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Chapter 13

I don't own the art the credit goes to the owner artist who draw it -I am using it for Dark Sky
I don’t own the art the credit goes to the owner artist who draw it I am using it for Dark Sky

Darksky was still in Addicate watching Love and Zebed, he can’t stand Lord Love smiles and happy all the time. He wants to hurt everyone that belongs to Lord Berg and of  LadyLost, their family and the Kingdoms.  Zebed keeps on reminding Love to be careful and not to trust Darksky, he tells him to keep a distance from Darksky.

Love:- I know you jealous of me being with him he only looks at me and not you

Zebed:- I am not jealous don’t forget it’s my duty to protect you and I am only reminding you that he is a bad God.

Love:- he is my uncle I forgive him.

Zebed:- he is lying I am older than you I can see it in his eyes that he….

Love:- Stop it Zebed! You know nothing you just Zebed not Deity you are a low being..Don’t forget who you truly are. So don’t interfere with me

Zebed:- but I don’t want you to get hurt I know how it feels to lose someone dear to me. I don’t want Lord Lightning and Lord Berg to go through what I had. I keep a promise to myself I will repay Lord Berg by keeping you safe.

Love:- if you have to choose me and Rain who will you choose?

Zebed:- I love you why you ask me this?

Love:- I know you will choose Rain he is the true son of Lord Berg and I am of  Lord Lightning. You had promised to repay Lord Berg kindness for you. And Rain hates me to the deepest core of his heart Uncle Dark Sky had promised me that he will stay by my side and lend me his power to protect my country against Lord Rain. I KNOW I have no power to fight against him I need my uncle’s power and his help. Father Berg didn’t pass nor bless me with his power before he went to his 500 years deep sleep I have no choice but depends on my uncle’s help.

Zebed:- Don’t forget Darksky is your father’s enemy why will he wants to protect his Kingdom! He wants to destroy it.

Love:- yes you right he wants to destroy it but not anymore…He said he will not destroy it because I am their Protector their God not my father Berg he will lend his power to me as long as I am in power

Zebed:- you believe him?

Love:- why are you questioning me? My mother Lady Lost was not against him, but who are you to questioning me?

Zebed:- I am sorry.

Zebed left the room and went outside.  Lord Love watch Zebed and feels bad to see Zebed sad but he has no choice he wants to let his uncle Darksky be his right hand.  Darksky follows Zebed

Darksky:- hahaha I win! Zebed soon you will be thrown out.

Zebed:- why are you doing this?

Darksky:- I have not forgotten how God Berg beat me down in front of everyone. He humiliates me so this is my chance to destroy him while he was weak. Hmmm, how lucky I am I find out from Lord Love that Berg was having his 500 years sleep. Before he wakes up everything I plan will be done.

Zebed:- that’s been a long time ago why did you still want to revenge and it was your mistakes you invade his land he did nothing wrong to you

Darksky:- Shut up! you know nothing of humiliation! Soon brother will be killing brother I can’t wait for Lord Rain and Lord Love to meet I think it’s time for me to go and look for Lord Rain.

Zebed:- wait where is Lady Lost? Did you do something to her I have not seen Lady Lost this morning

Darksky:- want to know where your Lady is! Come I will take you to her

Zebed:- did you do something to her?

Darksky (laugh):- She is begging me not to hurt her Children she is my prisoner

Zebed:- Lord Love didn’t know this right?

Darksky (take off his mask, his handsome face was filled with joy):- No he didn’t so if you too want me to spare Lord Love don’t tell him

Darksky took him to the place where he kept her. Lady Lost was surprised to see Zebed walking alongside with Darksky.

Lady Lost:- Why are you here Zebed?

Darksky:- I brought him here. I know I am very kind to let you meet your other self

Lady Lost:- Did you tell him?

