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I don't own the art the credit goes to the owner artist who draw it
I don’t own the art the credit goes to the owner artist who draws it

Zebed was eating more and more fairies and Demons. He was so powerful that all fairies and Demons were avoiding and running away before he reaches their places.

Dark sky:- you will never be satisfied and full

Zebed:- who are you?

Dark sky:- me I am Prince Darksky

Zebed:- what you doing here with me a demon

Dark sky (take off his mask):- here put this on you from now on, let no one hurt your beautiful face ever again

Zebed:- I am thirsty and hungry…

Dark sky:- come here I will help you.. (Cut his hand again) drink my blood

Zebed was surprised that a royal deity helps him and he removes the mask that Dark Sky puts on him

Zebed:- why are you helping me?

Dark sky:- cause I want you, now don’t be afraid drinks my blood

Zebed:- if I drink your blood what will I have to pay you back

Dark sky:- your heart

Zebed:- my heart? Are You going to kill me?

Dark sky:- no… I want you to love me. I am happy you are safe I was worried after I left you

Zebed:- I am a demon why are you worried about a demon like me

Dark sky (hug him tightly):- I worried about you a lot, you stole my heart, my Demon I am very happy you are healthy and change. My blood works great they didn’t recognize you, you are mine now

Zebed:- what you doing?

Dark Sky:- I am hugging you. And want to smell your scent…good…You are pure Demon now the only Demon of Deity

Zebed:- you know me? Who am I

Dark sky:- yes I know you, you are a deity before but you die, I save you by turning you into a demon

Zebed:- I am a deity?

Dark sky:- yes you are and we were about to marry but Lord Lady Lost Kill you because she doesn’t want you to have me

Zebed  (hug him back):- I am sorry I forget you

Dark Sky (smile happily cause he didn’t expect to get a hug back from Zebbed ):- I am happy we are together again. So let’s start again. Will you marry me?

Zebbed:- yes but I am not a woman I cannot change and I don’t want to

Dark sky:- I can but I am not going to change and transform I love being a Lord, not a Lady

Zebed:- how can you marry me when we are both guys

Dark sky:- I only want your heart and your love. It doesn’t matter to me what you are as long as I see your beautiful face

Zebed:- how did I forget you? You are so faithful to me I am so ashamed of myself

Dark sky:- don’t worry you and me we love each other for a very long time

Zebed (smile):- I hope I will recall my memory back

Dark sky:- you don’t have to try to recall we can start again. Okay lets us marry

Zebbed:- okay

They stand and about to do the ritual and ceremony Lightning arrives and beats Darksky down. Lightning beat down Darksky fiercely. Zebbed tried to help Darksky but Lightning push him away

Lightning:- where is Zebed?

Dark sky:- Lady Lost kill Zebed

Lightning:- you lying where is he?

Dark sky:- She kills him after she finds out that Zebed had feelings for me.

Lightning:- that can’t be true…tell me where did you lock him, Lord Love said you took him

Dark sky:- yes I took him with me but Lady Lord Lost get jealous and kill him.          (While Lord Lightning holding Darksky by his neck he feels something strange happen to his whole body)

Zebed:- let him go before I separate your soul  from your body

Lightning (turn to look at Zebed):- your voice…Your voice is familiar to Zebbed but who are you?

Zebed:- Let go of Prince Darksky

Lightning:- No I will kill him if you don’t tell me who are you

Zebed:- I am A Demon now let him go or I will take your life

Lightning:- Zebed is that you? Did Darksky lock you inside a demon this time?

Zebed:- Who is Zebed?

Dark sky:- my demon takes his life now, don’t listen to him kill him my Demon

Lightning:- you are not a Demon you are Zebed wake up

Zebed:- I am awake!…my Prince are you okay?

Dark sky:- I am alright but kill him he is our enemy, our greatest enemy, kill him before he kills us, take his life now my Demon

Zebed:- okay.. (Nervous)

Lightning fights and frees himself but he gets the injury from the Zebed spell. Lightning life was still safe. Dark sky was mad to see Zebed fail to kill  Lightning

Dark sky:- why are you afraid to target and kill him? I know you don’t want to take his soul

Zebed:- I am sorry I fail so let me help you

Dark sky (push Zebed ):- I don’t need your help now, I ask you to kill him but you spare him. You want him to kill me right?

Zebed:- no I don’t …But I am nervous when he looks at me in the eyes

Dark sky:- okay let us continue with our wedding

Zebed:- I don’t want, you push me away just now. And I am still mad at you. You are rude to me I am hurt

Dark sky:- fine I am leaving so this is the second time you dump me

Zebed look at his hand and still shaking “why can’t I kill him? Why am I Shaking when he looks at me in the eyes. Who is Zebed? Why did he call me Zebed?”

