Story of Sky (Bl, Romance, Supernatural) Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 

I don't own the art the credit goes to the owner artist who draw it
I don’t own the art the credit goes to the owner-artist who draw it

It’s been now for two days Zebed and Dark sky stay in the Makedonia mortal World, a lot of people were avoiding them. Zebbed looks at himself in the Mirror (make by magic) for a long time.

Zebbed:- did I look like a Demon?

Darksky:- No! you look human

Zebbed:- then why did human avoiding me

Darksky:- they are not avoiding you but me.

Zebbed:- if they avoiding me because of you please leave me and look after Lord Love.

Darksky:- let me help you again before I go back to Lord Love.

Zebbed:- you have done enough!

Darksky:- human was afraid of you because of the strong scent and smell of Lord/Lady Lost in you. Let me help you suck her power her spells from you

Zebbed:- please don’t I will die if you get rid of Lord lady Lost from me. I am no longer human this is not my World I have long die from this World I don’t belong here. People were right to be afraid of me I am not human, people who died and live again are called a demon.

Darksky (pouted his lip)::- I offer you my help that I can bring you back to life as yourself if you let me suck out and eat the power of Lord Lady Lost from you…

Zebbed:- if I become human Lord Lady Lost will find me in the Mortal World and kill me again, and I will die a painful death, I am afraid.

Darksky:- why are you afraid of Lord Lady Lost and not me? I can kill you for eternal right now.

Zebbed:- I am ready  to die with your hand if you kill me  for eternal

Darksky:- you do?

Zebbed:- I have nothing to live what’s the point to be mortal I have no one I am alone, I have no future.

Darksky:- I Can kill you with my hand but  Berg will revenge for your death so I am not killing you, I will suck the spells of Lord Lady Lost from you, you will die for a day and live again as a demon, not a deity.

Zebbed:- I don’t want to be a demon I don’t want to suck and lives on people life.

Darksky:- but you will be free from LordLady Lost forever you will have freedom

Zebbed (cry):- why do you want me to become a demon?

Darksky:- because you are special I want to help you have your freedom, and not be part of Lord Lady Lost. I know you have no power to come out of Lord Lady Lost Body if she doesn’t want you too, you are imprisoned don’t you know that?

Zebbed:- I KNOW. But this is my fate

Darksky:- hmm. I can change your fate forever (holding Zebbed’s shoulder)

Zebbed:- will you protect me from Lord Lady Lost?

Darksky:- yes I will. If you just let me kill you, tomorrow you will live again and Lord Lady Lost will disappear from your body, you will be Zebed again

Zebed:- As a Human or Demon?

Darksky:- A demon.

Zebed:- I told you I don’t want to become a demon, I don’t want to kill and eat people

Darksky grab Zebbed from his waist: – don’t worry about your survival you are so special to me, I will make you different types of Demon, I know you once was a human, so you don’t want to eat human but I will make you a different types of Demon, A demon who eats only deities and others being except Human

Zebed:- I have never heard of a demon eating a deity!

Darksky:- you will be the first and the only one

Zebed:- why do you want to create a demon who eats other deities? Why?

Darksky:- this is the way to protect you and me I know a lot of Deities had eyes on you, you will be mine

Zebed:- this is not freedom.

Darksky:- yes its freedom, you are yourself not me, I will give you freedom. I will even protect you from others, I will I am not only saying I give you my word

Zebed:- is this a trick! To kill me and hurt Lord Love and others

Darksky:- No. it’s not…after I kissed you I think I really like you may be I even have fallen in love with you

Zebbed:- I am confusing now will you leave me

Darksky:- No! I am not leaving until you agree to become mine

Zebbed:- how will I know you are not lying to me, …you don’t love me, you are just saying it I know, you love no one but your mother

Darksky:- yes I love my mother but she is my mother and now I met you and I love you, will you become mine, be my demon. Don’t you love me?

Zebbed:- yes… I love you but

Darksky (smile):- I will revive you again

Zebbed:- wait ..Aren’t you afraid I might kill you after I become a demon?

Darksky (smile beautiful):- you can’t kill me I am your creator

Zebbed:- I don’t trust you

Darksky:- will you trust me if I marry you

Zebbed:- Marry Me? …your mom will kill me

Darksky:- No she will not because I will not marry you as Zebed the Lost but I will marry you as Zebed the Demon

Zebbed :- what?

Darksky :- you ready to die with my hand right

Zebbed :- No. please let me think

Darksky :- No I am not giving you time to think

Darksky push Zebbed and kissing him till his head spinning and lose his breath, Darksky gain more beauty and handsome after he sucks the power of Lord Lady Lost that was in Zebed, he got more power and strength, then Zebed stop breathing and die, Darksky wait at the crystal bedside of Zebbed to watch at the dead body of Zebbed he dress him in the most beautiful dark colour dress. After three days of his waiting for Zebed to revive he starts to worry cause he sees no sign that Zebbed will come back to life. He keeps watching day and night, he kissed the corpse and gives his life essence to Zebed

Darksky (cares Zebed’s beautiful lifeless face):- why are you not waking up its time for you to wake up you are supposed to wake up since yesterday why are you not waking up my dear demon. I am not lying I do want to make you my only demon (Darksky kiss him again) please wake up, don’t sleep anymore or else you will turn into glittering ashes and feathers.