Darksky:- Don’t worry Lady Lost!  Zebed is still very loyal to you but  I find out myself while he babysits little Rain his blood turns to mysterious beautiful Feather, his blood that changes into feather I gave it to Little Rain. Looks like you are helping me in getting what I want. Rain treasure the Feather the most and he thoughts it’s my precious present that I am giving him, hahaha everyone here is helping me without realizing it, soon Rain and Love will disappear and  Berg will die of sadness and I hope he kills you for not been able to protect his child.

LadyLost:- you crazy! Lord Love is your brother’s son.

Darksky:- I know but did you forget I hate my brother Lightning as well. He stole you from me. But I am not sad that he stole you because I didn’t love you anyway, it’s just that I want to add more hate to him, I don’t want to forgive him that he is stronger and perfect than me. I just hate him.

Lady Lost:- Please let me go!

Darksky:- No this is what you did to Zebed Remember you promise him that you will lend your power and save his son Oranaz but you didn’t keep your words instead you imprison Zebed and make him into Zebed the Lost. His son dies because of your selfishness you like Zebed and make him into you. You use his beauty and betray him this is your punishment I am God of Human and Zebed is Human I am just helping him now for your wrongdoing. I Know Zebed have no power to fight you back cause his origin is of human but me as a God I am helping him

Zebed:- I don’t want your help! I never ask you to! So free her!

Darksky smiles and grabs Zebed face: – you are more beautiful than Lady Lost, I regret not meeting you and save your late son Oranaz! Your son must be so handsome just like you human.

Zebed:- you are hurting me now Lord Darksky! (Zebed’s cheek get bleeding because of the nail piercing of Darksky)

Darksky:- I Love your blood Zebed  ( he blew the feathers) I ENJOY watching you in pain how cute you look.

Lady Lost:- Stop hurting him! Please don’t hurt him he has no power to stand against you

Darksky:- hmm but this weak human save you last time from my mother’s hand. And it was him who comes to my kingdom and he gets my father’s trust how can I not be alert of him. He is not weak like what he looks. (Darksky kisses Zebed cheek and the blood stops his face looks flawless again)

Zebed:- Why did you Kiss me? (Heart fluttering)

Darksky:-  I AM HEALING YOU!

Zebed:- but you don’t have to kiss me you can simply touch and heal me

Darksky (cold smile):- why didn’t you say Thank you I know you like me I can even feel your heart beats

Zebed:- that’s because I Am surprise! (Blush)

Darksky:- Liar I KNOW you like me, and I KNOW you have feelings for me a long time ago

Zebed:- Did I?

Darksky:- you didn’t know?  You are so sad when I am sick; you try your best to get my attention

Zebed:- no you were mistaken Darksky… I never try to get your attention

Dark sky: – Liar but you should be grateful to me you are my first kiss and I don’t know why I Kissed you  ( Zebed blushes and smiles)

Lady Lost (angry at Zebed):- why are you smiling like a fool! Clear your head up he is just using you, his heart is so dark and cool he has no space for you. And don’t forget you are not human you are part of me. You are not human Zebed he is only confusing you don’t believe him.

Darksky:- no don’t believe her Zebed she is just afraid to lose you, she was afraid to lose all this human beauty that you lend her, she was afraid to lose Berg cause she knows Berg like her because of you. It’s your beauty that he likes not Lord Lady Lost

Lady Lost:- Wake up you fool don’t let him control you! wake up from his spells

Darksky:- Zebed I can make you become human again just look into my eyes and let me kiss you passionately and let you into me I will suck out all the power and spells of Lady/ Lord Lost that was in your blood let me eat Lady/ Lord Lost that was within you and free you. I promise you I will give you the freedom to be human again. Just let me help you.

Zebed:- I Will die without Lord Lady Lost power I have long time disappear from the human World I am afraid. So you are going to kill me now?

Darksky:- I am God I can give you life just let me kill you this once I will bring you back as  Zebed the feather, not Zebed the Lost you can go back to your World. And live like the rest of Makedonian I promise you that. You can start a family again as a normal human.

