksky: – I am sorry. .. Now your turn to do my hair

Zebed: – let us go together to the Mortal World.

Darsky: – No! You go… I am going to attend to  my duty now

Zebed hugs him and about to kiss him, but Darksky stops him by pushing him away. Zebed was surprised by the Darsky action

Darksky: – Father is here disappear now.

Zebed: – can’t I kiss you before I leave?

Thunder enters the room  and he was surprised to see a stranger in his son’s room

Emperor Thunder: – who are you?

Darksky: – he is….

Lord Thunder: – I am not asking you (at Prince Darsky)… Who are you?

Zebed: – I am a Demon.

Lord Thunder: – how dare you come into my son’s room.

Zebed: – I…

Darksky: – I invited him, father

Lord Thunder: – he is a demon. you are no ordinary demon, are you here to eat deities? Why are you looking at my son? I am going to kill you if you don’t disappear from my son

Darksky: – Father he is my friend

Lord Thunder:- you are not allowed to befriend a Demon you are the royalty of Heaven’s Kingdom you cannot befriend him. That is an order

Darksky: – Father!

Lord Thunder: – so it was him your mother worried. Your mother was right, he has a dark aura about him. I don’t want you to be close to him or you will lose to be the next ruler.

Zebed: – You don’t have to go that far

Darksky: – Father he is harmless. Just please let him go don’t kill him.

Thunder:- leave before I kill you

Zebed: – Darsky where should I go I don’t know where I belong?

Darksky: – you are of Heaven’s Kingdom just go somewhere

Thunder: – what kind of Demon are you? You must be a loser. You don’t even have a place to call home

Darksky was angry, but he didn’t say any more. He just walks to Zebed and makes him wear the mask.

Thunder: – why are you serving a demon?

Darksky: – I am in love this Demon

Thunder: – what did you just say? You are not allowed to love him or I will a banishing you… you will have to marry Lady Cloud

Darksky: – I will not marry her…. Actually, I already married.

Thunder: – what did you just say?

Darksky: – I had married this Demon

Thunder: – I am going to kill this Demon. I am not allowing this Demon to live (cast a spell to destroy Zebed, Darsky cannot help him because he cannot challenge his supreme father, he just watches as Zebed was in great pain)

Darksky (cry for the first time in front of his father): – Father please stop! If you destroy him you destroy part of me. Please spare him.. I am in great pain

Thunder: – stop acting like a foolish woman. You are a prince, not a princess

Darksky: – Father pleases stop I beg you don’t hurt my Demon. You are hurting me

Thunder: – Stop calling him your Demon! I will kill him

Darksky (cry): – father please I am begging you to spare him.

Thunder (he was touched to see his son cry for the first time in front of him for someone else): – I will spare him only if you divorce him (by breaking their  bracelet) and married to Lady Cloud

Darksky (he breaks the bracelet and all the magical pearls fall down change colour and disappear): – okay, please spare him.. I will marry whoever you want me to marry.

Thunder: – you will marry Lady Cloud… As for you Demon! you are forbidden to see my son nor come here in this place

Thunder left the room. Zebed was weak and in great agony from torture by the Thunder he falls down. Darksky runs to pick him up, he bent down to take off the mask and kiss Zebed to pass his life essence again to his Demon.

Darksky: – you are saved now my beautiful demon.

Zebed (pushed Darksky away): – stop it! Your father has warned you I don’t want you to lose your throne. because of me… and I am jealous if you are married to Lady Cloud. I don’t want her to be next to you. I am going to eat her before she marries you

Darksky: – No, don’t father will know and he will kill you. But go find Lord Rain instead let him stop father’s Plan go find him before it’s too late.

Zebed: – where can I find him?

Darksky: – in the mortal World in Addicate. He was troubling Addicate now with his madness.. Go find him, bring him no matter what let him get rid of Lady Cloud for us.

Zebed: – please don’t fall in love with Lady Cloud while I am gone. (Hug Darksky and kissed him before he leaves) I love you

Darksky: – you to be careful with whom you meet.. I am afraid that you will be the one to leave me when you meet him…….

Zebed: – who?

Darsksy: – nothing, just don’t forget me. And put this mask on again before you go… Don’t forget in this lifetime you are married to me.

Zebed: – how many times have I married before in my past life?

Darsky:- that’s your past, now you are mine. Here a feather for you as a symbol that we are still married. This I treasure it a lot it’s very precious to me.

Zebed: – why I am happy seeing this?

Darksky: – this actually belonged to you. When you are still yourself, you are of a feather‘s tribe. This was yours… you are once called Zebed the feather.

Zebed: – thank you! This time, I will treasure it cause you treasure my past so much. You must really love me

Darksky: – yes I am but I realize it’s very late till you were married to my brother while you are part of Lost.

Zebed (shocked): – What?! Why are you telling me this now?

Darksky: – because I know you will learn this soon or later and I don’t want you to learn it from others. Let say I stole you from them. But I have a feeling for you.

Zebed: – okay now I know why I am nervous while I tried to kill your brother. You lied to me

Darksky: – where you are going?

Zebed: – to find Rain. I am married to you in this lifetime.

Darsky: – promise me

Zebed: – You save me. Zebed has die I am a demon. In this life I am yours.


I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English, so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE

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