Dark sky (return back to look at Zebed):- okay stop thinking and come home with me

Zebed:- no I am not going anywhere with you? I don’t know you

Dark sky:- stop pretending.

Zebed:- who is Zebed why is he calling me Zebed? His eyes say that he knows me? Who is that deity? Why did he call me Zebed? Why did he look hurt when he hears my voice and sees me?

Dark sky:- you ask too many questions. Well yes you are Zebed that’s your name when you are still a deity, he has feelings for you and he was jealous too and shock seeing you in a wedding dress ready to marry me instead of him. But you never love him but me. You love me and only me. You should have just killed him.

Zebed:- I am Zebed why didn’t you tell me this before? Why are you hiding it from me?

Dark sky:- I don’t like others to know you I want to hide you from everyone, you are mine. Common Let’s just marry I will tell everything about you later, let’s not waste our time

Zebbed:-  promise me you will tell me everything about me

Dark sky:- yes everything about you when you are still a deity.

They start where they left and finish with the ritual between a couple.

Dark sky:- you are mine now and I am yours. Why are you not happy?

Zebed:-this is too sudden for me

Dark sky:- you are not happy to have me?

Zebed:- yes I am (Darksky hug him)

Dark sky:- there is one more I want to warn you to avoid one crazy deity

Zebed (smile):- who would that be?

Dark sky:- Lord Rain. He is obsessed with me, he trains and practices his martial arts and skills he is searching for me all his life. If he finds out we are married he will surely go to look for you. Rumours said he is a son of the Barbarian God Wilhermberg, if it’s true then it’s wise for you not to appear in front of both father and son, I once adopt Rain as my child I thought he was my brother’s child.  I never know he will grow to like me. He will surely get rid of you and force me to choose him. So never appear before him okay, don’t let anyone know that we are married

Zebed:- so you are saying our marriage is a secret! What about Lightning he saw us

Dark sky:- rumour will start but he gets no prove, he comes before we do the ritual he only sees our dress

Zebed  (lay his head on Darksky Chest):- I still don’t understand you, I don’t know who is that Wilhermberg and Who is that Lord Rain, how will I suppose to hide and avoid them. And that Lord Wakatennai what is he? He seems to hate me when you ask him to free me

Dark sky:- Wakattenai like to become a lady. So yes Wakatennai don’t like you too

Zebed:- looks like we won’t be able to be together

Dark sky:- I am sorry I only want to protect you from those two Deities father and son

Zebed:- what have I done that his father has a grudge against me and who is that Lord Lady Lost that you tell Lightning

Dark sky:- well you did nothing wrong to a father it’s just that I am afraid he will go and kidnap you from me and his son he is after me. Lady Lost was his mother; I don’t want you to become their food

Zebed:- what about your parents will you keep it a secret from them about us

Dark sky:- yes if I tell them everyone will know of our relation, I am sorry I can’t introduce you to them but I will take you with me to my Kingdom

Zebed:- I can’t wait I don’t remember what your  parents and your kingdom look like you are from heaven’ s Kingdom

Dark sky:- my Kingdom is more beautiful than this Land Kingdom, and you came to my kingdom to raise Rain

Zebed:- I did? Why can’t I remember anything?

Dark sky:- because you have died and this is a new you, you will only remember me all of your past gone and erase from you. This is your new life (holding Zebed‘s hand) this is a new life I give you with my blood and my life essence

Zebed (embrace Darksky):- thank you for marrying me and for this life I will treasure it, I will not let other’s deities take your essence from me.

Dark sky (happy):- yes you have to treasure your life you live with my blood and my life essence but I am not using you like Lady Lost I give you freedom and choice. Please don’t leave me when you meet stronger and powerful deities later. Please don’t leave me when you meet Wilherm Berg

Zebed  (smile):- why are you so afraid of me leaving you…I don’t know them you are the one I choose

Dark sky:- you have no Idea who Wilhermberg is?

Zebbed :- I make up my mind I don’t want to know them but only you


The Story is still in progress not yet end. But I get a problem with my computer T_T

I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE

Thanks For Reading it >//W//<

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  1. what will happen now to my dear Lord Rain heh its so sad he becomes enemy with hill brother Love because of Darksky and Now he throw aways Rain’s feeling I am crying for Rain. But I don’t hate Zebed married to Darksky it’s just sad for Rain and his brother Love

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