Zebed:- I wish I am human but I forgot how to be, all I know now is that I am a deity. A lowly deity

Darksky (angry):- You don’t want to be human? That’s not right; you are supposed to be in your World not here. (He strongly Grab Zebbed’s wrists) you don’t like this life I know it, just say it, you know I cannot make you human again without your willing, just let me help you! let me kiss you just this one and let me suck Lord Lady Lost power out from you.

Darksky forcedly and fiercely kissed Zebed but Zebed bit him till Darksky have to let go Darksky was so mad at Zebed he slaps Zebed for daring to bit his beautiful lips. And Lord Lady Lost was so proud of Zebed daring to bit Darksky. Lord Lady Lost Power was safe and Zebed was still Zebed the Lost. He cannot change him. Zebed was shaking nervously and his mouth was bleeding after being slapped by the angry Darksky

Zebed:-  why are you so afraid of me?  And why you want to get rid of me?

Darksky see Zebed condition he comes and wipes the tears and the blood from the corner of his mouth

Darksky:- I don’t like what you said to Lord Love I heard you. You are too smart so I don’t want you to be near to Lord Love you will open up his eyes and see the real me.

Zebed:- Love is not a fool like you think he is

Darksky:- I know..He is my brother Lightning biological son and we heaven’s being are not fools but I wish Rain was. Please stop shaking now my dear Zebed I am not hurting you I am sorry. But I wish I can separate Lord Lady Lost power from you

Zebed:- You going to forcedly kiss me again? (Scare)

Darksky:- No! I will wait till you ready

Zebed:- please let me go now I am not feeling comfortable sitting next to you

Darksky:- but I am feeling comfortable with you.

Lady Lost: you have me let him go, I AM your prisoner I WILL not run away so let him go.

Darksky:- you right Lord lady Lost you are my prisoner but Zebed was not my prisoner  this Zebed the feather is making me want to free him more and more from your hand I WILL do anything to give him the freedom

Lady Lost:- he cannot live without me, if you free him he dies cause I cast an undo spells on him, I knew that Zebbed is the only one, I am jealous of someone else touching him if you ever try to free him he dies (laugh) Zebed cannot be safe. You will only get feathers not a body of him. haha Zebed don’t ever dream of being free

Darksky:- Zebed! It’s time for you to be free from Lord Lady Lost I am here to help you. I know you scare, to die but I will be your saviour I will give you life but not as a human since Lost cast an undo spell but I can still give you life as a fairy demon

Zebed:- I don’t want to be a demon I want to be human.

Darksky:- well I am Dark Lord I can only make you into dark being  (smile his most gentle beautiful smile for the first time, and holding Zebed’s shoulder, Lady Lost was jealous and angry to see this beautiful rare smile of Prince Darksky to Zebed and was not mean for her but the Lowly Zebed)

Lost:- Don’t fall for him Zebed you will not be happy to be Demon.

Zebed (smile):- don’t be afraid I will not be demon I like being a Light Fairy

Darksky:- Zebed you smile so beautiful will you smile that only for me? Not for anyone but just for me

Zebed:- you the first God to ask me that?

Darksky:- will you smile that just for me I like to see you smile I am happy… You can go now back to Lord Love and don’t tell him that his mother is here or I else I will not spare Lord Love.

Zebbed left the secret place to return back to Lord Love.

Lost:- looks like you fall on me

Darksky (angry):- I am not falling on you but I might have a feeling for Zebbed but not you

Lost:- Zebbed is still me soon you will be mine

Darksky:- I am going to free Zebed from you

Lost:- you will never be able to, he chooses me over you, he is of Light not Dark

Darksky:- don’t be happy don’t forget his heart is of human and human change. I will make him choose me over you.

Lost:- you can’t trick him he is wise

Darksky:- I am not like you, you selfish being,  I am not using his beauty to add to my beauty but yes I like him since the day I first saw him. That is the reason I helped him in to enter my Kingdom because I want to see him every day I spy on him and I knew why he was in my Kingdom. You send him to raise Rain in your place. But I pretend I didn’t know cause I like him, and I can’t Like or Love him because he was you.  And I don’t want him to be discovered by my mother so I pretend I don’t care I don’t want my mother to see the difference in me and yes I suffer a lot too when he was being beaten, I know he was in deep pain because of you.