In the meantime, Lady Lord Lost was in great pain and agony since the day Zebed dies. Lord Lady Lost was extremely weak. She is calling Prince Lightning with her power to ask him to help her find Zebed.  Prince Lightning was surprised to see his wife condition she was extremely weak as if she is going to die at the very moment.

Lightning:- who put you in this prison?

Lord Lady Lost:- your brother did this to me ..Something wrong I feel like I will die I think Zebed was in danger go find him

Lightning :- where is he? And what happens to you, you so pale

Lord Lady Lost:- he is with Darksky go find him before he kills me…I am weak! Part of me was dying! find Zebed, Zebed the Lost is dying…

Lightning:- I will but let me pass my life essence to you I don’t want to lose you too. (He kisses and passes his power to her, to give her strength)

Lord Lady Lost: – I will live now but go find him I can feel that he is dead and frozen, Darksky kills me (Zebed was part of Lady Lord Lost)

Lightning went to search for them but he has no idea where did Darksky take him. He went to ask Lord Love if he knows where Zebed likes to go. Lightning was a shock to learn that he went to the mortal world.  Lord Love sees his father’s serious looks and asked what‘s the matter. But he has no time to explain his son, Lord Love was worried to see his father face like that, later he was shocked to see his mom too not well she was extremely weak and faint he has to take care of his mother and did not get a chance to go after his father Lightning.


Darksky tries his best to charms and puts spells to give life to Zebed, this will be his last day if Zebbed didn’t come back to life his body will disappear into glittering ashes and feather and gone forever. Darksky wait and wait to see a sign of movement

Darksky:- please don’t die, wake up my Demon, you are supposed to wake up and marry me today. Don’t die or I will go and Kill Lord Love the moment you disappear from my sight.

Darksky tears fall on Zebbed’s face then his eyes moves, Darksky was happy to see Zebed in the very last moment before his times up his eyes start to move. Darksky makes Zebbed sit and not let him lie down anymore afraid he will go back to sleep and never wake up and gone, Darksky slaps him and shake him

Darksky:- wake up! You have to marry me before you return back to being human I don’t want you to be human, you will die if you become human, Lord Lady Lost didn’t allow you to be human. So wake up and marry me

Zebbed (weekly open his eyes and weakly said):- I am dying! I can’t feel my body…

Darksky :- You will not die to say yes you are marrying me…say it before you die as a human

Zebbed :- I think I better die as a human and be forgotten, I have lived for too long, it’s time for me to die

Darksky (stern voice):- No, I am not letting you die, you will live

Zebbed (weak dying voice):- I am happy you free me Thank you! for letting me die as a human I never dream a day like this will come to me

Darksky:- yes I free you but I didn’t want you to die as a human I will not allow that I will make you Demon

Zebbed :- Please let me die in peace if you love me

Darksky:- No! I haven’t loved you yet, I don’t even know what Love is! so I would not let you die you have to be my Demon

Zebbed:- please let me die as a human of a feather

Darksky:- I will not let you disappear into glittering ashes and feathers I will put my blood on you, you will only fall into deep sleep…I AM SAVING you ( he cuts his hands and force Zebbed to drink his blood)

Zebbed : why?  (He lost conscious)

Darksky:- you are a demon of deities now you drank deity blood, you will wake up as a demon who kill deities, you no longer human nor deities of Light.

Darksky watches the sleeping Zebed and he was still mad at him  “ how dare you dumped me everyone wants to marry me but you weak mortal dares to dump me! What a great humiliation and disgrace for me if this was known in our World, a mortal dumped the son of Heaven, me Prince Darksky”

Darksky returns back to his World and left Zebbed alone in the mortal land of Makedonia. Zebbed after three days later he wakes up. He doesn’t remember anything his head hurt he didn’t know where he is now, he opens the door and watches people busy and he was confusing not to know where he was. He comes outside and put his attire. People were all staring at him, some people scream a Demon. He is a demon. Zebed now remembers Darksky make him into a Demon but not to hurt human but deities.

Zebed:- I am not a demon I am…like you.

Man:- who are you what’s your name?

Zebbed:- My name…….. (He forgot his name)

Man:- you don’t have a name you must be a demon, you extremely beautiful more beautiful than fairies of Dark and of Light. Please leave this place you are not welcome here.

Zebbed: – My name! My Name! (He tries to recall his name but he only remembers that he is a Demon)

Man: – please leave or we will hurt you   (they use flowers like ginger smells which can make Fairies and Demons sick)

Zebbed:- That thing you holding have no effect on me

They throw those on him but nothing happens to him, they were scared now to death, so all those people who put a fight with him run away for their life. Zebed stands around not knowing where to go. He doesn’t remember who he was. While he stands on the edge of a cliff someone comes and talk to him.  “You look hungry; you must be so desperate not seeing any human comes near your cliff”

Zebed:- you are brave since I come here people were avoiding me and they travel a different route but you are so brave you dare to walk here. Who are you?