Lost:-  so a Dark Lord to falls for that weak human the feather why do we superior being fallen for him? My husband Berg married me because of him (angry and jealous at Zebbed human beauty) I am going to get rid of him

Darksky:- hmm your husband going to hate and despise you or even kill you

Lost:- I will blame it on you…I will tell him you kill him

Darksky (Smile):- Really?  ( if she kills Zebbed than my problem solves no more worries my plan works, this time Lost falls on my trick did she really believe I love Zebed , I should have said this from the start, if she really kills him Lord Love will have no more wise advisor to guide that child everything will be under my control)

Lost:- why are you smiling like a winner?

Darksky:- I CAN’T wait to see how ugly you look without that Zebbed’s charms on you. You will become so simple as us and Berg will be tired to look at the pale white face of yours no more humanly beauty in you. Ha ha ha you will look no different from Lady Snow

Lost:- Berg and Lightning love me not my face.

Darksky:- are you sure?  But to what I see without that humanly touch on you Lady Cloud is prettier than you Lightning might get tired of you and come chasing after her, soon you will be forgotten and lost from him. As for Berg, I have done my research about him while I stay in Tic and Gagantic I read everything about him and it is recorded that he falls for Zebed the Feather which is known as Zebed the Lost. He falls for Zebed beautiful voice, and he was shock and surprise when Zebed appear how beautiful he was. He was obsessed with Zebed and that is how he meets you. It was never been recorded in the History that he falls for you. Did you get that now he married you because of him AND I found out also that feather’s tribe has not able to see beauty but they only have feelings. The one who treats them well that will be the person they love and respect but what did you do to him? You hurt him and betray him, so sad Zebbed had no idea how beautiful and handsome Berg and my brother Lightning was.  I still have a chance I can still change him into a demon. I will try my best so he will feel and see me in a good light.

Lost:- I will not let you

Darksky:- try me.

Lost: – I know you’re happy if I kill him, but you only pretend that you had a feeling for him. You were afraid that your plan might fail to that human and a big shame will fall on you.  I can see it in your eyes you really want me to get rid of him for your good. But I change my mind I will not kill him with my own hand you do it if you can.

Darksky angry but he didn’t show it up but stay calm as before.

Darksky: – I will win him and change him into demon (turn and walks out angrily and putting his mask on again)


Love: – where have you been? And why is your face having finger marks did someone dare to slap you?

Zebed:- ah this!

Love:- did mom slapped you?

Zebbed:- I …I…

Darksky:- yes your mom did that to him! He forgot his place

Love:- You deserve it Zebbed ! you have changed you even questioning me and my authority

Zebbed:- I was only trying to help

Darksky smile under his mask to see how  LordLove and Zebbed start to distance from each other.

Love:- Uncle I have been looking for you

Darksky:- why?

Love:- I don’t know where mom is

Darksky:- she is in Makedonia she gives her words to me that she is going for her short sleep.

Love:- Mom never go without telling me

Zebed:- I will be in your mother place

Love:- You are Zebed and I want my mom, I had a bad feeling that something bad happens to her, Uncle help me find her

Darksky:- why are you acting like a baby stop it she wants to rest, what will your mother think of me if I disturb her rest, she is only going for her short sleep just for 3 years.

Love:- why did she go without telling me. She never did this before

Zebed:- you are grown up she treats you like one, you don’t have to be afraid I am here.

Love:- Uncle is much better than you. I mean I am more and much stronger than you. Okay, Zebed you can have a rest now If you want to travels I give you permission to go and enjoy the world I know you are tired. I have my uncle here, you don’t have to worry he is my real uncle.

Zebbed:- but I want to stay here ( your mom was in prison but I can’t tell you or else Darksky will hurt you I am sorry I lied)

Love:- No go and enjoy while mom was asleep

Darksky:- go Zebbed you are free I am here I will take your responsibility.

Love:- why are you so sad you should be happy. Smile and go be you for once just forget all your duty and be you

Darksky:- Zebbed dint you hear what he said?

Love (smile ):- Don’t worry about me I am in a safe hand and safe place. Go and try to be human I know you missed being you. Why do you look so troubled?

Zebed:- I ..Don’t want to….

Darksky:- Don’t forget I am here I will keep him safe ( he walks toward Zebed and say in a low voice one mistake of you Lord Love will be in trouble, compose yourself and pretend like nothing happen)

Love (smile):- I am very excited for you I can’t wait to see you in human disguise..hahaha aren’t you excited to be in human clothes and human world and not for some mission but just to enjoy and have fun.

Zebed force himself to smile: – yes thank you, Lord Love…Please keep your word, Lord Dark Sky.

Darksky:- I give you my word come let me help you change into human

Love smiles and watch Zebed slowly transform into ordinary Makedonian Human, his hair too was done in the fashion human of Makedonian done their hair. He enjoyed watching them and he can’t stop smiling to see Zebed staring at his uncle.

Love:- I can’t believe you keep your eyes this whole time at my uncle’s mask

Zebed:- yes I am sorry! I was never being treated kindly in my whole life. This is the first time someone treats me kindly this way. And for no reason or maybe theirs is a reason behind this mask, please prince Darksky don’t let anything happen to him

Darksky  (touch Zebed face and the mark that he left on his Cheek disappear):- just enjoy yourself you are done now. Let me drop you

Love:- I want to go too

Darksky:- No you can’t you are to stay here in Addicate, you can’t leave this place, you are the only God of Addicate, for now, you cannot leave you to have responsibility.

Zebed:- Don’t worry about me I will go on my own.

Darksky:- I will drop you, and help you get your human emotion’s again in Makedonia I will teach you

Zebed (smile):- don’t forget I am a real human and you are not, you never know what a human is

Darksky (smiles back under his mask when he sees the genuine smile of Zebed):- you already look human except the scent and smell of Lord Lady Lost in you. You look just like a beautiful handsome man of human

Love:- Uncle why are you not changing?

Darksky:- no need I will only drop him and come back.

Love:- I can’t believe you are so good-looking in human dress Zebed, you never age but grow so beautifully handsome Girls of Makedonian will fall for you instantly.

Darksky:- yes girls will fight over you

Zebed smile again and Darksky’s heart feels sweet and bitterly.

Zebed:- thank you for dressing me up but I feel like I am walking for my wedding. This reminds me of my wedding in my past life.

Darksky:- see now you are recalling your past life your wedding day soon you will get back your human heart.

Zebed and Darksky left Addicate and go to Makedonia mortal land, Darksky to transform himself into a mortal Mankedonian , both of them were still outstanding beings so many eyes were on them. Darksky took off his mask

Zebed:- I don’t feel comfortable here, I feel like I don’t belong in the mortal World I want to go back to where we belong.

Darksky:- No it’s okay. You are not alone I am here, I will guide you to be mortal, trust me

Zebed:- but you are supposed to go back now and stay with Lord Love

Darksky:- I will when you are relaxed (holding Zebed’s hand) everything will be okay trust me

People were asking who those strangers are, and some people were afraid of the celestial beauties and were afraid they might be demons bad fairies who suck human life. People see them as hungry demon cause in Makedonia hungry demons were extremely beautiful more beautiful than ordinary fairies of Light and demon of dark fairies they visit human land to suck on a human soul. But they rarely visit in the human world. People were avoiding them but only the brave stay to places where they sit and stands.


Sorry for my late update, I don’t know when will be the next chapter but I WILL NOT STOP till I complete it so stay tuned ~ _^

I am novice both in story writing & grammar my first language is not English so forgive me if tenses or grammar is not correct HOPE YOU LIKE

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