Brave man:- I am Prince of Poison Prince Adonais, I am not human I am a fairy my wife is a deity and my son is Death Lord Wakatennai and you are standing on my favourite place. This is the place where I meet my Son. Now, will you move and find your own place cause where you standing are where my son is going to sit so I don’t want you to dirty it with your strange beautiful scent.

Zebed (turns and looks at Adonais):- I am hungry  so I will wait for your son

Adonais (Surprise):-  you are more beautiful than my wife and more good-looking than my son who is you? Are you a deity?

Zebed:- I am a demon.

Adonais:- Are you sure you are a Demon cause you don’t look like a demon you look like god a deity.

Zebed :- I am A DEMON!

Adonais:- no you are not you are too beautiful to be a demon, I know what Demon looks like, you must be a deity of Beauty…So tell me what do you want to eat I can bring it for you

Zebed:- you lowly Fairy go away you cannot bring anything for me

Adonais:- I am not a lowly fairy I am of royal, I am fit to be your food

Zebed (evil Smile):- then come here I will eat you

Adonais:- I don’t want to die…I am not a fool but I can kill and find a mortal man (Makedonian) for you if you want just tell me what you want Human or fairy?

Zebed :- I want deity and Fairies

Adonais:- you mean human and fairy… You must be so hungry you can’t even speak properly.

A few moments later Adonais return with a human and a fairy that he binds with his magic.

Adonais:- see I get food for you

Zebed moves his fingers and a soul of a fairy comes out of her body and die, she disappears into thin air, the human was shaking but Zebed asks Adonais to let the human go.

Adonais:- why are you letting him go? Do you want me to find you another one?

Zebed :- No you are here! no need (he moves his fingers again and Adonais souls come out of his body  Zebed opens his mouth to swallow it, but his son Wakatenai  attack Zebbed and return back his father soul)

Wakattenai :- Father are you alright?

Adonais:- Yes I am, I didn’t expect this ungrateful demon will want to eat my soul. I am being very kind to this demon but he betrays me

Wakattenai:-  you shouldn’t befriend a demon!

Adonais:- He is too beautiful so I thought I can…

Wakattenai:- the more beautiful they look the danger they are how can you forget that

Adonais:- you to you will forget when you see his face

Wakattenai :- where are you from Demon?  You don’t belong here!

Zebed  (look up and stand from the ground):- I don’t know where I am from

Wakattenai :- you right father I don’t want to admit it but he is too damn good-looking.  I don’t want to beat him. Who are you?

Zebed (smile) :- I am a Demon

Wakatennai :- I know you are a demon but what you are called in your demon World

Zebed :- I am just Demon

Wakattenai pull Zebed from his long beautiful hair “ How dare you to try to eat my father? , I am going to cut your hair and your beautiful face!  cause I am so jealous of your looks I am supposed to be good-looking than you”

Darksky (wearing mask):- Stop it Lord Wakatennai ! You don’t need to stoop down so lowly and get jealous of Demon’s beauty. Spare him he is just hungry and he has no idea who is Adonais was.

Wakattenai (smile his best smile seeing Dark Sky):- ah! You are here!… What are you doing here?

Darksky :- I was just roaming and see your father catch a human and a fairy so I follow him to watch what he is doing.

Wakatennai:- you see my father was in danger but you didn’t save him

Darksky:- you know I save no one

Wakatennai :- but why did you stop me hurting this demon

Darksky :- I just save you didn’t I? from your humiliation that you stoop so low to even get jealous of a lonely Demon

Wakatennai:- so what is this Demon Punishment for touching my dad?

Darksky :- we give him no land nor place of his own.

Wakatennai:- but that is too easy

Darksky:- No that’s not easy, he wants a place to call home. Now Wakatennai plays something nice for me to listen

Wakatennai (feels proud and happy):- you still remember that I play?

Darksky :- yes I love to listen to your flute

Wakattenai plays and forgets Zebbed. He feels so good and special to be listening by Prince Darksky

Darksky :- you truly talented player I never get tired of your music

Wakattenai :- really? I learn this just for you.

Darksky :- Okay now I am going

Wakattenai:- uh! Where is that Demon?

Adonais:- he left a long time ago. While you played. He is so beautiful I want to see him again

Wakattenai:- father you are supposed to be afraid of him he is not simple like he looks, and I don’t feel him like a Demon he is like us. Who is he?

Adonais:- me to I thought he was a deity

Wakattenai:- but I have never met him..or did I met him before

Adonais:- I think this is my first time meeting him. Ah, I wish I meet that Demon again.

Wakattenai:-.But that demon is not a simple Demon I can sense something else in him I better tells mom about that Demon. And lucky I come on time I am able to save you, please avoid that specific demon


I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE

Thanks For Reading it >//W//<

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